The 7 Best Rubber Sex Dolls for Soft and Squishy Sensations

Javier Zavala   Javier Zavala
If you’re looking to enjoy the more physical aspects of having a partner but don’t feel like dealing with the emotional complications then a rubber sex doll can be the perfect solution! Far more realistic than traditional male masturbators and available as both compact sex torsos & full-sized dolls, these dolls can be as like-life as you want: the only limitation is your budget! Of course, we know that most people aren’t inclined to drop thousands of dollars on a toy they’re not sure they’ll like so we’ve included some more wallet-friendly options here as well. Trust us: once you get a budget sex doll, you’ll be addicted!
1 Test Winner

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Sex Doll Pussy Ass and Tits

 Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Sex Doll Pussy Ass and Tits

  • want a great rubber sex doll
  • are not on a budget
  • want a realistic feeling

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Sex Doll Pussy Ass and Tits

  • are on a budget
  • are looking for something smaller

The Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 is a rubber sex doll that would help you not miss the real thing anymore. It is a bit heavy, weighing 18 lbs, this rubber sex doll is a perfect balance between size and weight. It is not as heavy as a real sex doll but it is not small either which makes it feel realistic. It is made out of Soft Plastic and has two openings for you to enjoy. Under it, you can find a hole that will help you to clean the canals easily. Toy cleaner and water-based lube are included with this rubber sex doll. Breasts are big and everything feels like the real thing.

  • Realistic feeling
  • Two canals
  • Feels different in many positions
  • Perfect size

  • Hard to wash if not in a tube or a big sink
  • Needs revival powder to keep it in good shape
  • Breast can be a bit hard
Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 Sex Doll Pussy Ass and Tits
AllergiesLatex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Diameter (internal)1 inches
Insertable length8 inches
OpeningsVagina & butt
MaterialsSoft Plastic

Our rubber sex doll test winner is the Extreme Fuck Me Silly 2 because of what it offers. It’s a decent price compared to a full-size sex doll and has great quality. It has a perfect size, not too big not too small, it isn’t that heavy either, which makes it easy to wash, clean, and store. It takes a while to get used to her because of the positions, every single position will give you a different feeling. The breast, on the other hand, is a bit too hard for my (and many) tastes. I don’t complain, but would be nice a bit softer to make them even more realistic. Like all the dolls, this rubber sex doll needs revival powder as well to keep the same “real-like” feeling. So if you are not on a budget and you want a decent rubber sex doll I doubt you will find a better option than this.

2 Cheapest

Doc Johnson Spread Eagle Sally

 Doc Johnson Spread Eagle Sally

  • are on a budget
  • are looking for a good rubber sex doll
  • want to enjoy different positions with your masturbator

Doc Johnson Spread Eagle Sally

  • are looking for something more complete
  • want a better design

Spread Eagle Sally is a really nice rubber sex doll. You can find a new girlfriend and enjoy with her some positions thanks to the two openings that she has included. This amazing toy is made from real-feel UR3 material ideal to feel a real skin texture. Also, Spread Eagle Sally gives you a pleasurable moment in the act because of the internal ribs and nubs, this rubber sex doll will transport you to another level of stimulation with every thrust. For a better realistic sensation, warm this incredible piece in warm water and use water-based lube.

  • Easy to clean
  • Really good sensation
  • Vagina and anal openings
  • Good size

  • Not easy to dry
  • Not easy to hide
Doc Johnson Spread Eagle Sally
AllergiesLatex-Free, Phthalate-Free
Diameter (internal)0.25 inches
Insertable length5.5 inches
Width5 inches
Weight2.5 lbs
MaterialsSoft Plastic, UR3
OpeningsVagina, butt

If you are looking for how to have a good time, Spread Eagle Sally by Doc Johnson is the solution. This rubber sex doll will be your best ally for enjoying the pleasure of the game. You can experiment with different positions and to improve the quality of the act, I recommend using plenty of water-based lube to make the sensations will be indescribable. Don’t forget to wash, clean, and dry your rubber sex doll very well, be careful with your Spread Eagle Sally to enhance your relationship.

