15 Best Sex Swings in 2024 [Tester Reviews]

   Isabelle Uren
There are lots of different sex swings on the sex toy market: whether you’re looking for a great-quality cheap sex swing, a portable one, a door sex swing, a bondage sex swing, or even a spinning sex swing, you deserve the best of the bunch! In this review, I’ve collected 15 of the best sex swings around, and ranked each price, portability, recommended experience level, overall quality and design.
1 Test Winner

Whipsmart Pleasure Swing

 Pleasure Swing

  • Are looking for a single hook sex swing
  • Want thick padding
  • Want generous weight limits

Pleasure Swing

  • Have a larger body or wide hips
  • Weigh more than 200 lbs
  • Want a double hook design

No matter how many positions you’ve tried, a sex swing can open up possibilities you’d never imagine! Single hook swings, like this one, will take your sessions to new and unexplored territory that reaches places you didn’t even know existed! Featuring thick, padded straps that can be detached, there are so many ways to enjoy this fantastic sex swing. The kit includes padded straps, large stirrups, overhead bar, spring and can be attached to an overhead hook (either secured to a ceiling beam or frame). You also get the choice of pink, black, or leopard print so you can make it a permanent design feature!

  • Removable straps
  • Extra thick padding
  • Comfortable stirrups
  • Available in 3 colours

  • Can be a bit of a learning curve
Pleasure Swing
MaterialsNylon, plastic, metal, and PVC
Maximum Weight200 lbs
FasteningSingle hook
Length(Overhead bar) 14 inches

The best feature is that you have so many ways to customize it so you can explore so many different positions that you will never get bored! It’s also very easy to detach/attach the straps, so you don’t have to spend too much time fiddling around before the fun can begin! It’s also super comfortable, and the extra padding really makes a difference, meaning you are not distracted by any straps digging in. That being said, if you have a larger body or wide hips, this might not be the best option for you as the overhead bar is on the narrow side. This is a mid-range sex swing, and they aren’t cheap in genereal, but you are getting quite a comprehensive piece of equipment that will add some serious excitement to your playtime! The pleasure swing is well worth the money if it’s within your budget, but don’t blame me if you spend all your time daydreaming of new ways to use it!

2 Runner Up

Bondage Boutique Fetish Sex Swing

 Bondage Boutique Sex Swing

  • Like sex swings
  • Enjoy experimenting
  • Want an easy to use swing

Bondage Boutique Sex Swing

  • Prefer more discreet toys
  • Aren't a fan of sex swings
  • Want something more adjustable

The Bondage Boutique Fetish Sex Swing is made from very strong, very durable steel with reinforced support straps, and can be hung from any ceiling in order for you to have a wild night of swinging sex! This fully adjustable swing has 2 body straps and 2 foot stirrups that can be used when trying out a massive range of orgasmically amazing positions. And what’s even better is that it can take up to 330 lbs of weight, so no matter what your size or sexual preferences are, the Bondage Boutique Fetish Sex Swing will be able to handle all that you throw at it!

  • Easy to use
  • Uncomplicated design
  • Nice and bouncy

  • Not massively adjustable
  • Uncomfortable after a while
Bondage Boutique Sex Swing
MaterialsMetal and fabric
Length20.5 inches
Maximum Weight150 kg / 330 lbs

If you want a heavier-duty sex swing that still looks and feels relatively dainty, then the Bondage Boutique Fetish Sex Swing is just the thing for you. It can be quickly and easily mounted to the ceiling by screwing the metal ring where it needs to be and clipping on the swing. The clip is also attached to a long spring which gives the whole thing a pretty great amount of bounce. While it’s a nice option if you need a heavier-duty sex swing, because of the thin straps, some users may find it pretty uncomfortable after extended periods of use. Also while the length is customizable, it’s still not the most adjustable swing out there.

3 Cheapest

Wild Side Sex Swing

 Wild Side Sex Swing

  • Are looking for a dual hook sex swing

Wild Side Sex Swing

  • Prefer a sex swing with handles

It features thick, high-density foam that supports your body as you have fun trying out new positions. This dual hook sex swing can be adjusted to create the right width for you, making it more comfortable for all sizes, and you can use the large stirrups around your ankle or thighs to get the support exactly where you need it. Available in 5 different colors, you can choose a swing to suit your style, which is great because you won’t want to take it down!

  • High-density foam padded straps
  • Strong support
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Variable sling width
  • Great value

  • Doesn't have handles
Wild Side Sex Swing
MaterialsCotton Canvas
Maximum Weight250 lbs
FasteningDual hook

This is a great price for a strong and comfortable dual hook sex swing that will add so much excitement to your sex life. By far the best thing about this swing is just how comfortable the straps are. The high-density foam means that you can really enjoy your ride and have some long sessions without the straps digging in. It’s also nice that the straps come in a range of colors rather than the standard black, and it’s machine washable, so it’s easy to keep it clean.

4 Beginner

Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

 Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

  • Don't want to use a hook or frame
  • Have a sturdy door to use
  • Want a travel friendly option
  • Want a beginner-friendly sex swing
  • Want something that's easy to put up and remove again
  • Like the idea of a travel-friendly sex swing

Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

  • Aren't able to hold some of your own body weight
  • Need a sex swing that provides a lot of support
  • Want something machine-washable
  • You or your partner weighs over 325 lbs

No ceiling hook or frame — no worries. You can still enjoy the thrill of suspended sex with the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling! Easy to install, this door swing has two strong acrylic bars that anchor in place over a closed door. Who knew a door mount like this, could open up so many possibilities? Once secured in place, you and your partner can explore new and exciting vertical positions in comfort with the adjustable bucket strap, handles, and stirrups supporting you. Although it can feel a little scary at first, you can rest assured that the strong nylon straps can support you, while the neoprene padding makes for a comfy ride.

