Oxy E-stick Electro Penis plug – Test and Review

   George Martin
Mar 6, 2024

George Martin
: 52
: Lots of e-stim and chastity play, along with bondage and other toys.
: M
: Heterosexual

  • are curious about urethral play
  • enjoy electro stimulation
  • want to experiment with an insertable toy that could be used by males or females
  • have another way to power the attachments

  • don't like things inside your urethra
  • don't enjoy electro stimulation
  • are not good at ensuring good hygiene procedures are followed
  • expect a big electric shock

The E-stick Electro Penis plug essentially has three main parts: the insertable rod, the conductive rubber cock strap, and the power / control box, all linked with a cable. Batteries (2x AAA) were not included. The main idea of the product is to use it as a complete package, powering the rod and strap from the control box, powered by batteries. The box provides a number of settings: Tap; Vibrating; Massage; Auto; and Speed, along with a main power button and a dial to alter the intensity. The control box also has two ports, allowing for the possibility of plugging in two leads and powering more toys; however, I would strongly advise against this as I shall explain shortly. The insertable rod seems nicely made, with a very nice texture, handy loop, and sensible diameter - some insertable toys are ridiculously large, but this is just perfect! The conductive rubber strap has a toggle to allow it to be customised for length. The control box is, in my opinion, the weakest aspect of the product, with unresponsive buttons, poor power levels, and a generally low quality feel. This is a shame, considering how nice the other components are.

Oxy E-stick Electro Penis plug -

An electrifying experience

The Oxy Electro Penis Plug – E-stick comes as a kit containing a power/control box, an insertable rod and a conductive rubber strap. It provides a good introduction to the world of insertable urethral toys and electro sex toys. Coming from Oxy-Shop.com, the product arrived in their usual plain packaging, well wrapped and very discrete. Upon opening the box, you find the components previously mentioned, along with a cable to connect everything and a set of generic instructions. Unfortunately, there were no batteries included, so you will need to source a couple of AAA cells to put inside the control box.

First Experience

My first experience with the set was rather disappointing and left me feeling somewhat unsatisfied. Unfortunately, and this isn’t a criticism of just this product, electro stimulation toys that rely upon battery power tend to be rather lacking in the zap department. This applies as much to toys costing far more, such as my E-stim Systems 2B power box, which uses a 9v cells for power, but, luckily, has the option to be run using a mains power supply, and this makes an enormous difference to the experience. With the insertable rod thoroughly cleaned and sterilised, I applied plenty of lube a slowly slid it inside my old chap’s eye. Wow! With the bobbly texture, it felt really nice going in. Another plus point is that it is a sensible length and diameter, so no need to be afraid of struggling to get it inside. Next, I attached the strap and adjusted it for a snug fit, connected the power cable to the two parts and plugged it into the control box. The set is turned on by pressing the button marked Power. Alas, the button was not very responsive and it took a few goes to get it to actually switch on. To the right is a dial that controls the level of intensity – think volume control on a stereo and you get the idea. Having powered on the device, I started to experiment with the controls and power setting. As an experienced proponent of electro stimulation, I quickly turned it to full power and was left feeling rather underwhelmed. Not to worry, let’s try another mode. Again, my reaction was very much ‘meh!’ Having gone through all the modes the box has to offer, my conclusion was that this was not going to deliver anything like the signal strength I’m used to from my mains powered devices. I also found that there didn’t really seem to be much difference in sensation between the various modes. Alas, I thought, this was not going to be getting much further use.

An Epiphany

I then tried using the rod whilst playing with my other electro stimulation toys, the ones that are mains powered. This was a real Eureka! moment. Suddenly, this part of the set made total sense and was a revelation of sensations, opening a new world of stimulation from inside the body. Furthermore, I found that I didn’t even need to connect the power to the rod, as sending a signal through the area with my usual set-up of conductive pads, the rod still interacted with the flow of electrons in such a way as to make the whole experience hugely stimulating and electrifying. Further experimentation revealed another world of sensations by moving the insertable rod up and down inside the urethra. Slide it in deep and the current seemed to focus at the base of my shaft. Start to slide the rod back out and the current seemed to follow it up inside my shaft towards the very tip. Wowzers!!! This was great! Eventually, all this stimulation led to a mind shattering climax, leaving me feeling like I’d just been on the best thrill ride of my life! So, my advice, buy the set for the insertable rod and use it with a better electro stimulation system. The conductive strap was a nice addition, but the star of the show is definitely the insertable toy.

Oxy E-stick Electro Penis plug -

The insertable rod has a nice appearance and lovely texture. The addition of a loop on top make it easy to handle and ensures it isn't going to suddenly disappear inside you. Its finish is smooth, with no nasty sharp edges. It really did seem like a quality item. The conductive strap is a standard kind of thing, fitted to a sprung toggle to allow you to adjust it for a snug fit. One thing worthy of note, ensure you use plenty of conductive gel with the strap, otherwise you are likely to experience uncomfortable hotspots and potentially damage to the skin. The control box, as previously mentioned, is the low point of the set. It was unresponsive and woefully underpowered. This might not be a concern if you are a total electro stimulation virgin, but anyone with a bit of experience is likely to be left feeling disappointed.

