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How Much is a Sex Doll? From Cheap to Luxury, Are Sex Dolls Worth It?

How much is a sex doll? And for the price, are sex dolls worth it?

I am here to answer those questions and more, about sex dolls ranging from inflatable sex dolls that are super cheap sex dolls, all the way up to bespoke, completely custom dolls that are so realistic, they are mistaken as human.

Look at RealDoll for some of those!

Therefore, by the end, hopefully, I’ve helped you answer the final and ultimate question, “Should I buy a sex doll?”

What is a Sex Doll?

Image answering question what is a sex doll

A sex doll is the ultimate adult, pleasure product created to give the user the most realistic sexual experience. These dolls range from inexpensive, inflatable models to lifelike dolls and robots with artificial intelligence that talk and some that move.

Furthermore, realistic sex dolls can be customized to meet your every whim and desire.

Sex dolls are created as male sex dolls, female and transgender sex dolls as well as coming in all shapes and sizes. If you enjoy the curvy and thick sex doll, you can find a one that gives you that.

Do you prefer a handsome man with rippling abs and hair trailing down his stomach? You can find that type of sex doll too. And also of different colours like a black masturbators.

Finally, if you are one that thinks outside the box and are turned on by the unique, sex dolls are created in fantasy looks, pregnant and in every beautiful skin color you can dream of.

And to satisfy your sexual desires, sex dolls have realistic openings that can be used for sex such as a vagina, anus and mouth.

Plus, male and transgender love dolls feature penises with custom lengths and girth. So, rather than simply using a dildo or masturbation sleeve, you get the full-body experience of being with an actual partner.

How Do You Use a Sex Doll?

Premium silicone mini love doll
Sino Platinum Silicone Mini Love Doll by Silicon Wives

Are sex dolls good for anything more than sex? Yes!

First of all, you can use a sex doll for companionship. Love dolls offer a body not only to satisfy you sexually, but to give you a cuddle buddy and someone to care for. Many older widowers invest in sex dolls for that very reason. Secondly, sex dolls are perfect for those with mental health issues that prevent them from venturing out and socializing. A love doll allows them to have that human-like connection they lack in their lives.

Last, but not least, love dolls have been widely accepted as surrogate lovers for those with disabilities. The love dolls allow for safe, disease-free sexual experiences the person wouldn’t experience otherwise.

You can use a sex doll for its intended purpose; sex. You can penetrate them in the mouth (as long as they aren’t AI sex dolls), the vagina and anus. In addition, you can penetrate yourself with a male or transgender sex doll as well as use their mouths and anuses for penetration.

Finally, one of the best ways to use a sex doll is to fulfill fantasies. For instance, the couple that has always wanted to experience a threesome, yet are afraid of the jealousy factor, can use a sex doll for that purpose. Or, a single gentleman can dress his sex doll any way he pleases to fuel his fantasies and fulfill all of his sexual desires without fear of rejection or shame.

How Much is a Sex Doll?

Far more people buy love dolls than you could imagine. For example, in 2020, during the pandemic, Sex Doll Genie reported sales skyrocketing 218% over previous years and barely being able to keep up with the demand for sex dolls. So, if so many people are willing to buy love dolls, then how much is a sex doll?

Sex dolls range in price from just under $100 all the way up to $10,000 and above. That includes partial sex dolls, full-sized sex dolls as well as AI and robot models. Therefore, to answer the question, “How much is a sex doll?”, I will need to break it down by sex doll type.

Types of Sex Dolls

If you’re asking, “How much is a sex doll?” and also want to know, “Is a sex doll worth it?”, you need to look at each type of sex doll, the features they have, and then the cost in order to compare and see if love dolls are truly worth the cost. So, let’s start with the lowest priced sex dolls and work up to the most expensive, luxury sex dolls.

Inflatable Sex Dolls

blow-up sex doll
Miko Inflatable Love Doll by Adam and Eve.

Inflatable sex dolls are exactly what the name suggests.

These love dolls are made with PVC and vinyl and blow up.

It used to be that this type of love doll was cheap, unrealistic and felt like boinking a plastic sandwich bag. However, many sex toy companies have upgraded their blow-up sex dolls to include realistic looking and feeling body parts.

Take, for example, the Miko blow-up love doll. She’s made of vinyl, rubber and TPR so her face, hands, feet, breasts and vagina look and feel more realistic. Miko has a price tag of $169.95 (as of publish date 4-19-22), less than double the price of her male counterpart.

