The 6 Best Sex Swing Stands for Safe Swinging

   Josh Gill
Often utilized in BDSM play but perfect for spicing up your normal routine as well, portable sex swing stand products are a necessity for couples who already own a sex swing but don’t want to be bound to a single location. They’re also ideal for structures that can’t be modified, which is a common problem for people who rent (rather than own). With a sex swing stand, you’ll be able to enjoy that new sex sling, even if your landlord won’t let you drill holes into the support beams above! Whether you’re in the market for a sex swing or already have one and just need a stand for sex swing, we’re sure you’ll find the model for you on our list below. Compare the options to see which one would work best for you & yours!
1 Testwinner

Screamer Sex Swing Stand

 Screamer Sex Swing Stand

  • want a swing that can be assamble
  • want a single or dual mount swing
  • want a portable swing

Screamer Sex Swing Stand

  • want something smaller
  • want a cheaper sex swing stand

Screamer Sex Swing is our test winner because of all the features it has to offer to you. First of all, you get the swing in a portable travel case, it is very easy to assemble, one person can do it in 5 to 10 minutes max. It is suitable for single and dual mount swings and with 12 attachment points, you have the freedom to live all your fantasies. You don’t need any tools to assemble the swing and whenever you have to travel you can always get the fun with you easily.

  • Easy to assemble
  • 12 attachment points
  • No tools needed
  • Portable (includes a carrying bag)

  • Needs a lot of room
Screamer Sex Swing Stand
Height7 feet inches
Weight42 pounds lbs
MaterialsTube steel
Width74 x 79 inches

With all the information shown it is very easy to realize why the Screamer Sex Swing Stand gets the test winner position here, it has the best features all around and unless you want something more sturdy and permanently installed somewhere at your place, then I think you are not going to find a better offer! the downside is that it needs a lot of space, but can be easily mounted and also packed and carried in the bag that comes with. The price is good and the quality great! You don’t need tools, which is the best part! with 12 attachment points, the only limit is your imagination!

2 Cheapest

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand

 Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand

  • want a sex swing stand that can be used for bondage as well
  • want a sturdy swing
  • want mount and unmount easily

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand

  • you don't have to mount it
  • you have reduced space
  • don't want to use tools to mount it

This sex swing stand is going to give you good and nice experiences, especially if you don’t want to place it permanently at your place, you can turn your house into a bondage playground in just 30 minutes. All the tools you need are included in the package and you don’t need power tools to mount it. It holds up to 400 lbs of weight, it has good stability and if you are not using the swing, then you can use it as a bondage sex swing as well.

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to unmount
  • Can be used as bondage sex swing

  • It is big
  • It is heavy
  • It requires a lot of space
Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand
Weight50 pounds lbs
Height76 inches
MaterialsTubular steel frame
Width92 x 66 inches
FasteningOne mounting point

This Sex Swing Stand is great because it is sturdy, it is easy to mount and it can be used as a bondage swing if the normal swing is not being used. All the needed tools are included and you don’t need power tools to mount it. It is the cheapest option and the materials are great! the downside is that you need a lot of space and compared to the previous one you indeed need tools in this one.

3 Beginner

Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand

 Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand

  • want a regular but good sex swing stand
  • want an easy mount system
  • don't mind using tools (included)

Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand

  • don't like to use tools
  • want something better
  • something smaller

The Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing is a great option if you are looking for a sex swing stand. The sex swing stand weighs approximately 50 pounds and it comes with all the tools you might need to mount it and unmount it in just 15 minutes max. This is a great opportunity to get rid of the hook markings destroying your ceiling. The sex swing is made out of steel and cant support up to 400 lbs of weight and it is used with any single support swing.

  • Support up to 400 lbs
  • Can be used with any single-support swing
  • Tools included
  • Assembly and Disassembly less than 15 minutes

  • Sex swings sold separately
  • You need a big space
Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand
Weight50 lbs lbs
Height76 inches
MaterialsSteel frame
FasteningSingle support
Vibration modes86 x 70

The Trinity Vibes Ultimate Sex Swing Stand is a different option, with a very sturdy structure you don’t need to worry about those hooks that destroy your ceilings, you need tools to mount and unmount it but those are provided with the sex swing stand. It supports up to 400 lb and the weight of the swing is just 50 lbs. The price is decent compared to other options, just bear in mind that you need a big space to use it and that the actual swing is not included so you need to buy it apart, the good thing is that you can use any single-support swing, so if this is doesn’t put you off then it is a great option to have a sex swing stand.

