The 7 Best Gay Masturbator Toys for Lifelike Anal Loving

   Kevin Foley
1 Test Winner

Brent Corrigan

 Brent Corrigan

  • Love ribbed textures
  • Want a genuine Fleshlight
  • Are familiar with Brent’s work

Brent Corrigan

  • Don’t want a molded entrance
  • Need vibrations or other features
  • Want a budget-friendly toy

First up is one of the best gay masturbator toy products around, the Brent Corrigan FleshJack toy! Molded directly from the anus of the star himself, this Fleshlight toy comes protected by a bright blue casing. Inside the case sits the sleeve itself, complete with a molded and signed entrance. Inserting yourself inside the sleeve gives you access to the various pleasurable textures inside, eagerly awaiting your arrival. With an insertable length of almost nine inches and an easy-to-clean design that makes the aftercare process near-painless, this toy will quickly become your new fave. Looking for the best of the best? Then pick yourself up the Brent Corrigan masturbator today!

  • Molded from Brent himself
  • Compatible with Fleshlight accessories
  • Light blue casing
  • Travel-sized

  • Expensive
  • Case isn’t discreet
  • Porous
Brent Corrigan
Length10 inches
Insertable length7.25-9 inches
Width3.5 inches
MaterialsThermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), ABS Plastic
TextureBliss Texture
AdjustableYes (suction strength utilizing the bottom twist lid)
Weight1.4 lbs

I chose this anal male masturbator as my “Test Winner” for a few reasons, but the main one is that the toy itself is actually molded from a real model! A quick glance at the entrance of the sleeve shows a lot of detail. That’s because this part has been molded directly from Brent! You’ll also see his signature on the side, which is a nice touch. The toy is made from Fleshlight’s signature TPE blend. This means that it’s a very soft and high-quality material, although it’s worth noting that it is porous. Inside the sleeve, there is a combination of ribs and nubs to stimulate your shaft. This toy doesn’t offer as much variation as some other models, but it should be more than enough to get the job done. All in all, there really isn’t anything to complain about aside from the price (which hovers around $80). Compatible with a wide variety of Fleshlight accessories and molded from a well-known star, I’d say that this masturbator is an excellent addition to any collection of gay sex toys!

2 Cheapest

THRUST Pro Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass

 Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass

  • Need a budget-friendly option
  • Prefer a consistent texture
  • Want to integrate a bullet vibe

Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass

  • Want a protective casing
  • Need over 5” of insertable length
  • Prefer silicone toys

The THRUST Pro Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass is a budget-friendly anal male masturbator that’s excellent for any fellow on a tight budget. Designed to look like a realistic butthole, this tiny toy measures 5.5 inches long and features an internal diameter of 0.5 inches. The canal itself has waves of rows to pleasure your member as you thrust yourself inside, providing consistent sensations throughout. Thanks to the open-ended design, this toy is extremely easy to clean, making routine maintenance concerns a thing of the past. If you’re looking for something simple yet effective that won’t break the bank then the THRUST Pro Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass is a great pick!

  • Cheap
  • Five inches of insertable length
  • Ribbed internal design
  • Easy to clean

  • Lacks casing
  • No bullet vibe included
Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass
MaterialsSoft Plastic
Length5.5 inches
Insertable length5 inches
Diameter2.2 inches
Diameter (internal)5 inches

Being the most budget-friendly gay masturbator toy on this list, the THRUST Pro Mini Andi Super Ribbed Pocket Ass was the obvious choice for the “Cheapest” category. However, don’t let its cheap price tag or simple design fool you. Despite its looks, this toy actually punches well above its weight class! Internally, the THRUST Pro Mini Andi features rows upon rows of ribs, which provide consistent pleasure to your penis. However, it’s worth noting that this toy only has one texture, which could be a minus for some. The outside of the toy is also textured, making it easy to hold onto the toy while you’re using it. Unfortunately, the THRUST Pro Mini Andi doesn’t come with an external casing. This could make keeping the toy clean a challenge in the long term, so you’ll want to find something to store it in for safekeeping. All in all, this toy meets all the basic expectations that you’d need from a simple masturbator. While it might not offer the most premium experience and doesn’t come with the bullet vibe you’ll need to enjoy vibes, I think it still offers a fair value for the money.

3 With Balls



  • Want a masturbator with balls
  • Are sticking to the “Flashlight” cover
  • Love multiple textures


  • Need a budget-friendly option
  • Prefer a colored casing
  • Don’t want balls on your toy

Ever dreamed of having a gay masturbator toy that had a hole AND balls? Well, dream no more, cause the FleshSack has you covered! Like a regular Fleshlight, the majority of the sleeve fits inside of the casing, keeping it protected from the outside world. However, the entrance to this toy not only features an anus hole, but it also has big dangly balls! Feel them smack up against your own as you go to town on the tight hole of this handheld toy! With 8.5 inches of insertable length and multiple textures spread throughout the inside of the sleeve, the FleshSack is a unique toy that you need to try!