  • No need for frame or ceiling hook
  • Very adjustable
  • Easy to put up/take down
  • Sturdy & portable
  • Padded seat is quite wide

  • Straps can dig in at the hips
  • Requires some body strength
  • Can be tricky to get into
  • Only as sturdy as your door is
Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling
Length inches
Width(Seat) inches
AdjustableYes — Seat Height and Stirrup Height
Maximum Weight325 lbs
MaterialsPolypropylene, Polyester, Polyurethane, ABS Plastic, Galvanized Metal, TOTM Plastic, Phthalate-free PVC
WaterproofNo, Spot Clean Only
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

I think this door swing is ideal if you don’t have the luxury of sturdy ceiling beams and don’t want to commit to a big frame. Once adjusted to your size, you can throw it up really quickly, which is great if the mood suddenly strikes you! Best part? As easy as it is it set up, it is even easier to take it down. Open the door, slide the anchors off an you can pack it up for storage until next time. with this being an over-the-door sex swing, there are both a few pros and cons. It can be really nice to have the door behind you for some support or for that up against the wall passion! On the other hand, mounting the actual seat itself can be a bit tricky with the door limiting your space. Depending on the position you’re in, the door can get in the way of that real sex-while-suspended-in-mid-air feeling. However, that is the price you’re paying for having such an easy set-up. This comes in at a lot cheaper than some of the more elaborate, hanging swings and is a great first step into the world of sex swings. You can get pretty experimental with positions and the extra support gives you some added stamina in those more acrobatic positions! Our tester found that the straps can dig in a bit in certain positions and could do with a bit more padding. Another thing to consider is that the rider needs to have a bit of strength to get into the sling and it isn’t as supportive as other styles, such as the hammock.

5 Dual Hook

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

 Screamer Dual Hook Swing

  • Prefer a swing with handles and stirrups
  • Are looking for a high-quality, easy-care swing
  • Need a sex swing that disassembles quickly and stores in a small space.
  • Desire the feeling of weightless, exciting sex
  • Want a sex swing collection that offers exciting add-ons and accessories

Screamer Dual Hook Swing

  • Are looking for very soft straps
  • Have back problems (buy the Screamer Sex Sling instead)
  • Don't have the space or privacy to install a sex swing
  • Aren’t sexually adventurous.

The seductive Screamer sex swing is sure to add some spice to your sex life! Featuring a dual hook design for variable seat width, you will feel fully supported as you enjoy your thrilling ride. The 4-inch webbing base and thick straps also spread your weight more evenly for extra comfort. The detachable straps also mean that you can mix things up and experiment with a greater range of positions that will give you and your partner access to unchartered sensations.

  • Most adjustable swing on the market
  • Machine washable
  • Fast and easy to install and take down

  • Strap material can be a little rough
  • Pricey compared to lesser quality swings and slings
  • Requires stand, door mounts or ceiling mounts.
Screamer Dual Hook Swing
MaterialsHigh density foam, cotton canvas, metal hardware
Storage Bag IncludedStorage bag with room for more accessories and add-ons
Maximum Weight300 lbs
FasteningMetal hardware
AdjustableYes! Most adjustable sex swing on the market
OpeningsFoot/leg openings 35"

This is a top-quality swing and well worth the money if you see a sex swing being a big part of your sex life. It’s super sturdy, versatile, and comfortable, even in those longer sessions. A great option for frequent flyers! If you have a larger body, a dual hook sex swing like this is perfect! You can adjust the width of the swing, so you don’t have any straps digging in and distracting you from the fun! It also means you have a lot of options for mounting. This is also great even if you don’t have a larger body, as you can set it up exactly how you like it. The detachable straps offer so much versatility in which positions you can access with this sex swing! This also means you can really open up your body in ways that take stimulation to the next level. Although the straps can be a little rough, the thick width helps distribute the weight more evenly and stops them from digging in. Small details, such as the plastic covers on the hand straps that save your hands from friction, are what put it at a level above the rest! The carry bag is a real bonus and means the swing can be stored away easily or transported.

6 Bondage

DOMINIX Deluxe Fantasy Bondage Swing

 DOMINIX Deluxe Fantasy Bondage Swing

  • Are looking for a sex swing with bondage restraints
  • Want a first-time sex swing
  • Need a swing that's very versatile for different positions

DOMINIX Deluxe Fantasy Bondage Swing

  • Want a spinning sex swing
  • Are looking for a very comfortable swing with a wide seat
  • Want a swing that's very durable

The DOMINIX Deluxe Fantasy Bondage Swing is a high-quality, yet affordable sex swing designed for adventurous couples looking to take their kink to new heights. This bondage swing comes with a set of padded, detachable wrist and ankle cuffs, as well as a blindfold, so you can explore all kinds of bondage positions and exercise your kinky creativity! The seat, back rest and stirrups are also padded, minimizing the pressure on your skin as you swing. The DOMINIX Deluxe swing has a single-hook design with a bar across the top.

  • Padded straps and stirrups
  • Comes with detachable wrist and ankle cuffs, and eye mask
  • Holds up to 330lbs
  • Value for money

  • Chains can be weak
  • Doesn't rotate without extra equipment
  • Narrow seat can be uncomfortable
DOMINIX Deluxe Fantasy Bondage Swing
MaterialsNylon, Metal
Maximum Weight330 lbs
FasteningSingle Hook

This bondage sex swing is a great option for novices, or those looking for a good quality swing that doesn’t break the bank! It does have a lot of versatility, and is extremely simple to use once set up. However, I noticed that the straps and seat are quite narrow, which might lead to them digging in a bit, especially on larger individuals. Additionally, although Lovehoney state that this sex swing can spin 360 degrees around, this is not possible with the fittings that they provide with the toy. You can purchase spinning fastenings for single-hook sex swings, but this swing may well break if you try to spin it as is.

7 W. spring

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

 Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

  • Enjoy restraint play

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

  • Aren't interested in using the restraints
  • Prefer your swing to be more padded

Suspended, restrained, and at your partner’s mercy. If you are looking for something with an added kink, this bondage sex swing is here to answer your desires. With the four included restraints that can be attached to the adjustable restraint clip rings, you have plenty of options for locked up, rocking, swinging fun. The strong straps provide fantastic support, allowing to you get creative with sex positions and movements that you didn’t even know were possible.

