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7 Legit Sex Doll Sites [+96 Scam-Sites to AVOID]

Legit sex doll sites are a must when you are ordering something so expensive.

After all, among the sex doll sites out there, a whopping 90% of them are scams.

I know that for a fact, as I’ve personally ordered 2 different sex dolls to my own house.

And, have had over 10 other sex dolls sent to testers at Bedbible.

So, if you want to buy a sex doll, and make sure not to fall into a scam, read my article first!

Plus, I’ll give you tips on spotting scam sex doll sites and a comprehensive list of sites to avoid like the plague!

Our Top 7 Legit Sex Doll Sites

Here at BedBible, it’s no secret that we use affiliate links in order to keep our site going.

You click our links and make a purchase and we get a small percentage.

Therefore, there is no difference in price when purchasing a sex doll through our links.

So, I went through our affiliate sites and compared them to the research.

Unfortunately, a couple of sites didn’t make the list and I will no longer recommend them to you.

Site NamePhone # ?Address?Email?Reviews?
Silicon WivesYESLists CAYESYES
Sex Doll GenieYES + TEXTLists Miami, FLYESYES
Sexy Real Sex DollsYESLists USA BasedYESYES
BedBible’s Top 7 Legit Sex Doll Sites

More on Legit Sex Doll Sites

The above quick grid shows you the basic information you need to know about our top 6 legit sex doll sites.

In addition, each of these websites has been researched and includes independent quotes from real love doll owners around the web. That way, you can see what customers have to say about each website.

Then, you can confidently make the best decision on where you’d like to purchase a sex doll.

#1 Silicon Wives

Silicon Wives, a legit sex doll site

From their site:

“Welcome to SiliconWives.com, we are your premium provider of authentic luxury sex dolls. All of our girls are hand-picked to ensure real silicone and tpe-materials to make a user experience that is better than the real thing. You won’t find any cheap imitations here.

We provide fast, discreet shipping that is completely free with every order.

SiliconWives.com was founded in 2015 with the mission to provide the most high-quality sex dolls in a market flooded with low-quality, fake dolls.  We take pride in our users’ experience with our dolls, we have a refund/replacement policy for unsatisfied customers.

Our team has been in the sex accessories business for 10+ years and we are very excited to bring our products online.  We have searched 3 continents to find the best doll manufacturers, we hope you like what we have found.  Our list of premium sex doll brands includes WM Doll, Sanhui Dolls, YL Dolls, JM Dolls, JY Dolls, and Warm Dolls.”

Did You Notice?

When checking out the home page of Silicon Wives, you’ll see there are no flashy, clearance sales, limited-time offers, and bait and switch tactics. Their prices and sales prices are realistic and there are no shifty tricks on the dolls’ order pages. Additionally, their customer service phone number is displayed, front and center. And they offer both custom and in-stock sex dolls, ready for shipment!

Check, check, check, and check!

What Others Have to Say About Silicon Wives

This quote is from a user on The Doll Forum:

“So I’ve said it before with a different post, but I almost bought a fake doll from another website. After searching for a while and looking. I decided to go with Siliconwives. I sent an email asking a few questions and this went on for 4-5 days. They replied back and answered Every question that I had.

I made the decision to purchase from them and placed my order. It was quickly confirmed with an email and after a few days, I got confirmation my doll was going to be processed.

After about a week or maybe more I was told my factory pictures were ready. The first ones I got I noticed my doll’s cup size was off. After I sent a request asking what happened. They replied they would check and get any issue resolved. A few days later I was sent updated pictures with the correct cup size.

I was sent final pictures asking if I was satisfied and they told me they would get her packed up to be shipped. I got my tracking info and the wait started.

After about a week my doll was in Alaska where she hung out for 3 days (customs) she was on the move again and arrived at home via FedEx. I had ordered the flight box so she was secure and arrived undamaged. Overall I am very satisfied. I’m happy I decided to get my doll with siliconwives and I appreciate what they did for me and I am very happy.”

#2 Sex Doll Genie

Sex Doll Genie home page

From the Sex Doll Genie website:

“We are a family-owned business started by a wife and husband team. We are based in Miami, FL and the company is registered in Wyoming. We’re real people! Email us and we’ll personally reply to you.