3 Beginner

PDX Plus Perfect Torso

 PDX Plus Perfect Torso

  • want a realisitc rubber sex doll
  • want an "affordable" option
  • want a rubber sex doll brown skin-colored

PDX Plus Perfect Torso

  • are on a very tight budget
  • want a different skin color

The PDX Plus Perfect Torso is a great rubber sex doll. The first thing that it shines is how natural the skin feels and the realism, the color is just amazing. You can squeeze or jiggle it and it will feel like a real thing. It is made with an Ultra-Realistic 3D design and has two openings, the details are amazing and the texture inside is just unbelievable. IT is made out of TPR which is nice and is body-safe.

  • Realisitic skin feeling
  • Ultra-realistic 3D design
  • 2 openings

  • Can be a bit hard to dry (after washing)
  • It could have been a bit bigger
PDX Plus Perfect Torso
MaterialsFanta Flesh (TPR)
Length17.5 inches
Width8.5 inches
Height5.5 inches
Insertable lengthBoth: 5 inches
DiameterStretches up to 3 inches

If you are not on a tight budget and you want to get a very nice looking and feeling rubber sex doll, The PDX Plus Perfect 10 Torso is an option you must consider. The color and the feeling of the skin are just amazing. It feels just like the real thing. Besides that, comes with two openings. 5 inches long to satisfy your wild needs. Also, it is easy to clean due to its size but a bit complicated to get it totally dry, it requires patience, perhaps a good thing about this is that is not as big as others but if the size is a problem for you (small) then you might struggle a bit with this, otherwise is just amazing.

4 Big Boobs

Monica Sex Torso Doll by Tantaly

 Monica Sex Torso Doll by Tantaly

  • want a more real experience
  • want good proportions
  • want to enjoy a two orifices doll

Monica Sex Torso Doll by Tantaly

  • want something more simple
  • want a doll with a head

Monica wants to know you. This rubber sex doll is amazing and very attractive. If you need someone to keep you company, Monica is the one. Monica is 24 inches tall and weighs approximately 41 lbs. She has big breasts and a small waist, it has 0.5 inches erect nipples to play with. It has two orifices, the vaginal 0.6 inches wide and the anal 0.2 inches wide. Both orifices have 6.29 inches of insertable length. To clean it remember to avoid using any old cleaning agent, dry with care, keep it in a cool dark place. Putting it in a straight lying position is recommended, also apply some renewal powder on the skin. Underwear that is tight on the doll or dark can lead to deformation or staining of the doll’s breasts or body.

  • Two openings
  • Detailed vagina
  • Storage bag
  • Soft breast
  • Human skin texture

  • Headless
  • Weight might be an issue when cleaning it
Monica Sex Torso Doll by Tantaly
Diameter (internal)Vaginal 0.6 niches / Anal 0.2 inches
Insertable length6.29 inches
Weight41.34 lbs
Height24 inches
OpeningsVaginal, anal
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Monica, it’s great, she has big flexible, and soft breasts. Her breasts are soft and have a natural weight. The detail on her vagina it’s very realistic, the labia and clitoris, also it has skin darkening and follicles. His inner texture has bumps that change the deeper you go. It has an amazing elasticity and will return to its original size. Its anal cavity it’s also textured on layers and it’s also tighter than the vaginal one. You’ll need to be patient once you clean it to be sure it endures a long time, remember to use water-based lube to avoid damage to the skin texture.

5 Vibrating

THRUST Pro Elite Lexi

 THRUST Pro Elite Lexi

  • want a realistic feeling rubber sex doll
  • don't mind about the torso design
  • are not on a budget

THRUST Pro Elite Lexi

  • are on a budget
  • want more than a torso

The super-authentic feel of Thrust Pro Elite Lexi will blow your mind. This rubber sex doll is just a torso, but with all the features this comes with you won’t need more than that. You have two great openings for your kinky desires. The breasts are just amazing, life-like and the pink and nice nipples are the cherry on top of the cake. If it’s not enough, this rubber sex doll comes packed with a 10 function double bullet vibrator to enhance even more your playtime. A remote control is included. The weight of this doll makes it even more realistic than ever.