The Gladiator is a male PVC blow-up sex doll with a vibrating tongue, realistic, removable penis and penetrable anus for only $84.99.

And let’s not forget those sexy, drawn-on abs!

Finally, inflatable sex dolls can be a bit more pricey but are made to look and feel much more realistic than most blow-up dolls.

Naomi is the upgraded version of the old-school blow-up doll and comes with realistic face and mouth, vagina that vibrates and hands and feet that look more lifelike. Naomi comes in at a cool $224.00.

Torso sex dolls

Love Doll lower half type of mini doll
The Warm Half Partial Love Doll by Silicon Wives

If you want to buy love dolls but are concerned about storage and the ability to move 100 lb. dolls around your home, there are smaller, more compact versions called torsos, partial or mini dolls like these ass sex dolls.

These love dolls are literally just parts of a full-sized plaything.

First off, you can buy a torso that includes all of the important parts; breasts, anus and realistic, textured vagina.

The Thrust Pro Elite Alicia torso is made from soft but jiggly TPE and has a vagina modeled after an adult film star. This sex doll torso will cost you $349.99.

If you are craving a little bit more in a sex doll, maybe the Warm Doll bottom half love doll will fulfill those desires. With a metal frame and the ability to be posed in many lifelike positions, this half love doll includes the long legs, butt and vagina, both of which are tight and textured for your pleasure. This partial sex doll will set you back $1099.00.

Last, but certainly not least, the Sino platinum silicone mini love doll has everything you want, minus the legs. You can penetrate her mouth, vagina and anus as well as using her ample boobs for stimulation. And considering she is made of luxury materials, her price reflects that at $2229.00, as much as some human-sized, full sex dolls.

You can find more sex doll torsos here.

Stuffed Sex Dolls

Plush love doll
Angelic Plush Love Doll

Stuffed sex dolls, also known as plush sex dolls are more of a niche’ market and are adored by those with a plushie or furry fetish. This type of love doll is covered with a short, plush fur and includes breasts and a simple, non-realistic vagina for penetration. The cost for these cuties run from $348 for the Angelic model and can be as expensive as the Lip Lop Anime doll at the price of $1822.

Life like Sex Dolls

Gabriella Lifelike doll
The Gabriella Doll

Life like sex dolls are usually what people envision when they want to buy love dolls. This type of doll is the size of a real human. It features every characteristic of an actual person including a sturdy skeleton that moves like a human, realistic feeling skin made from TPE or silicone as well as genitals that are picture perfect.

These sex dolls vary in price from site to site, and oftentimes, you can find sales on a certain doll model you like. Let’s take Gabriella for example. She’s a gorgeous blonde with a bottom that is still in the room after she leaves. You can purchase her, as is, for $1999.00. However, if you want to change a few things and customize her, here’s what it will cost you:

  • Gel breasts $75
  • Standing feet $75
  • Shrugging shoulders $50
  • Enhanced mouth $75
  • Moaning sounds $150
  • Extra jiggly TPE breasts $100
  • Articulated hand skeleton $100

Silicone Dolls

Captain Drew all silicone love doll

Lifelike sex dolls can be purchased in pure silicone, which makes them last longer, they are less prone to skin tears and they are non-porous, meaning they won’t hold dirt, oils, bacteria and viruses.

However, all-silicone dolls do cost a bit more. Captain Drew, the pilot, is a silicone, male love doll with all of the features you could desire in a man for $3999.00.

TPE Dolls

Elfic Fairy Queen Doll

On the other hand, TPE sex dolls are a bit less expensive with a look and feel that’s just as realistic, with a bit more jiggle in the breasts and bottom.

This sexy, little fantasy doll, named Elfic Fairy Queen costs less than a silicone sex doll and is just as beautiful for $1499, without upgrades. The only downside to TPE sex dolls is that they absorb your body oils, get dirty more easily and are porous therefore, need to be washed more frequently.


AI and Robot Sex Dolls

Buy Real Doll Serenity
Serenity Real Doll X

If you are looking to spend a lot when you buy, Real Doll sex dolls may be exactly what you are looking for. The Real Doll is considered an AI (artificial intelligence) love doll and not a robot. Each doll is programmed to carry on intelligent conversations, smile, blink and move their heads. Furthermore, the Real Doll can be programmed to talk about your individual interests.

To buy Real Doll sex dolls, you’ll be shelling out quite a bit of money. For example, for $6149.00 you can buy Real Doll X model Serenity, with the Bluetooth vaginal insert, which allows her to moan in response to your touch. You can add additional inserts for all over the body for $500 each, increase her breasts by $850 per cup size and add freckles for $150-$550.