We also have a small but very talented team in the US, Europe, and Asia that helps us with support, admin, and website upkeep.

We’re a small and agile team, unlike the bigger sellers. We don’t have a lot of overhead costs and we pass on those savings to you guys. Plus, we give you personalized attention and we’ll bend over backward to offer you the best customer service that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else

At Sex Doll Genie, you can choose from thousands of high-quality doll models that are carefully made with premium-grade silicone or TPE. All our dolls also come with dozens of customization options to make each doll unique to you as possible.”

Did You Notice?

As with most legit sex doll sites, Sex Doll Genie has their phone number displayed right on the home page. And although they have a money-saving code displayed at the top of the page, there are no flashy gimmicks or scammy, illegitimate prices. Furthermore, they offer in-stock sex dolls as well as the expected custom dolls from many of the top brands.

This is exactly how a legit sex doll website is supposed to look!

What Others Are Saying About Sex Doll Genie

This quote is from a customer posting on The Doll Forum:

“I looked at a lot of other websites and did a lot of research before deciding to buy from SDG. I’m happy to say that I think I made the right choice.

So far, I have been extremely impressed with their customer service and support. My payment was secure and they have been completely fair and honest in their business practices

I would absolutely say that you can trust SDG to do business with. They have been a pleasure to work with so far, and I am convinced that I made the right choice in buying from them, as opposed to any of the other dealers out there.”

Another Sex Doll Genie Experience

Another quote written by a satisfied customer of this legit sex doll site:

“I’m a very happy and satisfied customer of SDG. I bought an IT 158 in December and received her end of December. I was lucky enough to get a nice “Christmas special offer “of 2 additional heads + standing feet + shoulders and boy oh boy…I know what I will buy for my next doll and where I will purchase it :).

Perfect customer service, perfect contact, and feedback on the progress of my order. As it was my ‘ very first time’, I was a bit nervous and now I’m very confident that I will add models to my ‘harem ‘. Thank you TDF members for your help and advice and thank you SDG for making my dream a reality!”

#3 Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Sexy Real Sex Dolls, legit sex doll sites

A little about the legit sex doll site, Sexy Real Sex Dolls. From their About page:

“My name is Lina and jointly with my team, we are an online retailer based in the USA, offering competitive prices on the best sex dolls. We aim to provide a memorable experience when you shop on our online store by offering quality products with top-rated customer service. As a guarantee, we offer price matches for all our products.

We offer discrete free shipping and distribute worldwide via FedEx and DHL.

100% peace of mind as your data is encrypted and we offer the safest payment options

We have managed to build up a reputable realistic sex dolls store and strong relationships with the best sex doll manufacturers WM dolls, SinoDoll, JY, Hitdoll, ORdoll, JMdoll, YLdoll, SY, SM, 6YE, Irontech, Piper, DH168, D4Ever, and we are adding more to our portfolio soon.”

Did You Notice?

Sexy Real Sex Dolls offers both manufactured-on-demand sex dolls as well as in-stock models. And although their site has a flash sale area with low prices, everything else checks out. In addition, they have on-site reviews as well as extensive Trust Pilot reviews. Plus, you can find a great deal of customers, across the web, who have had positive experiences with this legit sex doll website.

What Others Are Saying

This outstanding review is from a buyer and member of The Doll Forum:

“This is my second doll from SRSD a beautifully made 158cm big-breasted curvy darling by SY dolls. Not only was the price really great but the doll quality was actually quite surprising. A major hiccup however UPS lost my doll somehow. After getting absolutely nowhere with them (a whole different story on UPS customer service) SRSD sent out a new one within a few days after she showed up. All of my interactions with SRSD have been excellent they even gave me a bit extra discount to make sure I could get her.”

Another Sexy Real Sex Doll Experience

This is yet another personal experience from someone ordering from this legit sex doll site:

“I ordered my 1st doll from SRSD at the beginning of April and received it yesterday (May 5th). The experience was nothing less than impressive. I felt like their biggest priority was my satisfaction the whole time. I loved that they sent pics of the completed doll prior to shipping to ensure you are happy with the product. My doll was a WM Doll and came with a certificate of authenticity verifiable on the WM Dolls website. My doll is gorgeous and looks just like the pics on the SRSD website. The attention to detail and realism is impeccable. I would certainly order from SRSD again with no hesitation.”