  • Life-like feeling
  • Great breast and nipples
  • Weight (for wild fun)
  • Double bullet vibrator included
  • Remote control

  • Weight (complicated to wash, dry and store)
  • Price
  • Not clear instructions
  • Learning curve
THRUST Pro Elite Lexi
RechargeableYes // Remote:1 x CR2032
Battery Life55 minutes
Insertable length6 inches
OpeningsVagina & Butt
MaterialsSoft Plastic

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a full-size rubber sex doll but either want to spend too little, I believe the Thrust Pro Elite Lexi must be in your top 3! Everything looks and feels amazing in this rubber sex doll, the two openings are just great. It is a torso and is heavy! this will help you when you are using it prevents the rubber sex doll to be moving all over the place but also will make the cleaning part a bit tricky. Comes with a double bullet vibrator integrated and remote control, it is good and improves your experience more! This rubber sex doll has a learning curve, so don’t get disappointed the first time and learn how it works better for you!


Pipedream Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Kitty

 Pipedream Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Kitty

  • an amazing rubber sex doll
  • are not on a budget
  • want a full size doll

Pipedream Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Kitty

  • are on a tight budget
  • don't want a full size rubber sex doll

Kitty by Pipedream Ultimate Fantasy is a great, full-size, and big-breasted rubber sex doll that you will love! Kitty can be posed in any position you want, the feeling of the skin is very realistic, the attention to detail is unbelievable. Comes with blonde hair and green eyes, it has 3 openings, vaginal, anal, and mouth. The base of this rubber sex doll is a super-strong stainless steel skeleton that will let you move her like a real person. And the best part is that you can dress her as you like the most!

  • Life-like feeling and look
  • Super-strong stainless steel skeleton (movable)
  • Full size rubber sex doll
  • Big-breasted
  • 3 openings

  • Price
  • Size (if you are looking something smaller)
Pipedream Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Kitty
Insertable length5 inches
Height78 inches
Weight82 lbs

Kitty is a rubber sex doll that has all included, perfect body, real-like feeling, three openings, full size, blonde and green hair. Perhaps everything you have always wanted, one of the big buts here is the price, it is very expensive but I consider it worth every single penny. For this price you are not going to get anything similar, this is a big investment that is worth it if you have plenty of space and time to take care of her. You won’t be disappointed at all, you can put her in any position you like without being worried as she has a stainless steel super-strong skeleton, you can even dress her up as you like! So if the price is not a problem I would say go for her! You deserve her and she deserves you!


GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll

 GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll

  • are looking for the best ultimate rubber sex doll
  • are not on a budget
  • want the best real-like looking rubber sex doll

GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll

  • are on a budget
  • don't want a full size rubber sex doll

Made out of TPE and an ultra-realistic look and feel, The GI Jane Fantasy is a terrific rubber sex doll! The skin is stretchy, squishy, and soft. It is 65 inches and has a hat, 2 dog tags, crop top, blonde wig, and shorts! You can dress her as you want. You will find three orifices, anal, vaginal, and mouth to have fun as you like. You can put her in any position as you like, the limit is your imagination!

  • Ultra-realistic feel and look
  • Full size rubber sex doll
  • 3 openings
  • Comes with clothes, blonde wig and 2 dog tags

  • Price
  • Size (if you don't have place for her)
GI Jane Fantasy Love Doll
Height65 inches
Insertable length7 inches

Gi Jane is the best ultimate rubber sex doll and it’s reflected in her price. It is not cheap, that’s obvious, but every single penny you are paying for her is a well-invested penny. The details,  the skin, the feeling, the openings, the hair, the clothes, everything is real! besides that, you can put her in any position you like, so you can explore all your fantasies. It is made out of TPE and you won’t need more! If you are willing to pay the price for her, trust me, you won’t ever look back to any other toy. This is a life-changing experience. You will love her and she will love you!

