Oxy SpectrumProbe Set — Test & Review

   Peter Wenham
Feb 15, 2024

Peter Wenham
: 53
: Many years of trying
: Male
: Unknown

  • Are looking to experiment with urethral play
  • Enjoy power play with a partner
  • Already take part in Urethral play

  • Have medical issues affecting your penis
  • Prefer a very slim sound

The Oxy SpectrumProbe Set is a set of urethral inserts made of high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel. It comes with four different size inserts and four different size sets, so there's something to suit all levels of experience! You can choose between a ridged design or a smooth one and a silver or gold finish.

Oxy SpectrumProbe Set -

On receiving the package from OXY-SHOP and seeing the penis plugs, I was a little nervous about the size! The large probe is big but handing them to my wife she was more than sure they would work well. The control side of this urethral toy play is amazing, as is the insertion of them the sensation is quite intense. Being able to wear the probe all day is very erotic and had me on edge. The finish is high quality and design is perfect adding to the fit while in use. Can be worn all day and night due to being hollow allowing the person to use the bathroom. They are also easily removable for cleaning.  

Oxy SpectrumProbe Set -

The feel of the Oxy SpectrumProbe Set is amazing and when in use, they look great! The probes are top quality and finished to a high level the design works perfectly. The inserts are brilliant and the design is great too as the ridges help keep the Probe in place for as long as is required.

Oxy SpectrumProbe Set -

I would say that the Oxy SpectrumProbe Set is easy to use and keep in place. Yes there is a learning process due to the sizes and taking time to adjust. Always take urethral play slowly and don't push yourself too much too fast.

Oxy SpectrumProbe Set -

The Oxy SpectrumProbe Set is top quality, reliable and sturdy as they are made from medical grade stainless steel. This also means they can be sterilized, which is important for urethral play. They feel quite heavy for their size, which adds to the feeling of quality.

Oxy SpectrumProbe Set - <

I would say the Oxy SpectrumProbe Set is worth the money as the quality is very good, but I was let down slightly by the packaging the product came in. It was a cheap velvet style pouch with the probes inside and a small thank you card.

Oxy SpectrumProbe Set -

The probes were excellent and exactly as described on the website.

Oxy SpectrumProbe Set -

Packaging is a little cheap and basic as it arrived in a cheap velvet style pouch and a thank you card, no real instructions given as in tips on use.

Oxy SpectrumProbe Set -

The Oxy SpectrumProbe Set is easy to clean using warm water and body friendly cleaning products. They are non-porous and made of surgical stainless steel, making them body safe. They are also easy to pack and store in velvet bag provided.

Length0.53, 0.59, 0.68, 0.86 inches
MaterialsSurgical stainless steel
Diameter0.31, 0.35, 0.39, 0.43 inches
Colors AvailableSilver or gold
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Oxy SpectrumProbe Set -

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to keep clean
  • High quality
  • Medical-grade stainless steel
  • Four different size inserts

  • Maybe not for beginners
  • Packaging felt a little cheap

The SpectrumProbe or Urethral Inserts as they are also known are a great way to get into Urethal Play, this set from OXY-SHOP are in my eyes brilliant as you have a choice of size and finish I.e smooth, ridged, stainless steel or gold plated. Being a beginner in Urethral play I went for the small ridged steel set that consists of four pieces with a size gradient 8, 9, 10, 11, mm and are hollow, the inserts have a wonderful feeling when inserted and have a nice heavy feel they can also be left in place for as long as you wish meaning can be worn day and night adding to the experience and erotic feeling given.

There is no user manual available but you can find details about the products and how to use online at oxy-shop.

Yes ( all users should take care and always use a water base lube )

We only use 100% body safe surgical stainless steel

Probes can be easily cleaned with warm water and body friendly cleaning products

Yes the probes are designed with a hole running through them so can be worn for as long as the user requires

Oxy-shop sells S, M, L customers that are new to this type of toy should always start with our small size set and work up