  • Has balls
  • Multiple internal textures
  • Detailed design
  • Actually looks like a flashlight

  • Quite large
  • Requires a bit of extra cleaning
MaterialsSuperSkin, ABS plastic
Length11 inches
Insertable length8.5 inches
Diameter3.25 inches

The FleshSack is likely the only masturbator that you’ll ever see that comes complete with its own set of balls. If that’s your thing then you’re sure to love this toy! Even if you take the balls out of the equation entirely, the FleshSack still has enough quality to stand on its own. Rather than a single texture, the inside of this sleeve features five chambers with textures spread throughout. The dual-ended design of the toy makes it easy to clean, and the adjustable suction end cap means you can control the suction as you go. Surprisingly, the balls actually fit inside of the cap, meaning you won’t have to deal with the balls constantly getting dirty during storage. Sure, the balls may be a bit of a novelty, but they do offer a bit of extra stimulation when using the toy. If this unique design has caught your eye, pick one up and give the FleshSack a try!

4 Ass

Stroke It Bottom Banger

 Stroke It Bottom Banger

  • Need a realistic-looking toy
  • Want to upgrade from a stroker
  • Love suction

Stroke It Bottom Banger

  • Hate porous toys
  • Prefer easy-to-clean toys
  • Need something portable

Having a handheld anal male masturbator is great if you need something easy-to-hide, but what if you don’t need to worry about roommates? Well, if that’s the case then you might be interested in getting your hands on something a bit larger and more realistic. You should look at the Stroke It Bottom Banger! Weighing slightly less than 8 pounds, this lifelike toy is much bigger than a stroker toy. It features a round ass, complete with a tight hole and balls for you to mess around with. Perfect for stamina training, immersive masturbation, and just anal fun in general, the Stroke It Bottom Banger offers real-life performance in a compact package!

  • Great value
  • Anatomically correct
  • Realistic feeling
  • Weighs less than 8 lbs.

  • Porous
  • A slightly more in-depth cleaning process
  • Semi-expensive
Stroke It Bottom Banger
Length11.25 inches
Height5.5 inches
Width9.25 inches
Weight7.26 lbs

For obvious reasons, I picked this gay masturbator toy as my “Ass” choice. Truly, this is all you need to have fun! The masturbator features two butt cheeks (each with a little leg), a partial back, a big pair of balls, and a tight hole for all of your penetrative pleasures. Internally, this toy is quite snug. Its closed-end design means you’ll be able to enjoy plenty of suction as you thrust in and out of the toy. All in all, the experience will feel pretty realistic! However, since this toy is bigger than a masturbator, it also weighs considerably more (close to eight pounds). Size-wise, it’s a little over 11 inches long and 9.25 inches wide. This means you’ll have to put a bit of space as to where you’ll store it, since simply shoving it into a drawer really isn’t an option. That said, I think these minor drawbacks are worth it if you’re after a more realistic masturbatory experience. Priced significantly less than similar toys and offering way more performance than a stroker, I’d recommend the Stroke It Bottom Banger if you want a toy to “practice” with!

5 Torso

Channing Torso Sex Doll

 Channing Torso Sex Doll

  • Love detailed toys
  • Want a bendable penis
  • Are satisfied with 7” of penis

Channing Torso Sex Doll

  • Hate the cleanup process
  • Need a rideable toy
  • Want more than 7” of length

Next up is Channing, the largest gay masturbator toy on this list! As a torso sex doll, this doll has everything you need to party (and nothing you don’t!). Aside from its firm pecs, sculpted abs, and firm butt, the doll also features a seven-inch schlong. This penis is poseable, which means you can bend it in whatever way you’d like to get the perfect penis for you! If being penetrated isn’t your thing, the Channing also features a fully-functional anus that gives you 5.91 inches of penetrable length to work with. Whether you’re a top, a bottom, or like to switch things up, the Channing could be the perfect practice partner you’ve been searching for!

