The 7 Best Big Booty Sex Dolls for Bubble Butt Bliss

   Josh Gill
Today we’re going to be looking at 7 of the best big booty sex dolls out there! Whether you’re looking for a full-size, lifelike doll with limbs, a head, and all the fun bits in between, or just a torso with the vital pleasure zones, there’s something for you. Today’s test winner is a the Tori big butt sex doll, which has plenty of junk in the trunk – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!
1 Test Winner

Tori Premium Big Booty Sex Doll

 Tori Sex Doll

  • Enjoy a sex doll with a big booty
  • Love full-sized sex dolls
  • Want a sex doll made out of TPE
  • Love dolls with curves and big breasts.

Tori Sex Doll

  • Are looking for something smaller and more discreet
  • Want to pay less for a big booty sex doll
  • Prefer silicone to TPE

Say hello to our first big booty sex doll, Tori! Tori the Premium Curvy Sex Doll is an absolute stunner if you want a realistic babe with a bodacious booty! In fact, if big, chunky booties float your boat and get you going, she’s going to be the crown jewel of your sex doll collection! Her skin is made out of a lifelike feeling TPE, and underneath it, she has a poseable steel skeleton. That means you can position her however you want to take advantage of that booty. She features three tight and textured holes, each of them ready to comfortably take your cock! And on top of all that, she has massive H-cup breasts that compliment her booty perfectly!

  • Very realistic and lifelike
  • Huge booty and huge breasts
  • Easy to position however you want
  • Absolutely beautiful doll

  • Very large and difficult to handle
  • Made out of a less premium TPE
  • She is extremely heavy
Tori Sex Doll
Weight116 or more lbs
Insertable lengthDepth: vagina 6.7, anus 6.7, mouth 6 inches
FlexibilityBody and hands advanced skeletons
Height5 Foot 4 inches

We’re not going to lie, the Tori Premium Curvy Sex Doll is pretty awesome if you want a full size, TPE big ass sex doll. There are many reasons I selected the Tori as the best big booty sex doll out there. Firstly,  this curvy concubine has three gorgeously tight holes; a vagina, a butt, and a mouth. Each is uniquely shaped and textured for maximum pleasure. Not to mention, her massive and realistic feeling/moving H cup breasts that swing and sway as you play are great if you are also looking for a big boob sex doll or love breast play. If we’re looking for downsides, we’d note that while she is made from a great feeling TPE, it’s not as premium as silicone. The TPE will require a little more cleaning and care, though, so if you want something easier to maintain, then go for a silicone version. Different people like different things, though, so TPE might be a win for some people. It’s certainly the more affordable option!

2 Runner Up

Tantaly Daisy Ebony Big Booty Torso Doll

 Tantaly Daisy

  • are looking for a very life-like experience.
  • Want a toy for more than just doggy-style.
  • Need something to last a long time.

Tantaly Daisy

  • are not that strong (it's heavy).
  • Want an easily portable and dicreet ass doll.

Ah, the Tantaly Daisy, weighing in at a hefty 41.5LB, she’s like the heavyweight champion of realistic butt sex dolls. Picture this: she’s not a full-bodied affair but a generous slice of the female form with both a vaginal and an anal entrance. Her claim to fame? The TantaButt technology – more on this jiggly joy later.

  • Extremely life-like
  • Well made
  • Accommodates multiple positions

  • Heavy, bulky
  • Time consuming to wash and dry after use
  • Requires a large storage space
Tantaly Daisy
Insertable lengthVaginal: 6.8 inches, Anal: 6.1 inches
Weight41.5 lbs
WidthHips: 16.93 inches
HeightSitting: 12.20 inches
LengthLegs: 2.3 inches
Openings2, Vaginal and Anal
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableEbony, Fair

When I first got the request to review Daisy, I was all, “Sex doll? Nah.” But curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back. Opening her up felt like I was preparing for a big date – only this date doesn’t talk back and weighs as much as a medium-sized dog. Daisy is not for the faint of heart (or weak of arm), but she’s a dream for those seeking ultra-realism in their solo sessions. If you’re looking to lift, shift, and experience near-real-life bedroom action, she’s your girl. Just remember, like any high-maintenance relationship, she comes with her fair share of upkeep. But boy, does she make it worth your while! Just, maybe don’t try to take her on a plane, okay?