#4 Sexy Sex Doll

Sexy Sex Doll legit sex doll site

From the Sexy Sex Doll website:

“SexySexDoll.com is an American sex doll online store. It was established in 2016. Because of our outstanding performance, SexySexDoll is the authorized distributor of all major high quality sex doll brands.

We are certified and approved by the doll forum as a professional real doll seller. If you want to make sure that we are one of The authorized WM Doll sellers, you can contact WM dolls through their official website (wmdolls.com)or consult WM dolls directly on The Doll forum.”

Did You Notice?

Sexy Sex Doll’s website contains everything you should be looking for in a legit sex doll site. For example, they have a contact page with their locations, telephone number, email and a contact form. Plus, they offer sales – not scams – and a selection of dolls, in stock and ready to ship as well as custom dolls from the best brands.

Finally, Sexy Sex Dolls is the only legit sex doll site to offer completely custom sex dolls created from the photo of your favorite person!

What Others are Saying About Sexy Sex Dolls

Here is a third-party review from YOTPO:

“SSD simply the best. PERIOD. Absolutely flawless. These guys really take great care of their clients. I won’t order from anyone else.”

Here’s a short, but sweet review that was posted about this legit sex doll site:

“I just wanted to share my experience with SSD and everything went smoothly. Except for me researching for a month and throwing a lot of questions at Isaac and Ally. So the choice fell on 6YE Amor Doll with WM head #159 and tan skin, the factory pictures looked great. And Isaac didn’t lie when he said she’d look better in person. =D

Love her thicc behind and legs, reminds me of Chun Li. =)

Also the tan color of the head and body blends well. ^-^

Thank you, Isaac and Ally, for the great customer service! =D”

#5 Real Doll by Abyss Creations

Real Doll home page image

The Real Doll is truly one of a kind when it comes to sex dolls. Not only does Real Doll create an AI sex doll that can carry on an intelligent conversation, tell jokes and moan and groan with your touch, their body and skin is incredibly realistic. That being said, a Real Doll, even without the AI, will cost you a premium.

So, you can be sure that Real Doll is a legit sex doll site, creating the most high-end and beautiful sex dolls right here in the United States.

Did You Notice?

The Real Doll website has zero flashy sales, scam-like advertisements or ridiculous sales tactics. In addition, their location, telephone number and email address are easily accessible. However, what makes them stand out among all sex doll retailers and manufacturers is the workmanship and quality. These are just a few things which ensure that Real Doll is a legit sex doll site.

What Real Customers Have to Say

This snippet of an extremely long review, with photos, is from a Real Doll owner.

“The quality and craftsmanship of this as any other doll from Abyss creations is second to none, incredible attention to detail like the blending of the dura cast to the soft silicon, the hands, feet and nails, the seam minimization, the makeup etc… all of it is what you would expect from a $6500 doll and more, and then you get the customer service and after sales service that is legendary.

I will never forget years ago I damaged Jade and sent off an email in the middle of the night after far too many beers to Matt the CEO of Abyss pleading for help with Jade, I had an answer back in about 5 min’s assuring me we could fix her and she would be fine. A repair kit was mailed to me across the other side of the world and arrived within days, a further detailed email followed to explain how to go about the repair and shortly after she was good to go.

That has always stuck with me as an extraordinary example of how the folks at Abyss really care about their creations and the people who invest in them. I was sold on Real Doll for life right there.”

How to Recognize Sex Doll Scammers

With 90% of love doll websites being scams, you would think those sites would stand out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately, many scam sites blend in seamlessly, costing buyers millions of dollars every year. Therefore, I’ve gathered some tips on how to recognize sex doll scammers, so you don’t end up losing a lot of money.

