The 6 Best Glans Rings to Crown Your (Penis) Head

   Kevin Foley
If you’re looking for a unique way to take your sex life to the next life then you might find yourself considering picking a glans ring! These cock rings are designed to fit just below the head of your penis, wrapping tightly to help you maintain a harder erection while also providing additional stimulation to your partner during intercourse. Oh, did we mention they can also double as a form of jewelry? Yes, glans rings serve multiple purposes: as a sex aid, as a decoration, and as an orgasm booster. Whether you want something simple or are hunting for a more “exciting” model (perhaps e-stim or penis plugs?), we’ve found the perfect product for you below. You won’t know what you’re missing out on unless you keep scrolling, so why not find out!?
1 Test Winner

Hexagonal Glans Ring

 Hexagonal Glans Ring

  • Want a unique glans ring
  • Prefer metal sex toys
  • Require something simple yet effective

Hexagonal Glans Ring

  • Prefer flexible toys
  • Haven’t tried a glans ring before
  • Want something fancy

Sometimes, superiority comes in the form of simplicity, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to this metal glans ring! In fact, there’s only one thing that sets this glans ring apart from the competition: its shape! Unlike your traditional round glans ring, this ring uses a hexagonal shape to create the stainless steel ring, complete with a single ball for pinpoint penile stimulation. Whether you’re trying to give your partner “something extra” or simply want to look your best, this Hexagonal Glans Ring will give you the results you want.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Unique shape

  • Unique shape
  • Single ball
  • One size only
Hexagonal Glans Ring
MaterialsStainless Steel

Although there isn’t any reason why you wouldn’t want to use this ring, we probably wouldn’t recommend this glans ring to a complete beginner. The hexagonal shape will provide you with a different experience than you would get from a more traditional, round ring. If you don’t like the feeling then it could put you off of glans rings forever: no good! That said, this is a premium heavy glans ring. Utilizing a single ball for pinpointed stimulation, this glans ring will make your penis not only show off for your partner but perform better as well. If you already own one ring & want a second one, we highly recommend picking up this one!

2 Cheapest

Orbital Head Ring

 Orbital Head Ring

  • Want an extra stimulating ring
  • Haven’t tried multiple beads before
  • Enjoy the visual aspect of glans rings

Orbital Head Ring

  • Have a larger-than-average
  • Don’t like moving beads
  • Haven’t owned a glans ring before

Finding the best pressure point beaded glans ring can certainly be challenging. If you want to give yourself a better chance at finding the “one”, it just makes sense to go for a model with more beads! The Orbital Head Ring has four beads (three of which slide freely around the ring) that can be evenly arranged around the ring, effectively making the beads “orbit” around your penis head. As you’d expect, this arrangement is significantly more visually impressive than the single-bead counterparts, making the Orbital Head Ring an ideal choice for those who want to look their best. Of course, your partner is sure to love it as well. After all, four times the beads mean four times the stimulation!

  • Three beads can be moved
  • Tight fit
  • Looks amazing
  • Pressure adjusts based on placement

  • One bead doesn’t move
  • Only one size available
  • Overpriced when not on sale
Orbital Head Ring

Like nearly any other penis head glans ring, there are multiple ways you can enjoy this item. It will enhance the sensations during oral and vaginal sex, both for you & your partner. The additional beads apply more pressure to your penis head than other rings, and the fact that they can be arranged to look like orbiting plants simply adds to the visual appeal. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information available on the sizing of this ring (and there’s only one size available), making it hard for first-time users to know whether the ring can accommodate their penis. Currently, the item is on sale (less than $15), but the normal pricing is closer to $40. We’d recommend trying to buy this item when it’s on sale so you don’t spend too much on an item that might not fit!

3 Beginner

"Hug Me" - Glans Ring

 "Hug Me" Ring

  • Want a cute glans ring
  • Have never owned this type of item before
  • Prefer stainless steel

"Hug Me" Ring

  • Want a flexible glans ring
  • Are looking for something more “manly”
  • Lose small items easily

If you’ve never owned a penis glans ring before then this new type of item might seem a bit intimidating. Don’t fret: maybe all you need is a hug! The “Hug Me” Glans Ring will do just that, wrapping its “two arms” tightly around your penis for a cute & comfortable way to achieve a more impressive erection. Unlike many other rings, the “Hug Me” is available in three different sizes, meaning you can make sure the ring will fit you before spending your hard-earned money on one. If you’re considering trying out a glans ring for the first time but don’t want to waste your time (or money) on an inferior product, play things safe with the “Hug Me” Glans Ring!