  • Includes 4 restraints
  • Adjustable restraint clip rings
  • Sturdy
  • Up to 350 lbs

  • No head rest
  • Needs more padding
Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing
MaterialsMetal, Nylon
Maximum Weight350 lbs
FasteningSingle hook

There’s something about feeling weightless and suspended in the air but at the same time restrained that really takes things up a level and there are so many ways to use it, that you won’t get bored. Discovering new positions is all part of the fun! The swing feels well made and strong, which makes it easy to relax and be fully present in the moment. It isn’t a cheap sex swing, so for this price, the straps should be more padded, and a headrest would be a good addition. That being said, you do get four restraints included in the set. It would also be great to have a wider choice of colors.

8 Heavy Duty

Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling + Chain Kit

 Strict Sex Sling

  • Love the BDSM aesthetic
  • Are looking for a leather sex swing

Strict Sex Sling

  • Prefer something a little softer
  • Want a swing that's easy to store
  • Prefer something easy to clean

If you are looking for a new sex dungeon accessory, then look no further. This is a platform sex sling, making it possible to have exceptional stability in use. Made from strong leather with stirrups, a pillow, and D-rings, you can keep your rider exactly where you want them while you tease and tantalize as you desire. The swing attaches via four overhead ropes or chains and supports up to 150 lbs in weight.

  • Strong leather
  • Sex dungeon style
  • Leather pillow
  • Leather stirrups

  • Leather corners aren't rounded
  • Stiff leather
  • Bottom of seat can dig in
Strict Sex Sling
MaterialsLatigo leather, metal
Maximum Weight350 lbs
Fastening4 hooks
Length37.5 inches
Width23 — 15 inches

This leather platform sex sling certainly looks the part, the cold black leather and metal rivets scream out for some BDSM play and get you in the mood before you’re even in the chair. The leather is cured to make it extra strong which also makes it more rigid than other leathers. As the corners of this leather haven’t been rounded, they can pinch your thighs, especially if you are wider in the hips. If you like a bit of pain with your pleasure this might not be a problem for you, but if you are looking for something more comfortable, check out the other swings in this review. This is one of the more expensive sex toys in this review due to the use of leather. While you get a pretty incredible-looking sex swing, it could do with some extra finishing touches to prevent the pinching from the leather and some stronger rivets in places.

9 Spinning

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Sex Swing

 Spinning Swing

  • Like to switch up positions

Spinning Swing

  • Have a larger body or wide hips

This 360 degree spinning sex swing gives you the ultimate freedom. As well as being able to swing your partner back and forth, you can now spin them around allowing you quick and easy access to wherever the mood takes you. The leg stirrups and two faux fur straps provide strong support that allows you to explore some truly acrobatic positions without the need for acrobatic training!

  • 360 degree spin
  • Strong support
  • Padded straps and stirrups
  • Supports up to 350 lbs

  • No neck support
  • Not comfortable for larger bodies
  • Needs more padding
Spinning Swing
Maximum Weight350 lbs
FasteningSingle hook

Being able to spin your partner 360 degrees and switch positions from front to back takes things up a notch, gives you a lot more freedom, and really enhances that weightless feeling. The setup is relatively easy as it only requires one hook. This means it can be taken down and put up quickly as well. The straps are well-made and sturdy but could do with a bit of extra padding. You should also consider that this swing doesn’t include a neck support, which can result in some tired neck muscles, so you might want to think about buying one.

10 Sling

Purple Reins Sex Sling

 Purple Rein

  • Need a little more support from your sex swing

Purple Rein

  • Want to use your sex swing for anal play or entry from behind

This is a great affordable sex swing, perfect for anyone with a lower budget. The hammock is much more supportive than strap-based sex swings meaning you can relax into the moment and enjoy being the center of attention! This also makes it great for anyone with strength or mobility problems. The straps are adjustable, but it can be tricky to find the right height and is best suited to high ceilings. It also doesn’t come with foot straps so bear this in mind if that is something you require. The material on the sling isn’t the softest, so consider throwing a soft and sensual blanket over a seat to give it a more luxurious feel.

  • Comfortable hammock
  • Great support
  • Compatible with other restraints
  • Fully adjustable

  • No foot straps
  • Can be tricky to find the right height
  • No suitable for anal sex
Purple Rein
Maximum Weight308 lbs
FasteningCarabiner clip

This is a great low price sex swing, perfect for anyone with a lower budget. The hammock is much more supportive than strap-based sex swings meaning you can relax into the moment and enjoy being the center of attention! This also makes it great for anyone with strength or mobility problems. The straps are adjustable, but it can be tricky to find the right height and is best suited to high ceilings. It also doesn’t come with foot straps so bear this in mind if that is something you require. The other downside to a sling-style swing is that you cannot access rear-entry positions, so if you are looking to use it for anal sex this isn’t the best option. The material on the sling isn’t the softest, so consider throwing a soft and sensual blanket over a seat to give it a more luxurious feel.

11 Extreme Sling

Strict Leather Extreme Sex Sling + chain kit

 Strict Leather Extreme Sex Sling

  • Are looking for a comfortable sex sling for lengthy BDSM sessions
  • Are plus-sized, as the sling is sturdy and holds up to 300lbs
  • Are a beginner to using sex slings
  • Struggle with mobility and comfort is your priority
  • Want a sex sling made of real leather

Strict Leather Extreme Sex Sling

  • Are more experienced in BDSM and looking for something more adventurous
  • Are Vegan, as the sling is made from real leather

The Strict Leather Extreme Sex Sling is the Testwinner in our round-up, and for good reason! Made from real soft leather, this comfortable sex sling is a great option for those trying out sex slings and venturing into BDSM for the first time. The perfect choice for newbies, this sling is equipped with a soft pillow for maximum comfort and adjustable straps to ensure the perfect angle and plentiful positions! This sling also comes with stirrups, a large stirrup loop, four 30 inch chains and carabiners for mounting on an 8ft ceiling. Holding up to 300lbs in weight, this leather sex sling is also suitable for those who are plus size.

