Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint — Test & Review

   Sarah Hamilton
Jun 13, 2024

Sarah Hamilton
: 43
: Intermediate
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Want restraints that work well for penetrative sex
  • Enjoy power dynamics in your play
  • Like doggy-style sex
  • Are exploring bondage and kink

  • Like to be in total control of yourself
  • Want restraints that can be used in lots of different positions
  • Have skin that easily chafes

This body harness from Purple Reins is soft against the skin and is best used with a partner. It is a beautiful dark purple with black padding. Some multiple straps and hooks can be adjusted. The wrist cuffs are padded and have a strong Velcro fastening that can be adjusted to be snug or loose. The harness can be used on most sizes and body types. It can be as comfortable as you'd like or as uncomfortable as you need it to be.

Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint -

First Impressions

My personal experience with this toy is that it is not a toy, it’s an experience. I have been into BDSM for some years now. I enjoy being handcuffed and dominated — I have been tied to the bed but I have never been tied in the way this harness does. My first impression was not just the physical appearance, but the catchy name that resembles one of my favorite songs “Purple Rain.” The straps are dark purple with black padding in the cuffs. I questioned how effective it would be and whether my partner could figure out how to make all these straps work.

Assume the Position

I was instructed by my partner to bend over in the child pose — we were on the bed to make it comfortable for me. It took him about 5 minutes to figure it out. He grabbed my arms, placed them behind my back, and continued to strap me into position. What worked for us was for him to secure the straps in place and tighten the wrist and thigh cuffs. What didn’t work was me moving while he was placing it on me and trying to help him, as it’s best if the person being strapped is completely still and follows guidance from the person doing the strapping.

Discomfort that Becomes Pleasure

I wanted to enjoy it but unfortunately, I just didn’t like being restrained in that position. I believe there are only a few positions that you can be in while using this harness. Don’t get me wrong, the harness is wonderful, it is strong and you will not be able to maneuver out of it. The wrist cuffs are padded and the harness is soft and should not chafe your skin if you are a wiggler. The experience you have with this Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint will solely be based on how well you tolerate discomfort.

Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint -

The color is beautiful, and the richness of it stands out giving it a lavish appearance. Several straps look confusing but once you place it against the body, you'll figure it out. Compared to other harnesses it is unique because it restrains your wrist as well as your thighs. The wrist cuffs are cushiony on the inside and the harness is soft and should not irritate your skin. In my opinion, if you enjoy being in control then you should use this on your partner tonight.

Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint -

This item definitely requires some partner assistance, so I'll explain how it was for me and how it was for my partner. For me, all I did was position myself on my knees and elbows with my butt in the air. My partner lifted my legs and arms to place the harness on. It was easy for me, staying still and following directions but my neck did get a little cramped. My partner said it was simple once he figured out what goes where. Once the harness is in place, you will not be moving until it is removed.

Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint -

At first glance, I was worried that the harness would feel rough since it is a restraint, but it feels smooth against the skin. It is good quality and made well. The treading is neatly sewn and eye-catching. The color makes you feel confident, creative, and appealing while wearing it. There are several o-rings, clamps, and velcro are needed to fasten it in place. The straps are not stiff but rather flexible, and the wrist cuffs are snug and padded. Overall, the harness is extremely strong and sturdy and will leave you satisfied and get the job done.

Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint - <

The original price for the Purple Reins Body Harness is $39.99, on sale, it is $19.99. It is a steal at $19.99, as well as worth the original price of $39.99. The Harness, is 100% nylon but does not feel like it. It has detachable o rings, velcro wrist cuffs, and adjustable clamps. The material is outstanding and I love it. There are no special features but you will be impressed by the style and feeling it provides.

Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint -

If you want to give total control to your partner, this item is for you. If you want to have total control over your partner, this item is for you. How well do you tolerate discomfort? Sometimes you can ignore the pain or discomfort till it becomes pleasure. The description online says that it's perfect for doggy-style restraint play, and it's true, you are limited on positions. This item starts out uncomfortable but it all depends on what you are into.

Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint -

The item came in a plain box with no designs enclosed in a clear Ziploc bag. There are no instructions and the packaging was not discreet. No pictures were sent on how to use the product, although there are pictures and examples online of how the harness is worn.

Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint -

The straps for this harness are detachable, and some are adjustable. The material does not feel like most harnesses, as it is bendy, thin, and a great size for traveling. It is body-safe and should not cause a reaction to sensitive skin. There are also some metal parts, but the product page unfortunately does not specify whether it contains nickel or not. No storage bag was provided but it can easily be stored in a discreet place and unless you know what it is, you wouldn't look twice at it.

LengthWrist Cuffs: 8.5-11 inches, Thigh Cuffs: 16-26.5 inches
AdjustableYes, Cuffs and Straps
FasteningCuffs: Velcro, Straps: Slide Buckles
MaterialsNylon, Metal
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailablePurple

Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint -

  • Wrist cuffs can be detached and used separately
  • Lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly bondage play
  • Complete restraints for the upper body, wrists, and legs

  • Can be uncomfortable for certain body types
  • Doesn't come with instructions
  • Purple is the only color available

To sum it up, this harness is what it is. You will stay locked in one position with your butt in the air and your wrist, legs, and thighs restrained. If you are flexible, that's a bonus, but if you're not, it's okay. You are limited to certain positions while using it. If you enjoy the exchange of power dynamics and like being tied up or if you like doing the tie-ups, look no further because this item is for you.