The 11 Best Spanking Paddles for Thrilling Thwacks

   Isabelle Uren
In this review, I will take you through my top recommendations for the best spanking paddles out there! If you’re ready to upgrade from bare-hand spanking but aren’t quite ready to move onto BDSM whips then a spanking paddles is for you. In the list below, I’ve individually rated and reviewed 9 of the best BDSM paddles.
1 Test Winner

Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper Paddle

 Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper

  • Want to feel slutty and dominated
  • Get turned on by paddles that leave an imprint
  • Love the smell and feel of leather
  • Like a spanking paddle with incredible sound

Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper

  • Prefer a solid rather than split spanking paddle
  • Want a larger BDSM paddle
  • Need to be discreet

Love to make an impression? Then this is going to be your new favorite toy. This high-quality, stitched leather slapping paddle by Sportsheets is simultaneously stylish AND very kinky. It is fairly firm and features a split (double-layered) paddle that delivers super-loud, satisfying slaps and thwacks to your sub. Slap hard enough and they’ll get everything they deserve, plus you get to have the satisfaction of seeing them branded a SLUT too, thanks to the cut-out leather logo design on this BDSM paddle. The leather wrist loop on the handle means you won’t lose your grip during punishment sessions either.

  • Fantastic quality
  • Good for BDSM beginners
  • Very satisfying thwack and pain range
  • Convenient size

  • Can be tricky to achieve the 'SLUT' imprint
  • Some find it a little small
  • A little expensive
Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper
Length13 inches

A great choice for spanking beginners and expert alike, the Sportsheets Slut Slapper is my clear Test Winner for this review. It is sure to make one hell of a noise during paddle slapping, but is also fairly easy to regulate the amount of pain dished out with each stroke. Those more advanced will delight in the imprint it leaves behind during rougher play. This BDSM paddle is more suitable for people who love those stingy impacts, as it differs in design from more thuddy spanking paddles like the Kinklab Panamorphic 3-in-1 Paddle.  Additionally, it’s available at a pretty reasonable price!

2 Cheapest

Bondage Boutique Faux Crocodile Leather Paddle

 Bondage Boutique Crocodile Paddle

  • Are new to BDSM or are curious
  • Have a smaller budget
  • Prefer something less hardcore
  • Want to feel naughty and be punished

Bondage Boutique Crocodile Paddle

  • Prefer more painful paddles
  • Want a higher quality, real lather toy
  • Need a paddle that makes less noise

Well designed and wide enough to give a gamut of sensations from softer taps to stinging slaps, the Bondage Boutique Faux Crocodile Paddle is the cheapest in this round-up review, but it gives a lot of payoff nevertheless. Simple, yet effective, this faux leather spanking paddle has a crocodile-skin texture that looks cool and can also imprint patterns on your sub’s skin should more savage punishment be required. It features an 11-inch long handle with wrist strap to prevent you from losing your grasp on it and missing your sexy, submissive target. Choose to spank your victim using the lightly padded side for gentler sensations, or flip the paddle over and force them to give themselves over to your mercy as you use the hard, smooth side.

  • Great for warm-up fun
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and lightweight

  • Could be better quality
  • Design could be more attractive
Bondage Boutique Crocodile Paddle
Length11 inches
MaterialsFaux Leather

Non-intimidating if you are new to the naughty sensations of BDSM, this is a great all-round toy for paddle spanking that is popular with couples and those into casual, kinky play. I found that the broad design provides more comfortable, thuddy spanks when giving light to moderately intense spankings. I also think it’s available at an attractive price which will allow you to have the pleasure of punishing your playmate, but not your bank balance.

3 Beginner

Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle

 Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle

  • Want the choice between soft and hard spanks
  • Are buying your first spanking paddle
  • Like your toys to look stylish
  • Get turned on by feeling different textures on your skin

Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle

  • Are into more hardcore BDSM
  • Prefer a noisier slap
  • Want a paddle that can provide very intense spanks

The Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle is a firm favorite with beginners and lovers of light bondage play. This spanking paddle gives you the variety of play that newbies and non-hardcore kinksters may be looking for! The design features two different sides. Turn this BDSM paddle one way and you are presented with a lightly padded side covered in creamy soft silver satin. Use this side to caress and titillate the body in between strokes to increase sensation, and to soothe and reward your sub after a session. If you want to progress to more sting in your spank, flip the BDSM paddle over to the less-forgiving, black faux leather side. This side gives a much firmer thwack that will have your playmate writhing and begging for more. With an ergonomic design, this paddle feels comfortable when held, and has a wrist strap to keep it secure no matter how hard you spank.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Versatile
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Ergonomic and easy to hold
  • Affordable

  • Not for hardcore pleasure/pain seekers
Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle
Length13 inches
MaterialsFaux Leather, Satin

Those searching a more intense spanking experience may find the Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle a bit mild. That’s why I’ve selected as the perfect beginner’s option. It’s definitely not a heavy duty spanking paddle, but it’s sturdy enough to provide firm spanks and, best of all, the dual sided paddle can provide multiple sensations during both impact play and snesation play! On top of that, it’s simple, subtle, easy to transport, and super affordable. I believe this is a really great spanking paddle for beginners and kinksters with light experience.

4 Intermediate

Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle

 Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle

  • Already have some experience with spanking paddles and BDSM
  • Enjoy texture play
  • Like a less flexible paddle
  • Desire intense sensations

Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle

  • Prefer a larger paddle
  • Are new to heavy impact
  • Prefer a thudding spank over a stinging slap

Made from a firm yet slightly flexible rubber, the Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle may not be the prettiest spanking paddle on the block, but it sure is one of the meanest. The double-sided design looks a bit like rubber tire treads and features a range of different textures. There are nubs and bumps everywhere, although they are less pronounced on one side to ensure a good, solid sting, whereas the other side is covered with longer, spikier nubs for more severe sensations all over the body. Holes in the head of the paddle minimize air resistance, which means your stroke won’t be slowed down and the pain to your sub will be direct. The textured handle gives amazing grip, and could also be used in other ways during play.

  • Features varied textures
  • Easy to use
  • Durable even during rough play
  • Value for money

  • Too stiff and hard for some
  • Can have an initial odor
  • Could be bigger
Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle
Length11 inches
TextureNubs, bumps, and spikes

If you’ve already experimented with gentler paddles and you’re looking to up your game, there’s no doubt that this rubber spanking paddle will please. For intermediate and seasoned players, I really think the Fetish Fantasy Rubber Paddle will guarantee that your sub will get so much sensation out of your punishment sessions that they won’t be able to sit down for days without being reminded of them. Why? Because they hurt so good… Of course, compared to the Lovehoney Satin and Leather Spanking Paddle and the Sportsheets Slut Leather Slapper Paddle, this PVC spanking paddle will not be able to provide that classic BDSM faux leather look and feel. Consider whether or not this type of rubber feel is what you want in your new spanking paddle.

5 Advanced

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Advanced Silicone Spanking Paddle

 Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spanking Paddle

  • Want a precise aim
  • Like a severe spanking
  • Get off on a slap that really stings
  • Like it when your spanking session leave light bruising
  • Want something easy to clean

Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spanking Paddle

  • Don't like more intense pain
  • Prefer less stinging sensations
  • Like a more rigid spanking paddle

The Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spanking Paddle is made from super springy silicone with a somewhat heavier weight than some of the other paddles for spanking in this review. The extra weight, combined with the long, thin spanking surface, allows for some severe sensations. Firm yet velvety to the touch, one side of this spanking paddle is smooth for an intense, deep sting. The reverse side has a raised diamond texture which bites into bare skin and leaves a very rosy glow indeed. Another advantage of silicone is that it is extremely resistant to temperature, so you can even heat up or cool down the Fetish Fantasy Extreme and add the erotic dimension of temperature play during playtime. It’s also waterproof, so don’t hesitate to indulge in some spanking sexy kink in the tub or shower with BDSM paddle.

  • Nice size, weight, and feel
  • Can be wielded with little effort
  • Choice of textures
  • Good quality

  • More pricey
  • Handle could be more comfortable
  • No wrist loop
Fetish Fantasy Extreme Spanking Paddle
Length16 inches
WaterproofFully Submersible

This is a simple, yet very effective spanking paddle that is sure to make its mark. It’s nicely weighted and flexible enough that even inflicting an intense spanking session on your sub won’t tire you out. It’s also fantastic quality and surprisingly versatile. I would highly recommend the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone spanking paddle – especially if you’re looking for another sutrdy alternative to leather spanking paddles. I will remind you that this is probably better suited for advanced users or kinksters with a bit of experience.

