LoveNestle Vanessa — Test & Review

   Dennis Adams
Jan 16, 2024

Dennis Adams
: 18
: Intermediate
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Kiiroo Keon – Test & Review

  • can lift 65lbs.
  • want a full-sized torso doll.
  • love big breasts. 
  • want to try different positions.

  • can't lift 65lbs.
  • want a full-sized doll.
  • don't want to bother with the cleaning process.
  • don't have room to store the doll.

Introducing Vanessa, the seductive creation from LoveNestle — a bespoke, voluptuous full-sized torso sex doll designed for those who appreciate the allure of curves. Vanessa boasts a stunningly detailed skin texture, adding a touch of realism to the fantasy. Crafted from high-quality silicone, Vanessa offers a lifelike feel and durability. Weighing in at 65.92 lbs, Vanessa provides a substantial, realistic presence.

LoveNestle Vanessa -

TPE vs. Silicone

Before I start going into the review I wanted to shortly talk about the differences from TPE (commonly seen in sex toys like Fleshlight, Kiiroo, Tantaly etc.) and the material used here: silicone. TPE is a soft and flexible material, but it can be tainted by dark pigments when, e.g., coming into contact with dark clothing. Furthermore, TPE is more prone to tearing or puncturing than silicone is. This isn’t that big of a deal when TPE is used for a stroker, as a stroker won’t come into contact with clothing when it is stored inside its case, but for dolls, it is more of an issue. However, the negative thing about silicone is, firstly, the price and secondly, that silicone is firmer than the very soft TPE. LoveNestle has used ultra-soft silicone, which tries to counter that con and, in my opinion, comes close to TPE but doesn’t quite reach it yet in terms of softness. I have dolls of both materials now, and for me, there isn’t a clear material that I prefer over the other one.

First Impressions

When the delivery man arrived, I was really surprised by the sheer size of the package. I already informed myself about the dimensions of the package before the delivery, but nevertheless, I was still surprised. Well, after overcoming my first challenge of bringing the package upstairs, I unpacked the well-packed doll and was astounded by the look of Vanessa and the detailing on the skin. The only thing I didn’t really like about the look was the yellowish-looking vagina, which, in the end, didn’t really matter to me. (As this is a review unit, I haven’t had any influence on the customization of the doll, but you as buyers could choose between a color palette). The thing that caught me off guard the most was not the weight, as I already anticipated that, but the size of the doll, which replicates the size of a full-sized torso.


Even though this topic is present throughout the complete review, I still want to address it here. The weight of 65.92lbs has both advantages and disadvantages, even for people who can handle the weight well. But before that, if you are sure that you can’t lift 65.92lbs or hardly lift at all, I wouldn’t recommend getting Vanessa and would rather grab something lighter for you, as you would just limit yourself in usage and would despise the time it takes after the session to clean it. On the other hand, if you are able to handle the weight, you are in for a huge treat, as you can try many different positions with this full-sized torso doll. But even then, there are a few disadvantages to the weight. When you want to switch positions, e.g., you first need to lift the doll, which might disrupt your mood, or you not wanting to change position at all due to the hassle. Then, afterward, when cleaning the doll, you need to be careful, as slipping when carrying such a heavy load with a possible wet floor is rather easy. Many people underestimate the weight of almost 66 lbs when it is centered in an object. It would be a lot easier to carry your partner than a doll of the same weight.

What Worked (and What Didn’t)

Due to the design and weight of Vanessa, the realism it offers sets it really apart from the toys I have tried before. Apart from that, the quality is also superb, as are the possibilities you can have with Vanessa. All the way from classical intercourse to having a titty-job. Furthermore, due to the life-size of Vanessa, you can clothe your doll and live out your fantasies. However, while Vanessa’s weight largely contributed to her realistic feeling, it also brought some challenges in terms of mobility, moving her around while in the act and impacting the ease of the cleaning process and moving. Furthermore, what I didn’t like was the design limitation around Vanessa’s legs/thighs, which made having missionary with her rather difficult. While you can avoid this issue by playing around a bit with the flexible skeleton, it’s still one of the things I didn’t like about Vanessa. LoveNestle state that the skeleton becomes more flexible with use, but I haven’t had a chance to experience this yet.

LoveNestle Vanessa -

LoveNestle has many different sex dolls on their site, so if this design is not to your liking, you can go down another route. Each doll is also customizable, so you can create your own perfect doll that suits your taste. But going back to the design of the doll I received, I must say its design is beautiful. The skin is really detailed, and you can even see veins beneath the skin. The figure of Vanessa is also beautifully done, perfect for people who love big curves. The big breasts also offer you another pleasure possibility, which I will talk about more later in the review. The only thing I didn't really like about the look was the yellowish-looking vagina.

LoveNestle Vanessa -

This is something that varies from person to person. Vanessa is really heavy, heavier than anything else I have tested in regard to adult toys. She weighs 65.92 lbs and therefore isn't as easy to move like other smaller, lighter dolls, hips etc. It therefore depends on your own strength, which positions are possible for you and which aren't, and how your cleaning process is going to go. If you are sure that you can't lift Vanessa I honestly wouldn't recommend buying her, but on the other hand, if you can, this doll will be awesome to you and will open a whole new world within the sex toys world, one that is completely different from strokers and similar. I still have one complaint to make regarding the ease of use, even if you can lift Vanessa, and that is the difficulty of having sex with her due to the legs blocking you. I have found a roundabout about this problem with not laying her down straight but instead, at the height of her stomach, moving the skeleton a bit upwards, but nevertheless, it is still a bit frustrating.