3 Beginner

Tantaly Mia Big Ass Sex Doll w. Removable Vagina

 Tantaly Mia Big Ass Sex Doll

  • want something that is super realistic
  • Like the variety with the different inserts.
  • don't have a lot of storage space (for a full-size doll).
  • Like that it gives you the option of a handheld toy as well.

Tantaly Mia Big Ass Sex Doll

  • want breasts and/or a face.
  • Need something with a fast cleaning process.
  • want a bigg ass that is easy to maneuver.

The Tantaly Mia is a high-quality big ass sex doll known for its lifelike skin texture and realistic design. Weighing 19.2 pounds, it features a removable vagina with three different inserts (Beginner, Regular, Super Stimulating) for varied experiences. I really like the non-removable anus as it adds another dimension of use. The doll is made of TPE, known for its soft, bouncy skin-like feel, and arrives well-packaged with detailed instructions, although these were noted to be in poor English.

  • Realistic skin texture
  • detailed appearance
  • Includes three different vagina inserts
  • Relatively easy to clean

  • Heavy and difficult to maneuver
  • TPE material is porous
  • Takes a bit of care for the anus canal
Tantaly Mia Big Ass Sex Doll
Length11.3 inches
Diameter35.83 inches
Insertable length5.1-6.3 inches
Weight19.2 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLight Skin Tone

In my experience, the Tantaly Mia stands out for its realistic skin texture and detailed design. The interchangeable vagina inserts are a smart feature, offering varied sensations and making cleaning easier. I was particularly impressed with the doll’s lifelike feel and the quality of materials. However, its weight and the challenge in cleaning, especially the non-removable anus, are points to consider. The English instructions could be improved for clarity. If you’re okay with the maintenance and looking for a high-quality, realistic experience, Tantaly Mia is a solid choice. Just be prepared for a bit of a workout when handling and cleaning it, and remember to take care of it properly to maximize its lifespan!

4 Cheapest

Thrust Pro Elite Alana Big Ass Sex Doll

 Thrust Pro Elite Alana

  • Want to ba able to choose between pussy and ass
  • Enjoy sex in the doggy style position
  • Want a slightly more discreet big booty sex doll

Thrust Pro Elite Alana

  • Are looking for a silicone big booty sex doll
  • Prefer full bodied sex dolls
  • Prefer silicone to TPE

When it boils down to it, a lot of people want a big butt sex doll in order for them to use the vagina and the butt. So what the Thrust Pro Elite Alana does is it provides you with just that! This weighty and stable toy features a life-size realistic vagina and ass masturbator – perfect to partake in some doggy style fun! With two tight holes and intricately textured canals, you’re bound to have hours of fun. And you don’t even have to wine and dine this big booty babe; you can get straight down to business! And if that sounds good to you, that’s because it really is!

  • Two differently textured canals
  • Small but firm and weighty
  • Great for missionary OR doggy style

  • A little tricky to clean
  • Not for those who want a larger big booty sex doll
Thrust Pro Elite Alana
MaterialsSoft plastic
OpeningsVagina and butt
Insertable length(vagina) 7.5 inches, (butt) 5.5 inches

The Thrust Pro Elite Alana is a welcoming sight for sore eyes! If you want a big booty sex doll but don’t have the space for one, this particular masturbator is the perfect solution. You get two great feeling holes, and both of them have all kinds of textures that feel great against your cock as you do your thing. Is the Thrust Pro Elite Alana going to be for everyone? Probably not. Especially for those that want full sized big booty sexy dolls. But for those that are happy with something more compact and a masturbator that’s made out of a nice feeling soft plastic, the Thrust Pro Elite Alana is a surefire win.

