Lovehoney Power Play Male Massage Wand — Test & Review

   Maxie McBrien
Apr 2, 2024

Maxie McBrien
: 37
: Newbie
: Male
: Gay

  • Enjoy vibrations on your shaft or tip
  • Want a range of vibration settings
  • Are looking for something easy to use
  • Want a versatile penis vibrator

  • Need an extra quiet toy
  • Are very sensitive - the vibrations levels are strong
  • Have a much bigger or smaller than average girth


The silicone wand has a sleek and ergonomic design for comfortable handling and use. Centralised power button for easy access and control of the level of vibration settings. Quick charging times. Easy to clean design for hassle free maintenance and hygiene. Clear and user friendly instructions. Best to use the wand with water based lube while stroking your penis with this vibrator adds heightened levels of stimulation and the power of the toy can allow for either a quick orgasm or longer play with your partner or yourself while edging.

Lovehoney Power Play Male Massage Wand -

First impression

My first impression of this penis wand was how fast it was to charge and how easy the instructions were to follow. The box has all the information you need, so no need to get out those reading glasses to see the small print on leaflets. It comes with 3 different speeds of vibrations which are very powerful and 4 different patterns of movement for you to explore. On my first time using the wand I preferred the first and lowest vibration as I am personally more sensitive, and I orgasmed fairly quickly using this setting.

After a week

After a week of using the wand however, the stronger vibrations were intense, but I found myself enjoying the different speeds and vibrations with more use of the wand. Giving the toy a few goes helps with building up to the higher and exciting vibrations and the confidence it gave me to actually explore my body more took me by surprise.
My overall experience
I like that the penis vibrator is universal, and you do not have to use just the rubber wings for your penis, you can use the actual head of the wand to simulate other areas of the body too. This toy has potential to be used with partners too as the wings are only on one side of the wand. It has waves on the wand which help with gripping and holding onto the wand while it is in use. It is a simple toy in it design and is very intuitive to use which makes me love this product more. I love the one button system and my thumb is on the button ready to change when I feel the urge to try a different speed which helps with maintaining the experience and prolonging the orgasm.

Lovehoney Power Play Male Massage Wand -

The male wand is made with silicone and has a soft luxurious feel to it. It is a sleek toy. It has wavey bits on the handle of the wand, which adds a bit extra in terms of gripping onto the toy when you use it.

Lovehoney Power Play Male Massage Wand -

The instructions are on the side of the box in bullet points which I enjoyed seeing rather than trying to read a big leaflet. The button that controls the wand is in the centre of the wand and pressing the button changes the vibration and pattern easily. The wand is light weight and portable with wavey gripping on the toy which makes it easier to hold (ergonomic design). Some of the vibrations and patterns are strong but the button in the centre makes it easy to change settings rather quickly.

Lovehoney Power Play Male Massage Wand -

The wand has a smooth silicone head. The silicone is great feels silky. The rubber wings for the penis are flexible to move depending on size. It has 3 speeds and 4 patterns to choose from at the touch of a finger. It can be loud so wait for your housemates or family to leave to use the wand if you want a bit of privacy.

Lovehoney Power Play Male Massage Wand - <

It comes in a box with the charger and the vibrator. The male wand itself is worth the price although a few extras like a bag to store it in would have been a added benefit to this great product. It’s a good quality silicone wand that does exactly what it says. No complications, simple instructions make the product worth the money spent on it too.

Lovehoney Power Play Male Massage Wand -

The performance of the wand was surprising really good. It charged very quickly and did not heat up or get hot during my use of the wand. The wand did exactly as it said on the box and the vibration that I enjoy most is the weakest one, it is a strong wand with good vibrations for sure. The battery life has been good it says on the box 90mins of play when fully charged and that has been the case with me so far. The wand can be loud so have had to wait for house mates to leave before I could use it.

Lovehoney Power Play Male Massage Wand -

I loved the packaging on this product. The how to use guide is fantastic and I wish all toys did this. The fact that I did not have to open up and read small writing on a leaflet made the packaging a quality product for me. It does come with the picture of the wand on the front of the box so may not be as discreet.

Lovehoney Power Play Male Massage Wand -

The wand is water proof and easy to clean with warm water and soap. Once cleaned and dried store in a cool dry place till ready to use again. May consider reusing the box to store it in or a pouch or case to protect it from dust. The silicone design makes it body safe to use and the silicone itself feels good quality. It is a fairly light product to use.

Vibration speeds3
Vibration patterns4
Battery Life90 minutes
Charging Time150 minutes
Length8 inches

Lovehoney Power Play Male Massage Wand -

  • Portable and light weight
  • User friendly instructions
  • Body-safe, Silicone
  • Easy of use one central button
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Wavey grip on side of toy easy to hold

  • Noisy
  • 3 speeds only
  • Does not come with storage pouch or bag

I absolutely enjoyed this wand vibrator! The rubber wings add an incredible level of stimulation that enhances the overall experience. The sleek design and body safe silicone make it a luxurious and safe choice. The strategically placed power button in the centre of the vibrator allows for easy access to change vibration settings effortlessly. The simplicity of use is remarkable- just plug in charge for 150mins and you're ready to go. Cleaning is a breeze and the instructions are easy and clear to follow . I highly recommend this product!

The main control on the male massage wand vibrator is found in the mid point of the wand and holding down on the button for 2 seconds will turn it on and off. Press the button once to move to the next speed or pattern.

The male wand vibrator is for external use only.

The wand is silicone based so avoid silicone lube. The recommended lube to use is water based.

The wand is usb chargeable, most hotels and adaptors come with usb ports but if not use your computer or laptop usb port to charge the wand.

The wand does not come with a bag or pouch but I highly recommend buying one to store your wand once you have cleaned it and let it air dry before packing it away.

The rubber wings for use on the penis are flexible and do move dependant on size of penis. So can adapt to bigger sized girths.

There are ridges or waves on middle of the wand to grip on when the wand is being used. The ridges/waves are also conveniently located at the button to change vibrations and patterns.