  • Made of real, soft leather
  • Can hold up to 300lbs
  • Equipped with padded pillow
  • Detachable straps
  • Great price

  • Spring type not included
  • Unsuitable for Vegans
Strict Leather Extreme Sex Sling
Maximum Weight300 lbs
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Width21 inches
Length37.5 inches

This gorgeous leather sex sling is the perfect debut into BDSM: soft, comfortable, affordably priced and complete with the classic black leather look giving off serious 50 Shades vibes! Let the Strict Leather Extreme Sex Sling be the newest addition to your bedroom and enjoy experimenting with the hottest positions with your partner. Under $400, this leather sex swing saves on cost without compromising on quality. With its comfortable sling and padded pillow, you and your partner can indulge in extra-long play sessions without getting achy legs or sore arms. If you’re a sex swing veteran, however, it might not be your ideal choice.

12 Vegan Leather

Stockroom Pig Sling with Stirrups

 Stockroom Pig Sling

  • Are vegan but want a sling that simulates the sexy, BDSM leather-look
  • If you want a sling that is sturdy even during rougher sex
  • Are looking for a sling to experiment with new positions

Stockroom Pig Sling

  • Prefer thicker straps and wider sling for ease of use
  • Want real black leather for your BDSM adventures

The Stockroom Pig Sling offers Vegan bondage enthusiasts a great cruelty-free alternative option to achieve that black leather look synonymous with BDSM. This leather sex sling, made of vinyl-covered polyester fabric, is a sturdy sling perfect for experimenting with new positions, whether you’re submitting to your partner or taking control! With 4 D-ring attachment points, you and your partner can have fun experimenting and fulfilling your sex swing fantasies, and don’t worry if things get a little too torrid – the 3-inch nickel plated steel Rigging D-rings will hold both you and your partner even through the most passionate of sessions.

  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Sturdy even during rougher sessions
  • Great for testing new positions
  • Easy to store and clean

  • Expensive
  • Not real leather
  • Might cause skin friction
Stockroom Pig Sling
Maximum Weight250 lbs
MaterialsVinyl-coated polyester, Metals
Weight2.6 lbs

If you’re looking to experiment with a leather sex sling, the Stockroom Pig Sling is versatile, reasonably priced and great if you struggle with mobility or find traditional leather sex swings too physically taxing on the limbs. Sturdy and durable, you and your partner can indulge all of your hottest fantasies – and you won’t even notice that it’s not real leather! The Stockroom Pig Sling is a great investment for vegans and non-vegans alike, and is easy to use, easy to store and easy to clean. One downside of this non-leather sex sling is the material, which might cause friction on the skin during longer play sessions. If you are plus sized, you might want to try a thicker sling made of real leather, as the weight distribution will be more balanced and the fabric more comfortable.

13 Thigh straps

The Tetruss Portable Dungeon Deluxe Bundle

 The Tetruss Portable Dungeon Deluxe Bundle

  • Want to experiment with suspension bondage without ropes
  • Don't have the space for a permanent playroom in your home
  • Want a portable sex swing
  • Want a sex swing adapted for all kinds of positions

The Tetruss Portable Dungeon Deluxe Bundle

  • Are new to BDSM and bondage, as we recommend starting with something more beginner-friendly
  • Already have an attachment hook and are looking for a hook-compatible sex swing

The Tetruss Portable Dungeon Deluxe Bundle is our premium winner: with its portable suspension rig, this sex swing supports up to 300lbs in a 10×10 space. One of the best things about this sex swing is that it is free-standing: if you want to start using a sex swing, but the idea of fixing hooks and chains to your ceiling is intimidating, this free-standing piece of kit is ideal. Coming equipped with 3 ultra soft leather straps as well as a 44 inch spreader bar for restraining the submissive partner, this sex swing is built for all your wildest BDSM dreams: explore all your fantasies of domination, submission, suspension and bondage with this swing. This sex swing is also portable, making it ideal for those with not enough space at home for a full-time playroom.

  • Portable
  • Sex-dungeon feel
  • Lightweight
  • Free-standing rig
  • Spreader bar

  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Very Expensive
The Tetruss Portable Dungeon Deluxe Bundle
Weight23 lbs
Maximum Weight300 lbs
Height8 feet 0 inches
MaterialsHigh-strength aluminum allow, black leather
Storage Bag IncludedYes

If you’re looking to create a sex dungeon or playroom in your own home, the Tetruss Portable Dungeon Deluxe Bundle is a great alternative to ceiling-fastened sex swings. With a black leather sex-dungeon aesthetic, this sex swing would make a great centrepiece in any playroom. The 44 inch spreader bar that comes with the swing can be used for restraining the submissive partner, whilst the leather stirrups can be used for supporting the back and thighs during play. One downside to this item is that the hardware does not come included in the set: you will need to buy chains and clips for both the swing and the spreader bar. Ideal for more experienced BDSM enthusiasts, this sex swing is one of the most expensive in our round-up, but one of the highest quality and highest-rated by us for its adaptability. Being portable and not too heavy – just under 23lbs – the swing can be transported easily, meaning you can turn any room in your house into your own fantasy playroom!

14 Heavy Duty

Stockroom Web Leather Sex Sling

 Stockroom Web Leather Sex Sling

  • Want a heavy duty sex swing
  • Love the feel of leather
  • Want bonus chains and clips

Stockroom Web Leather Sex Sling

  • Are on a budget
  • Want something with more support
  • Prefer a single-hook sling

The Stockroom Web Leather Sex Sling is a premium quality swing with many premium features. It is made from 3 wide strips of thick leather that have been woven together to create a ‘hammock’ kind of seat that is riveted together with nickel-plated rivets. All of which look and feel amazing! While it might be on the pricier side, it is with every single penny. It’s understandable why it’s such a popular choice for people looking for premium leather slings.