What Scam Sex Doll Sites Do to Trick You

First of all, scam sex doll sites have a variety of slippery tactics they use to get your attention, draw you in and ultimately, get your money. For example:

  • Scam sex doll sites don’t have contact information or have information that is false.
  • Their reviews aren’t 3rd party verified, are short and sometimes badly worded. For instance, “Great product.” and “Works as advertised.”
  • Scam sex doll sites have doll descriptions that don’t match the actual product. See below.
  • Prices won’t match up to the actual product shown; the ole bait and switch technique.
  • Scam sites will have prices that seem far too good to be true. ($500 for a $2,000 doll)
  • They include verbiage such as “3 purchased in 48 hours,” “Only 2 left, order now!” to rush you into making a purchase.
  • Scam sex doll sites will carry generic, non-branded dolls or counterfeits and cheaply made dolls.
  • Advertisements for “last year’s models”, “We cut out the middle man,” and “Clearance dolls.”
  • Since there are no copyright laws in China, many scam sites use photos from legit sex doll sites and manufacturers to trick the consumer.

Sex Doll Scammer Tricks: A Prime Example

Although you may get a legitimate, branded sex doll from this company, they are using many deceptive tactics to scam you.

And sadly, I have recommended this site in the past, unaware of this little trick they use to (hopefully) get you to purchase a cheap, torso sex doll, instead of the sex doll shown. My sincerest apologies.

So, to show you this fuckery, let’s start with one of the most popular WM branded sex dolls, Tori. Here is her website photo. Pay close attention to the price, circled at the bottom.

Joy Love Dolls Tori Doll by WM

Here are the details:

  • Regular price: $1,899
  • Sale price: $1,349

Now, let’s take a look at Tori’s order page, where you can customize your WM doll. Unfortunately, if you don’t look very carefully, you will get ripped off!

Deceptive sex doll site page

Looking at this screen capture, you can see 3 important things:

  1. The price that is shown on the main page, also shows on Tori’s order page.
  2. The price shown is for an 85 cm / 2ft 9” F-Cup Torso without legs and NOT the Tori doll.
  3. Near the top, it shows that 3 of the Tori dolls have been sold in the last 48 hours – a deceptive tactic to encourage you to buy.

What are You Actually Buying?

Next, you will see different descriptions while looking through the options. Only ONE of these are actually the Tori doll, as shown on the product page. Now, what happens when you choose the Tori doll option? Look at this screen capture:

As you can see, everything changes when you click the Tori doll option. To summarize, here are the deceptive tactics used to get you to buy a possible counterfeit sex doll.

  • The actual WM Tori doll’s original price is $2,899 and the sale price is $1,899 which is the cost listed under her photo when looking at the selection of WM dolls. Plus, that doesn’t include any upgrades or personalization.
  • The 5 descriptions listed after the “As in Photo” option are all different heights, sizes and cup sizes. What that means is they are different dolls entirely – possibly counterfeit dolls.
  • Also, there is a certificate link next to the security seals. This is a WM certificate issued to authorized resellers. However, this certificate is null if you happen to click the wrong product description. Thus, you can be shipped any doll that matches the other descriptions and you can do nothing about it.

Be Careful When Choosing Freebies!

The Tori doll has several free add-ons offered. Likely, these are offers from the WM company. Sure, it’s a fantastic deal but only if you are extremely careful! Therefore, hover over each free add-on to be sure it’s actually free. And be careful to click the add-on that shows “free”. Otherwise, your cost will increase.

Once you are finished with your Tori doll customizations, as long as you only added the free add-ons, your cost before shipping, handling and taxes should be $1,899.

Other Tricks Used by Sex Doll Site Scammers

Beware of resellers that use sites like Ebay, Ali Express and Alibaba. These sellers steal copyright photos from legit sex doll sites and use them to lure you in. In addition, they claim you are buying direct from the manufacturer and therefore you are cutting out the middle man. Sure, you can buy directly from a manufacturer. But you must go directly to that site.

However, be aware that working directly with a Chinese site can potentially get you into trouble. That is because a lot gets lost in translation. So, it’s best to buy from one of the legit sex doll sites listed above that are based in the United States and work directly with the manufacturers on your behalf.

Finally, beware of sites that advertise dolls with no brand name – ie: generic dolls. These are cheaply-made sex dolls that could be constructed with dangerous, harmful and even toxic materials. Some scammed buyers have gotten sex dolls with no vagina opening!