6 Silicone

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle

 Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle

  • Are already pretty experienced with spanking
  • Are looking for a new spanking paddle on the more intense side
  • Love a stingy sensation upon impact
  • Like the idea of being able to sterilize your paddle

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle

  • Need something beginner-friendly
  • Are more into thuddy impact
  • Prefer a rigid spanking paddle

The Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle is a sleek, silicone spanking paddle designed for those experienced kinksters who love a good stingy thwack. Made entirely from Tantus’ ultra-premium silicone, this paddle is super easy to clean and can even be completely sterilized! The thick and heavy silicone also delivers a satisfyingly intense slap. Its large, thick, and flexible body takes a bit of practice to get the force just right, which is why it’s more ideal for people with some spanking experience. The paddle’s design is simple yet effective, featuring a matte black finish with a satin smooth texture and a small raised Tantus logo for a touch of elegance.

  • 100% high-quality silicone
  • Great for heavy duty play
  • Delivers very stingy sensations!
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Suitable for more advanced players

  • The hande is not very comfortable to hold
  • Takes a bit of practice to master
  • Can be way too intense for some
  • No wrist loop
Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle
Length6.5 inches
Width3 inches
MaterialsPremium silicone
FlexibilityVery flexible

This is one of the products on this list best suited for advanced impact play and intensely stingy sensations. Before trying it out, our tester noted that they were eager to see how this silicone paddle stood up against the competition. The weight and flexibility of the paddle indeed require a gentler start than expected, as it’s easy to underestimate the impact. The sensation it delivers is both stingy and somewhat thuddy with lighter slaps, making each slap a deeply satisfying part of the session. However, the handle design could use some improvement for comfort and grip during use. I would also have loved to see a wrist loop here to avoid any accidents during more intense sessions. Despite this, the intense sensations and the quality of the material make the Thwack a noteworthy addition to any collection, especially for those looking to intensify their spanking game. It’s a bit of a splurge compared to beginner paddles, but for enthusiasts ready to explore more intense sensations and appreciate the hygienic benefits of silicone, the Thwack is a solid investment.

7 Loop

Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle

 Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle

  • already enjoy using folded belts for spanking
  • like the idea of a loop paddle for extra sensation
  • really like loud spanking
  • want a paddle that can be used by different experience levels
  • are looking for a evgan leather paddle

Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle

  • would rather use real leather
  • enjoy thuddy sensations rather than stingy sensations

The Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle is a spicy little number that brings a whole new level of excitement to spanking games. If you’ve enjoyed using a folded belt for spanking before, I’m sure you’d like the Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle! Crafted from vegan PU leather, this paddle is not just about good looks; it’s about delivering those satisfyingly sharp smacks that resonate with a delightfully loud thwack! Its unique loop design isn’t just for show – it amplifies the impact, making each hit sound louder and feel more intense. The deep red color adds to the allure, making it a visually stunning piece for any collection. Easy to wield and even easier to enjoy, this paddle is perfect for anyone from spanking newbies to seasoned pros looking for something different.

  • Loop design offers a more intense feel and sound
  • Elegant and sexy design
  • Wrist loop for secure grip
  • High quality vegan leather
  • Great value for money

  • A bit bulky and not very travel-friendly
  • Not as heavy duty as a real leather paddle
Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle
Length17 inches
Width3 inches
MaterialsVegan PU leather

As someone who’s seen their fair share of paddles, the Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle really stands out. The first thing our tester noticed was how the loop design not only looks cool but also adds a whole new dimension to the impact play. Light taps offer a teasing thud, while more enthusiastic swings bring a sting that’s sure to get attention. The vegan leather is a nice touch as a guilt-free pleasure for those who try to avoid real leather. I like that wrist loop adds some security to your grip at those crucial moments, and the size is just right for targeting those ‘oh so sensitive’ spots. However, if you’re planning to take it on the go, its size might be a bit of a challenge. Despite this, I think the overall performance more than makes up for any minor inconveniences. All in all, the Sportsheets Saffron Loop Paddle is a fantastic pick for anyone looking to add a bit of pizzazz to their play. It’s a quality piece that offers a great mix of sensation, sound, and style, all at a price that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a beginner curious about impact play or an experienced player looking to spice things up, this paddle is definitely worth considering.

