The 10 Best Vibrating Penis Sleeves to Buzz Your Boner

   Josh Gill
Whether you’re trying to enhance your solo sessions or provide your partner with orgasmic penetrative pleasure, there’s a vibrating penis sleeve with your name on it! We have toys that will enhance your size, providing extra length and girth alongside stimulating external textures that are sure to drive your partner wild. We also have toys that can drive you to completion stimulating your entire shaft, focus in on the frenulum, and even help you have better erections! The world of vibrating penis sleeves has a lot to offer, meaning you can pretty much find a toy for every need and situation. Your current sex life might be great, but why settle for great when you could reach amazing? Keep reading to learn about the toys that can take you there!
1 Test Winner

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

 Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

  • want a variety of mind-blowing vibration settings
  • want something compact and easy to maintain
  • would like a vibrating penis sleeve you can use for edging
  • suffer from erectile dysfunction

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

  • need a very quiet and discreet toy
  • don't like intense frenulum stimulation
  • prefer a full length vibrating penis sleeve

When your main vein deserves the very best, treat it to the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential. Packing a full 6 vibration patterns and 8 variable levels of intensity this is one seriously powerful gadget. Simply slide your member into the silky smooth, positionable silicone wings and feel the oscillating base plate buzz you to the point of no return. Perfect for edging, drive yourself or your partner to the finish line and then ease off the throttle at the critical moment. As the user does not need to be erect to get full enjoyment out of this vibrating penis sleeve, this is also a great option for those struggling with erectile dysfunction. Check out our review of the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux for the couples variant.

  • Incredibly powerful pulses
  • Wide range of settings
  • Versatile use
  • Suitable for ED
  • Easy to use

  • Loud
  • May not work well hands-free
Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns6
Remote ControlsNo
Length4.17 inches
Width2.63 inches
Diameter (internal)2.5 inches
Weight0.48 lbs
MaterialsABS, Silicone
Battery LifeUp to 60 minutes
RechargeableYes, USB
Charging Time180 minutes
Storage Bag IncludedYes
Colors AvailableBlack, Blue

I picked out the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential as the Test Winner because it is a fantastically versatile vibrating penis sleeve. The range of patterns and speeds is better than most. The intensity that can be achieved is honestly a little frightening. I think it’s perfect for edging as it can rapidly cycle between modes. Our tester found that the buttons had a good placement and were pretty easy to locate (even in the dark and potentially covered in lube), but that they were a bit difficult to press. At least that avoids changign the settings by acident. I love that this device is suitable for erectile dysfunction as a hard-on is not a prerequisite for pleasure in this instance. In the name of versatility, it’s also great for stroking as well as static, hands-free pleasure with the oscillating plate pulsing o nthe frenulum. However, it may be tricky to use hands-free in some positions. Note: on the higher settings, this thing is loud – like jet engine loud. Also, the vibration levels even at a lower setting may be too intense for some. Niggles aside though, for me the Hot Octupuss Pulse is not just the best vibrating penis sleeve on the market, it is also one of the best hands-free automatic male masturbators in the world, period.

2 Cheapest

BASICS Vibrating Penis Sleeve with Clitoral Rabbit Vibrator

 BASICS Vibrating Penis Sleeve

  • want to add some additional length and girth to your penis
  • have a rabbit vibrator obsessed partner
  • want something easy to wear and use
  • or your partner enjoys intense clitoral stimulation

BASICS Vibrating Penis Sleeve

  • don't like the idea of a penis extender
  • want something more realistic
  • are particularly lengthy or girthy
  • prefer a sleeve with a ball ring

Transform your boringly anatomically correct appendage into your partner’s favorite vibrating rabbit with the Basics Vibrating Cock Sleeve. Augment your penis with 2 extra inches of length, intense texturing, additional girth, and powerful, clitoral stimulating vibrations. The included bullet vibrator can be inserted into the vibrating penis sleeve to give the rabbit ears pinpoint precise clitoris stimulation, as well as sending rumbly pleasure throughout the full shaft. Alternatively, use the vibrator separately for added flexibility. Satisfaction is guaranteed. The only worry is, will your own penis ever be good enough again?


