Primal Hardwere Krubera Ovipositor — Test & Review

Aaron Losey   Aaron Losey
Dec 5, 2023

Aaron Losey

Aaron Losey
: 28
: Intermediate
: Male
: Bisexual

  • have an oviposition fetish
  • are very certain you have an oviposition fetish
  • don't mind a challenge (because you seriously have an oviposition fetish!)

  • are new to using sex toys
  • don't want to spend a lot of money
  • won't be using an ovipositor anally and would prefer silicone eggs

Egg-laying is, for many monster-fuckers, a thrilling and underrated area of the monster fetish. Forget fertilization for a second, there's another way to get involved in the reproductive cycle of your favorite space horror or insectoid queen. While it's one thing to watch a monster lay eggs, the furthest extreme that you can go is to offer your body as a host for the eggs. The fleshy tube that carries the slimy treasure from the monster and into your body is, of course, an ovipositor. They are rare to find as a sex toy, but the good people at Primal Hardwere offer a few as part of their lineup. The biggest one is the mighty Krubera. It's perfect, I decided, for being dominated by alien hive royalty.

Primal Hardwere Krubera -

First Impression

Before actually trying anything with it, I was taken aback by the sheer size of the thing! There are pictures on the Primal Hardwere website, but it doesn’t prepare you for seeing it in person. It’s not designed for taking the whole length of it; there’s plenty of length to spare. Sitting on my shelf, it dwarfs my other sex toys.


The oviposition experience offered by Primal Hardwere is unique even among the highly specific niche of oviposition sex toys. Most ovipositors have solid, silicone eggs that are intended to be used with them. These are, unfortunately, not safe for men to use. There’s just a small, but horrifying risk of those eggs going in and not coming back out. Primal Hardwere, instead, sells egg molds for you to make anal-safe gelatin eggs. Gelatin melts after a while at body temperature, allowing them to always come out eventually. The downside is that cooking gelatin is not super easy. The first time I made eggs, they were way too hard, and they broke before squeezing into Krubera. I’m getting better at making gelatin, but my most recent batch was too soft, and crumbled mid-delivery. Gelatin then has to set for hours in the fridge. The eggs have to be peeled from the mold. Excess gelatin or destroyed eggs can make a mess. This is easily the biggest drawback for Krubera. It’s just a very high-effort experience you have to plan for and prepare well in advance.


The second-worst downside could have been prevented, though. The Krubera is extremely hard to insert. The fact that it’s a hollow tube means that there’s not a lot of structural integrity that prevents it from folding up, bending, and sliding right out of your hands instead of going where it needs to go. Sometimes I’ve had very little issue, sometimes I’ve found it helps to warm up on narrower and sturdier toys first, but a couple times I’ve had to just give up entirely.


So why do all this? Why put in all this work, in addition to the considerable price tag this toy commands (don’t forget the egg molds and gelatin are sold separately)? Is it worth it? I think it absolutely is! After getting an egg into the ovipositor, the Krubera visibly bulges with the alien spawn. You can see it travel along the tube, getting closer and closer. The widening as the toy enters your body is incredibly satisfying. There isn’t another sensation in the world like feeling the slimy egg leave the end of the tube and rest deep inside your gut. It’s a kind of feeling that’s both profoundly content and desperate for more. It’s hard to put a price on that.

Not Just for Eggs

While the whole egg thing is what justifies the cost, it’s worth noting that it’s not mandatory every time. The Krubera still functions just fine as a regular monster-themed dildo. The appearance and the length make it a great time without the eggs. It’s a lot more accessible to use it that way, and I recommend getting to know your Krubera even when it’s empty. Not only does it function as a dildo, but it stretches enough that the end of it can be penetrated back; a turn of the tables! It’s clearly not designed for this, but the option is there if you have the compulsion.

Primal Hardwere Krubera -

The visual design of the Krubera is stunning! It looks both alien and foreign while being immediately recognizable as something very sexual. It achieves a very organic and realistic look. Ripples and changes in the surface of the sides mimic smooth muscle and flesh. The ridges curve in alluring ways. That aspect of it is perfect. I think the functional design could be better. Perhaps reinforcement in some areas, allowing other areas to stretch more, could address the "ease of use" issue.

