Is TooTimid Packaging Discreet?

Is TooTimid Packaging Discreet? From Shopping to Shipping, Is TooTimid a Safe Sex Toy Site?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

That is the question everyone has when ordering sex toys from any online retailer.

After all, who wants the mail carrier to know all about your intimate life, love for big dildos and floggers?

Therefore, at BedBible, we want you to feel comfortable with every purchase you make on your own, or through our website.

So, we ordered something from TooTimid in order to answer the question, “Is TooTimid packaging discreet?” as well as answering additional questions and concerns you may have when ordering a sex toy from their company.

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

Is Ordering Sex Toys from TooTimid Safe?

With hundreds of sex toy sites out there, it’s normal to wonder, is ordering sex toys from TooTimid safe?

We all ask that about every company!

That is, until we establish a retail relationship and know, by experience. However, we are answering those questions FOR YOU so you don’t have to learn by experience. We’re taking the proverbial bullet for you.

Plus, ordering from a new online retailer will expand your sex toy choices and who knows, you may just find your go-to, sex toy supplier!

So, is ordering sex toys from TooTimid safe?

In my opinion, absolutely!

From shopping to shipping, my experience with TooTimid was a pleasurable one. However, I did have one concern with my order which is something I think shoppers should be aware of and which I have shared below.

It wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, and hopefully, it won’t be for you.

About TooTimid

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

TooTimid has been around for nearly 22 years.

Established as a brick-and-mortar store in 2000, they have taken and expanded their show online. I love TooTimid’s mission! From their website:

“To the shy person who blushes at the idea of walking into a sex toy store: TooTimid sees you. You’re the reason we’re here.

There’s no need to feel shy when you shop with us. We pride ourselves on creating a safe space that’s free of judgment and prioritizes privacy. Ours is a one-stop-shop concentrated on high-quality adult products shipped discreetly, along with sex education, sensational customer service, and customer privacy.

Our goal is to enhance your sex life and help you begin to feel more comfortable exploring your sexuality while leaning into the world of sex toys.”

They also pride themselves on inclusion – something that is BedBible’s core belief – as well as sexual health and overall sexual satisfaction.

A woman-run company, TooTimid is all about discretion and customer happiness. They sell everyting from sex machines to Penis Pumps and of course male and female sex toys in every shape and size.

Is TooTimid a Safe Website?

Before we even get to the most important aspect of ordering sex toys – is TooTimid packaging discreet – we need to go over the safety of their website.

While shopping on the TooTimid website, I saw the all-important lock on my browser, ensuring my browsing and check-out would be safe. As far as the site layout itself, it was easy to navigate with thorough, drop-down lists as well as being easy on the eyes with softer colors and nice graphics.

In other words, I didn’t feel the need to shower after shopping at TooTimid.

So, is TooTimid a safe website? This gal says yes!

Does TooTimid Offer Specials?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

If you’re a bargain shopper, like me, you’re probably asking if TooTimid offers specials. And like the vast majority of popular sex toy retailers, TooTimid offers a broad selection of specials. For example:

  • A free sex toy promotion (with a minimum $9 purchase)
  • % Off sales
  • Customer loyalty program – earn points to cash in for TooTimid gift cards
  • Free shipping for orders over $59
  • A clearance section
  • Promotional codes

And just so you know, the free sex toy promotion does include your choice of the waterproof rabbit vibrator, a rabbit bullet vibrator or a fleshy, male masturbator. So, that special isn’t just for vulva owners!

Does TooTimid Sell Good Sex Toys?

Not only is the question, is TooTimid packaging discreet, important but answering the question, “Does TooTimid sell good sex toys?” is crucial. In the days of counterfeit products, fake silicone and dangerous materials slipping through, knowing the quality of sex toys is more important than it ever has been.

TooTimid sells good sex toys. No, they don’t carry some of the luxury brands we have reviewed on BedBible, but they do carry the affordable California Exotics sex toy line as well as B.O.B Pink, Satisfyer, Womanizer and Pipe Dream brands, among others. So, their site is great place for all budgets. But, how well does TooTimid describe their products?

