The 9 Best Discreet Fleshlights that Look at Home on Your Nightstand

   Josh Gill
Fleshlights are the most iconic penis-pleasing toys, but maybe you don’t want everyone knowing you have one! If you live with your family or room mates and want to minimize the risk of them catching you out, these discreet fleshlights are perfect! They feature all the incredible stimulation of a regular fleshlight, but with a less obvious design. They are also great for anyone who prefers a less realistic design.
1 Test Winner

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

 Fleshlight Flight Pilot

  • are looking for one of the best discreet fleshlights out there
  • want a good price-quality ratio
  • are looking for a smaller option

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

  • want a very small masturbator
  • are looking for a more top-quality option

Fleshlight Pilot has been one of the best seller masculine sex toys ever! Why? because it feels great and because it cost nothing! This discreet fleshlight is great to carry on due to its size. It is easy to use. The texture is amazing and the feeling is even more. The sleeve is 6.5 inches long and the aperture is just 0.5 inches. It is waterproof and made out of soft plastic.

  • Discreet, non-anatomical design
  • Great price
  • Excellent quality
  • Simple to use
  • Adjustable suction cap

  • May still be too large for some
  • Has Fleshlight written on the case
Fleshlight Flight Pilot
Diameter (internal)0.5 inches
MaterialsSoft plastic
Weight1.1 lbs

Fleshlight pilot has revolutionized male masturbators. It is a masturbator that is easier to carry on but at the same time, it is a bit bulky when using it. The feel and the texture of the sleeve are fantastic! Perhaps a better grip would do better. The price is just a steal, you are paying so little money for an amazing quality on this toy. It is not easy to wash since it is Soft Plastic and it is very hard to dry out.

2 Budget-Friendly

Tenga Egg New Standard Pack

 Tenga Egg New Standard Pack

  • don't mind a one-time use masturbator
  • want a cheap option to travel with
  • are looking for a spicy gift for your partner
  • love receiving/giving handjobs

Tenga Egg New Standard Pack

  • want to get a proper discreet fleshlight
  • want a toy for more than one use

The Tenga Egg New Standard Pack is a great option if you want to have a very discreet fleshlight. These cute little masturbation eggs actually come packaged like eggs! It’s doesn’t get more discrret than that! This shape and small size also makes them very portable and ideal to bring with you on your travels for some fun on the go! The TPE material is very light, soft, and squishy. It adds a nice texture to your handjob and feels very natural. The fact that you hold it in your hand during use allows you to adjust the tightness as you please. You can find 6 eggs in the package and each one of them has a different texture to explore.

  • 6 different textures
  • Easy to use
  • Includes lubricant
  • Natural feeling with added texture
  • Discreet storage

  • Not reusable
Tenga Egg New Standard Pack
LengthUnstreched: 2.4 inches
Insertable lengthStretches up to 7.8 inches
DiameterUnstretched: 1.9 inches
MaterialsSleeve: TPE, Packaging: Polyproplyene, Polyethylene
Storage Bag IncludedComes with individual shells and egg carton box

If discretion is as important to you as affordability is, you’re going to want to try out the Tenga Egg New Standard Pack. This pack includes 6 different kinds of masturbation eggs for you to explore one by one! Of course, you have to be alright with the fact that these masturbators are actually disposable and not meant to be reused. Although, if you clean and dry the inside of the egg properly, you can get away with using it 2 or 3 times! I love how easy they are to use and how travel-friendly they are. These compact little babies fit perfectly in your overnight bag or your carry-on. They also make a great little gift to your special someone. They will elevate any handjob and allow you to explore a bunch of different textures! When you consider how cheap they are and how much fun you can get our of one “carton” of eggs, this is a great option for anyone who’s looking for a beginner-friendly set of “discreet fleshlights”.

3 Best for Beginners

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

 Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

  • want a fleshlight
  • don't want to use batteries
  • want something easy to clean
  • want to control the tightness
  • are looking for new experiences each time you use the product.
  • want an easy to clean masturbator.
  • need a toy that has easy insertion for those experiencing issues starting with an erection.
  • enjoy being able to control the sensations you get.

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

  • don't want a fleshlight
  • want automatic movement
  • want to change texture sleeves
  • have grip or hand strength issues.
  • want a very small sleeve-like masturbator.
  • ae looking for a budget item.

If you are looking for a discreet fleshlight, the TENGA Flip Hole masturbator has the design for you, bet that’s not all. The TENGA has an internal texture that allows you to have more sharp and pleasant sensations. By using the three flexible buttons on the main body, you can change the form and feel of the internal texture, allowing you to use it on your more sensitive points. Remember to use water-based lube for maximum pleasure. The TENGA case can be opened, allowing you to wash it with hand soap and let it dry. Keep in mind that this product can expose you to chemicals including Bisphenol-A.