  • Detachable bullet vibrator
  • Mutual pleasure
  • Great added length and girth
  • Easy to wear and use

  • Ears prevent full insertion
  • A little tight
  • No ball ring
  • Porous material
BASICS Vibrating Penis Sleeve
Length6.5 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches
Diameter1.75 inches
Vibration speedsMultiple speeds
MaterialsSoft plastic

The Basics Vibrating Cock Sleeve is the perfect addition to any toy-crazed partnership. When the penis of a mere mortal is no longer enough, this is the place to turn. A perfect replication of the infamously popular Rabbit vibrator, complete with vibrating ears and intensely protruding balls running the length of the shaft. All this for a fraction of the price of a real rabbit vibrator. While the vibrations stimulate both the penis and the clitoris, this is absolutely a toy geared more towards your partner’s pleasure – but then that’s kind of the point. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t include a ball strap, making it prone to slipping during intercourse.

3 Beginner

TENGA Flip Zero Vibrating Male Masturbator

 TENGA Flip Zero

  • enjoy intense sensations
  • appreciate a sleek design
  • want a convenient to use and clean toy
  • want a seriously powerful orgasm

TENGA Flip Zero

  • don't like getting a little messy
  • can't make some noise
  • are particularly girthy
  • are on a budget

You’re going to want to savor this experience as much as possible. Trust us, it may not last long once you slide past the two vibrating cores into the incredibly detailed textures and sensations. 5 vibration settings combine with a snug and supple inner sleeve to push you to the edges of insanity. As with all Tenga toys, the design oozes quality and useability. The innovative book opening design reveals the entire inner chamber, making lubrication and cleaning as efficient as it could possibly be. Enclose the Flip Zero around your shaft and watch through the semi-transparent body as a full 6 inches receives the most prestigious treatment possible.


  • Very powerful
  • Two vibrating bullets
  • Sleek user-friendly design
  • Semi-transparent

  • Noisy
  • Expensive model
  • Narrow
  • Porous material
TENGA Flip Zero
Diameter0.5 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Vibration modes5
MaterialsSoft plastic

Tenga is a name you can trust in the sex toy industry. From vibrating penis sleeves to pocket pussys’, their designs are so innovatively simple it makes you wonder why nobody thought of them before. The book-style opening is an elegant touch of user-friendly design. Never has an internal chamber been easier to lubricate and maintain. This also in no way detracts from the sensations on offer. Deliciously textured and ribbed. Equipped with not one, but two vibrating bullets for incredible power and a range of sensations. The Flip Zero is expensive. Like many similar products, it also suffers from excessive noise at higher speeds. Ultimately though, if you’re looking for an orgasm like no other, there are few competing experiences.

4 Extender

Lovehoney Vibro Mega Mighty 3 Extra Inches Vibrating Penis Extender

 Lovehoney Vibro Mega Mighty

  • want to give your partner a seriously pleasurable surprise
  • would like a few extra inches in the trouser department
  • want a vibrating penis sleeve you can both feel
  • Suffer from ED or a weak erection

Lovehoney Vibro Mega Mighty

  • want to feel everything that's going on
  • prefer a more deeply textured sleeve
  • don't want a thick material
  • would prefer a more premium, realistic material

Make your partner insatiable with penis craving desire as you add a full 3 additional inches to your member. Purchase if you dare, this vibrating penis extension is likely to take center stage pretty quickly. Bulging veins, bulbous head, clitoral teaser, 7-function bullet vibrator – the traditional penis is surely obsolete. Watch as the action unfolds thanks to the transparent design, or opt for the more realistic flesh-colored version for added kink. The powerful bullet vibrator sits snuggly inside the ball loop, providing strong sensations for everyone involved. Make no mistake though, this sleeve is all about the giving.