  • Poseable penis
  • Can penetrate or be penetrated
  • Offered in multiple skin tones
  • Detailed design

  • Semi-hard penis
  • Heavy
Channing Torso Sex Doll
Height21.26 inches
Length(Penis) 7.09, (Leg) 3.94 inches
Insertable length(Anus) 5.91 inches
Diameter (internal)(Anus) 0.28 inches
Weight33.07 lbs
Condom safeYes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableFair, Wheat

This toy is much more than a simple anal male masturbator: it’s my “Torso” pick! Expensive, heavy, and offering a lot to work with, the Channing has a high bar to meet. Does it meet expectations? Well, it depends on who you ask. Our tester didn’t have much fun with it, citing a semi-soft penis and an extra tight anus as the reasons for his dissatisfaction. That said, this experience definitely isn’t universal, and most people appear to be happy with their doll. The penis is poseable, meaning it won’t be as firm as you may be used to. The anus only has a diameter of 0.28 inches, so it might require lots of lube if you’re on the thick side. It’s also worth noting that the Channing weighs almost 40 pounds, which means using this toy can be quite the workout. Still, even with all of that, I think the Channing is a good option if you want a multi-purpose practice doll. It also serves as a good stand-in for a “threesome” with your partner. With over seven inches of loving and highly textured anus to offer, Channing could be the much-loved addition that your sex toy collection is missing.

6 Cock and Ass

Rapture Mr. Switch Realistic Cock & Ass

 Rapture Mr. Switch

  • Want a “switch” toy
  • Have a penis length of around 6”
  • Don’t mind spending a bit more

Rapture Mr. Switch

  • Want something highly-detailed
  • Don’t like porous toys
  • Need more than 6” of length

The problem with a standard anal male masturbator is that it can only be penetrated. However, the Mr. Switch gives you more options since this toy is happy to penetrate or be penetrated! Equipped with six inches of penis out front and six inches of penetrable goodness inside, the Mr. Switch Realistic Cock & Ass is essentially a two-in-one toy. There is some detail on this toy, from its realistic-looking butt to its fondleable balls. The inside also has a few secrets for you to uncover, with a few different textures to enjoy. If you’re looking for a dual-purpose toy that’s small enough to hide under the bed, then the Mr. Switch is a toy you’ll want to keep your eye on!

  • Offered in multiple skin tones
  • Dual-use design
  • Multiple internal textures
  • Weighs under 6 lbs.

  • Only one skin tone offered
  • Expensive
  • Porous
Rapture Mr. Switch
Length12 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Width11 inches
Diameter (internal)6 inches
Weight5.56 lbs

This gay masturbator toy earned the “Cock and Ass” mention because that’s exactly what it is! With a six-inch penis out front and six inches of insertable length inside, the Mr. Switch is a fairly straightforward sex toy. Internally, the tunnel features a variety of textures, including ribs and bumps spread across multiple internal chambers. Weighing a mere 5.56 pounds, this toy can easily be positioned to fulfill any of your sexual desires. The main place where I think this toy is lacking is the details. While it does have all of the parts you’d expect, some parts of the toy—specifically the penis—seem to be lacking finer details. I think the inclusion of these would do a lot to justify the price tag of nearly $150. All in all, I think the Mr. Switch is a pretty good dual-use toy: it’s just overpriced! While I would suggest picking this one up, I’d suggest keeping your eye out for a sale if you can.

7 Side Saddle

Side Saddle Muscle Butt Masturbator

 Side Saddle Muscle Butt Masturbator

  • Like spooning penetration
  • Need something affordable
  • Want a realistic masturbator

Side Saddle Muscle Butt Masturbator

  • Want a highly-portable toy
  • Need more position options
  • Don’t like TPE

Do you love spooning—AKA side-saddle—penetration? If so, then the Side Saddle Muscle Butt Masturbator is the gay masturbator toy for you! Offered in three different skin tones for your choice of “partner”, this booty toy consists of a muscular bum, a big detailed set of balls, and a tight hole for your enjoyment. This toy is body-safe, hand-painted, and compatible with any type of lube, which really allows you to use the toy with ease. Weighing a mere 3.45 pounds and costing less than $80, this toy is worth picking up if side saddle sex is your preferred position!

  • Offered in multiple skin tones
  • Detailed design
  • Safe with all lubricants
  • Lightweight

  • Porous
  • Limited to one position
Side Saddle Muscle Butt Masturbator
Length8 inches
Width6 inches
Height4.75 inches
Weight3.45 lbs
AllergiesLatex free, PVC free, Phthalate free

The main limitation of this toy is the lack of options it offers. Being a “Side Saddle” anal male masturbator, you can really only use the toy in that single position. If this is your preferred position then no worries. However, if you were hoping for other options then you will be sorely disappointed. That said, the toy is pretty high-quality. It’s handpainted for the perfect finish, and features a lot of little details that help make it seem more realistic. I especially liked that you have the choice of three different skin tones, as many of these toys don’t give you this option. In summary, my thoughts are fairly straightforward. Love side saddle sex? Then this toy is worth picking up! Want more position options? Check out one of the other toys instead.

Looking for a Non-Representational Masturbator?