Not Enough Space for a Sex Doll?

We have to agree that having a rubber sex doll at home is not just about the money you have to spend when buying it, but also if you have to proper time and space to use it and keep it. Sometimes we can afford it and we really want a rubber sex doll but we just don+t have enough space to keep it, if this is your situation don’t worry I have a solution for you!

Fleshlight Riley Reid

Fleshlight Riley Reid  - Not Enough Space for a Sex Doll?
A Fleshlight is just one of the most important parts of a rubber sex doll, a vagina. But this Fleshlight is not a common one. This model has been made straight from Riley’s Reid downstairs. If you have ever had a crush on a pornstar, then this might be a good way to get a closer feeling. This toy has a technology called SuperSkin that offers you a real-like feeling, also it is compatible with temperature play, it is soft and durable, and is way easier t clean than a proper rubber sex doll. The texture inside feels absolutely stunning and is 9 inches long.

Thrust Pro Mini Ella

Thrust Pro Mini Ella  - Not Enough Space for a Sex Doll?
The Thrust Pro Mini Ella is a cheap option that you are will consider. This small masturbator is great, even when the design or the material is top tier, you will get a very decent toy that you can use daily (if you like so). It is tight, with just 0.25 inches of internal diameter and just 5 inches long. It is totally waterproof and can be cleaned very easily. Despite its price, the texture inside feels amazing! If you are on a budget and you want to get a piece of a rubber sex doll that is cheap and good, this is your way to go!

Keon by Kiiroo

Keon by Kiiroo					 - Not Enough Space for a Sex Doll?
From the last products, this, the Keon by Kiiroo is the most expensive option, but you are getting an automatic masturbator. But, luckily for you is not all. The masturbator itself can be dismounted from the motorized handle and you can use it manually as well. As you might guess, this masturbator is very easy to clean. The battery lasts just 60 minutes, but it’s rechargeable and one of the most important features is that you can use it with your phone! It is hands-free, a bit noisy but it is totally worth it!

Silicone vs Rubber Sex Dolls

When comes down to sex toys, the material that is used to make them is very important because the better the material is the easier it for you is to keep it in good shape and clean it well. Speaking about rubber sex dolls, the most usual material that is found in this kind of toy is “Soft Plastic” which is just a fancy name for TPE. Below I will show you some information to help you decide the material you like the most.

What's the difference?

What's the difference? 				 - Silicone vs Rubber Sex Dolls
As I said before, a rubber sex doll can be made from silicone or TPE (soft plastic). Both are plastics, but we can consider one as top quality and the other one as decent quality. Silicone is better than TPE but also more expensive, hence most of the dolls in the market are made out from TPE to get “accessible” prices for the consumer, and silicone is mostly used when doing a high-end rubber sex doll.

Silicone advantages

Silicone advantages 				 - Silicone vs Rubber Sex Dolls
There are some silicone advantages that makes it to be more expensive than TPE and these are some:
  • Very soft and smooth texture
  • Silicone can tolerate more deformations and get back to the shape it was before
  • Silicone is odorless
  • Heat resistance
  • Non-porous
  • Strong abrasion resistance
  • Non-Toxic

Silicone disadvantages

Silicone disadvantages 				 - Silicone vs Rubber Sex Dolls
These are the silicone disadvantages that you need to consider:
  • Silicone is harder than TPE
  • Price is bigger
  • Making it is a long process which is translated into more expenses
  • Can not be recycled
  • It is heavier

TPE advantages

TPE advantages 				 - Silicone vs Rubber Sex Dolls
TPE has its own advantages and might be worth considering:
  • The feeling is softer compared to Silicone (harder when squeezing)
  • Is lighter than Silicone
  • Can be 100% recycled
  • Lower cost
  • Can be quickly made compared to silicone.