The only downside to these sexual scientific marvels is that you cannot use their mouths for penetration and they cannot be bathed in the tub or showered because of the sophisticated electronics in their heads.

Robot Sex Dolls

Robot Sex Doll Zaina
AI Tech Robot Love Doll Zaina by Sex Doll Genie

If you prefer not to buy Real Doll sex dolls because of the unusable mouth, maybe you should look into a robotic sex doll made by AI Tech. These gorgeous love dolls thrust their hips and move their upper bodies so you have the most realistic sex possible. And the price isn’t what you might think! Meet Zaina, a robot sex doll that can give you realistic oral sex as well as intercourse for $2620.00.

Sadly, they’ve yet to produce male AI or Robotic sex dolls. We will continue to wait patiently with out vibrators in hand until our sexy, robotic knights sweep us off our feet.

Custom Sex Dolls

Are sex dolls worth it? Sinthetic Male dolls
Hand-Crafted Male Love Dolls by Sinthetic

The final and most expensive category of sex dolls are bespoke creations that look so incredibly real, they will fool most people. The top manufacturer in this elite category is called Sinthetics and they are based in the United States. However, these dream dolls will cost you a pretty penny with the basic female model starting at $6400.00 and the male starting at $6750.00.

Not surprisingly, these dolls are made to order and can include scars, tattoos, freckles, hand implanted hair all over the body and piercings. Because of this, they often shut down orders for time periods as they hand pour, sculpt and paint these magnificent, one-of-a-kind sex dolls. In the end, most dolls created by the masters at Sinthetics end up costing well over $10,000.

Are Sex Dolls Worth it?

Now that I have answered the question, “How much is a sex doll?” you may be wondering, “Are sex dolls worth it?” Those of us willing to invest in and buy love dolls already know that they are a good investment. I have always been honest with my readers in saying that you get what you pay for when it comes to sex toys.

And the same holds true for sex dolls.

Any pleasure product that goes on or in your genitals should be of the highest quality. So, is a sex doll worth it? Absolutely, 100% yes! The reason for that is, sex dolls are the ultimate in sex toys. They are the closest thing to a human being you can get in looks, the way they feel and the way you can interact with them sexually.

Plus, love dolls are a sex toy that will literally last a lifetime, if you care for it properly. So, if you want the best sex ever, without the complications of a relationship, stop asking, are sex dolls worth it, and start figuring out how you can purchase your first sex doll!

Sales and Sex Doll Financing

Custom love doll by Sinthetics
Bespoke Female Sex Doll by Sinthetics

When shopping for a sex doll, be sure and compare sites and look for sales and special financing. For instance, Joy Love Dolls is having a 2022 sale and you can get up to 40% off many brands of love dolls as well as a bundle of freebies. Check this out!

SE brand sex dolls have a percentage off across the board, depending on they style of sex doll you choose. In addition, you get these freebies:

  • Free extra head so you can change your doll’s look.
  • Premium breast upgrade
  • EVO skeleton which allows the doll to move and pose most like a human.
  • Vagina heater
  • An outfit for your doll
  • Standing legs and feet
  • Free storage crate
  • Vagina cleaner
  • Upgraded premium mouth
  • Steel head stand

That is $1117.00 in merchandise and upgrades for free. Is a sex doll worth it? As I mentioned before, yes, especially when you get great deals like the one above.

In addition, you can find financing options, can purchase with credit cards, money transfer and even use crypto currency on some sites. So, there are many ways you can buy love dolls!

Should I Buy a Sex Doll?

We have covered “How much is a sex doll?”, “Are sex dolls worth it?” and various other questions about love dolls. So, I’m sure you’re now asking, “Should I buy a sex doll?” Well, I can’t make that decision for you, as it is a personal and financial one. However, I can help you along in the process.

Hundreds of thousands of people buy love dolls every year and for various reasons. Some might buy Real Doll sex dolls to have someone they can talk to, as well as enjoying worry-free sex. Still, others may buy love dolls simply to have the ultimate sex toy. But whatever reason you have for wanting a sex doll, is enough reason to buy one!

Therefore, stop asking yourself, “Should I buy a sex doll?” and start shopping for one today. After all, there are so many beautiful models and types of sex dolls to choose from, it will take a bit of time to choose your perfect plaything. But no matter which love doll you buy, rest assured a sex doll is worth it!

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