  • Texturized insides
  • No battery use
  • Easy to wash
  • No noises
  • Adjustable tightness

  • Non removable texture sleeve
  • No automatic movement
  • Limited uses
Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator
Insertable length5.9 inches
Length6.89 inches
Width3.35 inches
Diameter (internal)1.77 inches
Weight1.65 lbs
MaterialsSleeve: TPE, Case: Polycarbonate
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack, White

I was looking for something new to replace my old and now noisy fleshlight. I’ve found this alternative to be great. It’s very practical in many things. First, it doesn’t make strange noises, my old fleshlight made a lot of suction noises and now I’m noticing how high they were. It can simulate oral or a pussy if you press the appropriate buttons. It’s easy to wash and take care of, what it’s very important if you keep in mind that it has a limited amount of use. It’s important to keep it open while it dries to extend its lifespan.

4 Most Advanced

Arcwave Voy

 Artwave Voy

  • need a compact, discreet, and portable stroker
  • want a discreet fleshlight that has adjustable tightness
  • like a sleek and non-anatomical look

Artwave Voy

  • prefer Fleshlights that look realistic
  • want a masturbator that envelops the whole penis
  • want added vibrations

Meet the Arcwave Voy stroker, your ultimate travel-friendly pleasure companion! This dual-ended adjustable penis masturbator, coated with luxurious and body-safe CleanTech silicone, offers 8 levels of tightness for a customized experience. It’s sleek, discreet, and perfect for solo or partnered adventures. High-quality, versatile, and packed with sensations, the Arcwave Voy is worth every penny.

  • Lots of sensations packed into one stroker
  • 100% body-safe, non-porous materials
  • Compact and discreet
  • Adjustable levels of tightness

  • A bit expensive
  • Can be tricky to remove sleeve from casing
Artwave Voy
Length7 inches
Width5.5 inches
DiameterExternal: 3.4 inches
Diameter (internal)1-1.3 inches
MaterialsCleanTech Silicone, ABS plastic
Storage Bag IncludedStorage case
Colors AvailableBlack

Not only does the Arcwave Voy score top points in most categories that I usually rate my sex toys after, it also just looks and feels like a high end compact stroker. The variety of sensations it offers and the pleasure it brought to my partner were truly impressive. We found it to be an invaluable addition to both solo and partnered sessions, and the fact that it’s made from body-safe silicone that still feels squishy and soft is really just the icing on the cake!

5 Double-Ended

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Compact

 Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

  • want a perfect discreet fleshlight for traveling
  • want a toy that is easy to wash
  • are looking for a small fleshlight that you can hide anywhere
  • want a cheap discreet fleshlight

Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

  • are looking for a full size discreet fleshlight
  • don't like transparent toys
  • don't like small toys

Fleshlights Quickshot is the real deal when comes to discreet fleshlights that you can travel with. This small badass is going to give you a lot of satisfaction thanks to the textured sleeve that is transparent, this will allow you or your partner to watch all the fun and make the mood kinkier. It is just 3.5 inches in internal length, there are two orifices, you can choose the one that you like the most! It is tight, with .75 inches of internal diameter but lubricant will be your closest friend. Screw both caps and take it with you anywhere.

  • Easy to carry for traveling
  • Small but tight
  • Great texture
  • Double end

  • Might be too small
  • Needs revival powder from time to time
Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage
Diameter (internal)0.75 inches inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
MaterialsSoft Plastic

For an inexpensive discreet fleshlight, the Fleshlight Quickshot is amazing. The material is great and the texture in the sleeve is mindblowing. It is a very short and compact fleshlight, so bear in mind if you don’t like this kind of toy. It is very easy to use and to carry on if you want to take it to travel. It is totally transparent, which is great if you like to watch (or your partner) what is happening inside. Material is Soft Plastic, which is porous, so just be careful when washing it and be sure you let it dry well before you put it inside of the screwing caps. The price is marvelous and I think is a great deal to have a different kind of fun, would be nice to have it totally made of silicone or with other features different fleshlights offer.

6 Vibrating

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator

 Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator

  • want a powerful discreet fleshlight
  • want a waterproof vibrator
  • want a well designed toy
  • are looking for a unique way to get off.
  • like easy cleanup toys.
  • have never felt a hands-free vibration cause ejaculation.
  • love rumbly and concentrated stimulation of your penis.