  • Premium quality
  • Great feeling materials
  • Can take up to 250 lbs
  • Perfect for Plus-sizes

  • Very expensive
Stockroom Web Leather Sex Sling
MaterialsLeather and nickel-plated metal
Length37 inches
Width22.5 inches
Materials113 kg / 250

If you’re sat there dreaming of a premium quality sex sling to enhance your bedroom antics, then look no further because the Stockroom Web Leather Sex Sling is just the thing you need! It has all the hallmarks of a premium toy: it looks fantastic, the materials feel amazing, it’s easy to use, it has all kinds of clips and restraints to customize the fun…it has everything. It’s downside? The ridiculously high price tag! At close to $500 you’re going to have to be REALLY sure that you want to add this leathery bad boy to your bedroom arsenal!


Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing

 Trinity Vibes Spinning Sex Swing

  • Are looking for a spinning sex swing
  • Want a swing that doesn't break the bank!

Trinity Vibes Spinning Sex Swing

  • Want a swing with a wide, comfortable seat and stirrups
  • Are over 200lbs and want to use it with the spinning function

The Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing is a versatile and exciting addition to your intimate play. This swing allows for a variety of positions and movements, thanks to its adjustable straps for the back, butt, and calves. Despite its robust construction, it’s easy to install and use, making it a great choice for those looking to add a new dimension to their intimate moments. With the spring, which is needed to make the swing spin around, the Trinity Vibes swing can support up to 200lbs in weight, but without it, it can hold up to 395lbs.

  • Spinning swing
  • Adjustable straps
  • Value for money

  • Maximum weight of 200lbs with spinning function
  • Narrow straps
Trinity Vibes Spinning Sex Swing
MaterialsMetal, Nylon, ABS Plastic
Maximum WeightWith Spring: 200 lbs, Without Spring: 395 lbs

If you’re looking for a swing that’s easy to install and use, then this might by right up your alley! This spinning sex swing is incredibly versatile, too, though be sure to check the weight limits if you want it to spin around!

Where to Buy Sex Swings: Our Favorite Sex Swing Stores

There are a LOT of places that stock sex swings these days, from online sex toy stores to brick-and-mortar retailers. But, which ones are trustworthy? Here are our expert picks of stores that either specialize in sex swings, or stock a good range of quality sex swings, so that you can buy with confidence.


SexSwing.com - Where to Buy Sex Swings: Our Favorite Sex Swing Stores
If you’re looking for sex swing specialists, then you can’t get better than the team at SexSwing.com. They’ve been doing this since 2010, and have a huge range of sex swing brands and types available on their site. Plus, they have a whole host of guides and videos available to help you choose which sex swing might be best for you and your needs. In fact, they actually own, test and use every sex swing they sell, so they know what they’re talking about!


Lovehoney - Where to Buy Sex Swings: Our Favorite Sex Swing Stores
Lovehoney is one of the world’s biggest online sex retailers, operating in 8 countries and stocking thousands upon thousands of sex toys! This, of course, includes a range of sex swings. Alongside many top brands, Lovehoney also has several sex swings sold under their own brands, including Bondage Boutique and DOMINIX Deluxe, which are often more affordable options.

The Stockroom

The Stockroom - Where to Buy Sex Swings: Our Favorite Sex Swing Stores
The Stockroom is a wonderland of kink-positive toys and accessories, with everything from bondage cuffs and whips to stockades and fetish-wear. Their extensive collection also includes sex swings and slings. Most are geared towards more advanced users, but there are some beginner-friendly swings, too. Many of the swings on the Stockroom are made in-house, and often made-to order, ensuring super high quality and attention to detail.


HustlerHollywood - Where to Buy Sex Swings: Our Favorite Sex Swing Stores
Hustler started out as a porn magazine, but their empire has grown a whole lot since then! In 1998, their first brick-and-mortar sex toy store opened on the Sunset Strip, and now there 39 stores across the US! Hustler Hollywood also have a huge online sex toy store that continues its agenda of sexual expression and freedom. This includes a growing range of sex swings from popular brands, including Fetish Fantasy and Sportsheets.

Stands and Frames for Swings

You can turn your house in to playground of sexual of adventure with a sex swing frame. Sex swing frames are ideal if you don’t have strong ceilings or exposed beams or don’t want to make any permanent additions to your ceilings. Be sure to check that your chosen frame and swing are compatible before purchasing. When choosing a stand for your sling, please consider the amount of mounting points. single hook swings will typically need a mounting point in the center. Not all stands come with these.

Screamer Sex Swing Stand

Screamer Sex Swing Stand - Stands and Frames for Swings
This easy-to-assemble sex swing frame is suitable for single and dual hook sex swings. It is made of quality, sturdy materials, so you can lie back and enjoy your ride. It also features 12 loops for attaching whatever restraints and additions take your fancy!

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing Stand - Stands and Frames for Swings
A great value option for single hook sex swings and eliminates the need to drill holes in your ceiling. This sturdy frame is perfect for use with spinning sex swings and has additional attachment points for use with restraints.

Kink Essentials Sex Sling Stand

Kink Essentials Sex Sling Stand - Stands and Frames for Swings
The Kink Essentials Sex Sling Stand is an ideal choice if your sling features four mounting points. Each corner of the stand has a dedicated attachment area, allowing for easy and quick setup of your sex sling. With a height of approximately 6 feet, this stand can support up to 275 lbs. Despite its substantial size when assembled, it can be conveniently flattened for storage, offering a discreet solution for your needs.

Things to Think About Before Buying

The idea of buying a sex swing might be exciting, but it’s important to be practical as well! Here are a few things to consider that will help you find the perfect fun, sexy, and—most importantly—safe one for you & your partner!
  • Weight Limit – Who’s going to be using the swing? Find the weight of the person(s) who will be in the swing, and make sure that the swing you’re looking at is rated to hold more than their current weight.
  • Level of Support – This may be less of an obstacle for younger people, but it’s something that you should keep in mind regardless of age. Different designs will provide support in different places, so make sure that the model you choose can offer an adequate amount of support in the places you’ll want it most (such as your lower back, legs, arms, etc.)
  • Hanging Mechanism – While most people think of a sex swing dangling from the ceiling, such a contraption might not be realistic, especially if you’re currently renting. Make sure that your home can accommodate your choice of hanging mechanism, and also ensure that there’s adequate support (ex. a support beam instead of drywall).
  • Space in Your Home – Some sex swings can take up quite a lot of space! Measure the area in question to ensure you’ll have enough space to completely enjoy your new swing.
  • Price – You’ve probably already considered this one, but have you compared multiple websites? Even if you’ve already set your heart on a particular model, shopping around for any sales or discounts can help save you a lot of money!