5 Hyper Realistic

Tantaly Rosie Big Ass Sex Doll

 Tantaly Rosie

  • Love jiggly butts
  • Want a more compact big ass sex toy
  • Crave realism

Tantaly Rosie

  • Want a bigger choice of skin tones
  • Can't lift 30 lbs
  • Want the full body experience

Enjoy the immersive realism of Rosie’s butt wobbling as you thrust into it or give it a cheeky spank! The Rosie is a big ass sex toy that certainly delivers a realistic experience from the movements down to the skin texture. This partial sex doll has two textures openings so you can switch it up, depending on your mood, and the TPE material feels incredibly soft and realistic!    

  • Can be used in different positions
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Two textured holes
  • Easy to clean

  • Quite heavy
  • Might be a little tight for larger penises
Tantaly Rosie
Height9.7 inches
Width40.9 inches
OpeningsVagina and anus
Insertable lengthVagina: 5.98 inches, Anus: 5.12 inches
Diameter (internal)Vagina: 0.8 inches, Anus: 0.28 inches
Weight31 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableFair & Wheat

The Rosie is by far one of the best big ass sex toys out there if you are short on space or shopping on a budget! You get all the fun at the fraction of a price, plus it’s easier to store and manoeuvre than a full-size doll. Our tester loved how incredibly realistic it feels to thrust in to the Rosie and feel the butt move and jiggle! They also noted that it is a great way to practice building stamina. They would, however, prefer a larger choice of skin tones, as the Rosie has two options.


Saya Premium Curvy Sex Doll

 Saya Sex Doll

  • Want a full size sex doll with a big booty
  • Like the natural feeling of TPE
  • Have room to store a big booty sex doll

Saya Sex Doll

  • Are looking for something smaller and more discreet
  • Want to pay a lot less
  • Need your sex doll to feel more premium

If you want a full sized big booty sex doll but don’t want to end up paying through the nose, then the Saya Premium Curvy Sex Doll is a fantastic choice! She is the same size as a real person, and looks and feels more lifelike than you could possibly imagine! Want to be able to change parts of her to suit your wants and desires? No problem, the Saya sex doll is fully customizable, allowing you to pick her height, skin tone, hair, eye color, and more. Offering everything from an internal skeleton to a built-in heating system for added realism, Saya is a great choice for those who want a sex doll with a juicy booty!

  • Amazing looking and feeling booty
  • Full sized for those that want immersive experience
  • Fairly cheap for a full sized sex doll

  • Large and indiscreet
  • Tricky to clean due to large size
Saya Sex Doll
Height4 feet 10 inches
Weight97 lbs
OpeningsVagina, mouth, and butt
Insertable length(vagina) 7.5 inches, (mouth) 4.7 inches, (butt) 4.5 inches

If you want a full sized big butt sex doll with the capabilities of pleasuring you with her vagina, butt, or mouth, then you can’t go wrong with the Saya Premium Curvy Sex Doll. Her tanned skin, curly locks, and irresistible body make her the perfect treat for anyone that needs a babe with a big booty. She feels great and the TPE has a great texture to it – both internally and externally. Unfortunately, she’s not made from silicone. This is a double-edged sword: firstly, it isn’t as premium as a doll made from silicone, but TPE helps keep the cost down. Saya might be an awesome sex doll, but she’s tricky to keep clean because of her large size. It’s worth baring that in mind before buying.




  • Can't resist a beautiful curvy sex doll
  • Want a lot of customizable options
  • Need a lifelike big booty sex doll


  • Like a big booty but not big boobs
  • Are looking for a more discreet toy
  • Prefer less curvy women

If ‘big booty sex dolls’ is the name of the game, then surely Felipina is a winner! With her sensual curves, this thick sex doll will please you in every way possible. Not only does she have a super sized booty that you’ll not be able to resist, but she also has huge, realistic looking and feeling N-cup breasts that will captivate you and arouse you beyond compare. Her three TPE holes will make sure they milk you dry in no time at all, and leave you wanting more! Luckily for you, if you take care of Felipina, she’ll take care of you! Over, and over, and over again!