Oxy E-stick Electro Penis plug -

The product is simple enough to use. The conductive strap fits around the shaft easily enough, thanks to the spring loaded toggle allowing you to adjust the tightness. The insertable rod was also really easy to use and handle, thanks to the sensible sizing of the rod and the loop at the top of it, letting you have a good grip when necessary, although you can also just let go of it, knowing that the rod can't disappear inside. Unfortunately, the control box was not so easy to use, thanks to having rather unresponsive buttons that often required several attempts to make them work. This could be an issue if, for some reason, you needed to turn it off quickly, as the power button took multiple attempts to make it function. The supplied cable was very easy to use. It doesn't seem to have the usual sized terminals on it, meaning it is likely to be of use only with this toy, or others from similar brands. It has a snap connector for the rod and a push-in connection for the rubber strap, sliding inside the hollow profile of the rubber strap.

Oxy E-stick Electro Penis plug -

It doesn't seem fair to give a quality rating as a whole package, as some elements seemed really good, whilst some less so. The insertable rod was, I felt, of good quality. Its dimensions were good, the texture was great, the finish was smooth, and the handle felt secure. This, for me, is the star of the set. The conductive strap was also of decent enough quality. To be fair, it's hard to go far wrong with a piece of conductive rubber tubing. Then we come to the cable that is use to connect everything. Whilst perfectly functional, I wonder how long this component might last. It is made of quite thin wire, and, in my experience, these thin cables have a tendency to break after a while, with the wire inside generally becoming broken. If it were possible to get a replacement, this wouldn't be of too much concern, but I'm not so sure that this is possible. Finally, the control box, what a shame that this is so low powered and unresponsive. The kit would rate so much better if only there was a better controller, able to respond properly to inputs and deliver a decent amount of zap!

Oxy E-stick Electro Penis plug - <

Compared to buying an insertable on its own, this set is just under twice the price. However, here you are getting the power box, the cable, the conductive strap, and the insertable toy. For what you get, the quality of the components, and the potential versatility, this price seems about right.

Oxy E-stick Electro Penis plug -

Rating the performance is a little tricky. If I was to rate it on an as supplied basis, I would have to say that it doesn't really deliver. As mentioned, the level of stimulation and lack of responsiveness from the controller are the biggest flaws with this product. However, if I was to rate the performance of each component, then there would be some highs and lows. The insertable rod performs really well, It fits inside really nicely, giving a really nice sensation from the bumps. When used with other electro stimulation set-ups, it is capable of providing some fantastic sensations and is really great fun to play with. The conductive strap does its job adequately. It is easy to fit and connect, it conducts the electrics current and stays in place. The controller, that I was supplied, failed to perform adequately, in my opinion. The unresponsive buttons and lack of power, due to only using a couple of 1.5v AAA cells left me very disappointed.

Oxy E-stick Electro Penis plug -

The supplied packaging is, effectively, the shipping box. The box is a plain brown design on the outside, with the Oxy-Shop branding printed on the inside. It is very discrete, giving no information about its contents. Also included is an instruction booklet and a card with a code for a discount on a future purchase.

Oxy E-stick Electro Penis plug -

The insertable rod seems to be made of stainless steel. It was very easy to clean and, unless you suffer from an allergy to the material, should be body safe. Obviously, the rod is waterproof and could be used, on its own, in the bath for example. Likewise, the conductive strap is made of a material that shouldn't cause any issues, it is also easy to clean and wash if necessary. The control box would not be waterproof, and, besides which, electricity and water shouldn't generally mix as a rule. The controller is made of plastic and feels somewhat like a remote for a TV.

Length5.11 inches
Insertable length4.5 inches
Diameter0.27 inches
MaterialsStainless steel and rubber
RechargeableNo — Battery powered

Oxy E-stick Electro Penis plug -

  • Insertable is a sensible size
  • Insertable has a nice texture
  • Adjustable conductive loop

  • Unresponsive controls
  • Low power level
  • Potentially weak cable

The Oxy E-stick Electro Penis Plug has nice rod, with a good texture and length, that is not too large to use. However, the overall package is somewhat let down by the rather low powered control box. Luckily, the rod can be enjoyed either on its own, or in combination with other control boxes and e-stim toys.

The product comes supplied with an instruction booklet, which explains how to use the insertable rod. The main thing is to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned, as you don’t want to be introducing bacteria to the urethra, and to use lots of lube and take things slowly. The conductive loop is easy enough to slide on and adjust with the toggle. To turn on the control box, press the power button until the light comes on. Select your desired mode by pressing one of the buttons and adjust the power level by using the dial on the side of the controller.

As long as you are careful and don't try forcing the rod inside, yes. The current from the control box is low, although never use electro stimulation above the waist.

The electro stimulation provided by this control box is unlikely to hurt. However, if you were to use a more powerful unit, then yes, it might well cause someone to jump or scream! :)

Anyone interested in urethral play might enjoy this product. Likewise, if you enjoy electro stimulation, or want to give it a try, then you might find this product fun. You might also want to try the insertable rod if you born with a vagina, and associated urinary system, you might find it fun to have a poke and a prod with the rod!