Kiiroo Feel Leigh Raven Pocket Pussy Review (Feelstars)

   Benjamin Jorgensen
Jun 25, 2024

Benjamin Jorgensen
: 29
: Beginner
: Male
: Heterosexual
: Fleshlight test

  • like Leigh Raven as a porn star
  • Like wide labia
  • Like a tight pressure in strokers

  • Are girthy (it's pretty tight!)

I gave the FeelLeigh three different ratings (apart of the my overall rating). Two of which was a subjective rating. The first on how the vagina mold looked, rated as 'Design'. The second on how intense I found the texture, rated as 'Ease of Use'. The third is an objectively measured rating on how tight the masturbator is, rated as 'Quality'. I measured the tightness by filling the inner canal with water and measuring how much water the sleeve could contain. This method was very accurate, when it came to comparing it to how tight sleeves actually felt, and hence made comparisons to other strokers even more accurate.

Feel Leigh Raven -

After having reviewed over 20 different Feelstar strokers, the FeelLeigh isn’t one getting repeat visits. It’s not a visible appealing or very realistic front, and the texture lacks intensity. The only thing really going for it is the overall tightness. Leigh Raven is the Feelstar with the biggest labia amongst all the Feelstar. But, because they are so big, they have been molded into the the rest of the front. This makes it highly unrealistic to look at and touch. It’s not that I don’t appreciate big labia in general, but it should at least have been tried to make realistic. Initially the looks of it threw me off in a big way, and gave me the vibe of when I tested the Maitland Ward Fleshlight which had similarly disappointing molding. The orifice itself is the most open I’ve seen, and that does create a certain inviting feel to it, while the labia doesn’t get stuffed inside when penetrating in the same way as most other sleeves (at least when not lubed up properly). Entering the canal I didn’t really feel the texture all that much, and although the sleeve measured to be super tight I only really felt it after around 3 inches inside of it. The first 2 chambers was extremely boring and felt like a sloppy blowjob without much enthusiasm behind it.  

About Leigh Raven

Leigh Raven is a heavily tattoed mistress, with a unique split tongue – or god how great it would have been with a mouth stroker similar to the Victoria June Mouth. Unfortunately Leigh Raven probably isn’t popular enough for a mouth stroker to be made. She was previously a pretty small girl, but over the past 10 years have developed into a BBW mistress on the porn scene. Most of her adult content is centered around submissive content, which likely makes her stroker very appealing to anyone interested in this type of content.
Birthday November 11, 1991
Zodiac Sign  Sagittarius
Height 5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight 115 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Bra Size 32B
Social media Twitter, Instagram

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Feel Leigh Raven -

Together with the Daphne Laat Feelstar, the Feel Leigh is the lowest rated one I've tested. I really hate multiple aspects of how they choose to design this, and I'll explain why I gave it a low 50/100 rating. Sure, it's still somewhat realistic looking, which is also why I didn't rate it lower than 50. The first thing I hate the most is the fact that they molded the big labia on Leigh onto the front of the pocket pussy. This removes all the joy of getting to play with the labia - something I suspect a lot of people would buy her stroker for! And, it's not that Kiiroo doesn't have the ability to make strokers with free flying labia, just take a look at my review of the Molly Stewart masturbator - fantastic design! Secondly, in real life Leigh's labia are a much different color, which in the grand scheme of things is not that important, I guess, but then again it's just another thing that makes it look very unrealistic too me.

Feel Leigh Raven -

I rated the texture intensity under the 'Ease of Use'-rating, and could only give it a 60/100 rating, which comparatively is very low. The overall level of stimulation is in some respects saved because it is a pretty tight sleeve, but the sleeve simply lacks interesting and intense textures on the inside. Let's just take the first 2 chambers: First you enter into two cockring like rings, that has so little texture they don't really add anything to the mix. Next, you enter a spiral texture that runs along the length of the stroker. But, the ridges are places so close to each other, so when you enter it it feels just like a completely smooth texture. Then you enter a very short chamber at around 4 inches, and just then the texture actually becomes just a tad more interesting but the crown jewel, some pretty big changes from very narrow diameter rings to very wide and loose rings that creates create vacuums and are pretty intense. However, it's quickly followed up by another bland, boring and huge cave that doesn't provide any noticeable stimulation. Outright boring and not worth it.

