Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator — Test & Review

   John Shepard
Apr 17, 2024

John Shepard
: 45-55
: Intermediate
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • are looking for a unique way to get off.
  • like easy cleanup toys.
  • have never felt a hands-free vibration cause ejaculation.
  • love rumbly and concentrated stimulation of your penis.

  • are sensitive to vibrations around your head.
  • require full shaft stimulation to get off.
  • do not like loud vibrating toys.


The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is a very well-engineered device designed to stimulate your penis tip and surrounding areas with strong deep vibrations. It features a wave-like internal structure and two powerful motors that provide an extensive range of sensations. This product offers 14 vibration programs and is made from body-friendly silicone. It is also waterproof (IPX7), allowing for use in water and easy cleaning. The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is rechargeable and comes with a USB magnetic charging cable. It takes about 45 minutes for the initial charge and has lasted me well over an hour of usage (so far!).

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator -

My First Impressions

When the package arrived, the Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator was shipped in a discreet box — I couldn’t tell what it was or where it came from, which is always nice when you don’t get the look from your UPS driver. Upon opening, I was thrilled to see the very nice inner box packing for the product and upon opening that box, I saw the paper wrapped toy like I was opening a nicely presented present for Christmas morning. This might sound strange, but the Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator product packaging was very well put together and came with everything I need to get started, plus a few fun extras like a cool sticker and funny adult door hanger card. Opening the box, the toy comes in a very nice window box, durable almost like a high end audio product would come in. The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator includes a magnetic USB charging cable, a sample lube, a sample personal moisturizer, some stickers and instruction card for cleaning and usage. I thoroughly washed the toy and plugged it in to charge up. Charging took about 45 minutes before the light went from blinking to solid (meaning it’s completely charged). I grabbed my sample lube and was ready for business.

How Did It Feel?

The insertion hole on the Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is different than what I’ve been used to. It is NOT a typical masturbator in the sense you insert your member all of the way in. The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is designed to sit on top of your penis head, so you need to use a hand to hold it while it is working the magic. I’m an average/medium girth guy and it was pretty comfortable once I was erect. It is a different sensation though, as again, it does NOT wrap your whole member. This toy requires a lot of lube to keep from feeling like a rubber wand is whacking your guy and I found having just enough slippery stuff made the sensations tingle a little more. I started by just using the weight of the toy to get a feel for it’s design. It was very nice with the light touch, almost like edging to the tip of my shaft. When you first turn it on, it starts at level 2 vibrations. If you click the minus button, it will drop to the lowest rumbly vibration. I found that the longer I kept using the toy with its own weight, the more used to the sensation I got. After ensuring I could feel things the way the toy was designed, I started to increase the vibration intensity. The manufacturer of the Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator couldn’t have put a better vibrating mechanism in this toy — wow!

Trying a Different Way

After playing with the Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator using it’s own weight, I decided to try and simulate a little more of the blowjob effect that the manufacturer claims it does. I again lubed up my toy and, this time, applied a little pressure pulling toward me over my penis head. This definitely changed the sensation as the vibrations were more pronounced at times. I also spun the toy upside down and attempted to feel that “blow job” experience they advertise.  None of these combinations provided me that feeling. But,  it was still a ton of fun and quickly helped me take care of business. I’m a big proponent and lover of VR porn, so I downloaded a few of my favorite movies and threw on my headset. Unlike using other sex dolls in this manner, I didn’t get the same excitement as I thought I would have. So I took off the headset and again just closed my eyes to feel the rumbly fun go through my veins.


I really enjoy the Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator. I own other more expensive masturbators, some heavier, some smaller, some more sophisticated, but this one is so simple in its design and feels just right for helping me get the job done. And those vibrations – DAMN!

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator -

The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator has a great design. The only reason I am not giving it a 100 is because the channel you insert your penis into gets a little tight and, if you are an above average girth, that might be an issue to feel the full sensation. The size and weight are just right and for me (an average size guy) the girth was just snug enough but not too much to cause pain or skin irritation.

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator -

The cleaning process is a breeze as the toy is completely waterproof. Wash it well before using, lube the heck out of it and slide it on top! You could just let the product weight do the work and you'll be climaxing in no time anyway.

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator -

The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator feels amazing! It's mold is very well done. It is a bit loud when the vibration is enabled so be prepared for that. I don't know how they could design around that but maybe the manufacturer will read this and consider it in their next version. I've used this for several weeks and can report it looks as good as new.

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator - <

I do think the Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is a little more expensive than other masturbation toys of this style, but the craftsmanship in the design and production make up for that. Did I mention it has a 15 year warranty! Who does that? The few dollars more you would spend for this over a cheaper model will be worth it, as I see this product lasting me a lot longer even after several weeks of use.

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator -

The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is a bit loud when you crank up the vibrations but nothing terrible. The manufacturer claims is simulates the feeling of a blowjob, but again, I don't see how that's possible given the nature of the design. It is a fantastic toy though and as close to a "guys vibrator" as one can get. Think Magic Wand for your penis head.

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator -

I liked the packing of the Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator. It was simple yet looked very fancy. That's important given the price tag. The manufacturer didn't cheap out on the product packaging and materials so kudos for the elegant design.

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator -

The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is completely waterproof and made to feel very solid. Body-safe silicone makes clean-up a breeze. There is no storage box (except the original packaging which would be weird) but the unit seems very easy to wipe down if it gets a little dusty so storage is not an issue in my mind. Toss it into my toy draw like everything else.

Vibration modes14
Length6 inches
Insertable length3 inches
Width2.8 inches
Weight0.6 lbs
MaterialsABS Plastic, Silicone
Battery Life60 minutes
Charging Time150 minutes
Remote ControlsNo
Travel LockNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator -

  • 14 powerful vibration modes
  • Easy cleanup
  • Extensive LONG warranty (15 years!)
  • Waterproof
  • Magnetic charging

  • A little louder than other vibrators
  • Not ideal for larger penises
  • May require hands to hold it during use

Holy Vibration Batman! The verdict is in and, if I smoked, I'd be having one right now from the aftermath. The Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is a winner. I wish I could say I lasted through the 14 various vibration modes, but I can't lie to you trusted readers, I only managed to make it through 8 of them. Can't wait to try the rest on round two.

A user manual for the Satisfyer Men Vibrating Masturbator is available here on Satisfyer’s website.

Only use water-based, silicone-safe lubricants.

I preferred sitting or laying on a bed.

The initial charge took about 45 minutes and has lasted me more than an hour of use so far.

I found that after 10-15 minutes of usage, the vibrations started to get a bit normal and the stimulation I felt diminished. I didn't last more than 15 minutes for the several times I've used the toy so far so that should be plenty of time!