  • Amazing looks and perfect proportions
  • Well textured and tight holes
  • Positionable to suit your needs

  • Large, indiscreet, and weighty
  • Very high price tag
Height5 feet 1 inches
Weight120.15 lbs
OpeningsVagina, mouth, and butt
Insertable length(vagina) 6.69 inches, (mouth) 5.91 inches, (butt) 6.69 inches

Overall, is the Felipina doll a good big booty sex doll? Yes! Not only does she have that big booty that we’re looking at today, but she also has plenty of other curves to keep you occupied. Her breasts are stunningly large (N-cup!!!), and her thighs are sexily shaped and tapered. She really is a sexy sex doll! She does have her downsides, though. As with all of the other dolls in this review, Felipina is made of TPE. For the price, you might have expected her to be made of a more premium feeling silicone. She is also large and difficult to handle. Her chunky and curvy size might be a draw for some people, but she’s still difficult to move and position. Still, if you can see past the glaring downsides, what you get with the Felipina sex doll is a big booty goddess that has plenty of options when it comes so making sure you’re pleased!

Prefer a Booty on a Smaller Scale?

We’re not done with those big booties yet! In fact, we’re here to show you some smaller-scale big booty sex toys that are much less conspicuous than their bigger counterparts. But don’t worry – anal fleshlights are still just as pleasing!

Riley Reid Fleshlight Butt

Riley Reid Fleshlight Butt - Prefer a Booty on a Smaller Scale?
If you know anything about porn actresses, then you’ll have heard of Riley Reid! Well thanks to Fleshlight Girls you can have your very own replica of her tight and puckered anus to enjoy whenever and however you want!  It gives you all the sensations and feelings of an anal sex but on a much smaller scale. The SuperSkin feels orgasmic, and the canal texture is amazing! It’s certainly a treat for you to beat your meat with!

Fleshlight Ice Butt

Fleshlight Ice Butt - Prefer a Booty on a Smaller Scale?
The Fleshlight Ice Butt provides you with a unique experience for your penis! It might look plain and bland on the outside, but when you slide inside…boy, you’re in for a world of pleasure! No matter how deep you go, you’re going to get exciting and pleasurably sharp textures that will squeeze, scrape, and please your cock. The Fleshlight Ice Butt puts the pleasure of a crystal-lined inner sleeve right there in your hand. And you’re not going to regret it!

Vibro Butt

Vibro Butt - Prefer a Booty on a Smaller Scale?
The Vibro Butt is a high-quality masturbator, boasting all kinds of stimulating internal textures. Inside it are three bullet vibes that will drive you over the edge. With an internal canal of 8.5 inches, most penises will fit inside the Vibro Butt with plenty of room to spare, and the hard case design makes storage and transportation painless tasks! Oh, and don’t worry – batteries are included, so you can enjoy your Vibro Butt fleshlight as soon as you get it! Niceee!

Where to Buy the Best Big Ass Sex Dolls

If you didn’t find exactly what you’re looking for and want a bit more variety, here are some top sex doll stores where you can browse even more big booty sex dolls!


Tantaly  - Where to Buy the Best Big Ass Sex Dolls
Tantaly is the place to go if you are shopping for a realistic partial sex doll. They are top quality and have amazing jiggly butts and boobs!

Joy Love Dolls

Joy Love Dolls - Where to Buy the Best Big Ass Sex Dolls
Joy Love Dolls stock a whole range of premium TPE and silicone sex dolls from the top brands and have a whole section devoted to big booty sex dolls!

Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Sexy Real Sex Dolls - Where to Buy the Best Big Ass Sex Dolls
Sexy Real Sex Dolls is another fantastic retailer that stocks the top brands with a massive selection of TPE and silicone sex dolls!