Feel Leigh Raven -

In terms of tightness (listed in the rating card as 'Quality'), I rated the FeelLeigh sleeve 88 out of 100. This means it's tighter than most. But it doesn't really have specific very tight sections, it's just averagely tight all the way through. In some respects this is a downside by the way I measure tightness. As I filled each sleeve with water and measured how much water fit inside the sleeve, it doesn't account for tighter or looser sections of the sleeve. The water in the Feel Leigh Raven sleeve measured to 1.6 ounces, which is very low, and gave the rating with the following formula: 100 - (25 x weight(1.6)) + (25 x 1.1) = 88. It's actually only 3 of the Feelstars that is tighter than Leigh Raven, apart from a couple of the more generic (not porn star moulded strokers) that measure to be tighter.

Feel Leigh Raven - <

One of the things I do like about the Leigh Raven stroker is that I often find it on offers on Kiiroo. I'm not sure if it's because it's an unpopular Feelstar, or there is another reason behind it. Typically you'll see most Feelstars only being discounted when sold as the Keon+PowerBlow bundles, but not that often in other scenarios. Another thing I want to point out is that, even when Leigh Raven's pocket pussy isn't on offer it's actually a little cheaper than a similar product line from Fleshlight (the FL Girls product line).

Feel Leigh Raven -

One thing I liked about using the it, and how it performed during use is the fact that because the Labia is spread so wide apart and in the lack of better words 'glued' to the sides, they don't get pulled inside the orifice. even if you use a minimal amount of lube it happens a lot less than almost any of the other Feelstar strokers I've tested. One thing I would say also made it perform very well is the round chamber at the very end of it that allows blood to flow back into the penis head during use (when you go balls deep more specifically). However, to get the full advantage of this you need to be +6 inches in length. One last thing to add is that Kiiroo writes the stroker isn't compatible with the PowerBlow, but I don't find that to be true. It does attach, and works fine when I use it. It's not the best in combination with the Powerblow, but it does provide a vacuum.

Feel Leigh Raven -

I actually really like the purple packaging it comes in, which makes Leigh's black tattoos really stand out. And, they made it match really well with the purple-ish lingerie she's wearing as well. But, on the packaging it's not super visible just how flat the front of the vagina-mold is made, and I feel this tricks you a bit into thinking the labia is more realistic than they actually are.

Feel Leigh Raven -

The materials used for the Leigh Raven stroker is a soft TPE blend that feels great, and is easy to rinse by simply running how water run through the canal. A downside of it is that lint and dust sticks to the surface very fast, and is hard to get completely rid off even when you wash it.

Weight28.2 lbs
Length8.6 inches
Insertable length7.5 inches
DiameterWidest spot: 1.0 inches, Tightest spot: 0.3 inches
WidthOpening slit: 1.5 inches

Feel Leigh Raven -

  • Among the tightest Feel strokers
  • Often on offer at 50% off
  • Molded after Leigh Raven

  • Not very realistic mold
  • Not officially compatible with Powerblow (but does work ok)

The FeelLeigh stroker got a pretty bad score overall from me, as I especially didn't like the design of the vagina mold (rated 50/100 under 'Design'), nor did I think the texture was that interesting or intense (rated 60/100 under 'Ease of Use'). What was a big upside on this stroker is the fact that it is super tight, scoring an amazing 85/100 (see it under the 'Quality' rating). However, overall the Leigh Raven pocket pussy was a dissapointment for me, having tested +20 different Feelstar strokers I'd choose most of the others over this one. Unless I'm looking for a very tight sleeve to use - and even then, I'd go for Victoria June, September Reign, or Skyler Lo instead. Or, even the Extra Tight Butt Sleeve if I want to squeeze out the last drop of blood from my penis. But, I wouldn't grab Leigh Raven for any reason. I'll explain a bit more about how I subjectively rated the looks and texture intensity, while objectively measured the tightness of the FeelLeigh a bit later on.