Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker — Test & Review

   Rey Leija
Feb 29, 2024

Rey Leija
: 47
: Penis Toys, Bondage, Dildos, Lubes
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: Homosexual

  • Travel a lot
  • Are looking for something quiet
  • Are on a budget

  • Are looking for something with suction
  • Are rough with your toys
  • Want something not identifiable

The Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker is made out of a soft silicone that works great with water-based lubricants. The inner channel is textured for added pleasure. One thing that caught my eye was that the design has a humorous quality to it yet it is also enticing with its curvature and natural skin look.

Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker -

First Impression

I was excited to use the Ass Stroker as I had a stressful day at work and needed some release. There is something very appealing about the look of the Ass Stroker. I think it is the soft rounded skin-like appearance and feel to it.

Trying Different Things

I decided to try something that was suggested to me and submerge it in warm water before using it. I let it sit in the warm water for a few minutes before taking it out and drying it. I added the water-based lubrication laid back and began. I continued and tried different hand movements and pressures. The warm water really added a more realistic and intense feeling. It was better than what I had expected. I didn’t last that long but it was worth it.

Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker -

The design of this masturbator is meant to resemble the curvature and entrance of an ass. It has a soft supple look which is inviting. The Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker also has an opening on both ends to allow for ease of insertion and clean up. The inner cavity is textured to provide stimulation as well. There is also texture on the outside to allow for a better grip.

Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker -

The Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker is very easy to use and does not require any instructions or time to figure it out. Use can be broken down into 3 simple steps: 1. Add lubrication, 2. Insert your penis, and 3. Stroke. Because it is easy to use, you will have time to try out new ideas and techniques as well.

Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker -

The quality of the Ass Stroker’s material is above average. The better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Because it does get stretched with use, make sure to always use lubrication and clean it after each use. Also, if you are too rough or don’t use lubrication, the material will start to split and get thinner. Peepshow Toys mentions that you can use all kinds of lube, but Bedbible recommends avoiding using silicone lube with silicone toys, such as the Ass Stroker.

Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker - <

The price of the Ass Stroker is comparable to other products of the same type. Although, this particular item is made to last longer than others so the price is a better bargain overall.

Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker -

The performance aspect was great as it didn’t take much effort to feel good. With only minimum pressure and slow use, the Ass Stroker will last a lot longer than others I have had where a bit of roughness was necessary.

Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker -

For me, the packaging was a bit much and there would be no way of trying to hide what is in the box. The picture of the Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker wraps around the edge of the box and it is obvious what it is.

Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker -

Bedbible suggest that water-based lubrication be used with the Ass Stroker as it is made out of silicone. It is also hypo-allergenic, non-porous, and not subject to molding. To clean the Ass Stroker, simply apply soap and run warm water both inside and out. Be sure to shake off excess water and towel as best you can. Do not flip it inside out to dry the inside. That may cause a rip in the silicone if you do.

Length5.79 inches
Insertable length5.2 inches
Diameter2.48 inches
Diameter (internal)Stretched: up to 5.5 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableVanilla

Peepshow Toys Ass Stroker -

  • Easy to store away
  • Very easy to clean and care for
  • Outer texture allows for a better grip

  • Does not come with storage bag or case
  • Can be a little cold
  • Have to be mindful to not be rough

This is an excellent product made of high-quality silicone. I have owned strokers of this nature in the past that were clear, and once they were lubricated they would just slide back and forth with no feeling. This type of material and design allowed for some friction and texture that made this a lot more fun to use. This is an excellent purchase if you're looking for a hot one-off without having to worry about noise or setting everything up.

There is no user manual available online for The Peepshow Toys Asd Stroker. Here are my own instructions on how to use: To use a silicone masturbator, apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the opening and inside of the toy. This will not only enhance the sensations but also prevent any discomfort or irritation. Then, insert your penis into the opening and use your hand to grip the toy firmly, creating a tight and pleasurable sensation. You can also try different positions or angles to find the most satisfying one for you. After use, it is important to clean the silicone masturbator thoroughly.

Yes, oil-based lubes will cause the silicone to break down. Oil-based lubrication is not okay to use with the Ass Stroker.

You are able to use the Ass Stroker in the shower, especially if you are able to keep the Ass Stroker lubricated while getting wet.

You can leave it air dry or have a fan blowing into it. The Ass Stroker will not get moldy.

Would not recommend a double penetration as the inner channel only stretches to 5.5 inches safely.