Too Timid Sex Toy Descriptions

TooTimid’s sex toy descriptions are extremely thorough! They include all of the materials that went into making each product as well as features, settings and more. Plus, they have customer-created reviews on each page to help you along in your sex toy decision making.

What Are TooTimid Payment Options?

This is where TooTimid excels above many sex toy retailers. As I was checking out with my purchase, I noticed that TooTimid has payment options for nearly every buyer. Not only do they accept credit cards and express checkout with PayPal and Amazon, I was delighted to see these additional payment options:

  • CC
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitpay
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Venmo
  • Coinbase Commerce

Although I don’t use these types of payments, I realize they are becoming extremely popular, thus opening up the door to more buyers. However, with some items priced above a few hundred bucks, I was disappointed that they don’t offer Afterpay or Klarna.

What Type of Shipping Does TooTimid Offer?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet? What shipping options does TooTimid offer?

Before the all-important, is TooTimid packaging discreet, question, it’s important to know how their adult products are shipped. I mean, we all hate being gouged when it comes to shipping costs! Therefore, in checking out TooTimid’s shipping options, I was a wee bit disappointed.

They only offer 3 shipping options. First, you can use USPS Express shipping which is a 4-7 business day turnaround for $8.95. Okay, 4-7 business days is NOT considered Express, that’s simply regular, snail mail, slow boat shipping. Secondly, they offer FedEx 2-day for $19.95. And finally, if you want your products super-fast, they offer FedEx Next Day for $34.95.

In conclusion, I’m not sure those options are based on what you order or just a flat rate. Either way, it’s a bit more expensive than a lot of retailers, but for their selection and discretion, I feel it’s worth the few extra bucks. Plus, don’t forget that you can nix the shipping costs all together if your order is over $59!

Is There Anything to Be Aware of Upon Checkout?

Ah, the dreaded and sneaky check-out, where many online companies like to sneak in pre-checked boxes for newsletters and other things. But is TooTimid’s checkout safe?

To be 100% honest, I cannot remember if the newsletter box was pre-checked (so be sure and check for that when you decide to shop with them) but I do know this…. I was BOMBARDED by emails immediately. More on that below.

But what really shocked me was the Norton protection!

TooTimid’s Norton Protection on Every Purchase

Surprise! TooTimid takes safety beyond the normal, “Is TooTimid’s packaging discreet?” and gives you, free of charge, Norton purchase protection! The protection includes $10,000 identity theft protection, $1,000 purchase guarantee and a lowest price guarantee, meaning, if TooTimid drops the price of the product you ordered within 30 days, you can claim up to $100 from Norton.

Now you have the answer to the question, “Is it safe to order sex toys from TooTimid?”

I not only felt that TooTimid was safe, I felt safe above and beyond what most all websites offer. Bravo TooTimid!

Where Do TooTimid Emails Come From?

Once you place your order with TooTimid, where do the emails come from? If you have anxiety over someone reading your emails, then this is an important aspect of ordering sex toys online. Unfortunately, TooTimid sends emails under their name. However, that’s typical for most all adult product companies.

My suggestion is to go into your email contacts, accept TooTimid as a trusted sender and simply change the name to something you’ll remember but isn’t the name of a sex toy retailer. Then, you’ll no longer worry about someone seeing an email from TooTimid and knowing all of your personal business.

Will TooTimid Spam Me?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet? Will TooTimid spam me?

Yes, TooTimid will absolutely spam you if you don’t uncheck the newsletter subscription box. On the day of my purchase, I got 4 emails. A couple days later, I was informed that my package had shipped and got another email the day it was on the mail truck for delivery and a third email the second my package was delivered.

I didn’t even see the mail carrier!

However, in between, the number of emails from Angela @TooTimid was staggering and more than a little annoying! It was like that cool girl you met at the bar that you thought would be a great addition to your friendship circle. Then, you instantly regret it. It was like that.

Some days, I would get 4 emails, some days I would get 1.

So, if you’re not happy with excessive emails, don’t sign up and look carefully for that box at checkout.

How Do TooTimid Charges Show Up on My Billing Statement?

How does TooTimid show up on my billing statement?

