Tenga Flex Silky White — Test & Review

   Brett Jangles
Oct 2, 2023

Tenga Flex Silky White — Test & Review<

Brett Jangles
: 36
: Intermediate
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • Enjoy stroker toys
  • Like to be able to switch up sensations as you play
  • Are looking for a discreet, non-anatomical masturbator
  • Want a stroker that is easy to clean and reinsert into its housing

  • Prefer stronger, more intense textures
  • Would prefer an open-ended stroker
  • Have hands that tire easily
  • Get sensitive when the tip of your penis is enclosed for too long

The Tenga Flex Silky White is a penis stroker that features a flexible casing and a soft inner sleeve. This version of the Flex has a squishier, less-intense texture, but you can adjust the twist and suction to your preferences. The sleeve can be removed and it also has a convenient drying stand incorporated in the cap, making it super easy to clean and care for.

Tenga Flex Silky White -

I was genuinely excited to use the Tenga Flex Silky White because of its unique texture and shape. It was really simple to understand the features from some of the pictures online and in the small manual that comes with it.

How the Tenga Flex Performed

I felt comfortable using this discreet masturbator on a sensitive part of my body because it was well-designed and made from high-quality materials. My experience with other male strokers that have been enclosed has been less inviting, but the flexible housing and textures throughout the sleeve helped me vary the experience as much as I would like. I made sure to try my finger over the hole in the tip, which creates a vacuum inside the toy and adds a more intense suction feeling.

The Shortcomings

I only had two complaints about the Tenga Flex Silky White. First is that the hole in the tip wasn’t so simple to hold closed while in use, but I wasn’t that upset about it. The other is the tight space made the head of my penis more sensitive after I finished, but I have felt similar sensations with other enclosed strokers. However, if you are more well-endowed or know that you’re very sensitive after finishing, this could be more of an issue for you.

Tenga Flex Silky White -

The Tenga Flex is a really interesting toy to look and its twisting texture look is quite inviting to pick up. It has really helpful features for a masturbator: it is easy to clean since the insert is easy to pull out and flip inside out. Plus, for drying the cover turns into a convenient stand. It's very well designed and considered from start to finish.

Tenga Flex Silky White -

The Tenga Flex is really intuitive and exciting to use with its tapered texture and shape. The split on the lid makes it easy to see which side is the business end. Once finished, it’s quite easy to get ahold of the insert portion and extract it for cleaning. After the sleeve is out, you can flip it inside out by holding both sides and flip it inside out with your thumbs. My only complaint is there is a hole in the tip of it that allows you to cover with your finger for more suction but it was tough to hold it closed while operating.

Tenga Flex Silky White -

The materials in the Tenga Flex Silky White was top notch and the textures felt great. The outside swirl texture is also a matte, easy-grip surface. It's very flexible and after multiple stretches it was quite durable. All the edges were particularly smooth, especially since this product will be in close proximity to sensitive areas.

Tenga Flex Silky White - <

I think the quality justifies the price for the Tenga Flex SIlky White — it is rather durable and has a significant amount of features to keep it interesting for multiple uses. Compared to other masturbators, it is well-priced and stands out among the others as a more unique experience.

Tenga Flex Silky White -

The features of the Tenga Flex online looked enticing, especially all the little features it came with. The actual experience was similar and the features were great for use. It had different textures inside that kept the sensations going. You can also vary the experience with either twisting, squeezing or covering the air hole at the tip for different sensations.

Tenga Flex Silky White -

The packaging lets the product do most of the talking. It is clear with a few simple stickers on it to explain the name and some of the features. The rest of the package is clear and allows you to enjoy the fun texture of the Tenga Flex. The product is unique enough with the shape and texture it helps it stand out and the packaging feels appropriate.

Tenga Flex Silky White -

The outer case of the Tenga Flex is a durable but flexible plastic housing and cap. The inside is a very soft TPE which feels soft to the touch. The inside can be extracted for cleaning with soap and water and the lid can be flipped to create a drying stand. Once it's fully dry, you can reassemble it and store it away discreetly.

Length6.9 inches
Insertable length6.1 inches
Diameter2.9 inches
Diameter (internal)2 inches
Weight.68 lbs
MaterialsElastomer, Polypropylene, TPE
TextureSpiral rigged exterior and multiple internal stimulation textures
FlexibilityVery flexible exterior and interior
Storage Bag IncludedNo

Tenga Flex Silky White -

Being a designer, I really appreciated all the little details, like the texture of the Tenga Flex, its shape and ease of use. I was curious if it would be as enjoyable as it looked but it did not disappoint. The cap serves as a cover, if you fold the top in the opposite direction it becomes a drying stand, and the drying post also helps you reinsert the inner stroker (I mention that because that’s not an easy operation with other enclosed strokers). The flexible housing allows you to squeeze, twist or cover a hole for more suction to vary the experience widely.

  • Very flexible and customizable
  • Easy to clean compared to other strokers
  • Has a drying post to ensure easy drying
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble
  • Discreet design

  • Hole isn’t easy to cover during use
  • Lube was hard to work with and stayed together more like slime
  • Not as compact as other strokers
  • Can make penis sensitive after use
  • Texture and sleeve may not be intense enough for some

I would recommend the Tenga Flex Silky White — it adds a lot more variety to the typical stroker and has features that make the experience less of a chore after being used. Plus, the texture and shape make it an exciting addition to any adult toy collection.

Yes, the inner sleeve of the Tenga Flex is flexible and soft to the touch, while the outer case is more solid but still flexible.

With your Tenga Flex, you'll get one housing, stroker insert, and one time use lubricant packet.

The Tenga Flex Silky White is made from a hard rubber housing and soft elastomer.

I recommend using about a marble-sized amount of lubricant, but you can adjust for personal preference.

You can remove the inner sleeve from its case and rinse it thoroughly with water. Turn it inside out for a more thorough clean, and to make sure it's totally dry before storing again.