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator

  • want a full size discreet fleshlight
  • don't like vibrators
  • are sensitive to vibrations around your head.
  • require full shaft stimulation to get off.
  • do not like loud vibrating toys.

The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator, which is a toy like no others. This toy is not a stroker, it is a pinpoint vibrator that will give you the best of the pleasures ever. It is totally rechargeable and is very easy to use. You can take it with you to the shower because it is waterproof. The design is amazing and can be confused with an electronic device due to its shape. This toy is made for half your member, mostly for the tip of it, and it is not flexible, but the vibrations are strong and the sound is not loud. The material is medical-grade silicone, and besides being easy to wash and clean, it feels just amazing.

  • Pinpoint vibrations
  • Made out of medical-grade silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful vibrations

  • Just for the tip of your penis and part of your shaft
  • Requires a learning curve
  • A little louder than other vibrators
  • Not ideal for larger penises
  • May require hands to hold it during use
Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator
Vibration modes14
Length6 inches
Insertable length3 inches
Width2.8 inches
Weight0.6 lbs
MaterialsABS Plastic, Silicone
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time150 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo
Colors AvailableBlack

The Satisfyer Men is a toy that has a good value for money. The design is nice and is made out of silicone, which is good for cleaning. The battery lasts a lot and is easy to charge. The main features are pinpoint vibrators that will give the tip of your penis the right pleasure. Bear in mind this toy is not made for stroking and is actually short, which means you will insert the tip of your penis and part of your shaft and keep it there, because of this, this toy has a learning curve. It is totally waterproof and the vibrations are super-strong. Perhaps a full-size version would be good, with the option of using it as a stroker that would increase the possibilities when exploring new sensations. For the price and how powerful it is, I think it is totally worth it.

7 Best Remote Control

Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Essential

 Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Essential

  • want something of good quality
  • want a remote controlled male masturbator
  • want a male masturbator with vibrator
  • Have a penis.
  • Love edging.
  • Looking for something different than your typical masturbator.

Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Essential

  • want something cheap
  • want a classic fleshlight
  • don't want to wait to charge batteries
  • Need something quiet.
  • Are on a budget.
  • Have a smaller than average penis.

Design it’s a tool that can have a lot of fresh ideas. When you are looking for a discreet fleshlight, some think of trying to make it look like another thing, but this one it’s unique and stylish and comes with unique technology, the Pulse Plate that oscillates instead of vibrates, will drive you nuts! This rechargeable male vibrator has a futuristic design and comes with an equally stylish remote control. The Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Essential is powerful and will make feel intense orgasms with each one of its 8 levels of intensity and 6 patterns. It has a USB cable it’s magnetic to recharge it and the main body is completely waterproof. You can use it with or without lube.

  • Good quality
  • Remote control
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof
  • Travel pouch

  • Not insertable
  • Fragile USB cable
  • Expensive
  • Not the quietest
Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Essential
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns6
Remote ControlsNo
Length4.17 inches
Width2.63 inches
Diameter (internal)2.5 inches
Weight0.48 lbs
MaterialsABS, Silicone
Battery LifeUp to 60 minutes
RechargeableYes, USB
Charging Time180 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableBlack, Blue

The remote control is something you might want to have. Seems like a good idea to power on something and let it work. It’s not quite simple as that, but it’s easy to use. The feeling of the pulses is great, and you can change the strength of it very easily. Be careful with the charging cable though, it feels a little fragile, and it takes a long time to recharge. The design is pretty good and I ended up sometimes not using the remote control. It’s waterproof which makes it very easy to clean.

8 App Control

Lovense Max 2

 Lovense Max 2

  • want a great discreet fleshlight
  • want a discreet fleshlight with tons of features
  • want an interactive discreet fleshlight

Lovense Max 2

  • want a manual discreet fleshlight
  • don't like interactive toys
  • you are on a budget

Lovense Max 2 is an absolutely great discreet fleshlight. It comes packed with a lot of features. One of these features is that it can be controlled through your smartphone. There you can change patterns and speeds and also it is compatible with other Lovense toys to have an interactive play with your partner. It has a built-in air pump that mimics the muscular movements and you can choose between 3 different contraction strengths.