4 Sling Stand

Kink Essentials 4pt Sex Sling Stand

 4pt Sex Sling Stand

  • want a sling stand
  • already have a sling from sexswing or planning to buy one
  • are planning to use under 300 lbs

4pt Sex Sling Stand

  • don't want a sling stand
  • need a sling with more weight support

If you are looking for a sex sling stand (which is different from a regular sex swing stand) then this is your way to go because it is not easy to find a sling stand that is as good as this one. It is very easy to mount, you don’t have to worry about bolts, it’s easy to pack and you can keep it under your bed or in a closet. You have 34 by 54-inch hook demotions that allow you to have enough space, the height is good so you don’t worry about hitting the bars. It holds up to 300 lbs and that is the weight limit for it.

  • Takes up to 300 lbs
  • Easy to assemble
  • No bolts (no tools required)
  • Not heavy (when not assembled)

  • If the weight is more than 300 lbs, this sling won't work
  • No slings included
4pt Sex Sling Stand
Weight50 lbs lbs
Height72 inches
Maximum Weight4 points lbs
Width34 x 48 inches

So far this sex sling stand is great! it can fit easily under the bed or in a closet and it can be fast mounted and unmounted, it doesn’t require tools as it doesn’t have any bolts. The weight of the sling itself is just 50 lbs and can hold up to 300 lbs. It is recommended to buy the sling from Sex Swing as they provide it with hooks and chains ready to mount. The downside is that this sling stand doesn’t come with any sling, chain or hooks but the ones located in the sling stand. It doesn’t come with a carry bag so you have to buy it separately. The price is a bit over the average but the quality of this sling is great.

5 Premium



  • have experience with bondage
  • want a sturdy sex swing stand
  • don't mind about the price


  • mind about the price
  • are not experienced
  • want something easier

The Tretus is a premium sex swing stand, it might look pricey but the quality is great! you are getting what you paid for. It is big, once it is assembled it is 10×10 ft whilst it is light and sturdy, can be folded to keep it discreet. It can hold up to 300 lbs and it was designed to fit under an 8ft ceiling. The suspension cuffs and bondage gear are sold separately. With this great sex swing stand the only limit is your imagination, use it as a swing or bondage, everything fits here.

  • Premium quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be fold
  • Holds up to 300 lbs

  • Requires a big space
  • You need to buy extras (you get just the stand)
Height< 8 ft inches
Width120 x 120 inches
FasteningSingle point
MaterialsLightweight aluminum alloy

This sex swing stand is great, sturdy, light, a bit big yes, but so far this might be the best option for you, it is true that doesn’t include anything and that you have to buy everything else separately but the truth is that you are not going to regret, the recommendations are simple to follow, it is easy and fast to mount and can hold up 300 lb. So if you want something that you can mount and unmount and you don’t mind about the price, then you are going to be fascinated with this sex swing stand.


TLC Sex Swing Stand

 TLC Sex Swing Stand

  • want a good sex swing stand
  • are interested in light bondage
  • good relation between price and quality

TLC Sex Swing Stand

  • want something more sturdy
  • want different features

With the TLC Sex Swing Stand you are going to avoid all the screws and holes in your ceiling. This sex swing stand is easy to assemble and disassemble, it comes with all the hardware you need for it, in about 15 minutes would be ready for you to start to play, and if you are interested in light bondage, it has one hook on each corner for you to use it as you please (as long as it is light bondage)!