  • Considerable extension
  • Anatomical design
  • Transparent or realistic options
  • Clitoral teaser

  • Thick material
  • Unrealistic plastic feel
  • Tight ball loop
  • Porous material
Lovehoney Vibro Mega Mighty
Diameter1.5 inches
Insertable length8 inches
Length10 inches
Vibration modes7
MaterialsSoft plastic

For those who want to give their partner the very best – the Mega Mighty vibrating penis sleeve is a crowd-pleaser. Who would say no to an additional 3 inches of heaven? The shaft is beautifully textured with thick veins and a seriously bulbous head. Clitoral teaser aside, this is a sleeve for those who want a realistic aesthetic. As if that additional girth and length weren’t enough, the bullet vibrator offers powerful sensations for both users. Supersede your partner’s favorite vibrator with the prowess of your new and improved cock. Just note, if you are considerably smaller than the insertable length, the flexibility of this sleeve is not ideal as it can bend at the tip. The girthier, shorter vibrating cock sleeve may provide a better experience.

5 Warming

Blowmotion Pulsing Warming Male Masturbator

 Blowmotion Pulsing Warming Masturbator

  • want a self-warming vibrating sleeve
  • like considerable options and functionality
  • want powerful vibrations and pulsations
  • need a discreet and travel-friendly sleeve

Blowmotion Pulsing Warming Masturbator

  • want a larger vibrating penis sleeve
  • prefer a very simple-to-use toy
  • need something very quiet

The Blowmotion Pulsing Warming Male Masturbator is a high tech male masturbator that will allow you to explore all sorts of stimulation modes while adding a warm realistic touch to the fun! Slide your shaft into the 3.5-inch canal and feel the innovative magnet-enabled pulsating rock you to the peak of pleasure. You can enjoy 6 different vibration modes and 6 pulsation functions and figure out which combination floats your boat. All of this is housed within an innovatively designed flexible shell, which has flexible slides that can be squeezed for added tightness and suction. Put all that together and you are left with a seriously adaptable vibrating penis sleeve. Perfect for edging practice or a quickie release.

  • A lot of different stimulation modes to enjoy
  • Self-warming
  • Customizable tightness when holding the sleeve
  • Incredible pressure suction
  • Easy to clean and dry

  • Noisy on higher settings
  • Can feel slightly bulky compared to other vibrating penis sleeves
Blowmotion Pulsing Warming Masturbator
Vibration speeds6
Vibration patterns6
Length5.5 inches
Insertable length3.5 inches
Width2.25 inches
Diameter (internal)1.55 inches
MaterialsABS plastic and silicone
Battery Life60-70 minutes
Charging Time120 minutes
Travel LockYes
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

This is no ordinary vibrator sleeve. This is a Blowmotion sleeve. The options on offer here are mind-boggling. Everything is fully adaptable. Temperature, speed, intensity, grip, pulsation. This is the perfect vibrating penis sleeve for those looking to fire their edging game into outer orbit. Our tester was definitely a huge fan of the pulsing modes as well as the customized tightness. Alternatively, sit back, relax and let the Blowmotion tip you over the edge. Once you’ve found the right setting your work is done. This is can in some ways be hands-free masturbation at its finest. Now, while the warming is a great feature that makes everything feel a lot more natural and comfortable, it does take a while to warm up. I recommend letting it warm up fully before you even start using it.


Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Luxury Vibrator

 Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

  • prefer rumbly vibrations
  • want a powerful vibrating penis sleeve
  • like exceptional build quality
  • need a quiet toy

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

  • want a vibrating penis sleeve with full insertion
  • can't get off on vibration stimulation alone
  • prefer larger toys

Putting the fun into the vibrating penis sleeve game, this neat little collaboration between Fun Factory and Lovehoney packs one hell of a wallop. Dual motors provide targeted, toe-curling stimulation to the head and frenulum, with the deeply rumbly vibrations targeting deep tissue pleasure. The vibrations can also be picked up from outside of the toy which might make it even more enjoyable to use with a partner. Insert up to 3.5 inches into the flexible silicone opening and choose from a smorgasbord of speeds and intensities. No need to worry about your neighbors interrupting your fun thanks to the super-quiet motor design. Quiet, powerful, rechargeable, and fully waterproof, take the fun with you wherever you go. It even comes in a dashing blue and red color for a truly customizable experience.


