Oxy Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle – Test & Review

Aaron Losey   Aaron Losey
Dec 29, 2023

Aaron Losey

Aaron Losey
: 28
: Intermediate
: Male
: Bisexual

  • Want a wide variety of sounding experiences
  • Intend to train to take bigger sounds
  • Want a cost-efficient way to get many sounds
  • Enjoy both metal and silicone sounds

  • Aren't sure you are into sounding
  • Can't afford the high investment
  • Only want one or two of the sounds in the bundle

The Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle from Oxy has 12 different toys, and 6 different sounding experiences. Around half of the toys in this bundle are different sizes of the "rosebud" sounding rod, functioning as a training kit to help you work up to larger and larger sizes. There are two silicone sounds, both of which are hollow for cumming through. There is one shorter sound, a plug, also hollow, one curved sperm stopper with a ring to keep it in place, and something named most ominously "Da Bomb"; a thick, weighty, truly formidable piece of metal. Some of the rosebuds might be wider, but the bomb maintains its girth for a serious amount of length. All together, there's a really good variety in here, and I think every piece has something to offer.

Oxy Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle -

Da Bomb

Just looking at it, I knew I wasn’t ready for it. It’s wider than any previous sound I’ve had, and made of metal instead of silicone (more on that later). I tried it first, just to say I did, and I was correct. It didn’t fit at all. I find it really funny that Oxy advertises it with “carry it anywhere for some sudden urges of urethral masturbation” as if it’s a casual affair. You still can, once you are advanced enough to take it. Just make sure to keep it sterile as you transport it.

Slim Penis Plug

If you want to start somewhere, this is the easiest toy on the list. It’s very short, not very wide, and is even tapered so that what little width it has is even gentler. Here, I discover the purpose of the large rings attached to many of the toys. It prevents them from getting lost inside. The slim penis plug is fun, but I quickly found myself reaching for the more intense options.

Sperm Stopper

This one was weird. It’s supposed to stop sperm, and thus halt the ejaculation process, but it barely reaches inside the urethra. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to halt anything, even if the sperm doesn’t make it out. Unfortunately, when I tested it, it didn’t stop anything. I give it some forgiveness though, because at least it feels good, and does so in a way that’s surprisingly distinct from a traditional sound.

Silicone Sounds

The two silicone sounds are listed as “dilator” and “dilator catheter”, making them sound a little medical. I’ve always just known them as “sounds”, and I vastly prefer silicone sounds to metal ones. Silicone sounds flex, while metal ones are always straight and unyielding. If you aren’t perfectly straight as well, it contributes to a lot of strain. Silicone ones curve with you, making them leagues more comfortable to use. Also, both of these are also hollow, just like the plug. It’s a really interesting feature, and I’m starting to think every sound should be made the same way. Personally, the one with bead-like shapes at regular intervals is my favorite thing out of the whole bundle.

The Rosebuds

Compared to hollow, wavy, silicone sounds, the rosebud set isn’t as exciting. I had a mission though. While systematically testing the bundle, I was still haunted by my initial failure. How could I ever deliver a thorough, accurate review, if I couldn’t even test the most impressive part of the whole deal? The rosebuds would be my saviors. It took days. Step by step, I kept going wider and wider. I was rather surprised by my progress. I can say with confidence that the rosebud set is very effective at sounding training.

Da Bomb, Reprise

Sure it’s ominous, formidable, and unyielding. Do not lose courage. The Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle gives you both the challenge and the tools you need to overcome it. Find your resolve, do not waver, and you can survive the explosion. When inserted, it creates a visible bulge. The rounded point let it slide deeper than the similar-width rosebud, and it did not take long to find myself caught in the pressure of the blast wave.

Oxy Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle -

There's only a couple things holding back the Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle from a perfect design score. The sperm stopper just doesn't do what it was designed to do. Perhaps it works for other people, somehow, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. The other design issue is much more minor. The rosebuds are actually very blunt. The ends of them are flattened, like a teardrop. It makes them slightly harder to insert than they really need to be. Keep in mind that given how much is in the whole kit, one flop and one minor issue is still pretty good.

Oxy Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle -

The large rings on most of the toys make them extremely easy to use. The rosebuds have large hexagonal handles. Grip will likely not be an issue for any of the sounds. There are a few sounds suitable for someone's first time, and the rosebuds will help a beginner get to a point they can use more and more of the other sounds. The Slim Penis Plug in particular is probably one of the easiest sounding tools you can find.

Oxy Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle -

There's a couple things to note about the quality. The rosebud sounds have three parts, the head, the rod, and the base, that are held together by screwing them into each other. When I received the bundle, the heads felt a little loose. While it's extremely unlikely for a head to come completely off during use, it's still a nightmarish scenario. I've been tightening every rosebud before use just in case. The other note about quality, is that there was some loose silicon material at the very end of the beaded silicon sound. I trimmed it myself just to make sure no material ever got left behind during use.