LoveNestle Vanessa -

Vanessa is made of regular and soft silicone. The quality of the product is really high, not only because of the material and feel it gives, but also because of the look it gives, but this is something I already talked about before. The weight also contributes greatly to the realistic and sturdy feel. Vanessa's skeleton is also of high quality, but as I mentioned above when talking about my personal experience, it is a bummer that you can't move the legs a bit more than the allowed angle. Nevertheless, the quality of Vanessa is really superb and matches its price brilliantly.

LoveNestle Vanessa - <

There is no need to argue; $829 is a very hefty price for an adult toy and is an investment. Everybody needs to decide for themselves if it is worth it for them. Nevertheless, considering what you get and what many other companies want instead, this is a good deal, especially if you consider the size of this torso, and that for silicone dolls, you need to hurt your wallet a bit more than in the case of TPE dolls. 

LoveNestle Vanessa -

Regarding Vanessa's performance, she doesn't disappoint at all. You have two different tunnels with different textures, resulting in different simulations you can get from this doll. Then, aside from your typical tunnel, you also get a pair of big breasts, which are perfect to use for a tittyjob. There are a bunch of toys on the market specializing in a pair of breasts, which are ideal for a tittyjob. Their names are Paizuri toys and stem from Japan, and here with Vanessa, you have breasts you can definitely use for this act. With the movable legs/ thighs and spine, Vanessa is really versatile, so you can use her in many different positions.

LoveNestle Vanessa -

The doll arrived in a large, discrete package. There wasn't any hint on the package as to what the content may be. Inside, I was first greeted by a layer of styrofoam, which entrapped the doll from moving during the shipping process. Furthermore, the doll was wrapped in two soft blankets, which were taped together. Aside from Vanessa I also got a mouse pad, a swimsuit for the doll, and a washing tool to help clean the two tunnels.

LoveNestle Vanessa -

With Vanessa, silicone is used, and silicone is a body-safe material that is also very durable. Unfortunately, Vanessa doesn't come with a storage bag. Either you separately buy a bag large enough to store Vanessa, or you can decide to store Vanessa in the package it was delivered. Due to the heavy weight, cleaning Vanessa is a tedious process, but after cleaning it two or three times, you are going to get pretty accustomed to it, and it will not be as hard as the first time. Here is a quick guide on how to clean Vanessa: Place her in your shower or bathtub, rinse her with water, and then apply mild soap to clean the doll's surface. Afterward, wash the tunnel with a washing tool, and once you are sure the tunnels are cleaned, dry the doll with towels and insert drying sticks in each tunnel. Optionally, after the doll is completely dry, you can apply cornstarch to maintain its smoothness and prevent the doll becoming sticky.

Height33.46 inches
Insertable lengthVaginal: 7.09 inches ; Anal: 5.11 inches
Weight65.92 lbs
OpeningsVaginal, Anal
MaterialsRegular/ Ultra-soft Silicone
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableFair and Tan

LoveNestle Vanessa -

  • Weight!
  • Realistic feel
  • Many possible positions and ways to play
  • Durable silicone material

  • Weight?
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to clean

Vanessa, made by LoveNestle, is a beautifully designed full-sized torso sex doll with detailed skin and a curvaceous figure. The weight of 65.92 lbs, is a significant consideration when making a decision whether to buy Vanessa or not, as the buyer's own strength becomes a factor in determining whether enjoyable usage is possible or not. But if you can handle the weight, Vanessa becomes an awesome doll that is versatile in use. It allows you to have vaginal and anal sex and, furthermore, even allows you to use its enormous breasts to experience a titty-job. Also, cleaning Vanessa, despite its weight, is a manageable process. The only negative point I have found during my testing is the positioning of Vanessa's legs/thighs or rather, the limited range of movement in the legs/thighs. While this is avoidable with some work, it is still a bit frustrating. The price, while seemingly substantial, is reasonable given the quality and features provided by the product, especially when compared to other silicone-based sex dolls.

You can find a detailed guide on how to clean a sex doll here on LoveNestle’s website.

There are many reasons to own a toy, like improving your performance or reducing stress. Toys are no substitute to real sex, but they can become a great addition to your bedroom, especially if you use them with your partner.

Yes - Make sure to use water based lube with your toy. Never use oil based products as those may degrade your toy. You can use any water based lube on the market (FleshLube, Kiiroo's Lube, Gun Oil H2O, ...).

Cleaning your toy is essential for maintaining hygiene and prolonging its lifespan. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean your toy properly. 1. Diassembly: -If your toy has removable parts such as a vibration bullet or speaker, remove them before cleaning. 2. Rinse with Water: -Start by rinsing the toy thoroughly with cold water, as cold water doesn't glue to lube and cum. Then repeat the same process but with warm water (not hot water). 3. Apply Toy Cleaner: -It is recommended to not use soaps as they will overtime cause the material to degrade, so instead use Toy Cleaner. 4. Drying process: -Now, the most important point is to let the toy dry. The toy must be dry inside and outside before storing it back, otherwise you are risking growing mold inside your toy, which must be absolutely avoided. To speed up the drying process of the tunnels, you may use drying sticks, which absorb water. Afterward, you can apply Renewing Powder. This helps maintain the material's texture and prevents it from becoming sticky.