Svakom Sam Neo — Test & Review

   Anthony Benitez
Mar 11, 2024

Svakom Sam Neo — Test & Review<

Anthony Benitez
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: Ereshkigal Cherry Onahip — Test & Review

  • Want strong suction
  • Want a tight experience
  • Are looking for a toy that's easy to use
  • Want a customizable experience
  • Want to experience interactive media

  • Are looking for very strong and deep vibrations
  • Want configurable suction speeds
  • Want a quiet toy
  • Would prefer a waterproof toy


The design of the Sam Neo is sleek and modern while still prioritizing comfortability, the materials feel high-quality and strong. The suction is outstanding while the vibration is a little lacking, the five preset patterns are fun and each provide a different sensation from the last. This toy has the ability to be used with interactive media as well as controlled directly via the app, either directly by you or someone you know.

Svakom Sam Neo -

First Impressions

During my first use of the Svakom Sam Neo, I was delighted to see how easy it was to use. The apps are user friendly and simple while the physical button is incredibly simple. The suction is extremely powerful and doesn’t disappoint, the vibration is nice as well but seems shallow as it fades away into the outer casing. There are five preset patterns you can cycle between via the on board button.

Digging Deeper

The Sam Neo really starts to shine when you start using the available apps on both IOS and android. The apps allow for infinite configurability, you can make your own presets, manipulate the vibration and suction in real time, and be controlled by someone you know.  There are also additional presets built in to both apps, these provide some additional foundation for those who are not technically inclined.

Interactive Content

Using the FeelConnect app allows for the user to connect to video content online and feel what you’re seeing, in the end it sounds better on paper but is still very enticing. During interactive content the toy seems to constantly be behind and the suction speed can’t keep up as it’s the one thing you can’t change on the toy. I like to think of interactive content as long preset patterns, if you’re not into creating your own patterns you can simply choose a different video for a new experience.

The apps

The Sam Neo has a variety of different ways of functioning, besides the standard way of using the built in button to cycle through preset patterns there are other fun things you could try. The FeelConnect app is has more to offer as it has more built in presets, touch control, and interactive content. Couples could try using the SVAKOM app it has a Remote Mode that allows another user to control the toy from their phone, you could even video call, send messages, and use an emoji library to communicate.

Svakom Sam Neo -

The design is sleek and stylish that also feels nice. I would describe the design as being modern and simple, I prefer simple designs so it works well for me. The design is a bit bulky and can be difficult to hold comfortably for extended periods of time. The one button control is convenient and easy to use.

Svakom Sam Neo -

It’s very easy to get started and is essentially just two clicks away, one to turn on and the next to cycle through preset patterns. Connecting to the app is a breeze and offers a variety of different ways to control the toy, you can control it yourself, set custom patterns, or even be controlled or control other devices with the device. The app itself is incredibly easy to use, anything outside the two intended apps is where things may get complicated. The toy is fairly bulky and may not be suitable for someone with grip issues. There is a learning curve to these apps but it’s fairly straightforward.

Svakom Sam Neo -

The Sam Neo feels sturdy and high quality, no signs of poor quality. The sleeve material feels great and feels durable, it is moderately loud during use due to the vibration and suction functionality. The button is durable and reliable as well although the outer casing is of cheaper quality but is still durable.

Svakom Sam Neo - <

There’s a lot to enjoy about this toy most notably is the crazy strong suction that feels fantastic, paired with the varying vibrations it’s an incredible experience especially for the price of $120. The configurable apps are easy to use and add a lot to the experience, the interactive media is fun and enjoyable but not all that accurate in terms of what you’re seeing and what you’re feeling.

Svakom Sam Neo -

It did live up to expectations made online, people rave about how strong the suction is and they definitely weren’t lying this thing is crazy strong. The vibrations are strong as well but I wish they were a little more direct, they are shallow and seem to fade into the case more than anything. It is rather loud due to the suction and vibration. The speed of the suction can only be changed if you shorten the power of suction, this results in very weak suction at a fast pace you cannot have both strong suction and have it at a fast pace. The battery life is ~1 hour while the charge time is ~3 hours from dead.

Svakom Sam Neo -

The packaging is nice and well thought out, the unboxing experience as a whole was great and really started things out on a high-note. I love the design and feel it works very well, it’s simple and its not doing much but does so elegantly. There are basic tips regarding general usage on the packaging. The box can also function as a storage box.

Svakom Sam Neo -

The svakom sam neo has a high-quality feel to it mostly in regards to the mechanism and sleeve itself, the outer casing seems lower quality. The inner-sleeve is made of TPE while the outer casing is ABS. The sleeve feels dense and that high-quality feel to it, it’s easy to clean, dry, and store. Cleaning should be done by removing the sleeve and using warm water while gently scrubbing the inside of the sleeve, a mild unscented soap is recommended. Dry adequately then store in a cool dry place. The product is not waterproof, a storage box is included.

Vibration modes5 presets, customizable
Length9.25 inches
Insertable length5.3 inches
Diameter3.23 inches
Diameter (internal)Max 1.9 inches
Openings1 neutral orifice
Weight1.5 lbs
MaterialsTPE, ABS plastic
Battery Life120 minutes
Charging Time180 minutes
Remote ControlsYes, App controls
Travel LockNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo, but has a plastic cap
Colors AvailableBlack

Svakom Sam Neo -

The FeelConnect app is where things get interesting, there are preset patterns and touch control which allows for real time manipulation of the suction and vibration which is great fun. But the part I loved most about the Svakom Sam Neo is that it’s compatible with interactive content, there are numerous websites online that offer interactive content my favorites are Pornhub and FeelXVideos. The main idea behind interactive content is that while watching a video the toy reacts to the actions in the video in real-time, it isn’t entirely accurate with this toy and seems slightly delayed but I like to think of interactive content as long-form presets.

  • Very strong suction
  • Easy to use with or without the app
  • Decent selection of interactive media
  • Tight tunnel
  • Great for couples

  • Charge time is long
  • The vibration fades away into the casing
  • Bulky design is hard to hold for extended periods
  • Not waterproof
  • No suction speed control

Overall this toy exceeds in many areas and is only lacking in a few minor ways. The best part about the Svakom Sam Neo is the suction, the suction is incredibly strong and satisfying. The vibration is strong as well but is shallow and not as direct as I was hoping, I feel it fades away into the outer casing as opposed to inwards. The five preset patterns are great and provide a decent selection, the ability to create your own patterns and have control of exactly what you feel is amazing. The configurable apps are very easy to use, the unlimited amount of configuration is great and adds a lot to the experience as a whole.

You can find a user manual for the Sam Neo here on Svakom’s website.

No the toy is not quiet, the vibration and suction are rather loud.

No the toy isn’t intense, it’s great for those who enjoy a longer experience.

There is a user manual and basic instructions regarding how to download the apps either on their website or on the included pamphlet.

Both the Android and IOS apps are very user-friendly, anybody should be able to navigate them with no issue.