  • Rumbly vibrations
  • Super quiet
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean

  • Shallow opening
  • No full shaft stimulation
  • Oddly shaped opening
Fun Factory Cobra Libre II
Insertable length3.5 inches
Vibration modesSpeeds and patterns

Looking like something straight out of TRON, this is one futuristic vibrating penis sleeve. For those who prefer the deep-tissue stimulation of rumbly toys, over the surface level stimulation of buzzy ones, this could be for you. The Cobra Libre II manages to pack some serious power into a seriously quiet vibrating sleeve – perfect if discreetness is needed. The build quality is impeccable. The downside is that the insertable length comes in at a meager 3.5 inches, providing targetted pleasure for the head and frenulum but not the shaft. Excellent for edging, but bear that in mind if you find it difficult to climax without full penis stimulation. Perhaps one of the best hands-free masturbators will tickle you fancy?


Blowmotion Dual-Entrance Masturbator

 Blowmotion Dual-Entrance

  • want a double ended stroker
  • need something quiet
  • think discretion and portability are important
  • are already a fan of the Fleshlight Quickshot

Blowmotion Dual-Entrance

  • want a seriously powerful toy
  • aren't interested in a dual opening
  • want a longer inner chamber
  • aren't a fan of neutral openings

Do you love the idea of a double-ended fleshlight but wish they came with vibrating capability? Look no further. The Blowmotion vibrating penis sleeve combines super-realistic feeling material, a delightfully textured inner canal, and no less than 10 modes (3 speed and 7 patterns) to produce one explosive end product. Two neutral openings give way to totally different textures and layers of stimulation for ultimate variability. The design is also beautifully simple. Looking just like a Bluetooth speaker with both end caps screwed on, discretion and portability are tantamount to this product’s success.


  • Dual entrances
  • Travel lock
  • Looks like a speaker
  • Textured sleeve

  • Could have stronger vibrations
  • Bulky for couples play
  • Tricky to dismantle
Blowmotion Dual-Entrance
Length4 inches
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns7
Battery Life60 minutes
MaterialsHard plastic

Blowmotion is the mastermind behind a range of thrilling vibrating penis sleeves which have immeasurably enhanced solo play for thousands. The double-ended vibrator is a fine addition to this legacy. If you haven’t yet experienced the pleasure that is a double-ended stroker you are sorely missing out. Varied entrances for different sensations, realistic feeling, and deeply textured inner sleeves, hyper-portable without sacrificing full shaft insertion. The Blowmotion has it all and more thanks to the wide range of vibration settings. Of course, the double-ended design isn’t for everybody. If this doesn’t have you bulging in the trouser department check out the full-length Blowmotion heating vibrator for 6 inches of instant gratification.


Fantasy X-Tensions Vibrating Penis Extender

 Fantasy X-Tensions Extender

  • want a seriously girthy sleeve
  • want a realistic vibrating penis sleeve
  • like a ball hoop to keep the sleeve in place
  • would like everything you need straight out of the box

Fantasy X-Tensions Extender

  • are already particularly lengthy
  • have a partner who doesn't like serious girth
  • are looking for a solo toy

Who would say no to a whopping 2 inches of extra length and 33% extra girth? Rated our best girthiest penis sleeve for a reason, your partner won’t know what to do with themselves once you whip out the Fantasy X-Tension 2. Hyper-realistic detailing, complete with lifelike veins and exaggeratedly bulbous head, this is the penis we all wished we had. A stretchy ball loop keeps the vibrating penis sleeve in place whilst also helping to delay orgasm. Included is a single-speed vibrator, lubricant (much needed), and toy cleaner. Basically, everything you need to give your partner the time of their life.


