The 6 Best Panel Gags to Keep Your Sub Quiet

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
If you are hungry for some kinky nights and you are in need of special gags that will keep your sub extra quiet, you are in the right place. We have prepared a selection of panel gags that are extra secure, and perfect for spicy BDSM sessions. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced gags user, our selection is perfect for both. On our list, you can find something for delicate subs and heavy, hard-core aesthetic panel gags for extra submissive play. We hope that these products will unleash the dominating beast and fulfil all of your wild fantasies. Remember to pay attention to our sections on safety tips, no one wants to have any unpleasant accidents during sex.
1 Test Winner

Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag

 Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag

  • want a panel gag with a classic BDSM look
  • love genuine leather products
  • like the idea of a dildo gag mouth piece

Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag

  • try to avoid real leather
  • prefer a round ball gag in the inside

The Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag is a classic panel gag with a dildo insert for the mouth. Adorned with nickel-free metal studs and made of genuine leather, this gag has that kinky BDSM look and feel to it. The semi-realistic dildo insert will fill up your sub’s mouth while the flat panel keeps them nice and quiet for you. The straps are completely adjustable and will fit a wide range of sizes!

  • Metal studs and real leather for that BDSM aesthetic
  • Semi-realistic dildo gag mouth piece
  • Adjustable straps with good size range
  • Nickle-free metal

  • Dildo insert is made of non-porous rubber
  • Can have a bit of weird taste and smell at first
Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag
LengthStrap: 25 inches
Insertable length2.5 inches
Diameter1.43 inches
MaterialsLeather, rubber, metal
Harness Size17-23 inches inches

I picked out the Bondage Boutique Leather and Studs Dildo Gag as the Test Winner on this list of panel gags because I think it’s a great all-round choice. I like that the strap and panel is made of genuine leather and nickel-free metal for more sensitive skin. I do however wish the dildo insert was made of a body-safe material like silicone instead of rubber. That just makes it a lot easier to keep clean for completely sanitary play. I like the overall look of it too. The metal studs add a nice classic BDSM dungeon look, and the semi-realistic dildo design does add a bit of psychological spice to the experience. I love that it’s completely adjustable and caters to a wide range of head sizes. The ismple buckle fastening system works great, and just looks great when worn. However, once you touch or taste the toy, it’s clear which corners were cut. The rubber won’t taste great initially, but this bad taste will lessen over time as you clean it. Still, the Leather and Studs Dildo Gag costs just above $40, so I think these were fair corners to cut given the price tag.

2 The Cheapest

Face Mask With Dildo Gag

 Face Mask Dildo Gag

  • want to explore gags
  • are on a budget
  • want a gag to use in public
  • prefer dildos over balls
  • want something easy to wear/ take off

Face Mask Dildo Gag

  • value high quality gags
  • want a gag with adjustable buckles
  • are into leather/ faux leather gags
  • want a gag with a ball
  • want to have control over sub's gag

A face mask with a dildo may look innocent but it’s very practical. Whether you would like to try gags, but you don’t want to commit or you would like something more discreet and easier to hide, this is a good choice. It could also be an accessory for wearing secretly in public. The length of the dildo is 2,5″ making it perfect for beginners to try. This mask is super easy to wear, it has adjustable strap fastening that will fit everyone. On the safety side, the dildo is made of nontoxic rubber, however, it may still be porous, so keep that in mind when cleaning it.

  • Low price
  • Easy to wear
  • Discreet even in public

  • Cheap materials
  • Not a silicone dildo
  • The mask is not tight on the face
Face Mask Dildo Gag
Length2.5 inches
Diameter1.5 inches

This face mask would be a good choice for BDSM beginners that are looking for something easy to wear, and discreet. If you enjoy having control over the sub’s gags or you enjoy the feeling of a tight panel around your face this might not be the best fit. However, this could be great if you want to wear it public. I am not a big fan of the material of this gag. The rubber claims to be non-toxic, but keep in mind that it can still be porous.