Legit or Scam? How to Check a Sex Doll Site Yourself

Just as I mentioned before, you can check a website to see if they’re real or a scam. Simply follow these helpful tips. However, be sure to check our comprehensive scam list below to see if you may be dealing with a scam sex doll site. That way, you won’t waste your time calling and emailing.

Big List of Scam Sex Doll Sites

The following list of websites have been deemed NOT to be legit sex doll sites; hence they are all scammers! Here is the current list of scam sites gathered from Tom’s website, as well as several others around the web.

Those marked “use caution” are sites using deceptive sales tactics. Further, if marked “use extreme caution”, it means they have been verified as sending counterfeit dolls along with some authentic sex dolls.

 All sites are .com, unless shown otherwise.

  1. Adultdollsale
  2. Okesexdoll (underage illegal dolls)
  3. bdolls .pro
  4. ESdoll
  5. beltal
  6. RealDollWives
  7. bigsale. Bigcartel
  8. TinySexDolls
  9. bb-doll
  10. 2lovedoll
  11. blow-up-realdoll
  12. Hydoll
  13. creacharm (bait & switch and offering underage sex dolls)
  14. WMdoll.ca (Use this site with caution!)
  15. Anidoll
  16. vealove
  17. dhgate
  18. dollter
  19. Bestlovesexdoll
  20. Acsexdolls
  21. Myminisexdoll
  22. Dolloza
  23. Vsdolls
  24. Sexdollcenter.vip
  25. Absolutesexdoll
  26. Iamdollusa (Use with extreme caution)
  27. fullsexdolls
  28. ioffer
  29. jointchoice
  30. maillovedolls
  31. sexangelbaby
  32. artificialcompanions
  33. bbdoll
  34. littlesexdolls (offering underage sex dolls)
  35. menpillow
  36. Yourdoll (Use with caution)
  37. Realsexdoll (Use with caution)
  38. pibdoll (offering underage sex dolls)
  39. plastic-virgin
  40. Lumidolls
  41. Relaxsexdoll
  42. Intimatehoney
  43. Dolls-castle
  44. Lovedolls
  45. aibeidolls
  46. post img .org (display of underage suggestive ads)
  47. mysexdollshop
  48. karendoll
  49. yumuboyadoll
  50. jesskylove
  51. life-lifelikedoll
  52. premiumdolls
  53. Ainidoll
  54. Mysmartdoll
  55. littlesexdolls
  56. realdoll collection
  57. acsexdolls

Beware of These Scam Sites!

  1. silverdoll
  2. dukehhdolls
  3. realsexyrealsexdolls
  4. sexpop.nl
  5. uxdoll
  6. uloversdoll
  7. sexylovedolls
  8. uvodoll
  9. sexdoll.co.uk
  10. lovedollpalace
  11. sexdollsonline
  12. aibeigirls
  13. nebuladolls.de
  14. xloveprivee.fr
  15. fraudoll

The Final Bit of Scammers

  1. sexdollwarehouse
  2. sexlovedolls
  3. swallowhillsdolls
  4. sextorso (copyright infringement/stolen vid)
  5. sexdollalley (confirmed some counterfeit dolls)
  6. sinloli
  7. shopoza
  8. lovedolls
  9. the-realdoll
  10. ussextoy
  11. top1sexdoll
  12. loverealdolls
  13. tradetang
  14. jenyasextoydoll
  15. sexpuppe24.de
  16. victory-shopping
  17. hexher
  18. yourealdoll
  19. yanovva
  20. racyme
  21. mysiliconelovedoll (known to send real and fake dolls)
  22. zldoll
  23. wholesalelolita.com

Buy Sex Dolls from Legit Sex Doll Sites

As you can see, there are more scam sites than there are legit sex doll sites. Seems everyone is out to earn a quick buck these days, no matter who they hurt in the process. But the legit sites have a fantastic selection of dolls available to ship right away or to customize into your dream doll. So, you have a plethora of beautiful sex dolls to choose from!

That way, you receive a well-made, authentic, branded sex doll and receive all you expected, and more, for your hard-earned money!

So, have you run across other sex doll sites that are scams? Be sure and email us or leave us a comment below so we can share with our readers.

