Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration — Test & Review

   Taylor Capellaro
Sep 29, 2023

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration — Test & Review<

Taylor Capellaro
: 30
: Long-time Curious Adventurer
: Male
: Gay

  • Often climax from glans (penis head) stimulation
  • You want less work while engaging in self-love
  • You want an easy-to-store/travel with toy

  • Want something more exciting from your toy
  • Don't often climax via glans stimulation
  • Want a more hands on (stroking) experience
  • Want a reliable charging method


Hello hello adventurers! Let's talk about the Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration which is an odd sort of name but, ok! First things first, this is NOT a "personal masturbator" in the stroker-style way you may think of a personal masturbator. This product is intended as a glans stimulator via heat, vibration, as well as suction. It has a very sleek design that appears (and seems to be so far) high quality while also being packaged exquisitely. Let's dig in...

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration -

First Impressions:

Initially, I was so ready to get my hands (among other things) on this product. From its sleek and well-designed body, very beautifully curated packaging/product display, and high praise — coming from both box and website — promising a huge number (FOURTEEN!) of vibration options, heat stimulation that would thrill me, and what seemed to be the potential for pleasure that would WOW me, I was so ready to dive in.

And then…

I began using it. Although the heat was fairly unremarkable (and took a while to get going), the vibrations were nice and there were a fair few options (not as many as was alluded to – 4 perhaps?).

An important note…

I want to pause here to mention a common toy user’s mistake… my mistake… I had thought that the Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration was a masturbator in the stroker-style, and I never sought out education on how to properly use the device (BOO to me!). Thus, failure. First came pleasure, albeit with much brevity, then came this vacuum-like suction pressure that took me by surprise, since it was so VERY loud and uncomfortable! Of course, this was due to the fact that there are no exit points on the device for air circulation (because it’s not meant for stroking!), and I thought: “I must be doing something wrong.” So I took to YouTube.

And we’re back!

Now I was using it “properly” (thanks to YouTube!), and for a time, I simply enjoyed the vibration and very, very subtle heat stimulation. Despite this enjoyment, there was still a bit of awkwardness as the internal spacing for the entry point is rather shallow — it’s definitely a GLANS thing and not a whole member thing. I incorporated a little movement (Not stroking! Don’t do it!), focused on my breathing, and made sure I was comfy… but the “wow” moment that was supposed to be on the itinerary of my pleasure venture never came, and neither did I. Perhaps it just isn’t the product for me? Perhaps I need more engagement from the toy I use? Maybe they could add a massaging component — that would be great!

And then…(“charging”)…

It was time to charge the toy. The Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration GLANS STIMULATOR utilizes a USB charging cable (outlet cube not included) with a magnetic connector that tethers to two metal nubs situated on the toy, itself. At first, *click* — it connected so easily! And then I went to set the toy down, as I didn’t want to hold it for the duration of charging. Upon moving the toy slightly, the cable disconnected and fell to the floor. I reconnected it, this time having moved it more slowly when setting it down. Disconnected. Reconnected, and this time I had preemptively placed the toy where I wanted it to sit for charging. It moved slightly (darn gravity). Disconnected. Finally, after creating a little canal-like trench for it to sit in with my glasses cases (yes, I’m creative), the charger remained connected. Phew.

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration -

I am giving the Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration (gland stimulator) this rating because the outside is very well-designed, sleek, enticing, easily storable, and accessible for gripping. Despite these external positive elements, the internal structuring is quite the contrary. With such a shallow and tight space, there are vast limitations to the penis holders who would be able to use this product. Additionally, as briefly mentioned before, there is no entry-adjacent end airflow structured into the design which results in the air having no escape point, and thus, the suction pressure is so intense it may border on the painful for some users. Despite this, since it is not intended for stroking, the intensity of all stimulations seems to be missing a needed component (perhaps massage?), since it is more so meant to stay in place while in use.

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration -

Overall, the actual usage of this toy is fairly simple and therefore easy. With clear distinctions on the provided buttons, making deciphering control options a breeze, a clear entry point, and a clear means by which to care for the toy (toy cleaner and water - it's waterproof!), you'd think that this would be a walk in the pleasure park! Then the execution commences and things seem to go from easy with a LOT of anticipation to very VERY easy (since you just hold it and wait) and somewhat boring.

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration -

Visually, this product certainly doesn't look or feel cheap. It gives the impression (which is likely realistic) that it will be a solid, reliable, and long-lasting toy. My concerns stem from the easily compromised charging design/execution which may promote electrical variances in the toy - which I am unaware of protections that were engineered to mitigate - as well as the potential for deterioration from non-use because it is so uncomfortable and boring (for some users - me).

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration - <

Is it worth it? I imagine the materials that make up the entirety of the toy may be worth the amount that is paid but, given the challenges in design, construction, and functionality, I myself do not find it worth it. Now, I would also venture to say that if you have a very sensitive gland and are easily brought to climax via this avenue - then it might be worth it for you!

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration -

Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations nor the promises that were put forth online/on the box. Despite the slight positive elements of some of the vibration options and the heat stimulation (when it eventually came on), the toy and its use are awkward and rather underwhelming - for me.

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration -

As it pertains to packaging, this may have been the only aspect of this toy that I actually enjoyed. The box design, styling, and functionality were excellent! The display of the toy and the overall quality of the box were certainly attention-grabbing. So, I would say, it's clear that their design team for marketing and packaging has it figured out. Well done!

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration -

The Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration is made primarily of ABS plastic and silicone. As for the care of the product, this is a cinch! Since it is ranked an IPX7 in waterproofing standards, it can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes, and all you need is your toy cleaner and some lukewarm water. Simple! Don't forget to dry it off and store it so it does NOT come into contact with any of your other silicone products.

Vibration modesSays 14, really 4
Width3.1 inches
Height5.5 inches
Length3.3 inches
Insertable length2.75 inches
Weight0.43 lbs
Remote ControlsNo
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration -

Design my breath away!

The special feature I would like to highlight for the Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration (gland stimulator) is the exquisite and beautifully designed packaging that it comes to you in. As it hopefully has been made clear by now, I didn’t much enjoy this particular toy (but you might!), and therefore, the best part of the overall experience/toy engagement was in fact opening it. I mean, the designers did win nearly 300 international design awards so, they’re certainly doing something write (was that for the toy or the packaging…hmmm?).

  • Looks great!
  • Vibration intensity has some variations
  • Fairly affordable as electronic personal masturbators (gland stimulators!) go
  • Very easy cleaning protocol

  • No airflow on entry-adjacent end - therefore, too much suction if stroking
  • Internal sizing limited - shallow and not very wide
  • Charging connector easily compromised
  • Heat stimulation takes a bit to be recognizable and is minimal

All-in-all, the Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration (gland stimulator) wasn't the right toy for me. With limitations on who can use it (size matters with this one folks), a lackluster "wow" factor, and an easily compromised charging method, it certainly doesn't receive my high marks. That being said, if you often experience climaxes via gland stimulation, want less involvement with your toy, and don't mind getting crafty with placement when it comes to charging connection fragility, then maybe this toy is worth the venture for you! Either way, happy travels, adventurers!

You can find an instruction manual for the Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration here on Satisfyer’s website.

The Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration is ranked an IPX7 in waterproofing standards - implying it can be submerged up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The Satisfyer Men Heat + Vibration has roughly 2.75 inches of insertable length space, and around the same width, so some individuals may be unable to use the toy due to their penis sizing.

Yes! Satisfyer states that the toy has a 15-year warranty.