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Is Hustler Hollywood Packaging Discreet?

You’ll Be Surprised at What I Learned!

Is Hustler Hollywood packaging discreet? Not surprisingly, that’s the first question we ask ourselves before shopping for adult products online. On the other hand, when shopping for clothing, shoes and pet supplies, we never think twice about it. But considering we are talking about sex toys, lingerie and other adult goodies, we all desire the utmost in discretion.

I mean, who wants their nosey, elderly neighbor to know you have an affinity for leather, pocket pussies and paddles?

Therefore, I am grading yet another sex toy website so you’ll know whether or not it’s safe to order. Now, is Hustler Hollywood packaging discreet? Is their site safe for shopping? And finally, will your neighbors know if you order a deluxe set of butt plugs? Read on to get those answers and find out about the huge surprise, from Hustler Hollywood, I’d never have guessed possible!

The Hustler Hollywood Story

Hustler Hollywood stores
Hustler Hollywood store 2
Just some of the many Hustler Hollywood stores

Before we discuss whether or not Hustler Hollywood packaging is discreet, let’s talk about this gargantuan company and their seamless integration into the sex toy business.

I remember the Hustler name from my childhood (gasp) when I would page through magazines buried deep in my dad’s closet. Hustler wasn’t that “classy” magazine, oh no. They were out there and they were naughty. I won’t discuss the things I saw within the pages of Hustler magazine. But let’s just say that Chester the Molester stuck with me in a bad way.

However, in comparison to my Hustler experience of yesteryear, my opinion of the company has changed. And when I say changed, I mean, delighted, surprised and utter amazement.

But first, let’s see whether or not Hustler Hollywood is a discreet company from which to purchase your next sex toy.

Is Hustler Hollywood a Legit Sex Toy Site?

Before we find out if Hustler Hollywood packaging is discreet, let’s start at the beginning; is Hustler Hollywood a legit sex toy site?

The answer would be yes!

Not only that, but since 1998, Hustler Hollywood has had brick and mortar stores, across the United States, that carry an immense selection of pleasure products and lingerie. So, if you’re wondering if their website is legitimate, head on over there to shop! Because, in my opinion, they are the real deal and offer an incredibly amazing selection of grown-up playthings to choose from.

Hustler Hollywood Products and Selection

Is Hustler Hollywood a Legit sex toy site

The next question you’d likely have is about the products and selection that Hustler Hollywood carries. To be honest, I was expecting much less than what I found when visiting their site. For example, Hustler Hollywood carries dozens of the top adult product brands like Satisfyer, Oxballs, Fleshlight, Cal Exotics, Lelo and more. Plus, Hustler Hollywood has their own, exclusive line of products!

For example, Hustler Hollywood branded items include everything from realistic masturbators and vibrating panties to multi-function, rabbit vibrators, anal toys and cock rings.

And let’s not forget to mention that Hustler Hollywood has an unbelievable selection of lingeriefor ALL bodies, under garments, gift sets, games, DVDs, party supplies and so much more.

So, Hustler Hollywood is a mega store for everything adult and sexy! Seriously, head over there and shop now!

Is Hustler Hollywood a Safe Site?

Yes, Hustler Hollywood is a safe site at which to shop. As with any website you visit, you can check for the lock in your browser. Follow that by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and looking for those safe site logos and links to their privacy policies.

Does Hustler Hollywood Have Deals and Perks?

Why shop at a website if they don’t have sales, deals and perks?! In this case, Hustler Hollywood fits the bill and will save you some serious bucks, especially in these trying, financial times. First, Hustler Hollywood offers free FedEx shipping on any order over $69. Next, they have a points program where you receive points on everything you purchase, then you can cash them in for money off your next adult treasure.

Finally, check their home page for current sales and deals. On 6-30-2022, they were offering buy one, get one 50% off sitewide, on their website and mobile app too. Plus, click on that clearance tab, every time you visit, for deals on lingerie, sexy shoes and sex toys from all the brands you love.

Is Ordering from Hustler Hollywood Discreet?

We can’t get to answering the question, “Is Hustler Hollywood shipping discreet?” until we discuss ordering from them. after all, that is where safety and discretion begins. So, when I placed my order with Hustler Hollywood, everything went smoothly, checkout was secure and there was a bit of a surprise in my cart!

The Hustler Hollywood Freebie

I’m not sure if this is something which Hustler Hollywood does with every order, but, when I went to check out my cart, there was a little box with a bow that said “Free Gift”. How exciting! However, I won’t ruin the surprise for you, in case you decide to order from them – which I highly suggest!

Check Out – the Dreaded Newsletter

Hustler Hollywood email spam

At every checkout, within the vast expanse of the internet, lies the dreaded newsletter. Sometimes, there is a little box to check or uncheck. Sometimes, you just get spammed without being given the opportunity to say, no, thank you. However, when shopping with Hustler Hollywood, I searched high and low for that newsletter box.

There was none to be found.

Unfortunately, I immediately received my first, “Thanks for signing up” email within mere minutes of placing my order, along with my order confirmation. Additionally, apparently, I signed up for their points program, simply by ordering.

And I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not.

But hey, I got a 15% off code for my next order and there was a clear, bold link at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe.

Will Hustler Hollywood Spam Me?

As mentioned above, within 15-minutes, I had received 2 unsolicited emails from Hustler Hollywood. But this online retailer behavior isn’t exclusive to this company, as I have had sex toy companies send far more emails. Fortunately, you can scroll to the bottom of the email, click unsubscribe and be done with it. Or, after reading the rest of this article, you may want to reconsider.