8 Electrostim

ElectraStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle Leather Spanking Paddle

 ElectraStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle

  • Crave additional sensation during spanking sessions
  • Already love electro-play
  • Are seasoned in BDSM

ElectraStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle

  • Have a heart condition
  • Are on a budget
  • Prefer less extreme sensations

Are you ready for intense erotic electro sex that will transform your bondage play? Experience ecstasy like never before with the ElectraStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle. Even at first glance this BDSM paddle already looks exciting. Its sleek, stitched black leather construction screams quality, and it has a smooth, wide paddle for incredible teasing smacks and resounding whacks. But this baby has another sting in its tail. Turn it over and you’ll see three metal electrodes that can be hooked up to an E-Stim power pack to deliver highly charged sensations wherever you choose on your partner’s skin. Keep the current low to get them tingling, then crank it up for intoxicating pleasure and explosive orgasms. Don’t forget to apply a special conductive gel to maximize every sensation and be sure to not use the ElectraPaddle above the waist.

  • Provides unique sensual sensations
  • Top quality
  • Makes for very versatile play

  • Very expensive
  • Cables can be inconvenient
  • Power pack is not included
ElectraStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle
Length13.5 inches
Width3.25 inches
MaterialsLeather, Metal

This spanking paddle essentially performs two jobs, delivering pounding punishment with the smooth side, or electrifying sensations with the other. We found that the electric charges are easier to feel when the paddle is used to stroke and tease delicate areas such as the genitals or inner thigh. For the most blended experience, alternate between spanking with the smooth side and applying the other side to titillate your sub by zapping or tingling sensitive areas. This is definitely my top pick for e-stim spanking paddles!

9 Transparent

Sportsheets Saffron Acrylic Spanker

 Sportsheets Saffron Spanker

  • Want a spanking paddle with more impact
  • Love a loud, stinging slap
  • have some experience with gentler paddles and want to up your game

Sportsheets Saffron Spanker

  • Are a total beginner
  • Prefer a heavier spanking paddle

Do you want a lot of sting per swing? The Sportsheets Saffron Acrylic Spanker will give you the goods. Made from firm yet flexible acrylic, this spanking paddle has a total overall length of 13 inches, and a whopping impact surface of 8 inches in length. This generously sized impact surface is made of durable transparent acrylic and has 13 holes cut into it which reduce air resistance, allowing you to strike harder and faster for maximum effect. Depending on the severity of your punishment, the holes can also mark the skin in a sexy dotted pattern. The clear acrylic allows you to see right through to the action, to see the skin of your sub tremble and redden as you make contact. The design also features a 5-inch, smooth PVC handle complete with a handy wrist strap so you won’t lose control of this BDSM paddle when your sessions get wild.

  • Allows for fast, hard strokes
  • Satisfyingly severe
  • Good quality
  • Effortless to use

  • Handle could be stronger
  • Only for hard impact lovers
Sportsheets Saffron Spanker
Length13 inches
MaterialsAcrylic, PVC, Nylon

The Saffron Acrylic Spanker is part of an attractive range of BDSM toys by Sportsheets. It’s of fantastic quality, and the long impact surface coupled with the added speed and swish will give a damn good spanking to bad girls and boys. Although this spanking paddle is easy to use, it can be quite severe, so it is probably best left to those who know their way around a paddle a little already. This BDSM paddle also stands out from all the other spanking paddels in this review, as it is made of transparent acrylic. Watch your subs parts react to your spanks first-hand!

10 3-in-1

Kinklab Panamorphic 3-in-1 Paddle

 Panamorphic 3-in-1

  • Want to explore sensory play
  • Like a versatile toy that gives value
  • Are curious about BDSM

Panamorphic 3-in-1

  • You're only interested in hardcore spanking
  • Are on a tight budget
  • You're nervous about experimenting with textures and impact play

If you want erotic sensory play AND impact play all rolled into one, look no further than the Panamorphic 3-in-1. Cleverly designed, this black, faux leather spanking paddle features one wide, smooth side for when a straightforward, good hard spanking is necessary — but the opposite side is another story altogether! This side gives the option of interchangeable pads for different sensations and styles of play. The first pad is covered in velvety-soft faux fur for phenomenal foreplay or soothing sore buttocks between smacks. The second is studded with 11 devilish spikes for extreme discipline as required, or if Dom is feeling generous, some tantalizing temperature play or even gentle (or not) massage. Your imagination is your only limitation when it comes to this versatile spanking paddle.