  • The considerable girth
  • Realistic look and feel
  • Included lube and cleaner
  • Bullet included

  • Too girthy for some
  • Not for the seriously well endowed
  • Ball loop can be tight
  • Porous material
Fantasy X-Tensions Extender
Insertable length4.5 inches
Vibration modesSingle speed
MaterialsSoft plastic

Show your partner just how lucky they are to have you with the penis of their dreams. Frighteningly realistic and even more frighteningly girthy, it’s impossible not to have a great time with this vibrating penis sleeve. The material is soft and supple, the veins throbbing, and the head seriously bulbous. Perfect for G-spot stimulation and a ‘fuller’ experience. The ball loop is secure and helps delay that final moment, leaving you more time to service your partner with a mindblowing orgasm (or ten). Do note, the insertable length is 4.5 inches. If you are much larger then you may want the Fantasy X-Tension 3 for a mouthwatering 9 inches and 66% extra girth – not for the fainthearted!


Satisfyer Vibration Penis Masturbator

 Satisfyer Vibration Penis Masturbator

  • want intense head stimulation
  • prefer deep, rumbly vibration
  • want an ergonomic grip
  • want a product with 10-year guarantee

Satisfyer Vibration Penis Masturbator

  • prefer shaft stimulation
  • like buzzy vibrations
  • can't get nice and noisy
  • want suction functionality

Satisfyer makes some of the best vibrators in the world and all that pedigree has gone into this incredible vibrating penis sleeve. Equipped with two powerful and deeply rumbly motors, vibrations wash across the tip of the penis in a wave-like motion. 14 intensity and pre-patterned programs are designed to target deep into the most sensitive part of the penis. Designed to perfectly emulate the feeling of a sensational blowjob, the main issue users report is how little time they are able to last. It is fully waterproof and rechargeable, meaning you can take your play anywhere. Combine with Satisfyer’s legendary cooling or heating lubricant for added sensation play.


  • Powerful dual motors
  • Deeply rumbly vibrations
  • Unique wave-like stimulation
  • Fully waterproof

  • Loud even in whisper mode
  • Takes time to find your setting
  • Only for head stimulation
Satisfyer Vibration Penis Masturbator
Insertable length2.5 inches
Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns8

The Satisfyer vibrating penis is a seriously powerful piece of kit. The dual motors provide a rather unique sensation as deeply rumbly stimulation crosses the penis in a wave-like motion. Rumbling vibration provides a deeper level of stimulation and the Satisfyer delivers this in spades. With a total of 14 settings, there is surely something here for everybody. The Satisfyer is incredibly versatile thanks to its ergonomic grip design and fully waterproof build. That also makes the toy super easy to clean, combine water with toy cleaner, and you’re done. This toy has been designed specifically for incredibly intense head and frenulum stimulation. If that’s what you’re after you’ll find no better. However, if you prefer full-shaft play there are better options.


Hot Octopuss Jett Extra Powerful Vibrating Sleeve

 Hot Octopuss Jett

  • want rumbly and buzzy vibration
  • like deep tissue and surface stimulation
  • want as much power as you can get
  • are looking to experience a hands-free orgasm

Hot Octopuss Jett

  • are new to vibrating penis sleeves
  • want a couples toy
  • are more interested in the sleeve than the vibrator
  • don't want to be buying batteries

Hot Octopuss proudly presents one of the most powerful vibrating penis sleeves on the market. The aptly named Jett is liable to blow you away from the moment you strap in. An innovative design, the dual vibrators provide two wildly different sensations and are independently operable for immense customization. One vibrator offers deep, rumbly vibrations, while the other operates at a higher, buzzy frequency for surface-level stimulation. Great for both the sensitive and the ones who want the deep rumbly ones. Each bullet comes with 6 intensity settings and 10 patterns. Feeling like an intense rumbly session with a subtle undertone of treble? Done. How about all buzz in a pulsating pattern? Say no more. This is a vibrating penis sleeve with serious customizability.


  • Buzzy and rumbly options
  • Fully customizable settings
  • Extremely powerful
  • Hands-free orgasms

  • Pretty tight
  • Not rechargeable
  • Loud at higher settings
Hot Octopuss Jett
Diameter1.25 inches
Vibration speeds6 rumbly and 6 buzzy
Vibration patterns10

Creator of the Guybrator, Hot Octopuss has done it again with another truly innovative masturbator. Where else can you find a vibrating penis sleeve which offers rumbly AND buzzy vibrations? What’s more, each can be operated fully independently, giving the user a huge level of control over their orgasm. Each vibrator is pressed tight, directly behind the frenulum. These are no cheap included vibrators either. These are the real, shocking deal. This is an experience meant only for the brave. It feels like something of an oversight that the batteries are non-rechargeable as you will eat through them quite quickly. That aside, if you’re looking to safely strap a jet engine to your penis, the Jett is here.