Who is Tom and What Does He Know About Legit Sex Doll Sites?

I ran across Tom’s website while researching how to find legit sex doll sites. Tom is the owner of a sex doll brothel. Thus, he has experience in purchasing at least a dozen sex dolls. However, he was also scammed a few times during his journey. Since then, he has been researching legit sex doll sites, as well as scammers and teaching folks, like you, how not to be scammed.

I learned a great deal from Tom. Therefore, I am sharing my sex doll website knowledge, along with Tom’s tips so that you can find the best, most legit sex doll sites among the vast sea of scammers.

Why Didn’t BedBible Try These Sex Doll Sites Out?

Okay, that’s a fair question! Yes, we have done several articles on sex toy websites, testing whether or not they are discreet, as well as being legitimate, safe and secure. But try as we may, none of our affiliates will send us a Real doll. Furthermore, ordering a sex doll just isn’t in our budget, considering real, branded sex dolls are around the $2,000 mark.

But, if we ever do a discretion post on our top sex doll websites, you will be the first to know! In the meantime, I have complete confidence my research will be of help when you’re in the market to buy a sex doll.

How to Recognize a Legit Sex Doll Site

Learning how to recognize a legit sex doll site isn’t as easy as you may think. The reason for this is scam sex doll sites make their websites look as legitimate as they can. Plus, they will promise you the sun, moon and stars. That is, until they get your hard-earned money. So, here are the things to look for to recognize the site you’ve found is a legit sex doll website.

  • The site should have a phone number that works.
  • There should be an actual address that is legitimate.
  • The legit sex doll website will have an email.
  • Legit sex doll websites offer both in-stock dolls and customizable life size sex dolls.
  • Most legitimate sex doll sites will have factory photos and sex doll factory visit videos.
  • Sex doll descriptions will match the doll you are choosing.
  • The majority of legit sex doll sites won’t use scammer tactics to get your sale. (Though, some do)
  • Legitimate sex doll sites have competitive pricing (not “too good to be true” pricing).

Not Sure? You Can Test for a Legitimate Sex Doll Site

You’ve found the love doll of your dreams. But before cashing out that $2,000 cart, you’re hesitant and are afraid you might lose your money to a potential scam. I don’t blame you! Therefore, here are some tips for checking out the legitimacy of the sex doll website you’re using before spending your hard-earned cash.

Therefore, prior to clicking the check-out button, or before even choosing a sex doll, do these things to ensure you’re shopping with a legit sex doll site:

Call the Phone Number

Find the sex doll site’s phone number and ask some questions about the doll you want to order. However, if there is no answer or you have to leave a message (that’s not returned), find another website. Please keep in mind any time difference or holidays that could delay a return phone call.

Check Their Office Address

Check the website for the company’s address. Then, search for their office address on Google Maps and see if it’s a legitimate location. Sure, a few legit sites that we have ranked as the best sex doll websites only have virtual offices. However, the best sex doll websites have actual brick and mortar offices and an address. Furthermore, the most legit sex doll websites not only have an address, but may have a map showing their location!

Email Them!

Before ordering the doll of your dreams, go through the doll’s description and email customer service with questions to which you already know the answer. For example, if the doll you desire is 5.3” tall and only comes with gel breasts, ask if you can order a different type of breasts or a different height. Then, see how long the answer takes, if the answers are correct and if the agent uses proper English.

Feeling uncomfortable by the answers they provide? Ask some clarification questions or simply find another sex doll seller.

Do Your Research!

Next, do some research on the sex doll website you’re using. Search for third party reviews, look for reviews and experiences on The Doll Forum and check sex doll posts on Reddit. That way, you can find details on other people’s experiences with the company and whether or not they got scammed or received the name brand sex doll they ordered.

Check Those Prices!

Finally, check those prices! But how would a first-time, sex doll purchaser know if the prices are in line with other retailers? In other words, are their prices indicative of a scam? Simply put, check the official website of the brand of doll you’re thinking of buying. That way, you will see the ball park numbers where those sex doll prices should be.

For instance, if you’re interested in a WM brand sex doll, go to their official site and check their prices. Authorized resellers should have prices that are very close, if not the same, as the manufacturer.

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