Svakom Alex Neo 2 — Test & Review

   Dennis Adams
Nov 20, 2023

Dennis Adams
: 18
: Intermediate
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Kiiroo Keon – Test & Review

  • Are looking for an masturbator to use with interactive content
  • Want an easy-to-clean toy
  • Are on a budget but still want a high-quality thrusting toy

  • Care about the noise of a toy
  • Want a vaginal/anal/oral orifice
  • Want to have a highly stimulating experience


The Alex Neo 2 is an interactive thrusting masturbator made by Svakom. It has seven different thrust modes you can choose from, and it also has app controls and video interactive support! Furthermore, the toy is really easy to clean compared to a sex doll or Fleshlight!

Svakom Alex Neo 2 -

First Impressions

My initial impression of the Svakom Alex Neo 2, an interactive thrusting masturbator, was one of anticipation and curiosity. The product’s key features, such as its seven thrust modes, app control, and video interactive support, were intriguing and set high expectations. Additionally, the prospect of it being easy to clean was a welcoming factor. The price, at around $150 (often available for $110–$120), seemed slightly on the expensive side, but this was to be assessed during actual usage.

App control

There are 2 apps you can use with the Alex Neo 2, the Svakom App and the Feel Connect App. Basically, with the Svakom app, you can control the toy, and it also allows long-distance control. Then there is the Feel Connect app, which allows you to watch interactive content with your toy. I haven’t tried watching interactive content with the toy, so I can’t comment on that, but connecting the toy with the Svakom app is fairly easy. You simply download the Svakom App for your phone (either iOS 12 or Android 8.0 at least) and follow the instructions within the app, like activating Bluetooth on the device and synchronizing it with the app.

Thrust Modes

So aside from the interactive mode in which the toy should move based on the interactive video (I haven’t tested this feature), the Alex Neo 2 has 7 different modes, which range from slower and more consistent movements to faster and more inconsistent movements. You can also smoothly transition from one mode to another by simply pressing the power button once. Based on what mode you select, you can prolong or shorten your session due to the intensity of the toy.

What Worked for Me

Despite its somewhat intimidating appearance, the device was straightforward to operate. Charging, removing the cap, holding down the power button, and applying lubrication were the only necessary steps to get it ready to use. Furthermore, cleaning the Alex Neo 2 was notably hassle-free, with the sleeve being easily removable for separate cleaning using water and toy cleaner or soap. The drying process was also accelerated by placing a short towel inside the sleeve.

What Didn’t Worked for Me

On the other hand, some aspects of the Alex Neo 2 left room for improvement. First, the sleeve’s texture didn’t offer much of a stimulating experience, and then the thrusting action of the toy was noticeably loud, which detracted from the overall experience. You might counter this by putting headphones on, but still, this is a major negative aspect for me.

Alex Neo 2 vs. Competitors

Besides the Alex Neo 2, I own a product very similiar to the Alex Neo 2 in terms of main features, namely the Keon by Kiiroo. While the Keon is more pricey than the Alex Neo 2, it is, in my opinion, a better product. Not only can you choose from different stroke lengths or stroke speeds, but you can also use many different textures (under the premise that you have them, as they cost extra). Like the Alex Neo 2, you can remotely control the Keon and also watch interactive videos with it. While the Keon is also loud (but not on the scale that the Alex Neo 2 is), it offers a very broad range of stimulation when you buy multiple FeelStar strokers, which range from low stimulation over to high stimulation. So, for those who are willing to spend $100–150 more on a product, I can only recommend investing it in a Keon. However, for a more budget-friendly option, the Alex Neo 2 also works well.

Svakom Alex Neo 2 -

The Alex Neo 2 has a very modern design, with the only complaint being its length. It is a bit too long for my taste to comfortably hold it in your hand. Furthermore, not even half of the length is occupied by the sleeve, but by the thrusting device.

Svakom Alex Neo 2 -

Regarding the ease of use, the device really is easy to use, even though it may look "overwhelming." You just need to charge the device, remove the cap and hold the power button, and it is ready to use after you apply some lube to yourself. Cleaning is also an easy job, but this will be addressed later in the review.

