Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher — Test & Review

   Rae Moss
Feb 14, 2024

Rae Moss
: 48
: Advanced
: Female
: Queer

  • have plenty of time to practise using it.
  • have low-hanging testicles already!
  • are experienced in stretching.

  • you want something you can put on quickly and without fuss.
  • your testicles are quite high up.
  • want something that's easy to use.

This is a metal ball-stretcher and crusher. It has two rings that sit between the body and the balls. You can gradually move these rings apart to stretch the scrotum. There's also a metal plate which sits underneath the testicles and can be moved closer to the metal rings to crush the balls.

Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher -

First impressions

I was so excited to receive this testicle crusher.  The neat little box felt reassuringly heavy and I was excited to open the box flap to see an erotic picture.  It felt sexy and I couldn’t wait to see more. I took out all the pieces.  They were heavy and felt really high quality.  All the edges were perfectly smooth, with no sharp bits, and it was beautifully shiny. I looked for the assembly instructions, only to find there weren’t any.   For a 20-piece toy (counting the nuts and bolts), this was daunting, but I headed to the Oxy website to look at the product images so I could copy them.


Without assembly instructions, I attempted to copy the product images from the Oxy website but it didn’t help because the website shows the toy assembled in two different ways; one way in the product shots and another way in the in-use shots.  But, not to be put off, we tried to assemble it both ways.

Using the toy

Having assembled the toy, we tried to get my partner’s testicles into position but we hit two problems.  To stretch the testicles, both metal rings need to sit up against the body with the balls on the other side of the rings,  Try as we might, we couldn’t pull my partner’s testicles far enough away from their body to get them to the other side of the two rings.  My partner did joke that they have “neat little balls” so maybe someone whose scrotum is bigger would find it easier, or maybe my partner could try again on a really warm day (balls hang lower in hot weather) but, at room temperature we simply couldn’t do it.

Trying a different strategy

Eventually, after assembling the toy two different ways and pulling very hard(!), we gave up trying to get my partner’s testicles to stretch long enough to get the toy on as designed.  Instead we decided to simply get one ring in place, and that’s where we hit the second big problem.

The second problem

The ring opens using an Allen Key which allows a section of the ring to be lifted off.  We lifted out the removable section and laid my partner’s testicles into the ring, then tried to replace the removable part and screw it into place.  But no amount of maneuvering could ensure that the scrotum skin was clear of the closing ring.  We found it impossible to close the ring without trapping skin in the ring which isn’t the kind of CBT we were aiming for.  Sadly, we gave up.  It felt like my partner didn’t have enough scrotum skin to wear the entire product but had too much to close the metal ring.

One final little problem

I decided we’d put the toy away and discovered that, when assembled, it doesn’t fit into the cute little velvet bag that came with it.  It has to be dismantled to be put away.

Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher -

The toy looks great and it feels really high quality. But all that was overshadowed by difficulties assembling it and our struggles to use it.

Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher -

We just couldn't use the Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher. We weren't sure we'd assembled it correctly and it didn't fit my partner's anatomy (which is fairly typical - I've seen plenty of cocks!). We couldn't close the rings without trapping my partner's skin and found the toy to be unusable. You need a certain amount of manual dexterity to assemble it.

Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher -

The Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher feels really high quality. It was beautifully made and the presentation was fantastic. It would be useful to have instructions about how to clean and care for it.

Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher - <

If we could have made the toy work, I'd have said it was great value. It's beautifully made. But we just couldn't make it work.

Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher -

The product needs instructions. The pictures on the Oxy website show it assembled in two different ways and there are no instructions included for assembly, use or care. We could have used some advice on how to put it on to avoid pinching skin and a size guide would be useful because it was just way too much of a stretch for a beginner. The product included a business can with a link to the Oxy website which give general info about stretching but isn't specific to this toy.

Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher -

The package was beautiful so the unwrapping experinece was great. The toy comes with a nice little black bag but you have to disassemble the toy to get it to fit into the bag.

Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher -

This toy is heavy and high quality. It is shiny so you can see fingerprints on it. It looks impressively scary when it's assembled!

Storage Bag IncludedYes

Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher -

  • Good quality
  • Looks wonderfully scary!
  • Lovely unboxing experience

  • Unclear how to assemble it
  • Very difficult to put on
  • No instructions

This is a beautifully-made but hard-to-use ball crusher. We tried so hard to make it work and couldn't. This is probably a good toy for experienced ball-stretchers!

There is no manual available for the Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher.

As with any cock and ball torture sex toy, you have to be careful when using it. Take things slowly, communicate clearly with your partner, and listen to your body. If you feel intense pain or notice any skin damage, stop immediately and assess the situation.

To increase the intensity of the stretch, you can turn the wing nuts on the toys.

The Oxy All-in-One Ball Crusher is better suited to those with larger, lower hanging balls.