Adam & Eve Bangin’ Betty — Test & Review

   James Exline
Nov 9, 2023

James Exline
: 58
: intermediate
: male
: heterosexual
: Fleshlight Ice Lady

  • Want a fairly inexpensive masturbator
  • Prefer manual toys
  • Want easy to clean toys

  • Are looking for a life-size torso toy
  • Are looking for an easy-to-use stroker
  • Are looking for a toy that will last a long time

The Bangin’ Betty Stroker is a male masturbator that falls into the “realistic” category of masturbators. Betty is designed to resemble a female torso, and comes (well – actually, you’ll be coming, not Betty) complete with both a vagina and an anus, giving the user two options for entry. Bangin’ Betty can be used as a manual stroker, as in imitating "cowgirl style" sex, although doing so can be difficult, or you can place her on a flat surface, such as a bed, and enter her “doggy” style.

Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty -

Out of the Box

My first impression when I took Betty out of the box was “Holy crap, this is really small!”. Bangin’ Betty measures just 10” at her widest and 9” tall, and is just under 3” thick — all of which are slightly different than the measurements given on the website. She is, in fact, rather alarmingly small. Many users have alluded to the fact that she seems “juvenile” in size, and unfortunately, I can see their point. While “lifelike” was the manufacturer’s goal, Bangin’ Betty is not to the scale of an adult female.

Trial Run

Despite her small stature, I took Bangin’ Betty for a trial run. I lubed her up – you need a sufficient amount, but excess will only leak out, as the opening is not very large. The description on Adam and Eve’s website refers to her as a stroker; however, using her as a manual stroker in the sense that you would use, say, a Fleshlight, even in attempts to imitate “cowgirl style” sex is a bit tricky to say the least. Bangin’ Betty is bulky and somewhat heavy, and won’t stay in place very well while trying to use her as a stroker. I did eventually manage to slide inside both of her holes, but doing so only led to even more frustration. Herein lie several issues…

Several Issues

Firstly, the website states that the inside is textured to, in their words “drive you wild.” A look inside will indeed reveal a texture; however, those textures did not drive me wild. The inside of Bangin’ Betty was extremely smooth and the texturing had no effect. Secondly, there was the issue of the thin walls, or the opening and the cavity. My penis would go through the back of her at times, or through the front of the body, instead of the opening or the cavity where it was intended to go. When this would happen, it would stretch the material so much, I was surprised it didn’t tear. At times, it stretched so much in the heat of the moment that it hurt my penis. Thirdly, there is the issue of the interior cavity being too short, especially when using the anal entrance. When doing so, I discovered that I would go all the way through, which combined with the smoothness of the interior made for a lackluster experience. And finally, Bangin’ Betty’s overall size is an issue. When I laid her on the bed and had sex with her “doggy” style, she did stay in place; however, she was just too small in general to be effective for a longer session. Also noteworthy is the fact that I have Fibromyalgia — that, combined with her small size (low to the bed, especially), made for a painful session.

Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty -

The design of Bangin’ Betty is horrible. As described earlier, she is just too small overall. She is juvenile in design and size, and quite a few users stated that it feels disturbing using a torso so small as a sex toy. The inside walls are too thin, and the ribbed textures are not prominent enough to be effective.

Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty -

Bangin’ Betty is difficult to use, especially as a manual stroker. She tends to collapse while holding her, thereby making entering her difficult. And due to the small size, “mounting” her “doggy” style can be difficult as well. However, she does stay in place well, once you do slip inside her.

Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty -

Bangin’ Betty does not feel like a well-made product; in fact, the vaginal opening tore slightly when I was washing it after just the second use. Multiple users reported that Bangin’ Betty tore, often after just several uses. And as I stated earlier, while using her as a stroker, my penis would not stay in her intended cavity, but would instead poke through the back or front, thereby stretching the thin skin.

Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty - <

With a coupon, Bangin’ Betty is just under $50. While this is certainly not the most expensive sex toy out there, from my perspective, and my use, I feel that Bangin’ Betty is not worth the money. Between her tearing slightly just from washing her, the multiple users reporting her tearing, the thin walls, and the difficulty using her, I believe there are better quality products available.

Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty -

Bangin’ Betty was a disappointment from the time I opened the box until the final time I used her. One reviewer stated that he got so frustrated with her that he threw her against the wall mid-use and finished with his hand. While I managed to refrain from throwing Bangin’ Betty, I did switch to a different toy in order to finish during the last time that I used her.

Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty -

The packaging of Bangin’ Betty was sufficient. The box was fairly heavy-duty, and Bangin’ Betty herself came in a plastic tray to help keep her clean and free from surface dirt etc. The website states that the package includes lube and a video; however, neither were included in the one I received.

Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty -

From Adam and Eve’s website, Bangin’ Betty is made of soft and durable TPE. She can be used in the shower by holding her against the wall. Bangin’ Betty is easy to clean, as her opening runs all the way through her body – just run soap and warm water through her. From the Adam and Eve website, the Bangin' Betty can be used with both water or silicone based lube.

Height8.75 inches
Length11 inches
Width4 inches
OpeningsVagina and Anus
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLight Skin Tone

Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty -

Bangin’ Betty has two holes in her base. These are designed so that you can place two bullet vibes (sold separately) into each hole to increase the stimulation and add to your pleasure, giving you stronger and more pleasurable orgasms.

  • Stays in place
  • Easy to clean
  • Inexpensive

  • Too small
  • Interior too small, too thin, too smooth
  • Poor quality

The Bangin’ Betty left me very disappointed. Its shortcomings are many and its qualities few, and its small size may be an issue. Between her many issues and challenges in using her, I will be discarding Bangin’ Betty upon the conclusion of this review. She is not even worth the space in my closet.

There is no user manual available online for the Bangin’ Betty, but it’s quite simple to use. Check out my How To guide above for ideas. Also, there is a short, but handy list of info on the box.

You can use water or silicone based lube with Bangin' Betty.

It's easy to clean Bangin' Betty. She has an open-ended design to make for easy cleaning. Simply run soap or a toy cleaner and warm water through her.

No, Bangin' Betty stays in place very well during use.