  • 4 corner hooks for light bondage
  • Easy to assemble
  • All the tools included
  • Up to 400 lb

  • The 4 corner hooks can't be use it to hold weight
  • Height is average
  • Doesn't include bag or anything but hardware needed to assamble it
TLC Sex Swing Stand
Height6'4" inches
Width86 x 70 inches
FasteningSingle point

If light bondage is included in your fantasies then you have to consider getting the TLC Sex Swing Stand, because even when the corners are not designed to hold weight, you can use hand-cuffs or ropes or ties or whatever is in your mind and have a great light bondage play before getting into something more serious. This sex swing stand can hold up to 400 lbs, it is very easy to assemble and you get all the tools needed to do so, the downside is that nothing else is included and you have to get it by yourself. The quality is okay, basically, you get what you paid for but at least you don’t have to worry about any other screw, bold, or hole in your ceiling.

Not enough room for a sex swing stand? What about a door sex swing?

Sometimes we just don’t have enough space even for an unmountable sex swing, or we just need something more discreet and light. When that is the situation then the best option is to look for a Sex Swing Door. We have listed 3 of the best options in the market you can get and you can check those out below!

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit - Not enough room for a sex swing stand? What about a door sex swing?
Having weak ceilings or no good beams is not an excuse not to have a sex swing stand at home, nowadays it is easy to find unmountable versions of it, but what if you don’t have the space? Well, the Sportsheets sex swing door jam kit is one of the options you have to consider, the only thing you need to do is open your door, slide the bars over the top and pull it shut, easy right? The two suspending straps are fully adjustable. Just bear in mind the swing is not designed for solo use.

Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing

Bondage Boutique Soft Over-The-Door Sex Swing - Not enough room for a sex swing stand? What about a door sex swing?
If you want just something simple to change the spark in your sex life, then the Bondage Boutique is a good option! Sometimes we just don’t need a proper sex swing stand, a door sex swing is just okay. The cushioned tight straps will provide your partner comfortability and the handles near the top provide balance, you can adjust every strap to suit your height, so everything can be in the right place! A good recommendation is that you need to do a weight test on your door, the swing holds up to 308 lbs.

Whipsmart Door Sex Swing

Whipsmart Door Sex Swing - Not enough room for a sex swing stand? What about a door sex swing?
Having a sex swing stand is the option when you get tired easily by holding your partner in your arms, or if you are considering having a different kind of play, but sometimes we are not totally into it and we want just something quick and that works. The Whipsmart door sex swing is a great chance to fulfill your desires without spending that much. It is very nicely designed with well-placed harnesses, fully adjustable, and double paddles on the legs strap for maximum comfort.

Sex Sling Stand vs Sex Swing Stand

What’s the difference between a sex sling and a sex swing stand?

  Before we get to the difference between these great products, we have to make clear something. Having any sort of swing (or wanting one) doesn’t mean that you have to be into kink, because swings were made to help you out to get to do the positions you like the most and that for one (or more) reason(s) you can’t do, it is pretty much the same as when you use a pillow under your partner’s body to get her a bit high. We like to think about swings like gym equipment that helps you out to do exercise because you are going to sweat and a lot, so if you are hesitating because of this, just don’t mind about it, the swing will help you to improve your sex life, to give you better experiences and you shouldn’t be ashamed about it.

The three little piggies.

The three little piggies.  - Sex Sling Stand vs Sex Swing Stand
Now getting into the subject, it is considered a sex swing any sort of artifact that helps you to hold your body by using, harnesses, wrist holders, leashes, hooks, and/or straps. So, in this category, we find 3 general subcategories, a door sex swing, a sex sling stand, and a sex swing stand, where the last one is the most complete and the first one the most basic.

A sex sling stand!

A sex sling stand!  - Sex Sling Stand vs Sex Swing Stand
A sex sling stand is a metallic frame that can be assembled and disassembled and works with 4 hooks, the difference from a sex swing stand is that this gives more supports as the area where the person is laying down is bigger, it is like a hammock, it is just for one person to lie in there whilst the other one is standing up around, it is recommended for bondage and the limitations is that, being held by 4 hooks the sling doesn’t have any movements, but is the most comfortable option.

A sex swing stand!