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Cute design
  • Made of surgical grade stainless steel
  • Durable

  • No color options
  • Only three sizing options
  • Easy to misplace
"Hug Me" Ring
MaterialsStainless Steel
Diameter1.02/1.10/1.18 inches

This cock head ring won’t appeal to everyone for two reasons. First, it’s only available in three inner diameter sizes (1.02”, 1.10”, and 1.18”), limiting the product to penis owners who fit the size requirements. Beyond that, some people simply won’t want a “cute” looking item. However, the “cute” aspect is also a solid selling point of the “Hug Me” Glans Ring, as its innocent look makes it much more approachable for complete beginners. In terms of performance, the “Hug Me” works just as well as any other glans ring, just with the added visual bonus of two tiny arms hugging your penis! We would recommend this glans ring to anyone who loves the “cute” aspect of the ring, as well as complete beginners who are struggling to gather up enough courage to make the investment: you won’t regret it!

4 Penis Plug

Master Series Halo Urethral Plug With Glans Ring

 Master Series Halo Urethral Plug

  • Want a unique glans ring
  • Are curious about sounding
  • Enjoy 2-in-1 toys

Master Series Halo Urethral Plug

  • Aren’t interested in sounding
  • Have a penis much thicker than 1”
  • Wanted a budget-friendly option

Interested in purchasing something more than just a simple glans? How about a penis plug with glans ring? Introducing the Halo Urethral Plug With Glans Ring from Master Series! Much like your traditional glans ring, a steel ring wraps just below your penis head, increasing sensitivity instantly. However, with this unique piece, a 0.3” ball also fits down inside your urethra for internal as well as external stimulation! If you’ve been curious about trying sounding found traditional urethra sounds too intimidating, then this piece could provide the perfect introduction you needed to make the leap!

  • Made of stainless steel
  • 0.3” ball plug
  • Boil to sterilize
  • One-piece design

  • No color or sizing options
  • Not visually appealing
  • Nearly $45
Master Series Halo Urethral Plug
MaterialsStainless Steel
Width1 inches
Insertable length0.8 inches

The Master Series Halo Urethral Plug With Glans Ring isn’t an item that will be for everyone, but it doesn’t try to be. This unique glans ring offers a relatively light introduction to sounding while also retaining the benefits of a traditional glans ring. The 0.3” sounding ball plus isn’t too thick for complete beginners, but the one-inch diameter of the ring itself may exclude some people. Unfortunately, this item is only available in a single size. We wish that glans ring manufacturers would make items available in multiple sizes, but this rarely seems to be the case. Still, if this is an item that caught your eye, you can’t go wrong at the relatively low price of $45!

5 Electrostim

Mystim Pearly Pete E-Stim Corona Strap

 Mystim Pearly Pete

  • Love electrostimulation
  • Prefer silicone rings
  • Need an adjustable strap

Mystim Pearly Pete

  • Aren’t interested in e-stim
  • Don’t already own an e-stim device
  • Prefer metal rings

Well, the Pearly Pete might not be a vibrating glans ring, but we think this toy will provide you with something even more exciting. Yup, it’s an e-stim silicone glans ring! Using Pearly Pete is quite simple: just hook him up to your favorite e-stim device (such as the Mystim Tension Lover) using the provided electrodes, adjust the settings to your liking, and enjoy the shocking results! The Pearly Pete is one of those toys that can be enjoyed alone but is sure to provide more excitement when used with a partner. If you’ve already been experimenting a bit with e-stim but are ready to take things a bit lower, the Pearly Pete is one unique toy you won’t want to miss out on!

  • Adjustable
  • Made of silicone & gold-plating
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with electrodes & case

  • Requires power source for e-stim
  • Not for sale outside of North America
  • Nearly $50
Mystim Pearly Pete
MaterialsSilicone, gold-plated balls
AdjustableNo (one size fits most)

The design of Pearly Pete is very good, using adjustable silicone straps that can easily adapt to your anatomy for the perfect fit. Stimulating shocks are delivered via the gold-plated balls placed along the silicone line, but to enjoy the e-stim effects you’ll need a separate power source. That’s the biggest drawback of most e-stim toys: they nearly all require a power source. If you already own one then spending $50 for this attachment isn’t too bad, but if you have to purchase both just to enjoy this single attachment then the cost quickly makes it not worthwhile. We certainly recommend Pearly Pete to those who already own an e-stim power source, but if you don’t, we’d recommend buying & trying out a power source like the Mystim Tension Lover first before pulling the trigger on Pearly Pete.