Svakom Alex Neo 2 -

The feels sturdy, looks good, and is reliable, but unfortunately, it is really, really loud due to the thrusting (especially if you compare it to the Kiiroo Keon, which is also relatively loud). Also, like I mentioned earlier, I find it too large for my liking.

Svakom Alex Neo 2 - <

The Alex Neo 2 is priced at about $150, but most of the time you can grab it for about $110–120. Personally, I find it a bit on the expensive side. You can grab a Fleshlight or a FeelStar for about $70, which are really great products, to say the least. If you are willing to pay more, I can recommend getting the Keon by Kiiroo with which you can use FeelStars and Fleshlights if you buy the proper gear, but if you aren't willing to spend that much, then the Alex Neo 2 would be a great choice.

Svakom Alex Neo 2 -

So when I got the product, I was really excited to test it out, but unfortunately, I didn't really like it that much. The sleeve didn't have the most stimulating texture, and the thrusting was really loud, which didn't aid in the experience, but maybe this is a personal preference. Regarding performance, I can again only recommend the Keon. You can't use the Keon itself alone, as you need a stroker for it to work, but this is a major upside for the Keon, as you can choose from many different textures. But I don't want to talk too much about the Keon, as this is a review of the Alex Neo 2 and not of the Keon. If you are interested in the Keon, you can read about it in a previous Bedbible review, linked above.

Svakom Alex Neo 2 -

The packaging is really the highlight of this product. I really like the design and how the product is presented within the package. Within the packaging, you can find the product of course, a charging cable and a manual.

Svakom Alex Neo 2 -

The product is really easy to clean, even more so than a stroker. You can easily take off the sleeve from the device and clean it separately with water and Toy Cleaner. After that, as the sleeve isn't that long, you can put a short towel inside it to accelerate the drying process. On the other side, you can't clean the device itself with water. Just use a moist or damp cloth, as the device isn't waterproof, unlike the sleeve.

Thrust Modes7
Length13 inches
Width3.7 inches
Diameter (internal)1.6 inches
MaterialsTPE, ABS+PC, Metals
WaterproofSleeve: Yes; Device: No
Battery Life1.5 minutes
Charging Time2 minutes
Remote ControlsApp Controls
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableDark Blue

Svakom Alex Neo 2 -

  • 7 different thrust modes
  • Interactive
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Drying is quick

  • Loud
  • Sleeve is not so stimulating
  • May be too tight for some

In summary, my first impressions of the Svakom Alex Neo 2 were filled with anticipation due to its unique features and ease of cleaning. While the device was user-friendly and relatively easy to maintain, the stimulation texture and noise level left room for improvement. The price, while a bit high, could be justified depending on personal preferences and the desire for specific features. However, it appears that the Keon may offer a more comprehensive experience for those willing to invest in additional gear.

There are many reasons to own a toy, like improving your performance or reducing stress. Toys are no substitute to real sex, but they can become a great addition to your bedroom, especially if you use them with your partner.

Yes - Make sure to use water based lube with your toy. Never use oil based products as those may degrade your toy. You can use any water based lube on the market (FleshLube, Kiiroo's Lube, Gun Oil H2O, ...).

Cleaning your toy is essential for maintaining hygiene and prolonging its lifespan. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean your toy properly. 1. Diassembly: -If your toy has removable parts such as a vibration bullet or speaker, remove them before cleaning. 2. Rinse with Water: -Start by rinsing the toy thoroughly with cold water, as cold water doesn't glue to lube and cum. Then repeat the same process but with warm water (not hot water). 3. Apply Toy Cleaner: -It is recommended to not use soaps as they will overtime cause the material to degrade, so instead use Toy Cleaner. 4. Drying process: -Now, the most important point is to let the toy dry. The toy must be dry inside and outside before storing it back, otherwise you are risking growing mold inside your toy, which must be absolutely avoided. To speed up the drying process of the tunnels, you may use drying sticks, which absorb water. Afterward, you can apply Renewing Powder. This helps maintain the material's texture and prevents it from becoming sticky.