Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher — Test & Review

   Devon Scott
Mar 14, 2024

Devon Scott
: 53
: Experienced
: Male
: Heterosexual

  • Love stainless steel
  • Like you're balls pleasantly bound
  • Appreciate top quality products
  • Anticipate needing to be tethered
  • Want 24/7 ball stretching with comfort

  • Afraid of having your balls virtually locked up
  • Don't like stainless steel
  • You prefer spikes and sharp edges over comfort
  • You work around electrical equipment naked

The Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher is a stainless steel ball stretcher with a decent weight that's designed to give a noticeable tug while also being very comfortable for long term wear. The finish is shiny and smooth free from burrs or machine marks. While wearable as an esthetically pleasing stretch to the testicals, it is also "tough as steel" for restraint and tethering.

Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher -

From the first moment I saw the Screw You Ball Stretcher, I had to have it. Just the day before I had been using some very large shackles for logging and was wondering if something smaller could work on my own boys. Here’s the thing; imagine yourself on a work site and someone asks for a shackle like the Screw You Stretcher that your wearing, how would you respond? I like to wear mine with the locking screw on top, between the balls and cock so as to not get bumped by my thighs. It can be worn in nearly any orientation for play and attached to a chain or rope, the loop side is best for securing as the chain or rope will properly center itself. When worn 24/7 as I do, it’s important to ensure good hygiene and hair removal. When showering, I will work the screw to be sure it is clean and free of debris that may cause it too bind.

Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher -

Though the design is similar to shackels that have been used in industry for decades, the Screw You is tailored to being worn rather than securing chain or cable. The shine and smoothness makes it look luxurious when worn or sitting on the nightstand (if that ever happens again-lol). The operation of the screw is well machined and operates smoothly. The screw even has a stout grip for tightening finger tight or gripped with pliers to loosen it should it become too tight. Of course in the reverse, my wife threatens the idea of tightening it real good so I can't accidentaly take it off without a tool, like pliers. The hole in the grip can be used to lock the screw from turning accidentaly by use of plastic a zip tie, in the event the wearer is the naughty type that may try to remove it in the bathroom before going through airport security. Being stainless steel though, makes it safe from most metal detectors.

Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher -

This is one of the easiest ball stretchers to put on and remove. Unless the screw is purposefully tightened too tight, no tools or fumbling is required. Simply remove the screw, drop your sack in, and reinsert the screw. Due to the deep "U" shape, I've had very little involuntary movement or turning of the stretcher. It has stayed in place from the get go. As for a learning curve, well I've been wearing stretchers for a number of years so it has not presented anything different other than one getting used to having bound balls and it is far more comfortable to me then the donut shape I used to wear.

Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher -

The quality of craftsmanship, materials, and machining is top notch. I'm wearing it as I write this review and hardly notice it's on. I have never felt any sharp anoying edges or ridges. The whole stretcher has a very nice smooth finish, no odors, and no residual machine oil. Unlike products I bought from other places, the two parts fit together perfectly, not even a slight misalignment. As for the stainless steel material, I love it!

Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher - <

The price is very much worth it. I've seen crappy junk sold for more, and cheap stuff is cheaply made. In my opinion, the quality you get is very worth the price. In the event you actually ever remove it, there is even a sleak cloth storage bag. I might use the bag if I visit a doctor who is probably not a fellow stretching aficionado. I did originally think of this as a novelty, however once restraint / tethering options were realized, it has become a very useful addition.

Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher -

OxyShops Screw You Ball Stretcher more than lives up to its claim as "designed - to be the most effective yet comfortable ball stretcher available" with the "new shape means that this ball stretcher is less likely to slip off." I have the size Large and have not experienced even one slip or instance of being too tight, as can happen with prolonged arousal or in cold weather. As for effective, by all means it is very effective to use in many ways when worn- you have been warned!

Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher -

The packging, like all OxyShop toys I get, is very classy. No fancy extra stuff that just gets tossed into the waste bin. Just some simple bubble wrap to keep it from rattling around. The interior of the box was a tantalizing suprise though that made me feel like I might be a naughty boy who was far too eager to remove his new stretcher from its plastic bag in the included cloth bag.

Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher -

Materials are simple stainless steel that is non-porous and super easy to clean. In a pinch you could even use it with a chain to tow a small log with your truck. Stainless steel is always body safe, unless you are one of the very rare who is allergic. Cleaning is as simple as soap in the shower, but you could soak in gasoline then throw in the dishwasher, but why would you want too? This is not chromed steel as knock offs can be. I did a magnet test and it past with out a *hitch.

MaterialsStainless Steel
Height1.6 inches
Width.86 inches
Weight.42 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedYes

Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher -

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Super comfortable
  • Stainless steel that won't stretch or bend
  • Wearable 24/7
  • Non piercing body attachment point
  • Could be used on a job site

  • If kicked in the nuts, may increase pain
  • Wife / partner may more easily imobilize you
  • Does NOT have spikes
  • Does NOT stretch

The Oxy Screw You Ball Stretcher is much more impressive than I anticipated. I wore it 24/7 with no discomfort or negative issues. The comfort and fitment are perfect for all day wear at work, in the office, or tethered with a chain or rope. If I misbehave, yah I'm screwed! I highly recomend the Screw You Ball Stretcher to any beginner or experienced user of ball stretchers. OxyShop products have always been top quality and the Screw You Stretcher is just that, top quality.

No user or instruction manual needed. Untwist screw, drop in nut sac, reinsert screw, and enjoy!

As with any ball play, ensure that proper blood flow is maintained. If your nuts turn purple the toy may be too tight and should be removed.

Yes, as the screw is cranked down, the arms squeeze together and create friction against the screw, it is possible to get it too tight. A pair of pliers or something inserted into the hole of the screw finger flange can aid in untightening the screw.

Yes, but I wouldn't. This stretcher is very good quality and capable of holding more load than your nuts, but like any steel on steel contact, it may be possible to nick or deform it under heavy use so I would keep this tool toy a secret from co-workers.