A Brave New World

The sex industry is forever at the forefront of technology. Experience a heaven simply impossible a few years ago thanks to one of the greatest sex machines for men ever to grace this earth. Move aside vibrating penis sleeves, this is some next-level stuff.

Kiiroo Keon

Kiiroo Keon - A Brave New World
Enter a new world of hitherto unimaginable pleasure thanks to the Kiiroo Keon. Reach inhuman automated speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute for what has to be the most fun one can have on their own. Combine the realistic vagina with a VR headset or interactive webcam session for an occasion so like the real thing that the difference is negligible. Speed and length of stroke are fully customizable for a quick jack-hammer jerk or long sensuous love-making session. The world is at your feet (or penis) thanks to one of the greatest masturbators in history.

Harness the Power of a Wand Vibrator

The magic wand is one of the most recognizable sex toys out there. Renowned for its sheer raw power and earth-quaking, knee-buckling orgasms, it is the pinnacle of vibration sensation. Chances are if you’ve got to this point of our vibrating penis sleeve round-up, you’re something of a vibrational fanatic. Did you know that wands are not just for clitoral and vaginal stimulation? There are a whole host of wands and accessories designed specifically for penis play…

Lovehoney Power Play Massage Wand

Lovehoney Power Play Massage Wand - Harness the Power of a Wand Vibrator
This is a wand designed specifically for the penis. The flexible arms adjust to comfortably cradle either the head or the shaft. Meanwhile, an expectedly powerful motor delivers 3 speeds and 4 patterns directly to the silky smooth silicone arms. Like the original, the rounded head also allows for deep tissue massages of other areas for a sensual, intimate experience. Fully waterproof, compact, and complete with a travel lock, take this penis vibrator with you anywhere and everywhere.

Doc Johnson Head Teaser Wand Attachment

Doc Johnson Head Teaser Wand Attachment - Harness the Power of a Wand Vibrator
If you or your partner already owns a wand vibrator, chances are this neat little accessory is already fully compatible. Simply attach one end to the ball of your vibe and the other to the head of the penis. Feel the intense power rumble through the textured and ridged sleeve. Pinpoint stimulation of the sensitive head and frenulum, perfect for edging or hands-free orgasming. If the vibrating penis sleeves tailored specifically toward head stimulation have caught your eye, this is a fantastic, inexpensive alternative.

Le Wand Loop Silicone Attachment

Le Wand Loop Silicone Attachment - Harness the Power of a Wand Vibrator
Is your partner jealous of the amount of pleasure you receive from your wand vibrator? Let them in on the fun with this deceptively simple silicone attachment. A fully flexible and textured strap holds the penis securely to the wand’s vibrating ball. Slowly stroke back and forth to show them what they’ve been missing out on this whole time. They’ll thank you later.

Masturbation Sleeve vs Penis Extender

The vibrating penis sleeves covered in this article can be largely divided into two different categories: masturbation sleeves and penis extenders. Each serves a different purpose and which one you should opt for largely depends on whether you are looking for solo or partnered play. Let’s look at the difference between these two fantastically kinky types of toys…

What is a masturbation sleeve?

A masturbation sleeve is typically designed for solo use. While typical pocket pussies and fleshlights usually require manual masturbation, vibrating penis sleeves provide a few more options. They can be used manually, or automatically for that sought-after hands-free orgasm. Masturbation sleeves can specifically target the sensitive areas around the head, the full shaft, or both. These toys are great for enhancing solo play – you may find a mere hand will never be good enough again. The downside is that while they can be used for couples play, they can often be a little large and cumbersome.

What is a penis extender?