How Much is a Sex Swing?

In essense, I’m not going to be able to give you one specific number of that answers your burning question of how much a sex swing is. The price of the swing itself is actually not all. Then comes hanging, mounting or securing the sex swing somewhere. So… Let’s dive into the prices. First, the price-range of different types of sex swings. Second, the price of different mounting options.

Sex swing prices

Instead of just giving you a range of prices. Like, let’s say: $79.00 – $748.75 (Least expensive on Lovehoney.com, and most expensive om Sexswing.com). I rather want to show you a realistic picture of what actual prices of sex swings are. Because, first of all, that $700+ on, that is one bad-ass heavy duty sex swing. Not something most consider for their living room.
So instead, here is a table of some of the most popular sex swings and according price-ranges for these.
Sex Swing Name Shop Price range
Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit Lovehoney.com ≈ $80.00
Wild Side Sex Swing (review) Sexswing.com ≈ $150.00
Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing Sexswing.com AdamEve.com $210.00 – $250.00
Whipsmart Pleasure Swing Sexswing.com PinkCherry.com $220.00 – $230.00
Screamer Sex Swing: Dual Hook Sexswing.com ≈ $250.00
Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling + Chain Kit Sexswing.com ≈ $500.00
Note: The above is “just” a selection, and the prices are not updated but kept in approximate ranges. This serves as an example of how wide the prices can spand.
So, the above table will hopefully give you a first impression of the prices of sex swing.

Here are some rule of thumbs when it comes to prices:

  • Door attachement sex swings will typically go for less than $100
    • More expensive, and you are really getting a luxury item
    • Less than $50, and you should REALLY be aware of the quality, and making sure it’s a reputable seller.
  • Normal sex swings typically go for $150 to $250.
  • Heavy duty sex swing or bondage sex swings typicallyt go for anything over $200.
    • IF you want real leather, expect prices over $350
    • IF you want chains and metal, expect prices over $350
    • IF you want a plateau to lie on, expect prices over $350
    • IF you want a combination of two, expect prices over $450
    • IF you want a combination of three, expect prices over $550

Look at different shops to get the best price

A story about prices, and why you should find the same product multiple places! Whenever you choose a sex swing, really keep an eye out for the prices between shops! I recently found an scary example when looking at prices for the “Trinity Vibes 360 Degree Spinning Sex Swing”. We recommend people buy this as the best “cheapest” option in our round-up review for the best spinning sex swing. AND I found a price different from one shop where it cost: $220, and at another shop it only cost $120. And the cheaper shop is actually the one we typically recommend people buy sex swings at (sexswing.com), not because of the prices, but the quality and service!

Hanging, mounting, attaching – the cost of that

So, you thought buying a sex swing would be your only expense? Sad to dissapoint you. Please make sure, that whenever you plan to purchase a sex swing, you leave room in the budget for how you want it to be mounted, hanged or attached.

Door swings

Shit’s pretty simple. You just need a sturdy door. That’s it. A door sex swing is meant to just hang in a door, and is free to attach. Unless of course, you are a wild couple and wreck your door? But alternatively, you can also purchase a pull up bar and hang the door swing from that. The cost of a good pull up bar is between $30-50. If you want a super sturdy one, you can go all the way up to $120 for it. But if you buy a door sex swing for under $100, it might seem a bit stupid to spend more on how to hang it? Cost:
  • $0
  • $30-$50 (if you want pull up bar)

Normal sex swing

So, now it becomes interesting. For normal sex swing you have a lot of different options!
First, you can hang a sex swing from your ceiling.
For that you need either one or two hooks. 1. If you are buying a sex swing with a single mounting point we recommend you buy:
  • A Tie down bracket. Those go for +$20.
  • 4 long screws. Those go for +$10.
  • 4 nuts (for tightening it). Those go for +$5.
  • Swing spring. Those are optional, but recommended. They go for $15-20
A single mount sex swing, hanged from a ceiling will cost you ≈ $35-50. If you are not comfortable with hanging the sex swing yourself hiring a handyman to come set it up will cost you around $50-75. But you still have to buy the swing spring if you want to go for that. 2. If you are buying a sex swing with dual mounting points we recommend you buy:
  • Two Tie down brackets. Those go for +$40.
  • 8 long screws. Those go for +$20.
  • 8 nuts. Those go for +$10.
  • Swing spring. Those are optional, but recommended. They go for $15-20
A double mounted sex swing, hanged form a ceiling will cost you ≈ $70-85. Again, if you are not certain, that you can make the mounting points in your ceiling secure, then please consider hiring someone to do it. It won’t cost you as much, and you will save money on equipment, as they buy in bulk, and will typically just quote you a single price for everything. But you still have to buy the swing spring if you want to go for that.
Second, you can buy a sex swing stand
So, if you do not fancy hooks in your ceiling, and trying to either lie about what they are for, or have to admit it, then a sex swing stand might be a better option? The screamer sex swing stand, that we bought and reviewed cost us around $500. And, I’m sorry to say this, but that is a pretty average price for a good sex swing stand. Actually, you won’t really find a sex swing stand that costs a lot less that $500. Cost of a sex swing stand: ≈ $500
Third, the cheap pull-up bar alternative
I did already hint to this alternative before. It is for one, a lot more discreet. No one is going to think you are using your pull-up bare to mount your sex swing. It is, at the same time, super cheap. $30-40 for a decent pull up bar. That being said, you are then restricted to having fun within the bounds of your door-frame. This might work well, if you have double doors somewhere in your house, and can hang the pull up bare in the middle. I would recommend buying a sex swing spring for the pull up bar. As before, that costs around $15-20 Cost of a pull up bar mounting: ≈ $45-60

How much should I expect mounting to cost me?