In keeping with their discreet policies, TooTimid lets you know, at checkout, to expect charges and shipping from Atlantic Innovations. And sure enough, the charges showed on my PayPal debit card as such and the name showed up again on my packaging. No unknown, random names or packages from an unknown company.

Thanks, TooTimid!

Delivery; Is TooTimid Packaging Discreet?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

Now for the answer to the most asked question of any sex toy retailer online; “Is TooTimid packaging discreet?”

Considering they base their entire company on the premise of discretion and confidentiality, you would think the TooTimid packaging would be as discreet as possible. And it was…. to an extent. Let me explain further.

My package came in a plain, bubble wrap envelope. The return address was from Atlantic Innovations, LLC. So, the basics of discretion were there. However, I personally dislike manila bubble mailers as they are not secure and they don’t protect the items inside as much as a sturdy, cardboard box.

Additionally, my package was torn on the side. And yes, if you stuck your finger in the hole and peeked inside, you’d plainly see that the perverted lady at my address ordered a travel-size, air-pulse, clitoral stimulator.

Is TooTimid packaging discreet?

That’s me, by the way.

Further, the address label peeled off seamlessly, which usually would be fine. However, the envelope was sealed (not well), folded in half and held in place by the not-sticky-enough-label. Fortunately, my package stayed together and arrived at my place, unscathed, although my mail carrier probably knows what I like to do in my private time because of the hole in the side of the envelope.

So, is TooTimid packaging discreet? Yes, no one will know from whom your package is being shipped. However, I would love to see them use cardboard packaging to ensure further discretion and to prevent damage of the products ordered.

Inside the Package; Is TooTimid a Discreet Company?

Is TooTimid packaging discreet? Inside the package.

Is TooTimid packaging discreet on the INSIDE? Basically, is it safe to open up and peek inside with little eyes in the room? Just like the majority of sex toy orders, once that package is open, all ideals of discretion go out the window.

Inside my less-than-secure, bubble mailer (yes, I am still salty) was my product, a simple receipt with Atlantic Innovations, LLC as the return address but the TooTimid logo on the right with their contact information. It included my name and mailing information, the product information, a reminder that the charges are from Atlantic Innovations and ….

Oh, btw. I ordered a clit sucker – the Satisfyer Pro Traveler Air Pulse Stimulator. Satisfyer has some amazingly cheap and great products available like their insanely popular Satisfyer Pro 2.

Who’s Kaitlin?

“Packed with care by Kaitlin, who loves to go Kayaking!” This was stamped, in red, on the bottom of my receipt.

Good for you, Kaitlin! You know what I like to masturbate with and I get Kayaking from you? Plus, a manila bubble mailer? Sorry, that’s a little unfair, don’t you think?

Naked Kayaking, I could see.

Kayaking before settling down with a 12” silicone dong and a bottle of anal lube, that’s a bit more fair.

If you’re going to share, let’s have some equality here!

In all serious, BedBible readers, I found the stamp a bit refreshing and it made me smile. It was a personal touch you just don’t see any more these days. Although, deep down, I think Kaitlin should spill her sex toy loves.

More on the Inside

Finally, I received a thank-you that included a discount code for 20% off my next purchase along with some tips for recommended essentials like lube, sex toy cleanser and sex toy storage bags. That’s a great add-on as it’s a reminder of those important little accessories you oftentimes forget. The coupon was free of any nudity or adult content, so adhered to TooTimid’s discreet policies.

Overall, Is TooTimid Packaging Discreet and Is TooTimid a Safe Sex Toy Site?

Overall, is TooTimid packaging discreet? Is TooTimid a safe sex toy site?

Yes, and yes!

TooTimid has a great variety of sex toys to choose from, including higher-tier options like LELO, We-Vibe, and Fleshlight as well as bargain brands. They say their company is founded on being discreet and catering to the sex toy shy, and it definitely comes through in their packaging, Norton guarantee, site guarantee and alternate name for charges.

However, be careful of signing up for their newsletters or Angela will spam you with every promotion, sale and new product as well as some things you probably don’t need or want to know. You will be annoyed within a day or two and hitting that UNSUBSCRIBE link.

In the end, I give TooTimid high marks all around! Therefore, I find it an extremely safe place from which to shop for the sex toys you desire most! So, dear readers, get shopping!

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