  • App controlled
  • Interactive with ohter toys
  • 10 different settings
  • Air vent for suction
  • 210 minutes of play with one charge

  • Too loud
  • It is heavy
  • A bit tricky to clean
  • Expensive if you are on a budget
Lovense Max 2
Remote ControlsApp
Battery Life210 minutes
Vibration patterns4
Vibration speeds3
Insertable length6 inches
Length9.5 inches
MaterialsSoft Plastic

The Lovense Max 2 is so far one of the best options when looking for a discreet fleshlight, and it is not because of the size because this masturbator is big, but because of the design, it can be confused easily with a speaker or any other electronic device. You can choose between 7 different options to play with it, also, the battery lasts up to 210 minutes with one charge. It is not easy to wash, so you have to be careful and patient and it is heavy, but this is nothing compared with all the pleasure and fun you can get out of it, and if that’s not enough, it can be controlled through an app and also remote controlled if you want to have a different kind of fun. It is compatible with other Lovense toys for interactive play and also with other Lovense Max 2. It is a bit pricey, but overall I think is a wonderful option if you are looking for a nice, well-made, and powerful discreet fleshlight. Bear in mind vibrations are strong and a bit loud.


Tenga Flip Zero

 Tenga Flip Zero

  • want a discreet fleshlight
  • want a texturized discreet fleshlight
  • want a discreet fleshlight easy to clean

Tenga Flip Zero

  • want a discreet fleshlight with vibrator
  • want removable sleeves
  • want a longer discreet fleshlight

The Tenga Flip Zero Masturbator is a discreet fleshlight masturbator designed to create suction to stimulate the gland. The glip design provides easy access to lubricate it, and also this can be used to wash it properly and let it adequately dry. The side pad can be pressed to control the internal texture. You can explore every sensation to make it feel the way you want. It’s compatible with water-based lube. The material used is TPE Plastic and phthalate-free.

  • Great Texture
  • Flip Design
  • Easy to wash
  • Avoids lubricant leakage

  • Non removable sleeves
  • Does not vibrate
  • Expensive
Tenga Flip Zero
Insertable length6.2 inches
Length9 inches
Storage Bag IncludedLocking case cover

When I first see the Tenga Flip Zero, I went to watch videos to try to convince myself to buy it. At last, I decided because of the texture of the toy. When I used it, it wasn’t the texture but the suction instead that made me feel great. It feels amazing, the texture it’s good and the suction it’s a pleasant sensation. It’s very easy to wash but be sure to let it dry well before storing it or it may get smelly. I use it with water-based lube, the texture and the grabbing (or squishing) are important to get the sensation of tightness.

How Discreet is Fleshlight Shipping?

So, where are speaking not about discreet fleshlights, and we have checked how to keep a discreet fleshlight “discreet”. But how about when you order it? Should you be scared and nervous about the package? That everyone will see the enormous logos of sex shops all over the box being delivered to your house? Don’t worry, all the companies have your back! Check below for more info!

Check first!

Check first! - How Discreet is Fleshlight Shipping?
Suppose you are interested in acquiring a discreet fleshlight or any other kind of toy, and you want to keep your privacy. In that case, the first thing you must do before you get over-excited ordering more toys than you need is to check the policies from the companies. Most of the companies have a special section in this regard. For example, in Lovehoney, it can be found at the very end of the page under the “Customer Service” section. If you are unsure if the site you are planning on using to buy doesn’t have this service, the best thing you can do is to send an e-mail asking for it. You don’t lose anything.

Take a look and understand how it works

Take a look and understand how it works - How Discreet is Fleshlight Shipping?
So if you have found a store that actually offers that service for you, then you have to understand how it works, because if there is any special arrangement in order to keep your privacy you must know. For example, many stores, like Shevibe handle the package with a different stamp, the stamp they use is from the warehouse and there is not a single sign of “Shevibe” as a brand. So if you receive a plain package with a stamp you don’t know, don’t get scared!

You are prepared!

You are prepared! - How Discreet is Fleshlight Shipping?
Now you are prepared to receive your discreet fleshlight (or any other toy) and keep it discreet all the time! Don’t worry if you are not home, or if you have to go to pick up the package from the post office. Everything will be covered just for you receiving a normal package!

What Makes a Fleshlight Discreet?

There are several elements that make a fleshlight discreet. Yes, you can get big, bulky toys that are obviously for male masturbation, but sometimes you need something smaller and less obvious! So let’s take a look at a few of the features you need to look out for!
  • Shape – The shape of a discreet fleshlight is as important as what it does! Ideally you want a small, clear, handheld toy that won’t draw any attention to itself.
  • Neutral orifice – A fleshlight with a neutral orifice looks less ‘weird’ than a fleshlight topped with a vagina or an ass. They are purely aesthetic anyway, and more for visual stimulation – they all feel the same to your cock! Plus a neutral orifice will draw less attention to itself if it is ever seen by someone!
  • Case/storage – If your fleshlight comes in a case then that’s even better, as it hides away what’s inside. Others come with unique case designs, like clear fleshlights or masturbation cups, which look less like your more typical fleshlights.
  • Size – One benefit of many discreet male strokers is that they are small! That means they’re not big, bulky toys that are difficult to hide away and unwieldy to use. They are instead palm sized, light, small, and no less effective than their larger counterparts!

