LELO F1S V3 — Test & Review

   Kevin Foley
Mar 14, 2024

Kevin Foley
: 27
: Intermediate
: Male
: Straight
: Lelo F1S v2

  • Are tired of traditional stroker toys
  • Want to try/enjoy vibrations
  • Enjoy toys with app controls
  • Need something compact
  • Hate hard-to-clean toys

  • Need a completely silent toy
  • Are buying your first male sex toy
  • Want genuine, polished AI features
  • Have a smaller budget


The LELO F1S V3 is a vibrating male masturbator. It offers several upgrades from the previous model, including multiple size options, stronger motors, functioning app controls, and an "AI" mode. Thanks to its open-ended design and waterproof construction, the LELO F1S V3 is extremely easy to clean. The internal battery also eliminates the need for replacing batteries, instead offering an hour or more of play time per charge.


My overall experience with the LELO F1S V3 was a positive one. Although there were some things I wasn’t entirely pleased with, overall, I feel that this new model provides a much more satisfying experience than the previous models.

Initial Impressions

I was only expecting to be sent a single toy. However, since the LELO F1S V3 is offered in two sizes, they sent me both. This was nice, as it allowed me to compare the two and offer recommendations. Just looking at them, they seemed nearly identical, with colors being the first noticeable difference. The regular model uses red silicone, whereas the XL model uses a blue silicone. There is a slight difference of internal length between the two, but the main difference you’ll notice is the internal diameter. The XL model offers considerably more internal space, which could be a plus or a minus (depending on what you’re after).

Trying Them Out

I tried the XL model first. Overall, it offered an experience similar to the previous model, with one instantly noticeable difference: the motors didn’t stall out! This was great, as it meant you could adjust the toy to place vibrations exactly where you wanted them. Aside from that, everything else seemed largely the same. The regular-sized model actually worked a bit better in my opinion. As I mentioned, the XL model has more internal space. However, if you’re using it solely for vibrations, I found that the smaller canal space made the regular model a bit easier to adjust with precision. It’s worth noting that you’ll also get more of a “tight” feeling from the regular model. That said, neither one would really excel in the stroker department (compared to dedicated units). Last time I used one of these toys, the app wouldn’t connect with the toy. I didn’t run into any issues this time around, although I did find the “AI” feature a bit underwhelming. Rather than reacting and adjusting, it seemed to primarily stick to a single speed-pattern combination. Granted, it was a good settings, but it didn’t offer the variety it claimed. Still, all things considered, I was happy with both versions of the LELO F1S V3 and would definitely recommend these over the previous versions.


The design is essentially identical to the previous model, which I think is a good thing. Aside from using different colors of silicone to signify the size, both the regular and the XL look the same. The silicone itself is textured, closing towards the middle and opening up again towards the end. The exterior of the toy is dark black aluminum alloy, which feels nice in the hand. Up top sits the buttons and the charging port. There are only three buttons, and the charging port has a retractable cover to keep water out. Lastly, there is an indicator ring light on the top, and an internal light sitting behind the glass panel for added visual appeal.


Manually, the LELO F1S V3 is extremely easy to use. Since it only features three buttons, switching between the built-in modes and speeds is simple. However, if you want more precise control over the individual motors then you'll need to use the app. The app didn't want to connect initially, but I didn't run into any issues after this initial hiccup. The device fits nicely in your hand, although I suppose you could technically use it with no hands. I'd recommend experimenting around a bit to ensure you can hit the right spots before you commit to going hands-free though.


Like basically every other LELO product, the LELO F1S V3 feels very well made. From the silicone within to the aluminum alloy on the outside, no part of this toy will have you thinking the toy looks cheap. It's not heavy, but it does have some weight to it, which pairs well with the small variety of textures on the exterior of the toy. It's definitely not silent. Still, it's not exactly loud. I would say you could easily cover up the noise by turning on the TV, although lower settings might not require this (depending on the thickness of your walls).

LELO F1S V3 - <

At nearly $250, the LELO F1S V3 definitely isn't a cheap toy. That said, I do think it could be worth it for the right kind of buyer. Compared to the previous version (before markdowns), the new model only costs $20 more and offers a lot more performance for the price. Still, many men are used to the thrusting stimulation that strokers and sex provide. Neither of these are the LELO F1S V3's area of expertise. As such, I would recommend this to people who already know that they like vibrations. For complete newcomers, I would probably suggest trying a cheaper vibrator before making this investment.


