Zeus Volt Drop E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager — Test & Review

   Andrew Davis
May 22, 2024

Andrew Davis

  • Like a toy that is small and discreet.
  • Need a toy that is easy to clean and charge.
  • Are into BDSM because the shock that it delivers can add excitement in your BDSM session.

  • Can't handle toys with a little girth.
  • Do not want a toy that will deliver a little pain inserting and using it.
  • Not willing to take a chance that it might stop using after using it for a short time.


The massager is black and made of soft silicone. The stem does move so when you insert it you might have to push the actual vibrating part to get it in. It is 4.75” in length with the insertable length at 4”. The girth at the largest point is 5.6”. That is large and might not be a starter toy for beginners. The design is well thought out and goes in easy. You will likely need a little lube because of its girth. Not using lube will take much longer to get in and will feel like you’re trying to shove razor blades up your butt.

Zeus Volt Drop E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager -

I have mixed feelings about this prostate massager. I was very excited about this massager once I ordered it. I have never used one before and from everything that I have read it is supposed to deliver an out of this world orgasm. I wasn’t quite sure what they meant by that because a regular orgasm feels pretty good. The first thing to do is communicate with your partner that you intend to use it and when you plan on putting it in. If you don’t it might irritate your partner to stop what you are doing, get the lube, and then decide if you’re putting it in or is your partner. Then you need to put it on the right setting. All of that will take a few minutes. You could run the risk of your partner may get tired of waiting and ending your experience. Personally, I use it start to finish. It isn’t going to hurt anything to keep it in during your session. Unless you plan on a marathon, I doubt you need to worry about toxic shock syndrome. When you use it you will see that it is girthy and will take some lube to get in. I found it best to just put it in quickly, so the pain is quick and goes away soon. I would liken it to getting a shot. No big deal. Once it is in you turn it on and then find your preferred setting with the remote. The remote has an on and off button and two others to adjust the rhythm and shock intensity. Yes, it does shock your prostate. At first, I found the highest setting like sticking your finger in a wall outlet. I do construction and know how that feels. Trust me, it isn’t a pleasant feeling. After using it a few times I got used to it and began to like the highest setting. However, it didn’t change the intensity of my orgasm, but it still felt good using it. Once I was done, I took it to the bathroom and cleaned it. The soft silicone made it amazingly easy to clean, dry and put away. It has a plug-in charger and is extremely easy to charge and ready for when you decide to use it again. Now for the part that concerns me. I have used the toy maybe five times and now it doesn’t work. I contacted the company to see about a replacement. They immediately sent me an email with a return authorization. The customer is responsible for the return shipping and the company will send the replacement free of charge. Overall, I recommend purchasing the product because they stand by their products and will replace them with no hassle.  

Zeus Volt Drop E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager -

The toy lived up to all my expectations and worked as advertised. The vibrations were good, but it takes a little practice to find the right pulsating setting. I found the electrical current electrocuting my prostate to be painful when I set it at the highest setting but eventually got used to it. Experienced users may find the higher setting more pleasurable. It was a little louder than I had hoped but not so loud that it was a distraction. The battery life lasts a long time and should remain charged while you are using it. I always charge my toys after using them so I cannot tell you exactly how long the charge will last. I only have sex a few times a week so since I keep it on the charger it is always ready to use. It is a bit girthy at its widest point so be prepared for that. If you don't like a little pain while using your sex toys then you may want to pass on this one.

Zeus Volt Drop E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager -

Once it was in it was time to see if it worked as advertised. I put it in and played around with the settings prior to my wife coming to bed. I found out quickly what the volt part of product description meant. The middle button on the remote controls the pulsating rhythm and the intensity of the electrical shock that it sent to your prostate. That’s right, electricity was coming out of the toy and to my prostate. I didn't have a mirror to see if sparks were coming out of my butt. I used the first setting and it felt good but any setting after that was painful. It was too much of an intense shock. There are different settings for the vibration levels and rhythm. I played around with it to find the most pleasing to me. I used it for about five minutes before my wife came to bed. Once my wife came to bed, I was ready to go. Once we started the pulses and vibrations felt very good. When I did have my orgasm, it wasn't toe curling like promised but it did feel good. Then again, all orgasms feel pretty good. I plan to use this product as much as possible. Either with my wife or by myself. Overall, I would say it is a must have and wish I had bought it a long time ago.

