TENGA Original Vacuum Cup — Test & Review

   Jonathan Madden
Jan 4, 2024

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup — Test & Review<

Jonathan Madden
: 31
: Intermediate
: Male
: Bisexual

  • are looking for a single-use item that's more sturdy than a simple sleeve
  • are curious about trying out a masturbation cup
  • want to treat yourself to a special pleasure session (with or without a partner)
  • like the idea of controlling the internal suction

  • need a cheaper disposable item
  • want to be able to customize the tightness
  • want to experience very strong suction
  • would rather invest in a premium, multiple-use masturbator

The TENGA Original Vacuum Cup is a disposable masturbation cup with a special suction feature to mimic the sensations of blowjob. By holding your finger over the air hole at the top, you can control the vacuum created in the cup as you go! It comes pre-lubricate with a special "Smooth Insertion Pad" that lubricates your shaft while you insert it. Perfect for pleasure on-the-go! Once you're done enjoying enjoy these intricate internal textures, you can simply dispose of it - easy peasy!

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup -

On Disposable Masturbators

I’ve tried a few disposable TENGA eggs before and loved them! I was pretty intrigued to see how a masturbation cup would feel. So, the TENGA Original Vacuum Cup promises a good time but stumbles a bit on the delivery. Being a disposable product, this goes a long way to explain why it doesn’t feel like a meticulously crafted pleasure-spreader. For a product of its sort, however, it’s still perfectly serviceable and should be a solid addition to a single session of self-pleasure. Although, I may opt for a different type of product another time. Let me elaborate below!

The Look & Feel of It

The exterior design is quite understated and stylish, but the interior texture and feel is a little on the bland side. While there are no bad stretches of texture, neither are there any particularly standout sensations. The lack of any adjustability on the tightness front means that your experience will vary depending on penis size and girth, as the OnaCup leans (perhaps a bit too much) on the safe side and thus won’t offer an intimate feeling for all sizes and shapes. I’m guessing this is why I’ve had more succes with TENGA eggs, since it’s pretty easy to control the tightness and pressure with your hand.

Great On-the-Go!

The TENGA Original Vacuum Cup is remarkably easy to use, as it comes pre-lubed! No need to dig out any other materials or extra tools or toys at all, which means it serves its one-session, one-use purpose excellently in that regard. Of course, you could prolong it’s life with a couple more uses if you wear a condom!

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup -

The TENGA Original Vacuum Cup has a nice cool and sleek design - almost looks like a designer deodorant! I guess that's pretty cool. It's not the most discreet thing in the world but, at the same time, not super suspicious either.

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup -

The TENGA Original Vacuum Cup is super easy to use and even comes pre-lubed! How much easier does it get? You can also be really rough with it as it’s disposable. Holding a finger over the back hole to create suction was also pretty straightforward.

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup -

Since I've also had the pleasure of trying out non-disposable masturbators, I'm not beyond impressed by the TENGA Original Vacuum Cup. It won’t measure up to more expensive multi-use fleshlights or similar products, but it's still a fine one-session toy. TENGA generally makes quality products and this is not an exception. It's surprisingly durable for a disposable item!

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup - <

The TENGA Original Vacuum Cup is relatively affordable. Yes, it may be pricey for a single use product but it's also a nice way to treat yourself to a special experience! It's also a great way to try out a masturbation cup before you invest in an expensive Fleshlight. Again, I personally prefer the TENGA eggs but for something more sturdy, this is still worth the price.

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup -

I'll definitely give theTENGA Original Vacuum Cup points for the pre-lubed interior. That's especially great if you're bringing it with you somewhere or buying it on a whim. But I'll also deduct some points for the lack of any meaningful adjustability. Covering the suction hole doesn't really have that big of an impact on the sensation as a whole.

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup -

The TENGA Original Vacuum Cup doesn't really come in any packaging other than it's red plastic cover. It's actually pretty practical not having to deal with a bunch of cardboard or plastic to access the toy. There's not a lot of information available on the packaging itself. It is very intuitive to use though. If you do feel like you're not sure what to do with it, you may have to look it up and learn more.

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup -

The hard outer casing is made of polyethylene plastic (PE) and the squishy internal sleeve is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). There isn't much to add about the care and maintenance of the TENGA Original Vacuum Cup. That's nearly irrelevant, since it's disposed of after use. Simply discard it according to your local recycling guidelines. I actually had blast disassembling the hard cover from the interior to recycle the outer plastic cup! It was fascinating too see the internal padding, the internal texture, and just how stretchy that sleeve is!

Insertable length5 inches
Diameter (internal)0.5 inches
MaterialsPE & TPE
IngredientsLube: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin, IPBC.
Condom safeYes

TENGA Original Vacuum Cup -

  • Very easy to use
  • Cheaper alternative to regular masturbators
  • Air valve allows for vacuum control
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Detailed internal texture

  • A bit pricey for a disposable item
  • Not as impressive as multiple-use, heavu duty masturbators

Since I have some experience with more sturdy, non-disposable masturbators, the TENGA Original Vacuum Cup wasn't super impressive to me in terms of sensation. It just doesn't feel as good, and there aren't many significant customization options to enhance your experience. Of course, I know one can't expect too much of a disposable item like this. You get what you pay for, right? I think it's a nice treat to experience some variation once in while but nothing I would keep purchasing religiously. TENGA makes great quality products but I honestly prefer using the TENGa eggs because you have full control over the tightness and pressure as you stroke. A masturbation cup like this doesn't provide a lot of control other than the 'vacuum control' which also didn't make a huge difference for me. For a single-use product it's a bit expensive. It is, however, a cool way to try something different from your hand!

There aren’t any official instructions on how to use the TENGA Original Vacuum Cup. Although, it is very easy! For more guidance, check out the “How to Use”-section above.

Even though it's made for single-use, you can actually use the TENGA Original Vacuum Cup a few more times if you use it with a condom!

No, it's not goign to feel like the real deal at all. But it definitely doesn't feel bad either. It's called the Deepthroat Cup because of the vacuum control feature. This way the sensation of slight suction may mimic the feeling of a real blowjob.

I personally wouldn't need to buy one again, since I know I have a different preference and need for more tightness and customization. However, it's worth it if you're dying to try out a masturbation cup but don't have the budget for a regular multiple-use masturbator. It's a nice treat to pamper yourself or a partner!