Fleshlight Flight Aviator — Test & Review

   James Alfonso
Apr 18, 2024

James Alfonso
: 20s
: Intermediate Level
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • enjoy an easy clean up
  • are interested in a unique visual experience
  • love incredibly soft strokers

  • want a visually realistic Fleshlight
  • are worried about dust, lint, and maybe pet hair collecting on the Superskin material
  • do not have a private space to dry the product after cleaning

The Fleshlight Flight Aviator is crafted from durable, body-safe materials designed to stand the test of time. Its SuperSkin sleeve offers an incredibly realistic feel that will truly impress you. This Fleshlight comes in a discreet, sleek, clear case, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated design for their toys. The inner chamber is lined with ridges that provide amazing sensation and tightness. The Fleshlight is also lightweight, making it easy to store and use. Accommodating up to 7 inches in length and 5 and a half inches in width, this Fleshlight is here for your pleasure. It features a lid at one end and another opening at the opposite end, allowing for easy cleaning and airflow during drying. Plus, it includes lubrication in the packaging, so you're all set to go. Water-based lubrication must be used for this product.

Fleshlight Flight Aviator -

First Impressions

I was over the moon when the Fleshlight Flight Aviator landed on my doorstep. It had been way too long since I’d had some quality solo time with such a high-quality device. Having tried out Fleshlights before, I had a pretty good idea of how the material might feel — usually amazing, but sometimes a bit of a pain to clean up. However, the moment I laid eyes on the Flight Aviator’s sophisticated design and clear casing, I was itching to give it a go. The excitement only grew as I admired all the textured surfaces through the Fleshlight Ice-like clear case. And when I finally got down to business, oh boy, it was pure ecstasy! The Fleshlight’s incredible tightness and the stimulating textures inside made the experience mind-blowing. I was genuinely surprised by how much I could feel every ridge and bump. The added thrill of being able to see through the clear casing just added to the excitement. Climaxing was effortless, and I found myself going for round two shortly after! If I were to rate the sensation alone, it would be a definite 10/10.

My Concerns

After a few uses, I noticed a couple of concerns with my Fleshlight Flight Aviator. Firstly, there was a slow seepage of lubrication through the cap at the end of the tunnel, not where you enter but at the other end. This resulted in lubrication getting all over my hand and the Fleshlight plastic cover. I was hoping for a clean and easy experience, so this was disappointing. Even after several more uses, the leak persisted. Using the appropriate amount of lubrication might help mitigate this issue. Additionally, this slight leak by the cap caused air to sneak into the chamber. When I inserted myself fully, the air in the chamber had nowhere else to go but out through the insertion hole. This created a fairly noticeable “quiet fart” type sound, making me conscious of my roommates. If my product was not defective, this might not be an issue to be concerned about. To minimize these issues, make sure to secure the lid tightly and use the appropriate amount of lube. Lastly, I found that the material the sleeve is made from is extremely sticky and collects dust, making it challenging to keep it clean even after the wash. You can remedy this by coating the sleeve in cornstarch, but then you lose its transparency.

Fleshlight Flight Aviator -

I absolutely love the sleek design of the Fleshlight Flight Aviator! The textures and the exterior design are top-notch. The clear exterior is a fantastic feature, allowing you to peek at the action inside. The detailed ledges and textures all over the product make it look like something from the future! As I mentioned, although it's a little sticky, the SuperSkin is incredibly soft and comfortable. If the clear version is not your style, they also offer all-black and all-white colorways. Overall, the Aviator is not only a pleasure to use but also a pleasure to look at!

Fleshlight Flight Aviator -

Handling the Fleshlight Flight Aviator is a breeze—just lube it up inside, slip yourself in effortlessly, and you're ready to roll. There are no additional steps to worry about with this product. For an even smoother experience, I highly recommend applying lube inside the sheath before insertion—it glides right in! Otherwise, the material is really sticky and will tug on your skin. Its width tapers off toward the end, so it's also friendly if you have grip issues.

Fleshlight Flight Aviator -

At first glance, the product oozes extreme quality. However, as I mentioned above, I noticed some leakage of lube through the back end. It doesn't feel like cheap material, so it could have been a simple, rare defect that brought the rating down a notch. Otherwise, it feels sturdy. I just wouldn't trust it around important documents or clothing if you're trying to keep them dry. The defect in my product did contribute to a sound, but it is silent otherwise. Before I experienced the leakage, it was in stealth mode.