  • 3 paddles rolled into 1
  • Fabulous for sensation play
  • Attractive, clever design

  • Expensive
  • A bit fiddly to change paddles
  • May not stand up to brutal punishment
Panamorphic 3-in-1
Length12 inches
Width3 inches
MaterialsFaux Leather, Faux Fur, Metal

Yes, this is one of the more expensive spanking paddles in this roundup, but consider what you get for your money; the choice of either smooth or textured impact play, sensual massage, or even hardcore punishment. The Panamorphic 3-in-1 offers something for everyone, from beginner to advanced. The only minor niggle I have with this design is that changing the velcro pads in the heat of the moment might be a little fiddly, but I guess that’s just part of the fun!

11 Wood

Stockroom Leather Wrapped Round Wood Spanking Paddle

 Stockroom Leather and Wood Paddle

  • Are looking for an entry-level wooden paddle
  • Appreciate quality craftsmanship
  • Enjoy a really firm paddle for unyielding spanks

Stockroom Leather and Wood Paddle

  • Prefer something more flexible
  • Want a more aerodynamic paddle
  • Don't like the feel of wood

Every serious spanker or spankee needs a wooden spanking paddle in their arsenal, and this one by Stockroom is our weapon of choice. Handcrafted from sturdy cross-grain plywood and with a whopping 6.25-inch width, it sure packs a wallop! The handle is wrapped with soft, supple leather that looks and feels luxurious, plus provides a secure grip, and there is a wrist strap to ensure you don’t miss a beat when dishing out discipline. The round shape provides more of a thud than a sting, but if you prefer a BDSM paddle of the same quality, but with a little more bite, Stockroom have also created a rectangular version of the same design. This is a beautifully crafted paddle for spanking which will last a lifetime if used correctly.

  • Shape and material gives a good thwack
  • Beautifully crafted
  • Anyone can try it
  • Easy to control

  • A little pricey
  • Not ideal for hardcore spanking
  • Not very versatile
Stockroom Leather and Wood Paddle
Length12.5 inches
Width6.25 inches
MaterialsWood, Leather

Wood is one of the most inflexible and unforgiving materials for a spanking paddle. That said, being round in shape, the Stockroom Leather Wrapped Wood Spanking Paddle disperses force over a wider area, so I believe it can easily be used for different degrees of training or punishment for beginner to advanced level kink.

Other Kinky Accessories to Elevate Your Spanking Session

If you love a good spanking session, I’m sure you would like some inspiration for how you can elevate your spanking experience and add some extra pleasure (and pain) to the equation. Here are a few of my favorite kinky accessories that I think could help improve your spicy spanking sessions!

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System - Other Kinky Accessories to Elevate Your Spanking Session
The Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System is a great way to tie your sub up either by their wrists or ankles (or all four at once!) and prepare them for a good spanking where they can’t squirm away from your impacts. This simpel restraint system simply goes under your mattress and does not require any hooks or anchors to attach the restraints to.

Sportsheets Saffron Flogger

Sportsheets Saffron Flogger - Other Kinky Accessories to Elevate Your Spanking Session
The Sportsheets Saffron Flogger is another great tool for exploring both gentle and intense impact play. This high quality medium-sized flogger is suitable for a lot of different levels of experience and delivers impressive thwacks!

Bondage Boutique Squeeze and Tease Nipple Clamps

Bondage Boutique Squeeze and Tease Nipple Clamps - Other Kinky Accessories to Elevate Your Spanking Session
The Bondage Boutique Squeeze and Tease Nipple Clamps can help you add a little extra pleasurable pain to your spanking sessions. Elevate the sensations with these intense clover-style nipple clamps for some added titillating torture.

