Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker — Test & Review

   John Shepard
Feb 9, 2024

John Shepard
: 45-55
: Intermediate
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • are looking for a discreetly sized durable yet soft textured stroker.
  • are tired of the more complicated and expensive stroking toys everyone is pushing these days.
  • want a long lasting silcone toy that is easy to clean and doesn't lose it's shape.
  • desire a lube freindly, hypoallergenic and non-porous masturbator!

  • have a penis girth of more than 6 inches.
  • don't want to spend above $30 for a manual hand stroker.
  • are desenstitised to rib texture masturbation toys.

The Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker is a well-designed silicone ribbed stroker ideal for the man (or couple) looking to add an extra element to penis play. The entrance mimics the real thing and adds a little flair to the toy as your member slides in and out. The secondary hole on the back make cleaning this a breeze compared to others with a small hole.

Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker -

My First Impressions

When the package arrived, the Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker was shipped in a discreet box — I couldn’t tell what it was or where it came from, which is always nice when you don’t get the look from your UPS driver. Upon opening I was thrilled to see the very nice inner packing for the product as well as a small ziplock (yes ziplock) baggy with 5 sample lubes and a sample penis erection extender cream. That was a nice bonus but I had a chuckle at how they were just tossed in a bag and included. This might sound strange but the Yoni Stroker’s product packaging was very attractive and well designed. It made the toy seem sexy even before opening it up. Opening the box, the toy comes in a plastic, molded sleeve and is very no-frills on the inside. As you could imagine, one doesn’t really need instructions for these types of toys. I gave it a quick wash with warm soapy water, always with new toys. After thoroughly drying, I opened one of the provided bonus lubes and was ready for business.

How Did It Feel?

The insertion hole on the Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker is VERY flexible. I’m a average/medium girth guy and it was just right once I was erect and slid it in. This toy requires a lot of lube. Honestly, the brand they included as samples wasn’t to my liking (very thick and not slippery enough for me) so I stopped, gave a quick rinse and busted out my other favorite lube brand instead. MUCH MUCH better. I started by just using the weight of the toy and the inner textures to get a feel for it’s design. It was very nice with the light touch, almost like edging to the tip and base of my shaft. The ribs offer a nice texture but again, lots of lube is required in my mind. I found that the longer I kept using the toy with its own weight (not squeezing), the more used to the sensation I got.

Trying a Different Way

After playing with the toy using its own weight, I started to mix things up a bit. Using my hand to squeeze and apply pressure while stroking back and forth, up and down. I would get some new stimulation if I squeezed and let go in different patterns — very much like a regular dude just playing with himself, but with the bonus of the ribs tickling along the way. After I had some fun by myself, I asked my second half to join in the fun. I had her re-lube it up (not sure if the silicone toy does something different with the lube or I was just taking too long). The wide hole in the bottom of the Yoni Stroker was great. She left the sleeve on my member and squirted the extra lube into the hole. Great design!!! A few minutes of her stroking me and I lost it. The idea that someone else controlled the pressure and speed will be enough to drive anyone over the edge and it made for a fun night as a couple.


I really enjoy the Peepshow Toys Stroker. I own other more expensive strokers, some mechanical, some in plastic sleeves, but this one is so simple in it’s design and feels just right for helping me get the job done. As I mentioned before, it was even better with a couple!

Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker -

The Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker has a great design. The size and weight are just right and for me (an average size guy) the gerth was just snug enough but not too much to cause suction or skin irritation. The molded pussy lips on the front look nice and when you penis is sliding in and out, they actually do widen and contract as to give you the feeling and look of really having intercourse. It's a basic designed toy with just the right amount of thought to make this one a much better molded stroker in my opinion.

Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker -

This is a no brainer to use. Wash it good before using, lube the heck out of it and slide it in! You don't need a super kung fu grip to use it. You could just let the product weight do the work and you'll be climaxing in no time anyway.

Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker -

The Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker feels great. It's mold is very well done and when using you can barely hear it. I heard the lube squishing more than the toy. I've used this for several week and can report it looks as good as new.

Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker - <

I do think it's a little more expensive than other strokers of this style but the craftsmanship in the design and production make up for that. The few dollars more you would spend for this over a cheaper model will be worth it as I see this product lasting me a lot longer even after several weeks of use.

Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker -

I think the manufacturers website is spot on for this product's description. It is a male stroker so there's not a whole lot that can be argued if a product is performing well other than does it feel good in use. I think this product definately feels good in use and I am looking forward ton continuing my study of it.

Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker -

I think the Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker product's packaging is very well done. It makes the toy look sexy and fun before you even open the box. It's a stroker so not much has to go into it for usage instructions. The box does show the nice pussy design orifice though and the large hole on the back end. They could've done a picture of the interior rib texture.

Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker -

The Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker is made from 100% silicone material, it's super easy to wash and clean. I've only used water-based lubes when playing with it as it's made from 100% silicone and oil-based lubes might damage the material. As I mentioned earlier, the large hole in the back of the Yoni Stroker was great for the flush/washing out and quick drying. If you have a sex toy drying stick you could use that as well after the thorough washing, but not necessarily a requirement. I would avoid trying to turn the unit inside out, it's very tight design might lead to tearing of the silicone.

Length5.4 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Width2.44 inches
Diameter (internal).75 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableVanilla (exclusive to Peepshow Toys), Blue, Pink

Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker -

  • Just the right size for average girth man.
  • Solo or partner fun.
  • Easy to clean and dry with large bottom hole.
  • Mutiple ways to use this toreate different stimulation and sensations.

  • Only rib texture inside, would've been nice for other options.
  • A storage bag would be nice to include. Silicone toys can stain on certain materials if they sit.
  • The sample lubes provided are too thick for use in my opinion.

The Yoni Stroker, made by Peepshow Toys, is a very well-molded silicone stroker has a great internal texture, does the job and leaves you a satisfied. Use you hand to squeeze it for the extra pleasure or loosen your grip to keep the edging sensation while you have your fun.

There is no user manual available online for the Peepshow Toys Yoni Stroker, but it’s quite simple to use. Check out my step-by-step how-to guide above for ideas.

Only use water-based, toy-safe lubricants.

I found that after about 20 minutes, the ribs inside of the stroker started to make me feel desensitized. I had to mix-it up with sensations (light and tight gripping squeezing.

I tried it sitting, standing, and laying down! Fun every way I tried.

Anyone with a penis! But have your partner play with you if they're willing. Adds a whole new dimension of fun as a couple.