A sex swing stand!  - Sex Sling Stand vs Sex Swing Stand
On the other hand, we have the sex swing stand, which is the same as the sling, a metal frame but this has just 1 or 2 hooks to support the swing, different than the sling, this is just literally a swing, a place that has just a bit space to get sit. It has, for obvious reasons, less support across the body but in exchange, you get great mobility and can often, depending on how much weight it holds, support two persons on it. This is a great option to experiment with different positions that cannot be experimented easily (or at all) without a swing.


Conclusion - Sex Sling Stand vs Sex Swing Stand
There are no better options, it gets down to what you need and how are you planning to use it, if you are an enthusiast and likes to be exploring, then a sex swing stand is your best option, if you want to have something casual, less experimental,  and more comfortable, you should look for a sex sling stand, then if you are going to use it occasionally a door swing is more than enough!

Why choose a sex swing stand over a ceiling hook?

Now that we know a bit more about the sex swing stand, the next question is: “But why should dI choose a sex swing stand over a ceiling hook? Each one has up and downsides, whilst one is the best in one part it is not in some others, so we are going to describe briefly the difference and why you should consider a sex sing stand over a ceiling hook.

Best perfomance.

Best perfomance.  - Why choose a sex swing stand over a ceiling hook?
If the installation is properly made, a hook in the ceiling could be the best option, but, that means it is going to be permanently there, whilst a sex swing stand can give you the same sturdiness but with the possibility of moving it, hiding it or taking it with you to go and is not going to look bad compared to a hook in the ceiling.


Space!  - Why choose a sex swing stand over a ceiling hook?
Both options need plenty of space to be used properly, the only difference is that a sex swing stand can be unmounted and you can keep it under your bed or inside of a closet and just take it out when you need to have fun, whilst the ceiling hook has to be there as long as you want to keep it.

Permanent vs temporary

Permanent vs temporary - Why choose a sex swing stand over a ceiling hook?
A sex swing stand gives you the chance, as we saw before to mount it or unmount it, but also this means you can carry your sex swing stand wherever you go and bring the fun with you, whilst the hook only allows you to play at that place.

House preparations.

House preparations. - Why choose a sex swing stand over a ceiling hook?
Using your ceiling can be easy or a big pain, because if you don’t have a good wooden beam or a very nice and sturdy ceiling, it means you have to do the right preparations for the hook as is going to hold a lot of weight, which in the long run might be expensive. With the sex swing stand, you don’t need to think about that as the sturdiness is provided by the frame you are mounting.


Conclusion - Why choose a sex swing stand over a ceiling hook?
Whilst the hook in the ceiling is the most sturdy option, a sex swing stand is also good because it offers a wide range of different options that in our opinion are more compelling, travelling, mount and unmount, easy storage, easy to carry and good attachment features. So it gets down to: do you have a big place? can you get a place exclusively for that? do you want to keep the fun there? If all or most of the answers were no, then a sex swing stand is your best choice!

Pull-up bars – an alternative to stands or hooks

Sometimes we are just worried about getting a new item to our collection, despite how big or small it is, sometimes we just need time to think about it and perhaps to have a “test drive” or just our budget is not the ideal to get the toy what we want. If that is the situation and you are dreaming of having your own sex swing stand, there is another option perhaps you should consider.

A pull-up bar can do the trick!

A cheap pull-up bar can help you out to sort your problem and can work as really good support for your sex swing. Just bear in mind that you have to match the length of the pull-up bar with your door frame and of course take into consideration the weight that the pull-up bar can hold.

Quick solution for great pleasure!

Quick solution for great pleasure! - Pull-up bars – an alternative to stands or hooks
Perhaps the pull-up bar is not going to give you all the features a sex swing stand can do, but you can enjoy exploring all the possibilities with a sex swing and perhaps later decide to save up a bit to get you a proper sex swing stand.

Final thoughts

Final thoughts - Pull-up bars – an alternative to stands or hooks
No matter if you go with the pull-up bar just remember it is not a sex swing stand and please don’t feel frustrated, we highly recommend you to get a proper sex swing stand so you can enjoy all the features, positions, and fantasies. The pull-up bar can be a great temporary solution that can work great, whilst getting a real sex swing stand will give you the best experience.

And always remember!