Fifty Shades of Grey Spreader Bar

Fifty Shades of Grey Spreader Bar - Other Kinky Accessories to Elevate Your Spanking Session
The Fifty Shades of Grey Spreader Bar is also a great device for keeping your sub still during your spanking session. This device can deliver that sexy BDSM look while your sub is restrained, and it’s sturdy enough to keep them in place. Again, this bar offers both partial and full body bondage (by attaching both the wrists and ankles to the bar) and does not require any hooks in your bedframe or walls.

Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Pinwheel

 Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Pinwheel - Other Kinky Accessories to Elevate Your Spanking Session
The Fifty Shades Darker Adrenaline Spikes Pinwheel is a great little tool to amp up your sensation play during your spanking sessions. Use this pinwheel to gently tease and torture your sub on their sensitive skin before or after playing around your spanking paddle.

Spanking paddles with holes

Not every paddle we’ve covered so far has had “holes”, but they’ve been close. However, let’s see what happens when you have a much more loose interpretation of the term!

Shadow Heart Paddle

Shadow Heart Paddle - Spanking paddles with holes
The “hole” in this paddle is actually a heart! Measuring 11.5” long and 1.5” wide, the Shadow Heart Paddle features a leather body that’s perfect for dishing out sharp slaps, swats, and smacks!

Leather Heart Slapper

Leather Heart Slapper - Spanking paddles with holes
This paddle also features a heart design but it packs a bit more weight behind it. Made of genuine leather, this DOMINIX paddle is extra wide for increased impact area and additional noise!

Spanking Safety Rules

Whether you’re using a paddle with holes or a regular paddle, it’s always important to prioritize safety! Fortunately, that’s not very hard to do. Start by first establishing a safe word, which is simply a way to let your partner know that you want them to stop. Next, define the boundaries for what is and isn’t ok, making sure that you’re both on the same page. When actually spanking, avoid striking particularly sensitive areas such as the lower back or tailbone to minimize the risk of injury. It’s a good idea to start out lightly, and work your way up to higher intensities!

How to Choose a Spanking Paddle

Do you love impact play? Maximise your experience by getting the best spanking paddle possible. When shopping for a spanking paddle, there are a number of factors you need to consider. Check out the list below to find out everything you need to know to make sure you give (or receive) exactly what you deserve…


First and foremost, think about what stage you are at. If you’re a newbie you’ll want a softer, less powerful paddle to give you the chance to experiment and discover what turns you on the most, as well as how to use a paddle correctly. More advanced? Then you are free to go all out with hardcore options.


Material - How to Choose a Spanking Paddle
Spanking paddles are made from all kinds of materials, including: faux leather, silicone, wood, perspex, and more. Each has its own particular feel. Leather for example, is softer and more flexible, than wood. Perspex and silicone can give a severe sting and leave a mark. Soft textures such as satin or faux-fur are good for caressing and soothing sore skin.

Shape and Size

The size and shape of your paddle can really make a difference. A larger, wider paddle area disperses any force over a wider area, so is generally less painful. A long, thin smacking paddle however, provide much more sting and ramp up the pain. Paddles with holes in reduce air resistance, increasing ease of use and force.

DIY Spanking Paddle

Are you curious about spanking but not sure if you want to invest in a genuine paddle? Or maybe you just get turned on by the thought of being smacked by a wooden spoon like your daddy used to do? Whatever the reason, we’ve come up with a list of household items that double up as effective spanking paddles for your painful pleasure…

Wooden Spoon

Perhaps the most obvious choice, but damn, it can pack a whack. Wood is a very unforgiving material, and the small surface area of the spoon gives a severely pleasurable sting.  

Leather Belt

Ok, so this is borderline flogging equipment, but it can be used for spanking too, and it smarts like hell! As a bonus is can also be used as a sexy restraint during bondage play. However, NEVER use the buckle to spank your partner, as it could cause serious damage.


Use the flat side of a hairbrush just like you would a regular spanking paddle. OR, flip it over and use the bristles for sensory play.

Ping Pong Paddle

A ping pong bat makes a great spanking paddle. It’s made from wood, so it’s going to give a hard smack, but because it is round and wide it is less severe than a wooden spoon, and it’s easy to vary the intensity of your strike.

Slipper or Sandal

A supple leather or rubber sole can give a serious slap, and depending on how they’re made, they can have some significant weight to them too.