TPE disadvantages

TPE disadvantages 				 - Silicone vs Rubber Sex Dolls
These are the TPE disadvantages:
  • TPE holds more handprints
  • Can be stretched more (has less resistance to deformation)
  • Is not resistant to high temperatures (can’t be sterilized by boiling)
  • Gum or fragrance smell (no odorless)
  • Can be permanently deformed
  • Not as elastic as silicone
  • Hand feel is slightly inferior


Conclusion 				 - Silicone vs Rubber Sex Dolls
So far checking the comparison between these two materials for a rubber sex doll is easy to see that Silicone is the winner but at a high cost. Silicone offers great features and these features make it have a high price and so the rubber sex dolls that are made with this material tend to be very expensive. On the other hand, TPE is not that bad, indeed is below Silicone in some features but it is easy to work with, it is recyclable, and overall is cheaper while having great features as well. This is the reason why many manufacturers prefer to work with TPE instead of Silicone. So if you have the money Silicone is the winner but that doesn’t mean TPE is bad, I believe there are scenarios where having TPE might be better than Silicone and the same applies the other way around.

Are Rubber Sex Dolls Safe?

I hope the last section didn’t make you think twice about getting a rubber sex doll. If you are still wondering after you check the information I wrote, I will help you to ensure both options are fine and totally safe!

Is a rubber sex doll safe?

Is a rubber sex doll safe?				 - Are Rubber Sex Dolls Safe?
Absolutely! Short answer, yes. A rubber sex doll and many other sex toys like dildos are safe, no matter if is silicone or TPE, the toy must be okay as long as you use it in the right way in all regards. If you want me to convince you more, keep reading and find out the long answer.

First things first

First things first				 - Are Rubber Sex Dolls Safe?
For a starter, and to get down to one of the most important points, let’s imagine you are a big company and you are making toys as a business. Would you, as a company, compromise your integrity and the future course of your company by doing cheap and non-safe toys if your company is profitable? If you answered yes, let me tell you are not a businessman… Even the small companies that are just starting want to offer the best to their clients in the best possible way because a happy client will always come back (or refer you) which means more work, which means more profit. which means more income for you. So most of the companies out there are trying to do the best to offer you at least decent toys that are totally safe to turn you into a happy customer that can buy more later and that will recommend them to more people.


Materials				 - Are Rubber Sex Dolls Safe?
As I said before, in the last section, Silicone is one of the best materials, not only for a rubber sex doll but for most toys. This is translated into the price. While TPE is a more affordable option, it doesn’t mean it is bad, in fact, it is not bad at all, reason why companies are starting to use it more and more and as I stated before, a company rarely will compromise its integrity by offering you a toy that doesn’t work and that is not safe! Rather offer you a toy with fewer features than an unsafe toy, as these cheap male masturbators


Instructions				 - Are Rubber Sex Dolls Safe?
Every single toy has its own instructions, so the best way to do this is to follow the instructions the manufacturer has added to the rubber sex doll in order to use it safely. Of course, you can try new things but just remember not to get out of the tangent too much.

Don't push yourself too hard

Don't push yourself too hard				 - Are Rubber Sex Dolls Safe?
One important thing to be safe is always not to push yourself too hard. It is true that most toys are totally safe, but things always go wrong when you try to do something and you don’t do it carefully. So when you start to use a rubber sex doll, take it easy, take it slowly, if you want to experience something outside of the book be careful, do it with patience and if you feel uncomfortable stop, don’t keep going, try something easy, something routinary and think about what went wrong so next time you can do it better without harming yourself.


Conclusion				 - Are Rubber Sex Dolls Safe?
So, all the toys must be safe, especially if you use them properly, a rubber sex doll is inoffensive, if you have an allergy, check the materials the rubber sex doll was made and also check the lube that you use. Remember to follow the instructions and to have safe fun. If a toy is not made for the purpose you are wanting, try to find a proper toy. For example, butt plugs come with a flared base to prevent getting it sucked inside while a dildo might be dangerous for not having this flared base. Everything with responsability. Keep yourself safe and enjoy your rubber sex doll!