Zeus Volt Drop E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager -

The product seems to be made of good quality and ran great at first. After using it about five times the toy stopped working. Since the toy stopped working after a few times, I would compare the disappointment to getting a Birthday gift when you were a child and having it break after playing with it. I did write Pink Cherry to inform them of the defective toy. They were great about replacing it. With that said, the material they used to make the toy seems very good. The toy is made of soft silicone that is very easy to clean with warm water and soap. The remote is small and not in the way when you are using it. Outside of it stop working I found the aesthetics good.

Zeus Volt Drop E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager - <

If it hadn't broken, I would say the price point is just about right. PinkCherry was the cheapest I found. They sold it for around forty-five dollars. Other sites had it starting at seventy going all the way past one hundred dollars. PinkCherry is usually my go to. I don't work for them nor I’m I giving them a plug but they do sell things cheap. Use who you want. I am just giving you my experience.

Zeus Volt Drop E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager -

The few times it worked it felt good. However, the highest setting made it feel like lightning bolts were coming out of my ass. Just like Little Red Riding Hood, once I found my setting it felt just right. The remote made it easy to adjust and find the setting that I preferred. You could also try changing the setting by pressing the power button, but I could not get the shock and rhythm to line up right that way. Overall, I think it performed well.

Zeus Volt Drop E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager -

I received the item in a padded USPS envelope. I was expecting a box so nothing would get damaged, but when I opened the envelope, the item was fine. It came in the typical cardboard box with the front being seen through clear plastic. It looked unopened and sterile. When I opened the box, I slid out the clear plastic form that kept everything in place. It was also well designed. Overall, I was incredibly pleased with how the item was delivered. Once I opened the box, I saw that the measurements in the description were accurate. It isn’t very long but the biggest part of the toy is girthy. It did come with no charge, so I charged it up and then I was ready to try it. Due to the girth, I did use a little lube. The lube helped it go in easier, but it didn’t take the sting away. I think you have two options if you want to use this thing. You can spend a lot of time trying to work it in or just push it in and deal with it. I just pushed it in, and it was like ripping off a band-aid. It stung for a bit but then I was fine.

Zeus Volt Drop E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager -

The toy is made of smooth black body safe silicone. The Zeus Prostate Vibe is easy to clean and maintain. It is recommended before and after each use, gently wash your it with warm soapy water or a good toy care cleaner. If you use lube, make sure it is a good quality water-based formula. Keep the messager should be kept away from silicone lubes, toys, and products. It is not waterproof so do not submerge it in water. Due to what the toy is intended for, it could get a little dirty with lube and other things that I'd rather not mention. That's literally the ugly side of using this toy. It has a plug-in recharger, but I prefer the magnetic charger for our little playthings because they are universal, and one cord will usually charge all the magnetic toys.

Vibration modes8
Electro-Stim Modes8 Intensity Levels
Length4.75 inches
Insertable length4 inches
Diameter1.8 inches
Remote ControlsYes — Wireless Remote
Colors AvailableBlack

Zeus Volt Drop E-Stim Vibrating Prostate Massager -

  • It is small and discreet.
  • It is very easy to clean and charge.
  • The remote solves the problem of having to keep pushing buttons on the toy while you are trying to use it.
  • The toy has many different rhythm and vibration settings that will allow you to find the one that is most pleasurable to you.

  • The electrical shocks can be painful so be prepared.
  • It is girthy at the widest part so if you don't like to stretch your holes then don't get this one.
  • It broke after using it a short time.
  • This is a toy that will likely need lube so buy some before you try it.

Overall, I was not disappointed in the Zeus Volt Drop prostate massager. I liked the size and the material that it is made of. When it came time to use it, I was very happy with how it performed. I would recommend this toy to anyone that enjoys vibrations and a little something extra (in the form of electro-stimulation) in the back door.