Ouch! Beginner’s Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set — Test & Review

Aaron Losey   Aaron Losey
Apr 3, 2024

Aaron Losey

Aaron Losey
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  • Want these three sounds specifically
  • Notice that the prices are significantly different now
  • Are looking for good hollow silicone sounds

  • Don't absolutely need these three specific sounds
  • Prefer a firm or deep sounding experience
  • Want a good variety of sounds

The "Ouch! Beginner's Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set" is a set of 3 flexible, black, hollow sounds. Each sound ends in a large ring, to make them easy to handle, and to prevent them from going too far. The hollow-ness of the sounds allows fluids to pass through unhindered. For those who might not know, sounding toys are meant to be inserted into the urethra. It's a very unique form of pain-pleasure, and worth exploring if it sounds appealing to you. A beginner set like this one is a good way to dip your toes into the water and test if sounding is something you like.

Ouch! Beginner's Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set -

From Smallest to Biggest

Starting with the smallest sound in the set, it still provides a decent sounding experience. It reaches a little farther than some of the shortest sounds I’ve seen, and the bulb-like shape is a noticeably more interesting sensation than just a perfectly even-width shape. I have not figured out why the base of this one is spherical, unlike the other two.

The Medium

Of the three, this one is the weakest. The wavy texture is so slight compared to every other sound I’ve ever had. I have to really concentrate to notice any difference in the feeling, except for when it widens close to the base. It’s not as long as other sounds that are meant to be long. There’s really absolutely nothing wrong with this sound, and I can see it working the best for some people, as it is very thin at the end, and the gentle contour might be right if the other two sounds are still too drastic. In a small set though, I wonder if a different sound would bring more to the offer.

The Biggest and Best One

If you visited my previous sounding review, this one was my favorite. It still is. The beaded texture feels very pronounced, giving it spots of intensity at regular intervals that feel particularly great as the sound moves in and out. It’s also the longest sound in the set. While it might not be as beginner-friendly as the other two, I really don’t think it requires that much more sounding experience.

Ouch! Beginner's Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set -

The large rings are great design, accomplishing a couple different goals at the same time. The smallest and the largest have simple shapes, but the shapes work great for sounding. While the middle sound wasn't my favorite, it's still a functional sound. It does seem kind of strange, though, that the more gentle contours of the middle sound are interrupted at the base by that larger widening. It doesn't fit with the one niche that sound might have. I also kind of wish the short sound didn't have that weird orb, just because it makes it look like they really aren't a part of the same set. That's that's a very minor nitpick though, and doesn't affect any of the functionality.

Ouch! Beginner's Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set -

These are some of the easiest sounds to use. The middle sound is perfect for those who can't handle width, and the short sound is great for those who would struggle with depth. While sounding in general isn't the most beginner-friendly thing to get into, largely due to the precautions you need to take, this is very close to making it as easy as possible for a sounding set.

Ouch! Beginner's Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set -

Since they are the same sounds found in other sets, I have seen a couple minor flaws (such as excess material) just not technically in this set for this review. The sounds I received in the "Ouch!" set were flawless. I think this material is pretty good, I just happen to know that sometimes slight slips in quality can happen. Regardless of material, they are easy to clean, and always spring back into shape after bending them.

Ouch! Beginner's Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set - <

While it's not all that more expensive than its competition, other sets on other sites do have the exact same sounds. The same color, material, length, and shape... likely from the exact same manufacturer. There is unfortunately no reason to buy this. You can, as of the time of this writing, find a set with 5 silicone sounds for 14.99 at Lovegasm (https://lovegasm.co/products/silicone-urethral-stretcher-penis-plug). Unlike steel sounds, silicone sounds are not expensive. Over 10$ per sound is just too much for this.

Ouch! Beginner's Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set -

All three sounds perform well. I love the hollow feature of these sounds, although the shortest sound did seem to restrict fluid just a bit (another thing that sets it apart from the set). Despite everything being functional, the website claims a "variety of urethral play sensations." All three sounds actually feel a bit similar. They are different lengths and different shapes, but they are all still beginner-oriented hollow silicone sounds. Something like a steel sound feels profoundly different, as do longer sounds, electro-stim sounds, sounds with challenging widths, etc... I think calling this set a "variety" is a stretch.

Ouch! Beginner's Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set -

The packaging was extremely questionable. Was it really that hard to get a box that fit the (rather wastefully large) plastic sheet they come in? Heck, the thing is flat enough, I'm not sure why they needed a box at all, instead of one of those large manila envelopes. Personally, I usually don't care about packaging. As long as the toy makes it to me safely, I don't really care if it's thrown into a box with tissue paper. This is beyond low-effort though. This is the first packaging I've seen that makes me second-guess the company it came from.

Ouch! Beginner's Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set -

The three sounds are made with body-safe silicone, and are relatively flexible compared to other types of silicone sex toys. Just like every sound, you must make sure they are disinfected before use. I find that the easiest way is to boil them for 5 minutes. I just dump the whole kit into a pan on the stove. The other common method is to use disinfecting alcohol wipes.

Length2, 3.75, and 4.5 inches
Diameter1.77, 1.57, and 1.57 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

Ouch! Beginner's Silicone Hollow Urethral Plug Set -

  • Easy to use
  • Hollow design
  • Good quality

  • Price
  • Limited variety
  • Not much for advanced users
  • Stiff competition

The "Ouch! Urethral Plug Set" is a good product, but is rather overpriced compared to other options right now. You can find the exact same plugs in all kinds of sets that either offer more, or offer more and are cheaper. I can't, in good conscious, recommend this specific set, even though I think the sounds in the set are great. In fact, this review might feel a little bare-bones, because two of the sounds I've already reviewed as part of a much better deal (which I've linked to below).

The most important instruction for using any sound is to keep everything as sterile as possible. Prepare the toys by boiling or alchohol wipes, and use sterile lube. Insert gently at first, and never force a sound if it there’s resistance. After use, make sure to urinate.

Sounding always comes with some amount of risk, but you can keep the risk low by following safe practice.

You can find sterile lubricant from a variety of online stores. I recommend Surgilube, originally intended for sterile surgeries, but Lovehoney also sells ElectraStim sterile lube.

The urinary tract naturally has very little bacteria, only a handful of strains at most. As such, there is very little defense against foreign bacteria in the urethra. Any un-sterilized sound will carry bacteria from its surface and leave it inside.

This is the only defense the urethra does have, and is the reason why bacteria doesn't normally travel into it. The regular pressurized flow washes away most chances for infection. If you do this after sounding, it can help expel any bacteria that may have been carried in.