Fleshlight Flight Aviator - <

Compared to other Fleshlights on the market, the Fleshlight Flight Aviator seems to be your beginner Fleshlight in terms of price. It's a little cheaper than the ones that have a vagina surface and even a bit more affordable than the ones with a similarly sleek design. Speaking from my experience once more, if I hadn't experienced a defective product, I would say the product is totally worth the price. Especially if you or your partner are unsure about getting a Fleshlight that looks like a vagina.

Fleshlight Flight Aviator -

I am definitely happy with the product! Despite the leakage, the texture of the chamber and the clear design were amazing details that I really enjoyed! Although I personally wouldn't store it in plain sight as the product description suggests, I can understand where they are coming from. You can't tell what it is at a quick glance! Cleaning was a breeze as well, and I really, really enjoyed it. I have had issues cleaning a closed-ended Fleshlight before, and keeping them clean is essential.

Fleshlight Flight Aviator -

The packaging that it came in was quite simple. It was a rectangular box with lubrication tucked away beside the product. The design of the box is not distracting and doesn't scream out that it's a sex toy. Unfortunately, I misplaced mine, but I recall it being appropriately sized and having descriptions and text to inform you about the product and get you going. Information such as the type of lubrication (water-based) that can be used for the product can be found on the box.

Fleshlight Flight Aviator -

Once you're finished, you can undo the bottom cap to expel some of the contents and moisture. Then, all you have to do is use some cleaner and water to rinse the toy before giving it a detailed cleanse. In total, there are two caps, one plastic cover for the body, and the SuperSkin inner chamber. It's worth noting, though, that drying does take time. I found it best to disassemble the entire device, clean each part, and let it air dry over some period of time before reassembling it for your next journey.

Length8 inches
Insertable length6 inches
Diameter5.5 inches
WeightLight lbs
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableClear
Condom safeYes

Fleshlight Flight Aviator -

  • Amazing interior texture
  • Clear case and sleeve that display the action
  • Easy cleaning
  • Incredibly soft SuperSkin material
  • Perfect fit on the interior

  • Unfortunate leakage of lubrication
  • Takes time to dry after cleaning
  • Collects dust and lint on the material
  • Cold initial touch without a sleeve warmer.

The Fleshlight Flight Aviator is a top pick for guys who want to take their solo adventures to new heights. Made with the exclusive SuperSkin material, this toy feels incredible. Furthermore, the clear case adds a cool visual element to the whole experience. Cleaning up is a breeze thanks to two secure openings at each end that make rinsing with soap and water super easy. I did notice a few minor issues though. The SuperSkin material is a bit sticky and tends to attract dust and lint. Also, the clear casing can get smudged easily from the SuperSkin. One other thing to note is that the product I received had a small defect with the bottom opening. The smaller hole didn't shut tight, which led to some lube leakage and air escaping in and out, creating a bit of a sound with each stroke. Overall, I'd give the Fleshlight Flight Aviator a rating of 3.5 out of 5. It's great for guys looking to spice up their solo fun, despite a few minor hiccups I personally experienced.

The manual for the Fleshlight Flight Aviator can be found on the Fleshlight website. If you type in “Flight Aviator,” you’ll be able to access it along with additional care instructions. While there is a manual available online, usage is quite straightforward. Cleanse, lubricate with water-based lube, enjoy the pleasure, and cleanse again. Cleaning involves a few steps as well. First, you would want to rinse the product well with water. Then, use your cleaner and water to clean the interior thoroughly. An antibacterial spray can also help keep the product nice and clean. Afterward, dry the product. Drying may take time, but it is crucial for longevity. If you are able to dry it standing, that will be the most optimal way.

The sleeve is made of a mineral-based patented polymer, made with white food-grade mineral oil. It’s also 100% hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

After cleaning your Fleshlight, it needs to be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area to fully dry. You may also carefully thread a paper towel or microfiber towel through the sleeve to speed up the drying process. Always make sure your sleeve is fully dried before putting it away.

Only use your Aviator with water-based lubricants. Any other type of lubricant may damage the sleeve over time.

Sure thing! Make sure that the condom you are using is only lubricated with a water-based lubricant. You will still need to clean your Fleshlight after use with a condom to ensure the sleeve is completely clean.

With proper usage and care, your Fleshlight will give you a lifetime of enjoyment!