And always remember! - Pull-up bars – an alternative to stands or hooks
Since this option can be considered somehow as a DIY, please understand: “We do not recommend making your own sex toys and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex toys from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex toys.”

How to use a sex swing stand

In order to understand how to use a Sex Swing Stand it is needed to know that it is not only about having fun, but also assembling and disassembling it. We are going to set a list of things you must consider when using a sex swing stand.

Assamble and Disassamble

Assamble and Disassamble

The first thing you need to do is to follow the instructions from the manufacturer, usually, you can find it inside of the box or on the internet. Usually, sex swing stands come packed with the tools you need to mount them, some other options don’t even need tools. Mostly all the sex swing stands can be assembled by one person.

Hang your sex swing

Hang your sex swing

The next step is to identify what hooks are you going to use in your sex swing stand, which always is going to be determined by the kind of sex swing stand that you own. Remember always to pay careful attention to the instructions and recommendations from the manufacturer mostly because all the weight, not all the hooks in the sex swings can hold up the same weight as others, so it is important you recognize and identify which hooks are used to hold most of the weight and what is used for soft bondage (which is usually an option in sex swing stands)

Minor adjustments

Minor adjustments

Now that the sex swing is mounted, take your partner and adjust the swing to her and your height, so you can get the right position. Remember always to be comfortable and safe, if you don’t feel okay with the sex swing, just adjust it until both feel totally comfortable so you can enjoy more!

let's get on with it!

let's get on with it!

Now get to use it, don’t hesitate, if your partner is okay trying some new and crazy positions just do it, in this way both are going to explore and know what do you like and what you don’t, a sex swing stand always gives you a lot of versatility, so your limit is pretty much your imagination (and your and your partner’s decision).

How to clean a sex swing stand

Sex swing stands can be cleaned very easily because most are made out of metal. Our recommendation is to check the site of the manufacturer or in the instructions just to be sure you are following the right specs. But sometimes we can get just what we need, in that case. We suggest using a barely wet rag, if you need a bit of a punch, then you can use a bit of dish soap with warm water, and remember always to dry the parts well. Otherwise, with time it can get rusty as it is metal what you are cleaning. If your sex swing stand didn't mess up, then you can just clean it with a dry rag and that's it, you are set for the next session. If you are concerned about how to wash your sex swing (not the stand itself), it is easy to do it, as long as you check the recommendations from the manufacturer first, but you can get a laundry washing bag, and you can place your swing there if your swing has cushions or pads which are going to absorb a lot of water and are going to take a while to dry out. Just use a normal cycle with cold or warm water and no more than medium on the dryer. If you want to be sure it is well washed without risking it, you can always wash it by hand on the sink, which also works, just be sure you have a space to hang it and let it dry well.


Everyone. A sex swing stand is just a complementary tool to help you to enhance your sex experiences, it is designed to be used for everyone, no matter what you like in sex, if you think a sex swing can give you what you need then go for it.

Absolutely! As long as it is used in the way it is supposed to be used, remember that using a toy or a tool in a way that is not supposed to be used can end up damaging the object or you can get injured, better to be safe than sorry and play by the rules.

Not really. Think about the Sex Swing Stand as if it would be gym equipment, it is going to help you do exercise that perhaps you can do without it, but the results are going to be better. As I mentioned before, it is just a position enhancer, are you weird if you would use a pillow under your partner's lower back to gain more height?

Of course. As we mentioned before, a sex swing stand is just a tool that helps you to have more comfortable positions (and some others that you can't achieve without it), so it doesn't matter what kind of sex you are into, a sex swing stand is just going to help you to have better and new positions.

We do not recommend making your own sex swing stand and always recommend that you purchase a purpose-made sex swing stand from a reputable shop. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex swing stand.

What is a sex swing stand?

The answer resides in the name, it is just a structure designed to be used with a sex swing (a harness designed to have sex) Basically, a sex swing stand is a structure that can hold a certain amount of weight that is going to be supported on a platform (sex swing). All over the structure, you can find different attachments, like hooks or holes that can be used for some other sexual activities like soft bondage. Sex swing stands are mostly made out of steel, it is easy to assemble and disassemble, and are lightweight and sturdy.

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