Live out your schoolteacher and pupil fantasies by using a ruler to train or punish your playmate. Avoid metal, opt for flexible plastic or firm wood instead, they’ll soon be begging to learn!

A Word of Advice

We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.

Regular Paddle vs Paddle with Holes 

As with pretty much anything else in this world, opinions vary when it comes to comparing regular paddles to paddles with holes. Generally though, a “regular” paddle is thought of as more beginner-friendly. Since these paddles are solid, you’ll feel a bit of air resistance when swinging them. This resistance results in slightly slower swings, meaning a marginally reduced impact. The complete surface also results in a uniform pressure upon impact, which is a bit different from a paddle with holes. When using a paddle with holes, you’ll be able to swing the toy faster and harder due to less air resistance (this makes it easier to handle). The non-uniform surface also means that certain parts of the paddle will sting more than others. For this reason, we’d recommend using a regular paddle before upgrading to a paddle with holes.

Which Paddle with Holes Should I Choose? 

Which paddle you select is ultimately up to you, but it’s worth putting some thought into your purchase. You’ll have a variety of different materials to choose from, as well as various shapes to consider. Do you need a vegan-friendly option? Perhaps you want a weighty paddle for harder impacts? Will a specific design fit better with your fantasy than others? It’s always best to compare a few different options before settling on a specific purchase!

How to Use a Spanking Paddle

There are a whole ton of exciting, erotic ways to use a spanking paddle and bring your partner to heel. But it’s a good idea to follow some basic guidelines…



Discuss with your partner beforehand about what you would both like from your play session. Agree on a safe word to ensure that there is a way out if the pain becomes too much to bear.

Safety First

Safety First

Pain can be pleasurable, but it’s important to use your BDSM paddle correctly to avoid injury. Stick to areas of the body that have a good covering of flesh and muscle, such as the buttocks and thighs, to avoid causing any damage to bones or internal organs.

Strike a Pose

Strike a Pose

Positions for using your paddle are limitless, but it’s best to choose one that it comfortable. OTK (Over the Knee) is a classic, but it is not well suited to longer BDSM paddles, which are more effective when used in a bent over position. Have fun experimenting to find the positions that work best for you, your partner, and your chosen paddle.

Warm Up

Warm Up

It’s always a good idea to warm up using hand smacks or gentle taps with your paddle before moving on to something more forceful. It will titillate your partner and intensify the pleasure.

Switch Up

Switch Up

Keep your partner guessing by switching between cheeks and using different levels of intensity when you smack. Consider introducing other types of play along with spanking to vary sensations and ramp up the excitement.

How to Clean a Spanking Paddle

Unlike many other sex accessories, spanking paddles are less likely to come into contact with bodily fluids, but you'll still want to keep your paddle in tip top condition, so cleaning is a must. Depending on the material your BDSM paddle is made from, cleaning will be slightly different. Wood and faux-leather can be wiped down with a damp cloth for example, whereas perspex or silicone paddles are waterproof and can be submerged in water for a more thorough clean. Take a look at our infographic below for tips on how to keep your sex toys clean as a whistle.


Everyone has their personal reasons. Sheer sexual pleasure, the idea of giving up or taking control, stress relief, pushing their limits, or just for the fun of it!

If your partner is unaware of your spanking desires, let them know how much you already appreciate your sex life with them and compliment them before approaching the subject - they're much more likely to be receptive to the idea.

Communication is key. Be clear about each other's boundaries, and check in on your partner during play to make sure they are ok.

That depends on you! Everyone has their own tastes and desires, and there are lots of paddles to choose from. We have featured some of the best spanking paddles around in this review, so take a look to see what suits you.

Never swing with all of your force: this isn’t baseball! You can swing the paddle with one or both hands, but make sure the paddle hits flat. You don’t want to drive the edge of the paddle into your sub’s backside!

What is a Spanking Paddle?

It's a flat implement used to strike, smack, stroke, or otherwise give both pain and pleasure to a partner. Spanking paddles are usually used on the bottom and thighs. They can be made from a wide variety of materials including leather, faux leather, plastic, acrylic, wood, silicone, and fabric. The material(s) used—as well as the weight and design—of a BDSM paddle will determine whether it’s more “stingy” or “thuddy”. However, when wielded by an experienced paddler, most paddles are capable of providing both types of sensations!

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