Having a realistically-detailed toy is great, but sometimes, you just want a gay masturbator toy that can be whatever you want it to be at the moment. Here are a few options that will let your imagination run free!

Lovense Calor Warming App Controlled

Lovense Calor Warming App Controlled - Looking for a Non-Representational Masturbator?
Encompassing your shaft with its warm embrace, this unique warming male masturbator offers ten vibrations patterns and three speeds for you to enjoy. Connect it to the Lovense app for some long-distance loving!

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Fleshlight Flight Pilot - Looking for a Non-Representational Masturbator?
Compact, simple, and sure to make you come, the Fleshlight Flight Pilot is a slightly smaller take on the traditional Fleshlight. With 6.5 inches of insertable length and a tight 0.5-inch opening, this toy will quickly become your must-have travel buddy!

Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Vantage

Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Vantage - Looking for a Non-Representational Masturbator?
Dual-ended, compact, and see-through for all of your viewing pleasures, the Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Vantage is a budget-friendly masturbation toy. With 3.5 inches of internal length and an open-ended design, this toy is fun for both solo and partner-based sessions!

Show Your Frenulum Some Love With Added Vibrations

Stimulating your entire shaft is the most common approach, but did you know that—by specifically stimulating your frenulum—you could experience next-level orgasms? Here are a few toys designed specifically for that purpose.

Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Male Masturbator

Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Male Masturbator - Show Your Frenulum Some Love With Added Vibrations
Utilizing the Pleasure Air Technology that originated from the Womanizer, the ArcwaveIon uses pulsing air to provide contact-free stimulation in all the right places. Whether you’re hoping to edge for a while or just want to come right away, this toy will give you the experience you’re after!

Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker

Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker - Show Your Frenulum Some Love With Added Vibrations
Perfect for solo or couple use, the Manta is a sleek masturbator that provides targeted vibrations via its silicone pleasure wings. It’s even waterproof, allowing you to enjoy waves of pleasure anywhere!

How to Use a Gay Masturbator Toy

Never used a gay masturbator toy before? Here’s how to do it properly!

Ensure Your Toy is Ready to Use

Ensure Your Toy is Ready to Use

You’ll need to check your toy before using it. Make sure it’s damage-free and clean before grabbing a bottle of lube, prepping your area, and moving on to the next step!

Apply Lube

Apply Lube

To use a gay masturbator toy, you’ll need to make sure the toy is properly lubricated. Apply an ample amount of lube to the toy itself, either covering the exterior or interior of the toy (depending on whether you’re penetrating or being penetrated). Don’t worry about over-applying the lube, as you’ll likely need more than you initially expect! it may also be worthwhile to apply lube to your penis if you’re inserting yourself inside the toy.

Insert & Enjoy!

Insert & Enjoy!

With everything sufficiently lubricated, it’s time to insert, either yourself into the toy or the toy into you! Go slowly, and don’t be afraid to add more lube if you start to run into issues with friction. Once completely inserted, just experiment and enjoy your new toy!

How to Clean a Gay Masturbator Toy

Every gay masturbator toy is cleaned relatively the same way, although the process will vary slightly from toy to toy. However, it’s first important to see if your toy contains electrical parts. If not, is it made of silicone? If your toy doesn’t contain electrical components and is made of silicone then it’s possible to sterilize it. To do so, simply drop the toy in a pot of boiling water for five minutes! That said, most toys can only be cleaned, not sterilized. You can clean your toy with antibacterial soap and warm water. Clean once, then wash away any leftover soap. Pat your toy down, then leave it out to air dry completely before storing it away. Remember to never store away a toy while it’s still damp, as bacteria can grow in the leftover moisture!


If your gay male masturbator is for external use then it being porous isn’t necessarily bad, just less than ideal. However, for internal use toys, it’s important that your toy(s) are non-porous since this will help prevent the accidental introduction of bacteria.

It varies, depending on the type of toy. Stroker toys generally last around a year or two, while dolls tend to last anywhere from two to ten years!

Unless otherwise directed by the manufacturer, you should stick to using water-based lubes with your sex toys. Water-based lube is always a safe bet, as it won’t damage any type of sex toy material!

Generally, I would suggest stroker toys for beginners. These toys are easy to use, relatively simple to clean, and much more affordable than their larger counterparts.

You’ll need to clean the inside of your gay male masturbator toys after every use. If you have a larger toy—like a doll—then it’s a good idea to clean the entire toy every week or so.

What is a Gay Masturbator Toy?

A gay masturbator toy is a type of male masturbator that’s marketed toward gay men. These toys come in a wide variety of designs and styles but generally focus on the male anatomy. Prices vary widely, but smaller toys—like strokers—will usually be cheaper than larger toys such as torso dolls.

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