So, in sum, what we typically recommend is that you add an additional +15-20% of the cost of your sex swing for mounting expenses. That being said, if you buy a sex swing stand, you should just think that at least $500 should be available in your budget for that.

Conclusion – what will a sex swing cost me?

Let me say it this way – it depends. But here are some examples of sex swing prices (including mounting and attachements):
  • Cheap door swing, with no mounting additions: ≈ $80
  • Average priced single point sex swing, e.g. a spinning sex swing, and mounting for ceiling: ≈ $200
  • Double hooked sex swing, with mounting equipment for your ceiling: ≈ $330
  • Average prices single point sex swing, and a sex swing stand: ≈ $680
  • Bondage, or heavy duty sex swing, and a sex swing stand: ≈ $950

Types of Sex Swings

Just like with sex toys, variety is the spice of life when it comes to sex swings! There are many different variations, but I’ve covered the main five types below. Which one do you like best?
  • Single Hook – This type of sex swing suspends the user from a single hook, often allowing their partner to spin them around at will!
  • Double Hook – The double hook sex swing trades the ability to spin at will for a sturdier and more secure setup, ideal for heavier people or those worried about breaking the swing.
  • Sling – These swings use a sling design to support your partner’s weight, alongside simple straps for your limbs (such as the legs or arms).
  • Door Swing – Door sex swings are designed to be easily mounted from a closed-door, making them ideal for couples who travel often or simply don’t have the space to mount a sex swing from the ceiling.
  • Spinning – As the name implies, these sex swings allow users to spin around, giving their partner(s) optimal access & angles to their body.

Traditional Sex Swings

Most traditional sex swings have straps that support your back, and butt, as well as stirrups for your legs and handles. They offer a lot of support and versatility! They can be single hook or dual hook, meaning they either have one mounting point or two. This determines which type of sex swing stand you can use or how many holes you need to make in your ceiling. Single hook swings have the advantage that you only needing to make one hole if you are mounting it to the ceiling. However, dual hook swings tend to be more comfortable and can take more weight. The Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing is one the most comfortable and supportive sex swings out there, and it opens up so many position possibilities!

Door Sex Swings

If you don’t have the space or budget for a full on sex swing, a door swing is a great alternative. The swing fastens in place behind a closed door, meaning you don’t need any mounting points. Door swings are much more affordable than regular swings, they take up less space and are quick and easy to put up and take down. They are great for travelling with and an inexpensive way to try out sex swings before committing to a more expensive one! However, they are less versatile and don’t offer quite as much support.

Spinning Sex Swings

Spinning sex swings are single hook swings that can also spin around. As well as the freedom of being weightless, you can spin the riding partner around as they sit in the swing. These swings are great if you want more range of movement or to be able to switch between reclined oral and genital or anal sex. You can mount a spinning sex swing to either a mounting point in your ceiling or to a sex swing stand. As they are single hook, they might not be the most comfortable option for larger bodies, and they will have a lower weight limit.

Bondage Sex Swings

If you want to combine your love of tying your partner up with swinging sex, a bondage swing is the way to go! On top of all the regular straps, bondage sex swings come equipped with restraints and D-rings to secure your partner tightly in place. Once tied up, you can enjoy all sorts of restraint play from penetrative sex to using your favorite BDSM toys to tease and torture!

Heavy Duty Sex Swings

If you like to get a little rough with your play or you are in a bigger body, heavy duty sex swings are a great option as they offer more in terms of strength and support. They tend to have two or four mounting points, making them better equipped to take more weight or force as the weight is distributed rather than relying on a single mounting point. This makes them a great option for more hardcore BDSM play as they withstand any squirming or wriggling around!

Sex Slings

Sex slings offer the most support as they have a full, hammock style seat and four mounting points. This makes them great for relaxing back into, BDSM style play, and extra support for bigger bodies or people with disabilities. The full seat does mean it is one of the least versatile options in terms of which positions you can explore. Some seats might also make it difficult to find the right position for penetration. They come in a range of materials from fabric and nylon to leather sex slings that are perfect for that BDSM dungeon aesthetic! However, they are fantastic for oral sex and using your BDSM sex toys.

Make Sure You Buy a Safe, Quality Sex Swing

Sex swings and mounts are going to see a lot of action! And you want to be sure they can hold your weight and not run the risk of any injury. This also means you can lie back, relax, and get lost in the fun of the moment without the fear of falling getting in the way. Here are two simple rules to stick to when getting a sex swing.

Don't Make Your Own Sex Swing

Don't Make Your Own Sex Swing - Make Sure You Buy a Safe, Quality Sex Swing
This isn’t the time to flex your DIY skills! You or your partner have to be completely safe when riding in a sex swing, especially when things get a little bit wild! Sex swings involved some complex technical aspects as well as being designed for comfort, and of course, safety. Leave your toolbox in the garage and buy from a professional!

Buy From a Reputable Shop

Buy From a Reputable Shop - Make Sure You Buy a Safe, Quality Sex Swing
When shopping for sex swings, always buy from trusted, reputable shops, and don’t be tempted to buy from any place online simply because it’s cheaper. There are so many badly-made, unsafe sex swings out there that could leave you out of pocket and injured. You can also check out customer reviews for valuable insights about particular products to get a better idea of whether they will work for you!

What to Think About Before Buying a Bondage Swing 

Although the purchasing process itself is quite simple, there are a few things you’ll want to consider carefully before making a selection.
  • Installation process: can you mount a swing from the ceiling space available? Perhaps a standalone mounting system would work better?
  • Which type(s) of restraints you want to use.
  • Which materials you prefer (and the varying levels of comfort they provide). Fabric swings are the easiest to care for but leather sex slings have a beautiful BDSM look and feel to them!
  • The weight limit you require from your swing.