Why buy a big butt sex doll?

Not sure if big booty sex toy will suit your needs? Let me summarize the pros and cons to help you make the right choice for you!


Pros - Why buy a big butt sex doll?
  • Fulfil your big booty fantasies! Some people just love a big butt and if that’s you, then a big booty sex doll is the perfect match!
  • Enjoy the realistic jiggle! Big booty sex dolls can have a more life like feel as the extra jiggle responds to your thrusts.
  • More to play with! Big booty sex dolls are great if you enjoy having something to grab or spank while you play.


Cons - Why buy a big butt sex doll?
  • They are heavier. That extra booty is going to mean your sex doll weighs more.
  • More difficult to manoeuvre. The added weight and jiggle also make them a little tricker to handle.

How to use big booty sex dolls

Using big booty sex dolls isn’t as complicated, difficult, or confusing as you might think. In fact, it’s fairly straight forward! But if you’re struggling, don’t worry! We’re here with a quick guide as to how to use your dolls and get the most out of them!

Apply plenty of lubrication!

Apply plenty of lubrication!

When you’re wanting to get down and dirty with your big booty sex dolls, one of the most important things is keeping things as friction-free as possible. You can do this by generously applying lube to the holes of your sex doll as well as on your cock. The more, the merrier – it’s always better to have too much than not enough! So grab your favorite water-based lube and get covered in the stuff. You won’t regret it!

Savor the sensations!

Savor the sensations!

Don’t just go ramming your cock in and getting down to business, because before very long at all it’s going to be all over! You should really enjoy the feelings and sensations of entering your sex doll, savoring the textures and stimulating patterns of the vagina, butt, or mouth. Starting slow helps build up your stamina too, so it has double the effects!

Get clean after getting dirty!

Get clean after getting dirty!

Finished having your fun? Did you enjoy it? Good! We knew you would! Those big booty babes are designed to please! Well now that you’re done getting dirty, it’s time to get clean! Putting your sex doll in the bath or shower might be more convenient to help you clean, as they are fairly big! For more info, check out the ‘How to clean big booty sex dolls’ section!

How to clean big booty sex dolls

Big Booty sex dolls can cost a lot of money, so keeping them clean should be an absolute priority! But don't worry, we know some sex dolls are big and bulky, but cleaning them isn't as hard as you might imagine. Here are a few resources to help make keeping these delicious dolls hygienic extra easy!


Water-based lubricant is our #1 recommended lubrication for a variety of reasons. It is body-safe and won't harm you, it won't damage your dolls, and it won't leave any nasty or sticky residue when cleaning up. It's the perfect lubrication!

For smaller torso big booty sex dolls, storage is fairly obvious. But the full-bodied dolls should preferably be stored hanging in a neutral position from the (removable) neck bolt, if possible. The legs should be slightly spread. If it was laid or 'folded', there is a risk that the silicone would become creased and damaged. And you don’t want to damage that beautiful booty!

That’s a strange one to answer because not ALL big booty sex dolls are expensive. But as for the larger, full-bodied dolls, you can expect a lot from them. They are some of the most amazing toys in looks, size, texture, and all-around lifelike-ness. However, what we would also say is that you should only buy big booty sex dolls if they are within your price range. There are plenty of cheaper options out there for if you are on a budget!

Right here, by following the links in this post! We work alongside some of the most well respected, reputable, and reliable sex toy shops around, and we want you to have the best experience possible. So click on those links in confidence, because we want the fun to start for you as soon as you click 'buy'!

What are big booty sex dolls

The answer is in the name! They are sex dolls with a large and extremely sexy booty! Some men love how a big bum looks and can be extremely aroused at the prospect of getting to enjoy and be satisfied by one. That's why many sex doll companies have strived to meet those naughty needs by creating sex dolls with ample rears! These big booties are often balanced out by large breasts and curvy hips and thighs, too. It really makes for a delicious doll!

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