Discreet is Sex Toy Shipping: The Best Shops to choose

When most people buy sex toys online, one of their biggest concerns is whether people will be able to tell what’s inside.

Will their sex toy shipping be discreet?!

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people being delivered giant, dildo-shaped packages in front of their family or roommates! The second-hand embarrassment is almost too much to handle…

I’ve reviewed the packaging of Lovehoney, the packaging of AdamEve, the packgaging of Tootimid and the packaging of SheVibe among MANY others…

Here’s my list of the best sex shops to choose to make sure that your sex toys will be shipped discreetly and safely.

Sex ShopPlain PackagingDiscreet Sender NameDiscreet BillingShop Here
*Only Sender Address
( ✅ )
“Lovehoney LLC”
“Joe Bookman”

“SV .com”
“WFH Design”

“WFH Design”
*Only Sender Address

“TBMBM US, Inc.”
“LFP Ecommerce”

“LFP Ecommerce”
“Atlantic Innovations”

“Atlantic Innovations”
“Hamilton Park Electronics”

“Hamilton Park Electronics”
*Only Sender Address


Here is a gallery of the packaging of each shops I just mentioned. Using these images of the packaging, you can decide yourself if the packaging of each sex toy store is discreet enough:

What is Discreet Sex Toy Shipping?

Every online sex toy store is different, but if they say that they offer discreet shipping, there are a few things they’re almost guaranteed to offer:

  • Plain packaging. This is usually a plain brown box or envelope, with no branding or other indicators of the nature of its contents.
  • A different sender name. Most sex toy companies use a different name on the shipping label, so that people won’t recognize the sender. For example, packages from sex toy retailer Hustler Hollywood have the company name ‘LFP Ecommerce, LLC’.
  • A discreet return address. In most cases, senders are required to add a return address to their packages. However, most sex toy stores use generic, warehouse addresses that aren’t at all indicative of what they stock.
  • No (or vague) product descriptions on the box. It’s rare that sex toy stores will even have to state what’s inside the package. However, if you’re importing sex toys from another country, this may be required. Look for stores that use vague descriptions, like ‘silicone sculpture’.

Here’s an example of what your package might look like, from online sex toy store Lovehoney:

Lovehoney discreet shipping box
Lovehoney discreet shipping label

Don’t Forget the Sex Toy Packaging!

No matter how plain the shipping box is, you may still encounter issues if you keep a box lying around with a picture of the toy on the front, or some other suggestive imagery.

You can see photos of the packaging on most online sex toy store product pages, so you can be prepared ahead of time. Otherwise, our sex toy reviews always mention the packaging and how conspicuous it might be!

If you want to keep your sex toy activity under the radar, then I recommend opting for sex toys that come with their own storage bags. This way, you don’t have to worry about keeping the packaging to protect your toy. You can also buy all kinds of sex storage solutions separately, like pouches and lockable boxes.

What About My Bank Statement?

The other thing that could give away your provocative purchases is your bank or credit card statement. Fortunately, most sex toy stores are well aware of that, and offer discreet billing, too.

Just like the sender’s name on your package, discreet billing means that your purchase will only show an innocuous company name. This way, anyone looking at your statement or transaction history won’t be alerted to anything out of the ordinary.

If you’re very unsure about your statement giving away anything, or just want to be extra discreet, you could also use Paypal (or another payment service) to buy your sex toys. Just top up your Paypal funds and use them to pay for your order. This way, your purchase won’t be visible on your statement at all.

Why is It So Important?

Here at Bedbible, we truly believe that everyone deserves access to sexual pleasure without feeling shame. It’s our whole schtick, really! So, when it comes to buying sex toys online, why are we such advocates for discreet shipping?

Well, just because you feel free to enjoy an amazing orgasm doesn’t mean that you want everyone from the delivery driver to your next door neighbor knowing which sex toys you’re buying! Maybe you have roommates who’d you rather didn’t know the intimate details of your sex life, or children who love to go through the mail.

The point is, you should be able to decide who gets to know that you’re buying sex toys online.

Stores That Offer Discreet Sex Toy Shipping and Billing

It can be hard to know which stores actually offer discreet shipping, especially if you don’t want to be trawling through all of their information and FAQ sections!

Here are some of our favorite, trusted online sex toy retailers that offer completely discreet shipping and billing, so you can be confident in your purchases:

Of course, you can also buy sex toys directly from many brands’ websites. Most will have discreet shipping and billing, though it’s always worth checking! While there are far too many to list here, here’s a few good ones:

Are There Any Stores to Avoid?

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to avoid buying sex toys from very large online stores like Amazon or Wish. There’s much less of a guarantee of quality or longevity from these places, and very often no guarantee of discreet shipping.

If you really have no other option, I would recommend checking the reviews for any product you’re considering purchasing. You’ll often find whether or not other people had their product shipped discreetly or not in the review or Q&A sections.

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