How to usea rubber sex doll

Having a rubber sex doll doesn’t mean you will just set up and start to enjoy like a rabbit. There are other many options that you can do to have a different kind of play. If you know already what I’m going to show you, maybe this can help you to open your mind and find more ways to use a rubber sex doll.

Before anything

Before anything

Before you even start to lick your whiskers (like a cat before eating), the first thing I suggest you do is to take your rubber sex doll and hold it with your hands in many different positions, this will give you an insight into how is easy is to handle it and which positions are feeling challenging and what is definitely a big no. All the rubber sex dolls are different, with different measures and different ways to handle them. So explore your new rubber sex doll and find out what are the options for you.



No matter what kind of play are you planning to have with your rubber sex doll you must get prepared. Select carefully the place that suits better for you, get handy plenty of lube, some towels, maybe even wipes, paper, maybe even a cock ring or a P-spot massager if you are into it. The point of this is to have everything you might need handy and close, when we get excited, is better to have everything close to keep enjoying than stop the fun and go to fetch it.



A rubber sex doll is not designed exclusively for men, it is indeed, very easy nowadays to find a “male” sex doll. If you are into pegging, gay-sex, anal play or fantasy, or even a threesome. You can find also rubber sex dolls with penises. For example this. So don’t close your panorama because there are a lot of possibilities out there!



In my opinion, the best way to use a rubber sex doll is solo. You need to think about when and where you are going to use it, since a rubber sex doll is smaller than a full-size sex doll but bigger than a masturbator, you require time to prepare everything, gather everything you may need, and finally to enjoy the process. So I suggest you choose a time and place where you can’t get interrupted easily and now that you know how to handle your rubber sex doll explore all the positions to find the one that suits you the most for you!



Since I have said there are two options for a rubber sex doll, your partner might be interested in getting one for himself/herself. Threesome FFM or MMF you decide, the possibilities are incredibly high. If you are not bothered about your partner having a “male” sex doll or if your partner doesn’t mind about you having a rubber sex doll, then you will have a fantastic time!

How to clean a rubber sex doll

When comes to cleaning the best option is to have a rubber sex doll cleaning kit, sometimes it comes included with the rubber sex dolls, but it is mostly a toy cleaner, a soft brush to clean inside and a very nice and absorbent paper to dry the canals very well, a revive-powder is needed in order to keep the real-like feeling from your doll. I will add a couple of videos that you can watch to get an idea of how the process is done.


The right answer here is a water-based lube, why? because is the best lube overall, lasts well, is easy to clean, and more importantly is toy-friendly, it gets along very well with all materials. This is my recommendation.

Sure! A rubber sex doll is totally safe, especially if you use it as it is supposed to be used. Remember when you clean your rubber sex doll, dry it very well to prevent any mold and/or bacteria growth.

Anyone can use a rubber sex doll, usually, dolls have feminine anatomy, but it is possible to find also masculine anatomy. So a rubber sex doll can be used pretty much for everyone.

You can use a rubber sex doll as long as you feel comfortable with it, just bear in mind that fun sessions with a rubber sex doll tend to be a bit long, consider the time you are going to spend cleaning your rubber sex doll and around where you had fun, it is better always to clean everything after the fun and skip that task for later.

They definitely can be. Unless you’re looking for a mini-doll, partial sex dolls start in the hundreds and full-sized dolls can cost thousands. Additional features (such as customizations, heating, movement, or AI) can add to the overall cost as well.

What is a rubber sex doll?

A rubber sex doll is known as well as a sex doll. It is a doll made usually from TPE or Silicone that has a woman’s or a man’s anatomy, often can be “parts” of it or a “full size” and tend to be as realistic as possible. “Vagina” or “anus” models just have that particular orifice, whereas “torso” dolls include the entire torso but no limbs. “Full size” dolls include the entire body, and more high-end models allow you to customize things like eye color, breast size, or even their feet!

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