How to use a discreet fleshlight

If you have got already your discreet fleshlight, packed, transported, and delivered in a discreet package, and you are in your favorite place ready to use but you are wondering how you can use it? Well, I will give you a few recommendations



One of the easiest ways to use it is solo, you can choose a comfortable place, gather at least the most important things you might need, like water-based lube, wipes to clean the mess after everything has happened, your phone or any other device if you are planning to watch some videos, and you are set. You can get prepared as much as you want and depending on how long you are planning to keep your session. Just remember to use a good amount of lubricant all the time!



You can add this discreet fleshlight in the playtime with your partner, especially because a discreet fleshlight can be taken wherever you go. There are many ways to do it, you using it on yourself while she is watching or in the other way around for example if your partner has their own toys then those would add a nice extra to the playtime.



Fantasies are something that can be achieved with a discreet fleshlight, especially if you have your own ideas. One of the most common fantasies is a threesome fantasy that can be achieved with a partner, using the discreet fleshlight as a “third” person involved. This fantasy can be interesting for you and even for your partner. Different fantasies can work very well with discreet fleshlights, the limit is your imagination!



Edging is without a doubt a very nice way to use a discreet fleshlight if you have plenty of time (and lubricant). Edging is about getting to the climax, and just before getting to that point just stop and let yourself “edge” then when you have calmed down try to do the same and repeat this process as much as possible or as long as you can hold yourself up.

Discreet fleshlights and normal fleshlight

Discreet fleshlights and normal fleshlight

If at some point you decide a discreet fleshlight is not enough for you and you want to make the big jump into a normal fleshlight, here you will find one of the best out there! The way to use it is pretty much the same, so consider this discreet fleshlight as your training and traveling equipment!

How to clean a discreet fleshlight

After the fun, the part that everyone loves (sarcasm detected) is cleaning the toys. In this case, cleaning a discreet fleshlight can be very easy or very hard depending on the materials and design of your toy. Usually, it is just about pulling the sleeve off, washing it very well with warm water and mild soap (or a toy cleaning product), and letting it dry very well. If your toy is made out of silicone, everything can be fine and your toy would be okay but it is made out of a porous material you got to be very careful when washing it and drying it because mold and bacteria can grow easily on this material it is not well cleaned/dried. Revive powder is often suggested to keep the same sensation in your sleeve. The best option always is to check the instructions from the manufacturer on how to clean your new acquisition.


When comes to lubes we always want to choose the best option, and in this case, the best option to use with a discreet fleshlight is water-based lube. This is great because is easy to use and easy to clean, it doesn't last as long as silicone does but it is very friendly with almost all the materials, which will keep your toys safe!

The packaging that your fleshlight comes in is super discreet! The box it comes in gives no indication of the contents or where it has come from, so your mailman and your neighbors won't suspect anything! Happy shopping!

Any man can use it or couples! A discreet fleshlight is great for solo fun and partner fun as well! The limit is your imagination, just if you are planning to use it with your partner is always a good idea to speak about it before buying one, remember your partner's opinion matters and is more important than your desires!

As long as you want, just remember the abuse of this toy might harm you, so as long as you feel okay using it would be fine. And no matter how long you want to use it, use always lubricant!

The best material for a sex toy is always Silicone, Glass, Stainless Steel, or Surgical Steel, because these materials can be sterilized easily, which will grant you a clean toy safe for use always. Other materials can be porous and you need to be more careful when washing them and cleaning them to prevent mold and bacteria growth. It is not less healthy, but it just requires more effort to do the same job. So, the best material for fleshlight is always Silicone!

As mentioned before, one of the best ways to use it is you doing it while your partner is watching or in the other way around, if you have always fantasized about having one extra person and make a threesome but you are unsure about letting one more person in, a fleshlight would be a nice way to have a "taste" on how this could work. If your partner has other toys, this might add variations to the fun and spice things up a bit more.

What is a discreet fleshlight?

A discreet fleshlight is a male toy, commonly known as a "masturbator" that helps to achieve a different sensation while masturbating. It is a nicely designed toy that is designed ergonomically to have a nice grip and comes with a sleeve that can be taken off for cleaning and replacing it. The sleeve is often textured. Water-based lube is recommended. And the best part about it is this fleshlight is discreet! No one is going to suspect a thing! So you can enjoy mighty masturbation sessions safe in the knowledge that you're not going to be caught out!

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