Performance exceeded my expectations with this toy overall. The vibrations were strong, easy to adjust, and satisfying. The battery life certainly didn't hit two hours, but it was enough to use the toy twice before needing to be recharged. Also, despite being significantly more powerful than the previous version, the noise level stayed about the same (which is always a plus if you have roommates!). The big letdown for me was the "AI", which didn't seem to offer any game-changing vibrations. It's possible this will change with software updates in the future. Still, as of now, I wouldn't really count the AI as a main reason to pick this one up.


The packaging is plain but classy. Each product came in a textured box inside of a fabric bag, with LELO branding stamped clearly across the front. The back of the box gives you a quick overview of the product in multiple languages, which is nice. The front is largely made of clear plastic, giving you a sneak peek at the product. One thing that's missing, however, is a QR code for easy app downloading. Inside the box, the toy is held in place with foam. Along with your toy, you also receive a few other goodies including instructions, a charging cable, a mini manual with a link to the actual manual, and a few packets of lube.


The LELO F1S V3 is one of the easiest toys you'll ever find in terms of maintenance. Being fully waterproof with an interior sleeve that's made of silicone, washing this toy out is a straightforward process. Aside from being easy to clean, using silicone for the sleeve also has the added advantage of being non-porous. This means that bacteria aren't able to hide inside of the pores of the sleeve. To clean, simply wash out once with water, clean using soap, then wash away any remaining soap. Leave the toy to dry before storing it away. Although it doesn't come with a designated storage box, the original packaging provided will work just fine.

MaterialsSilicone, aluminum alloy, LEXAN
Length(Regular) 5.67 inches, (XL) 6 inches
Insertable length(Regular) 4.3 inches, (XL) 4.7 inches
Width(Regular) 2.83 inches, (XL) 2.83 inches
Weight(Regular) 0.69 lbs., (XL) 0.7 lbs
Vibration speeds8
Vibration patterns7
RechargeableYes (USB charger)
Battery Life40 - 120 minutes
Remote ControlsYes (app)
Storage Bag IncludedNo


Like the previous model, this toy has an app that you can connect to the device with. Unlike the previous model, it actually works! The app is fairly simple, but it allows you to control speeds, intensities, and patterns while monitoring temperature and pressure. It also gives you access to the “AI” mode, which I wasn’t impressed by. However, as this is fairly new, I think the AI feature can definitely be increased via software updates.

  • Intense vibrations
  • Dual-motor design
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof construction
  • App control is optional
  • Offered in multiple sizes

  • Not completely silent during use
  • AI feature could use work
  • Limited viability as traditional stroker
  • A bit pricey

When compared to its predecessor, the LELO F1S V3 clearly does a great job at raising the bar. Offering stronger vibrations, easy-to-use app controls, an "AI" mode, and a waterproof design, this toy is easily the best male vibrator I've tried yet. That said, it's not perfect, and there are a few flaws worth mentioning. Still, would I recommend it? Most definitely!

The general outline for how to use the LELO F1S V3 is provided online, but you can find more precise instructions by clicking here.

In my experience, the AI feature wasn't too advanced. The advertisement claims that it "translates your every movement in real time into encrypted feedback and responds with tailor-made vibrations along your penis". However, I didn't notice a whole lot of variety and actually preferred the manual mode instead.

No, the LELO F1S V3 can be used by itself or controlled via the mobile app. On its own, the device is controlled via button on the end of the device. However, by connected to it via Bluetooth, you can enjoy a higher level of precision and control.

It has a decent battery life, but I wouldn't call it "long". Depending on the length of your sessions, you'll need to charge it every one to two sessions.

Yes! Although vibrations are the key feature of this toy, the inside are still textured. As such, you can use it as a traditional stroker while also enjoying vibrations.

It depends. If you don't already own the V2, were unhappy with the weaker vibrations of the previous model, or just prefer vibrations then I would say yes. However, if you've never tried vibrations before then it might be better to try a cheaper alternative before upgrading to this one.