Tenga Puffy — Test & Review

   Vernon Scott
Aug 28, 2023

Vernon Scott
: 29
: Beginner
: Cis-Male
: Bisexual (Pan)

  • Enjoy using masturbators like the Fleshlight
  • Are looking for a toy that's flexible (bendable)
  • Want a toy that is easier to squeeze compared to those enclosed by harder material like plastic
  • Prefer a toy that provides an easy cleaning process

  • Feel like you are not the most patient person
  • Love the idea of quickly inserting your penis inside the toy
  • Want a very firm-feeling toy

Tenga’s Puffy is a flexible, yet durable masturbator toy. It comes in three different colors and each color brings a different feel. Though the Puffy may provide a challenge when first getting inside, when you get it in, a new pleasure feature is unlocked! The Tenga Puffy is fairly easy to clean and the company provides you with a sample of their 'Hole Lotion' lube in every box. While this toy can be on the pricey side, it is one worth giving a try.

Tenga Puffy -

Special Delivery

First and foremost, I must admit that Tenga’s Puffy looks like something that you may want to send through a pneumatic mail chute. But, I think the look of this masturbator is straightforward. I feel as though Tenga wanted to design a toy that you understood its purpose just by looking at it. However, the brilliant thing about the design is that it is a surprise. It is fluffy. It is flexible. It is even f*ckable. Each of those things makes the Puffy worth trying.

This Hole Won’t Grow

I mentioned earlier that the major problem with the toy is the insertion process. Do not get me wrong, once you are inside, you will enjoy the stimulation the toy provides. However, getting inside is the central issue. I would not present myself as having one of the girthiest and longest penises, but it is of a decent size. If I am having issues inserting my penis inside the toy, I can only imagine what issues someone who is more well-endowed may experience. Yes, the Hole Lotion lube helps; however, it does not change the size of the opening or prevent the opening from folding inwards and going deeper inside the tube.

Smooth Feel

As I have stated, once inside this toy, you will enjoy it! Tenga’s Puffy has a really smooth, gelatinous feel to it. When I apply pressure on the toy when it is wrapped around my penis, it creates a new sensation that I have not experienced with other masturbatory toys. On one level, I have to say it is due to the internal designs; but I think it may feel better because the Puffy provides a more intimate feeling. The pressure I apply from my grip combines with the toy, which is a new experience for me. With its flaws and all, Tenga’s Puffy has brought me multiple leg-shaking orgasms, and I love that for myself.

Tenga Puffy -

When looking at the Tenga Puffy, it is a standard tube. But the toy takes on a new form as soon as you place it in your hands and squeeze it. The Puffy is very flexible and does not take much pressure to create a grip. Each version of the toy has a different internal design. The various designs create a different feel; however, the mint green one is a personal favorite. The opening for insertion is pretty tight. One may have to squeeze the toy to the point that the interior is exposed to make the insertion process smoother.

Tenga Puffy -

The Tenga Puffy seems as though it would be a fairly easy toy to use. Like most masturbators, the way to use them is intuitive. Place the toy over your penis and move the toy up and down. Though the way to use the toy is simple, it has its issues. As I mentioned in the design section, it has a smaller opening. When attempting to insert directly, the internal material folds into itself. However, once the penis is comfortably inside, one can begin to masturbate. The exterior covering of the toy provides a comfortable grip and does not take much pressure.

Tenga Puffy -

The Puffy is a good quality toy. The internal material has great quality, but its inability to keep its shape cheapens it a bit. With that being said, the feel of the toy overall makes up for its inability to maintain its structure. If the opening were to be more firm and the interior portion maintained its current consistency and feel, the quality of the toy would have been close to excellent. The Puffy’s exterior seems to be reliable and durable.

Tenga Puffy - <

The Tenga Puffy is a bit pricier than I’d expect for the quality of the toy. The insertion hole is a major issue. For a person who may have a penis that is on the girthier side, they may have issues using the toy which makes it a waste of money. However, for those who are able to insert their penis, the toy is worth the price. I recommend any person consider their level of girth prior to making a purchase. Enjoy!

Tenga Puffy -

This toy definitely met my expectations. When I first saw the toy online, I said to myself that I hoped it could to twist and turn — I was hoping for the toy to provide a comfortable squeeze! Tenga’s Puffy delivered and then more. I was hesitant about whether there would be a difference in feel between each version. I was shocked to learn there was! The sugar white and latte brown had a similar feel; however, the mint green was vastly different. Unfortunately, each had the same flaw in terms of inserting the penis.

Tenga Puffy -

The packaging for Tenga’s Puffy is simple, yet bold. On some level, Tenga reintroduces you to the product you purchased and uses strategic imaging to assist in this process. The box is the same color as the toy. On one of the box faces, Tenga provides an image of the internal structure of the toy. Along with the Puffy, Tenga includes a sample of their hole lotion, which is a lubricant. If you find yourself wanting more, the hole lotion is available on Tenga’s website.

Tenga Puffy -

Tenga’s Puffy is very lightweight and can be grasped with one hand. The material used on the outside, in its interior, and the layer between the two make for a comfortable squeeze when using the toy. When not using Tenga’s Puffy, I found myself squeezing the toy regularly due to its comfortable feel when gripping it. The Puffy is waterproof and easy to clean. I recommend leaving both caps off the toy during the drying process.

Length6.4 inches
Insertable length5.9 inches
Width3.4 inches
Diameter (internal)1.7 inches
OpeningsOne Neutral Orifice
Weight0.75 lbs
MaterialsElastomer, Silicone, PC, ABS, Urethane, POM
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableLatte Brown, Mint Green, Sugar White

Tenga Puffy -

  • You create the amount of pressure you want to feel
  • More intimate feel compared to other masturbators
  • Each color has a different internal texture
  • Internal material feels great
  • Squeezable design

  • Entrance of the toy makes it hard to insert
  • Air-drying the toy can be time-consuming
  • Top can come off easily, which stops the vacuum

Overall, the Tenga Puffy is a pleasurable toy. It has a wonderful external and internal feel, and it is quite flexible. Though it may cause issues when inserting for the first time, the Puffy can provide orgasmic results. It would be great if the toy was priced lower; however, based on what it has done for me, it is worth the price.

Tenga provides a sample of their hole lotion in the box. When purchasing your Puffy, be sure to add the hole lotion to your shopping cart. If you do not wish to do so, or it is outside your purchasing range, a simple water-based lube will suffice.

Unfortunately, the Puffy does not vibrate. I am sure that functionality would make for an even better experience; however, the Puffy is non-vibrating.

Externally, there is no difference between the designs except for the colors. Internally is where you find/feel the difference. Each design is crafted to provide a different sensation.

The Puffy is a male, masturbatory toy. It can be used by any person who has a penis.

You can purchase your Puffy directly from Tenga’s website. They ship to several countries as well.