DOMINIX Deluxe Steel Glans Ring

 DOMINIX Glans Ring

  • Have a thick penis
  • Are on a budget
  • Have a Prince Albert Piercing

DOMINIX Glans Ring

  • Want more than one ball
  • Prefer more visual appeal
  • Require surgical-grade steel

Last but not least on our list is the DOMINIX Deluxe Steel Glans Ring! Although fairly simple in design, this ring will certainly get the job done. Sized at 1.25 inches in diameter and weighing 9g, this ring can comfortably sit with the ball on the top or beneath your penis whether you’re circumcised, uncircumcised, or even if you’re pierced! Both you & your partner are sure to benefit from the additional stimulation this glans ring can provide, all caused by a single ball! Costing around $20, this glans ring is proof that you can still find quality sex toys on a limited budget.

  • 9g
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Affordable
  • Can be worn alongside P.A. piercing

  • One size only
  • Not surgical-grade steel
  • Only one ball
DOMINIX Glans Ring
MaterialsStainless steel
Weight0.01 lbs
Diameter1.25 inches

Design-wise, there isn’t anything particularly noteworthy about this glans ring. The appeal comes from its 1.25” diameter and the 9g weight of the steel ring itself. Unfortunately, this ring isn’t available in any other sizes so we recommend measuring yourself before purchasing it. As mentioned above, pretty much any penis that’s large enough can wear this ring, although thinner penises may have trouble keeping it on when not erect. We recommend this ring for three types of people: those on a budget, those whose penises are on the thicker side, and people who haven’t tried a glans ring before. Regardless of which category you fit into, you’re sure to enjoy this ring!

Wield the Power of the One (Glans) Ring

For one reason or another, society as a whole has decided that nerds never get laid. However, a brief search online quickly disproves this theory (and perhaps personal experience as well!). If you’re a LOTR fan, self-identified nerd, or simply enjoy having sex, here’s a ring you won’t want to miss!

"One to Rule Them All" Glans Ring

"One to Rule Them All" Glans Ring - Wield the Power of the One (Glans) Ring
If when your partner says “my precious” they’re referring to your penis, then they’re sure to get a kick out of this one-of-a-kind ring! Share passionate lovemaking and LOTR nerdom with this J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired glans ring!

What Does a Glans Ring Do?

Glans rings provide benefits for everyone involved. For the wearer, they get to enjoy an engorged penis head & increased sensitivity. Their partner benefits from the enlarged penis head and bump(s) provided by the ring during intercourse. Of course, they also get something impressive to look at as well!

How to Use a Glans Ring

Never used a glans ring before? Here’s how to use your new toy.

Add Lubrication

Add Lubrication

Although using lube isn’t a requirement, doing so will make it much easier to put your new glans ring on. We recommend applying lube to your penis first, but you can apply it to the ring itself if that’s easier for you. If you’re using the glans ring for intercourse, we would also recommend applying additional lube after you’re wearing the glans ring.

Slide It On

Slide It On

After the lube has been applied, slide the glans ring down your penis, over the coronal ridge, and push it up against this ridge (where it will remain until you decide to take it off). We don’t recommend wearing your new toy for more than 30 minutes continuously, and you should start with a shorter time period if it’s your first time using this type of toy.

How to Clean a Glans Ring

You can clean your glans ring(s) like nearly any other sex toy: using antibacterial soap and warm water! If your glans ring is made from silicone or metal, you can also sterilize the ring by dropping it into boiling water for a minimum of three minutes. Does your glans ring contain any electrical components? If so, you should avoid dropping it in any boiling water. Doing so may damage your toy! After you’ve cleaned/sterilized your glans ring, make sure to dry it off completely before storing it away. This will prevent bacteria from growing on it!


You’ll need a measuring tape to measure your penis (just below the head). Measure it once while hard and once while soft, then take each of these numbers and divide them by 3.14. This will give you the size range you should be looking at when selecting a glans ring.

If you’ve never tried a glans ring before, we would recommend starting at only five or ten minutes per session. As you get used to the toy, you will be able to wear it for longer, but we recommend limiting your sessions to a maximum of thirty minutes.

No, you can also use a glans ring for masturbation as well!

You certainly can! We would recommend experimenting a bit to find what works best for you, as too much stimulation can sometimes be overwhelming or even counterproductive!

We do not recommend using a cock ring as a glans ring, only specifically-made glans rings.

What is a Glans Ring?

A glans ring, also known as a penis head ring, is a type of ring (usually made from silicone or metal) that’s designed to sit just below the coronal ridge on a penis, providing additional stimulation & visual appeal to the wearer’s genitalia. These rings also help the wearer enjoy a harder erection, which in turn improves the overall sexual encounter for both partners. In addition to the ring itself, some glans rings also feature a “sperm stopper”, which is a rod that goes inside of the urethra to provide even more stimulation.

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