Primal Hardwere Krubera -

While taking pictures for this very review, the eggs fell apart! People who are better at cooking will probably have an easier time, but not by much. It was my fault this time; when cooking, I got distracted just long enough for water to start boiling away, but sex toys shouldn't have to be frustrating or stressful. This is the most high-effort toy I've come across, and there's a large chance for things to just not work.

Primal Hardwere Krubera -

The lack of sturdiness is, I think, more of a design issue than a quality issue. The form is seamless. I found no seams from a mold, no discoloration, and there are no signs of wear. It feels solid, and I have every expectation for this toy to last indefinitely. I was initially worried about eggs stretching it out from the inside, but it's surprisingly elastic.

Primal Hardwere Krubera - <

It is costly, I have to admit. Still, for a toy of this size, alien appearance, and extremely niche function, I think the price is about what I'd expect. You can get cheaper ovipositors, but they aren't cheaper by a lot, and they are a lot smaller. If you're already going to break the bank to fill such an exotic and specific need, I think it makes sense to save a little more money and get the best you can.

Primal Hardwere Krubera -

When the stars align and everything goes right, it performs really well. The same issues I've already touched on could be considered "performance," but I want to highlight the positive as well. Eggs naturally slide down the ovipositor, and it never has any problem depositing the egg deep inside. Once you get past the initial hurdle of getting the Krubera in, it's quite comfortable. As long as you are persistent enough, then the Krubera will solidly deliver on the purpose it's meant for.

Primal Hardwere Krubera -

The packaging is super basic. The Krubera comes alongside anything else you purchase with it, such as the egg mold. It's all in the same box, individually wrapped with nondescript clear plastic. There isn't much else to go off of. Primal Hardwere doesn't add any frills as far as the shipping process goes. While a little underwhelming, I do think the Krubera comes well-protected, and that's the most important thing.

Primal Hardwere Krubera -

The Krubera is, like many others, a body-safe and non-porous silicone. It feels like it has some heft to it, and it's stretchier than most other silicone sex toys. Although it's still a smooth surface, it's still rough compared to other silicone toys. The easiest way to clean it is with warm water and anti-bacterial, unscented hand soap. The warm water will also melt any of the gelatin that ends up stuck to it.

Length12 inches
Insertable length11.4 inches
Diameter1.625-2.0625 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableAny, see FAQs below

Primal Hardwere Krubera -

  • Stunning visual design
  • Deeply satisfying
  • Will be big enough
  • Unique experience

  • Expensive
  • Eggs are difficult to prepare
  • Difficult to use

I think Krubera really deserves a chance, despite some of the shortcomings. If you've ever had the itch to host some eggs, then there isn't really a lot of ways to scratch that itch. Krubera is at least fun to use most of the time. If the challenge is too much of an issue, It might be worth seeing if other ovipositors handle differently, but I can't really judge Krubera against them without having tried multiple ovipositors. If you have a different kind of body, one that can take silicon eggs safely, that's also probably a lot easier. Krubera has it's advantages over other ovipositors though, such as seeing the tube bulge as the eggs slide up, the size, and the stellar visual design.

The recipe for gelatin eggs can be found on Primal Hardwere’s site found here. I recommend bookmarking this, as it’s not easy to navigate to it from their home page. They don’t have instructions beyond that, but you can check the guide above for more detail.

Krubera itself is made of body-safe silicon. It's soft and flexible too; it would be difficult to injure yourself with it. The gelatin eggs melt at temperatures just slightly below body temperature, but even at room temperature they degrade and weaken over time, so there is no chance for the eggs themselves to cause any problems internally. They just turn into mush at worst.

The easy method to clean it is with warm, soapy water. For deeper cleans, you can boil it. Store in a clean, dry place. Avoid storing it touching other silicone toys for an extended period. You can wrap individual toys if necessary.

Yes! Not only do they have a wide selection on their side for customizing your toy, but they even offer color-matching! They accept color references by email, although they admit not every combination of colors is possible for them.

It was surprisingly difficult to find unflavored gelatin powder. You really don't want to use something that has sugar and artificial dyes in it. I wasn't able to find any in stores, but I got a large supply of it off of amazon.

It's just worth mentioning somewhere that I got mine 2 days after ordering. Shipping a custom order usually takes a month or more, so I wouldn't plan on being as lucky as I was, but there's a good chance that you won't have to wait around for weeks like a lot of other online sex toy brands.