Single Hook Vs Dual Hook

  • Single hook sex swings only require one mounting point and use a spreader bar to keep the straps far enough apart for you to fit into the swing. Unfortunately, these bars rarely extend beyond 24 inches, making them less than ideal for people with wider hips. Single hook swings also place more stress on the mounting point (since there’s only one), but some models do offer the novelty of being able to spin!
  • Dual hook swings lack the ability to spin around, but they more than makeup for this with increased safety, comfort, and mounting options. Dual hook swings attach to two separate mounting points, which can be mounted 30 or even 40 inches apart, giving your hips a lot more space to fit comfortably into. Since your weight is split between two mounting points, there is a lot less stress on either point at any time.

How to Use a Sex Swing

You’ve got your new sex swing, installed it and now you are finally ready to join the high flyers club. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Door mount

Door mount

The rider sits in the swing with their back against the door, holding the handles, and their legs held wide open in the stirrups This door swing friendly position is perfect for oral sex or standing penetration. The wide-legged position allows some seriously deep penetration and unadulterated access.

Sexier Than Your Standard Squat

Sexier Than Your Standard Squat

If you love the sensation of bouncing up and down on your partner, consider getting a squatting attachment. This takes some of the load off you so you can squat and bounce for a much longer time. This is one of the positions where the rider does more of the work.

How to Clean a Sex Swing

How you clean your swing will differ depending on which model you have. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions as there are some swings that can be machine washed and some that cannot. If you cannot machine wash your sling, you can clean it with a sponge or in the sink. Always let your sling dry thoroughly before packing them away. If you are washing your straps in the washing machine, you can put them in a laundry bag to keep them safe. You should also wash your equipment on a low temperature. Leather swings can be wiped down with leather cleaner.


We don't recommend building your own sex swing for safety reasons. Why not check out the great options in this review. You will never build a good sex swing, that you will properly feel safe using, taking the fun out of it before you have even gotten started.

Prices go from under $100 dollars right up to the thousands depending on the model. You also have to factor in how you will mount the swing (i.e., will you need to buy a frame). Door swings are usually the cheapest option if you are on a budget. Be sure to buy from reputable shops, like the ones in this review, and don't be tempted to buy a low-quality sex swing just because it is cheap. It will be a waste of money in the long run and could be dangerous.

Not necessarily! The majority of swings are ceiling mountable or door mountable. That being said, a stand might be something to consider if you want something portable, or if you can't mount on a door or ceiling effectively They can cost a fair amount, but the safety is worth it.

This differs from model to model. Some have straps that support your body, and some have a hammock-style seat or sling. You can also choose between a single hook, dual hook, or 4 hook model.

Anybody can use a leather sex sling! No matter your gender, sexuality or body type, there is a leather sex sling out there with your name on it! If you have mobility issues, a sex sling is also a good option for you, as slings can hold and support the entire body during sex.

Door swings and frames can easily be taken down and stashed away but ceiling-mounted swings can be more difficult to conceal. If your sex swing is mounted by a hook in the ceiling, you could consider getting a hanging chair to hang instead of your sex swing and your friends and family will be none the wiser of all the fun you've been having!

Generally speaking, the answer is probably. There are a number of other mounting options listed above, such as door and stand mounts. But, if you're planning on making good use of your swing and don't want to invest in a stand, ceiling installation isn't too difficult, and there are plenty of guides available!

The benefits of using a leather sex sling are numerous! Firstly, it's fun to experiment with new things in the bedroom, and a sex sling can help you and your partner achieve certain positions and fantasies that might otherwise be impossible to pull off. The second benefit in using a leather sex sling is that it provides a comfortable option for those with mobility issues to enjoy some BDSM and bondage play without experiencing the cramps, aches and fatigue often associated with rope play and suspension. It's also a great option if you want to be a pillow princess and let your partner do what they want whilst you relax against a padded leather headrest!

Although personal experiences will vary, we’d argue that the hammock-style sex swings are most comfortable. They provide the partner in the swing with the maximum amount of body support possible.

It’s simple: don’t! Sex swings are designed by engineering professionals to provide reliable suspension for sexual partners, and even these professional manufactured devices can fail from time to time. Don’t increase your likelihood of having an accident by doing it yourself!

If your weight (or your weight combined with your partners) exceeds the weight limit of many swings, there are multiple options! Sex slings will often have higher weight limits, as the pressure is spread across more equally. The same principle applies to dual mounted swings!

Yes, leather sex slings are 100% safe. If your sex sling attaches to the ceiling, simply be mindful to attach the hooks correctly. Also be mindful of weight limits: certain leather sex slings are less sturdy and have lower weight limits as a result. But don't worry, there are leather sex slings made for every weight and body type.

A sex swing is used to suspend one partner in the air, allowing the other partner(s) to freely position them for the optimal sexual experience.

If you are looking for a swing to take on the road, then you have to consider buying one of the many good door sex swings out there. They are easy to mount in almost any room (and door frame). Also, the only thing you need to carry is some discreet straps that could be mistaken for a TRX in the airport security if you are going long-distance traveling.

We do not recommend making your own sex swing and always recommend that you purchase purpose-made sex swings from a reputable shop. We are in no way responsible for any harm caused due to the use or sharing of these DIYs. You are 100% responsible for the outcome should you choose to make your own sex swings.

This one's a tricky one, because we'd honestly never say that one was better than the other. It's all down to personal preference and what kind of support you want.

What is a sex swing?

A sex swing or sex sling lifts one partner off the ground, allowing you to experience the thrill of floating sex and explore an extensive range of positions without needing to be an acrobat! Sex swings are great for extra support in standing positions or if you suffer from joint pain or weakness. Whether you want to add some more adventurous positions to your repertoire or are looking for a new way to tie your partner up for some BDSM play, a sex swing can really take things to the next level — literally and figuratively! There are lots of different styles of sex swings, each coming with its own pros. If you are looking for maximum support and comfort, a sex sling is the best option. No space to hang a sex swing — an over door swing can be put up and taken down in a flash. Looking for a swing for your BDSM dungeon — you'll want a sex swing that looks the part and comes with plenty of restraint points.

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