A penis extender is a sleeve that stretches over the penis to provide additional length and girth. These are typically used as a couple to provide your partner with something larger than they are used to. They can also add vibrating sensations for both users. The nature of penis extenders means that they typically reduce feeling for the wearer. This is great if you’re looking to focus on your partner and prolong the experience. However, if you are both looking for an intense experience, this may not be the best choice of toy.

How to use a vibrating penis sleeve

The day has finally arrived. You’ve done the research, you’ve purchased the perfect product, and now that discreetly boxed brown parcel is sitting in your hallway, just waiting to be torn into. But wait, what are you going to do with it first? Here at Bedbible, we have more than a few naughty ideas.

Quality alone time

Quality alone time

Your alone time is about to get a whole lot more satisfying thanks to your new vibrating penis sleeve. Dependent on the model you have opted for, you can use your new sleeve to enhance your typical stroking, or you can position it on the head of your penis, sit back and let the vibrating penis sleeve do all the work. It may take a little time to get used to all the settings, speeds, patterns and so on. The first time you use your new toy consider it an academic endeavour. Find the level of stimulation that works best for you and prepare yourself for an explosive finale.

Edging to ecstasy

Edging to ecstasy

Edging is the process of repeatedly bringing your body to the point of orgasm without actually reaching it. Sowing down, regaining control and going again. This can do wonders for the intensity of your final orgasm, as well as vastly improving self control, as you learn to listen to your body and recognize when to take your foot off the gas. Vibrating penis sleeves are great for edging thanks to how much control they put into the palm of your hand. Try to hold back the moment of no return as you cycle through irresistible levels of intensity. How long will you last?

The perfect penis

The perfect penis

If you have opted for a vibrating penis sleeve extension then your partner is in for a real treat. The added length and girth is going to go a long way in the bedroom and earn you some serious kudos outside it. To use a penis extender simply slide the sleeve over your erect penis. If your extender has a ball hook stretch this over your testicles so that it is gripping them. This will prevent the sleeve from slipping and can also help delay orgasm. Make sure to use ample lubricant as some of the extenders can be quite large. Once attached you’re ready to go! Welcome to a whole new world of sexual gratification.

How to clean a vibrating penis sleeve

The important thing to remember is that a vibrating penis sleeve is going to include at least one electrical component. Some are designed to be fully submersible and can be simply cleaned with water and toy cleaner. Others are merely splashproof. These require closer attention, washing the material with a damp cloth and ensuring the electrics don't get wet. If your vibrating penis sleeve comes with a removable inner sleeve this should be cleaned separately. Ensure all parts are fully dry before reassembling and storing - especially important for electrical toys. If in doubt, always refer to the manufacturer's instructions to be safe.

Cleaning different materials


Buzzy vibrations operate at a higher frequency, stimulating the surface. Rumbly vibrations operate on a lower frequency, providing deep tissue stimulation, not unlike the feeling of listening to particularly bassy music.

A vibrating penis sleeve is typically designed for solo masturbation (though of course, a partner can control the session), while a vibrating penis extension is typically used for partnered play. By extending length and increasing girth, the penis is 'enhanced' and while pleasure can be increased for both thanks to the vibrations, the focus is typically on the one not wearing the sleeve.

Yes! Some of the sleeves featured in this article are designed specifically for hands-free orgasms. Simply find the setting that works for you, sit back, and relax. Don't expect it to necessarily happen the first time, but it is certainly achievable with a quality product.

Some vibrating penis sleeves are designed specifically for head-only stimulation. As the most sensitive region of the penis this can be an intense experience. This, however, comes at the expense of full shaft stimulation, which many feel is important to an overall pleasurable experience. Head-only stimulation can be great for edging and hands-free orgasm, though it is of course a matter of preference.

Absolutely, a huge benefit to using vibrating toys is that the user does not need to be erect in order to receive pleasure. As such, these toys are great for those who struggle with erectile dysfunction or generally weak erections.

What is a vibrating penis sleeve?

A vibrating penis sleeve is a sex toy designed specifically for the penis. Masturbation sleeves are typically designed for solo play and usually focus on either shaft or head stimulation. Penis extenders are stretched over the penis to add extra length, girth, and vibration capability for the benefit of a sexual partner.

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