Oxy Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle - <

Perhaps Oxy's biggest competitor for sounding toys is The Chain Gang. Gang rates for sounds are around 30$ a piece. They do offer kits or bundles for comparable prices, but they have way less sounds per bundle, and with little variation in them. This is an absolute steal. It's a big investment at 83$, so it's understandable if it's not right for someone who isn't sure they want to get into this. For anyone looking to open up the wallet a bit for a bunch of different sounds, it easily justifies its price.

Oxy Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle -

I think every toy performed up to their potential with the frankly weird exception of the sperm-stopper. The rosebudes are great for training, the silicones are the most fun, and the penis plug is the easiest while still giving a lot of stimulation. The wide variety of sounds have a wide variety of sounding purposes, and all but one are right on target. Despite not being useful for its intended purpose, the sperm-stopper is great for providing mild sensation that won't detract from other things. It's uniquely hands-free and intrusive, allowing you freedom to add to the experience however you want.

Oxy Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle -

The rosebuds came in the hard, cloth-covered carrying case seen in many of the pictures. The other toys came in plastic covers inside the cloth bag. Both the case and the bag are nice additions, and the case itself is extremely useful for keeping things organized. It's all discreet enough, and everything is well-protected. Overall, I think Oxy has a great way of packaging the Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle.

Oxy Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle -

The metal sounds are surgical-grade steel, meaning they won't rust, are resistant to abrasion, and are fabulously shiny. The two others are made with body-safe silicone, and are relatively flexible even compared to other typical silicone sex toys. When it comes to cleaning, sounding toys are all equal, despite the material. You must make sure they are disinfected before use. I find that the easiest way is to boil them for 5 minutes. I just dump the whole kit into a pan on the stove. The other common method is to use disinfecting alcohol wipes.

LengthPenis Plug: 2 inches, Rosebuds: 9.3 inches
DiameterPenis Plug: 0.16 inches, Rosebuds: 0.46 inches
MaterialsSteel, silicone
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Oxy Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle -

Both silicone sounds and the penis plug are hollow, allowing fluids like sperm to pass through. This isn’t something I’ve seen a lot with other sounds, and I think it’s a feature that demands consideration. Not only does it make it a lot easier to leave the toy in during orgasm, but it feels a lot more intimate to see the result come out of the end of the toy. It really doesn’t seem to impede flow or distance like you think it would.

  • Varied assortment of sounds
  • Most features work great
  • Perfect for beginners and veterans
  • Convenient travel case and storage bag

  • Some quality issues
  • Sperm Stopper is ineffective
  • Rosebuds are very blunt

The Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle is a great deal for a bunch of great sounds, and is definitely worth consideration for anyone who enjoys sounding. Every type of sound has something slightly different to offer, and I think it's likely that any sounding enthusiast will find at least one thing they really need, and a few things the really like. There are a few drawbacks, like the less-than-perfect quality, or the misnamed sperm-stopper, but there are also some very strong advantages, such as the hollow designs, the power of da bomb, and the effectiveness of the rosebuds.

There is no specific instruction manual for the Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle. I recommend going over the above guide for a run-down on sounding safety.

If you've heard about sounding, you may have heard some horror stories. Any sounding will have at least a slight risk of bacterial infection. There's no easy way to completely sterilize your body and your environment. That said, as long as you follow good practice, you can minimize the risk of infection and avoid risk of injury. A lot of "bad practice" sounding does lead to medical complications, such as using items not designed to be sounds. Things like cords can tangle and knot, and things like pencils can break and leave material behind. To get up on a soapbox for a second, this is why spreading information about sounding and how to do it safely can be so important. A lot of men and teens who don't hear about sounding end up experimenting on their own with no knowledge.

I was recommended "Surgilube", which is intended for surgeries. It comes sterilized, and has properties that help keep it sterilized, although it will eventually collect bacteria after enough time. Always make sure to store it closed, and you can disinfect the cap before opening it for good measure.

I've heard conflicting things about this. Oxy claims that sounding shouldn't be painful at all. As someone who enjoys pain, I want to distinguish between the pleasant, exciting kind of pain of gently stretching the urethra, and the sharp, alarming pain that tells you to stop. To answer; yes, it can be. It might not be painful to everyone, and it probably is an enjoyable kind of pain to a lot of people.

While sounding for women does exist, it's a lot rarer. Most women have a much shorter urethra, and in a position that's going to pick up more bacteria. That's why women get UTI's a lot more than men. The sounds in the Urethral Masturbation Maxi Bundle are clearly designed for penises. Most of them are just too long otherwise. One of them is short, but named "The Slim Penis Plug", and the other short toy is "The Sperm Stopper" and is meant to attach around a shaft.