How Do Hustler Hollywood Emails Show Up?

As with most all sex toy companies and retailers, Hustler Hollywood emails show up with their real name in your email box. But there is no need to worry! If you choose to keep receiving their email specials, sales and discount codes, you can simply add them to your approved sender’s list and change their name to something you’ll remember, as well as something a bit more discreet.

For instance, Aunt Agnes or Hudson’s Honey Farm and Distillery. It’s up to you!

That way, no one can look over your shoulder and see that you’ve saved up thousands of points because you’ve ordered every Fleshlight they have available.

Payments Accepted at Hustler Hollywood

Hustler Hollywood offers the usual modes of payment upon check out. They accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Sezzle financing for orders over $140

As usual, I used my PayPal business account to order, making it quick and painless!

Does Hustler Hollywood Show Up on My Bank Statement?

Hustler Hollywood discreet bank statement
This is one of two of my Hustler Hollywood orders

Is Hustler Hollywood discreet? Well, when it comes to the bank statement, yes and no. I’m unsure if this is limited to PayPal or not, but the charge showed up as “LFP Ecommerce LLC”. However, as you can see above, the Hustler Hollywood logo is clearly shown right next to the discreet name.

UGH…Hustler Hollywood, PayPal or whomever is responsible for that, boo! Fortunately, I make a living playing with and writing about sex toys. So, for me, it’s no big deal. However, for the rest of you, please be aware of how this shows up on your PayPal transactions. However, I don’t believe it’s likely to show up in that manner on a personal bank statement.

Shipping: Is Hustler Hollywood Packaging Discreet?

Hustler Hollywood packaging discreet? My first box

So, you’ve shopped Hustler Hollywood’s amazing selection, paid for your goodies and are now sweating on the sofa wondering, “Is Hustler Hollywood packaging discreet?” Well, as someone who ordered from them, I can cut the drama and head right to the answer….

And you’re going to be shocked and surprised.

The Outer Packaging

The FedEx driver pulled into my driveway and bounced out of his door with my package. I greeted him on the porch as he scanned my package and wished me a great day – no winks, raised eyebrows or any inkling that he had just delivered a box of sex toys. Therefore, yes, Hustler Hollywood packaging is discreet!

In addition, the shipping label was completely discreet with the return address listed as LFP Ecommerce. So, no outer clues that scream, “I just ordered a box of sex toys!”

But wait….

The Surprise Inside the Hustler Hollywood Shipping Box

You’d think answering the question, “Is Hustler Hollywood packaging discreet?” with a resounding yes would be the end of this article. But no, not even close! You see, Hustler Hollywood had a huge surprise in store for me. And it’s something that thrilled me and completely changed my mind about what I believed their company to be!

Inside the box

Inside the Hustler Hollywood shipping package

This is what the inside of the Hustler Hollywood discreet shipping box looked like. Everything was packaged tightly and securely. Plus, if you need kindling for your next backyard bonfire, just hang on to all of the non-descript, brown paper.

Under the Paper was a Huge Surprise from Hustler Hollywood

HH packaging

Next, I removed all of the packing paper to find this beautiful, branded, Hustler Hollywood box! Then, I pulled the box from the outer, discreet cardboard box (which was immediately overtaken by my cat) and was completely wowed by the quality of the gift-worthy box.

But it gets even better!

The Big Hustler Hollywood Reveal

“Relax, it’s just sex.”

I was so thrilled with the interior packaging, as it was like getting a surprise, birthday gift. And it wasn’t even my birthday! Then, I opened the gift box to find my products, beautifully displayed and nestled within black and gold crinkle paper. It was a thing of beauty!

And the writing, inside the box lid, made me smile from ear to ear: “Relax, It’s Just Sex.”

Okay, some of you may not find this at all exciting. And I get it. However, for those of you who regularly shop online for intimate products, you’ll know that this is not the norm. Usually, your toys are thrown into a box or padded mailer with little love or care.

Therefore, this was a pleasant surprise! Thank you, Hustler Hollywood.

Is the Hustler Hollywood Invoice Discreet?

Next, let’s take a deeper look inside the box and find out if the Hustler Hollywood invoice is discreet. As you can see in my photo, there is nothing on the packing slip that indicates the order came from Hustler Hollywood. Actually, there is little on the invoice at all. So, no worrying about leaving this one lying around – no one will know your naughty little secret.

Is Hustler Hollywood Discreet? My Overall Opinion

Is Hustler Hollywood discreet? Yes, in some aspects, they are. You see, I had a poor opinion of the company going in – remember, dirty magazines, childhood trauma. But this branch of their franchise is different from their magazine while being competitive with most large, sex toy sites.

Their selection is impressive. And as far as sex toys, naughty accessories, games, party supplies and lingerie go, Hustler Hollywood blows most retailers out of the water.

Now, I’m not thrilled with the immediate, newsletter sign-up, points program enrollment and emails, as I believe you should be given a choice. With that being said, it is easy enough to click a link and unsubscribe. Moreover, the Hustler Hollywood packaging was very discreet and included a surprise inside that I have never witnessed from another sex toy retailer.

Hustler Hollywood made me feel special and appreciated.

So, overall, Hustler Hollywood has great prices, a points program, an enormous selection and discreet packaging, billing, shipping and invoicing. Plus, the surprise interior packaging and free gift made it that much better.

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