3 Beginners

Over The Mouth Gag W/ Silicone Ball

 Mouth Gag W/ Silicone Ball

  • enjoy leather BDSM accessories
  • want high-quality gag
  • want a gag with adjustable buckles

Mouth Gag W/ Silicone Ball

  • don't want leather accessories
  • prefer a dildo gag

This beautifully designed leather panel gag features a silicone ball that comes in 2 sizes: small and large. Perfect fit for beginners at BDSM or advanced players that are looking for a stunning leather piece. This gag is more discreet than usual open ball gags, but it highlights the shape of the lips underneath the mask which adds a more sensual feeling. It has a strap with a buckle for adjusting the tightness. It’s a high-quality gag with a sexy but simple design that will look great paired with a harness, sexy lingerie or cuffs.

  • High quality materials
  • Two ball sizes
  • Adjustable strap
  • Simple and Sexy design

  • Leather accessories demand more care
  • Harder to clean
Mouth Gag W/ Silicone Ball
MaterialsLeather, Silicone
DiameterS-Ball: 1.47 inches, L-Ball: 2 inches

A leather gag is a perfect accessory for every BDSM enthusiast. It’s really comfortable to wear and the materials are top-quality. The simple design will fit any kinky outfit and add more luxury to them. I like that you can choose the right ball size for your needs, just because you enjoy smaller sizes doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice high-quality products. Whether you just exploring gags or you need something more professional, this product is a great choice for everyone that wants to have comfortable, safe, and easy-to-wear gags. Before you buy it, keep in mind that leather accessories require additional maintenance to keep the product in good shape.

4 Bit Gag

The Half Moon Bit Gag by Scott Paul Designs

 The Half Moon Bit Gag

  • you enjoy bit gags
  • want to invest in a designer toy
  • want top-quality gag
  • want to use gags with lead or other attachments

The Half Moon Bit Gag

  • are on the budget
  • don't want bit gags
  • don't use leather items

A designer gag, anyone? This stylish piece is one of the most durable gags on the market. It’s made from leather, aluminum tubing, and stainless steel. This gag was designed to be worn for a long time. It features a mouth bite shaped like a half moon, and on the inside, it’s lined with wet-suit grade neoprene, which provides more comfort and is easier to clean. The leather neck straps have a felt-lined pad for additional comfort. On the front, there is a ring for an additional attachment. It could be a good match for a lead.

  • Top quality materials
  • Very durable
  • Can be worn for a long time
  • Ring for additional attachments

  • Expensive
  • Meant for more advanced BDSM fans
  • Leather requires extra care
The Half Moon Bit Gag
MaterialsLeather, Aluminum tubing, Stainless steel

A designer hand-made gag will be very appreciated by a big BDSM fan. It delivers luxury, comfort, and extreme durability. The unique design will fulfill many different fantasies, from bondage to lead walking. I would recommend this gag for more advanced users that are eager to invest in this toy and use its potential; however, if you are a beginner that wants to start off your journey with the best gags on the market, this one is definitely safe and easy to wear.

5 Inflatable

Bondage Boutique Inflatable Dildo Gag

 Bondage Boutique Inflatable Gag

  • like the idea of inflating the mouth piece
  • love the feeling of having your mouth stuffed
  • enjoy power play
  • like playing around with breath control

Bondage Boutique Inflatable Gag

  • have a latex allergy
  • aren't a big fan of leather

The Bondage Boutique Inflatable Dildo Gag offers just a little more intensity to your gagged experiences with one special feature. The semi-realistic dildo insert expands in size as you inflate it with the hand pump connected through the panel. If you love the arousal that comes with giving your partner complete control of your mouth, enabling them to overwhelm you with size, this may be perfect for you. It’s also great for engaging in breath play, since the fully inflated mouth piece can and will make breathing through your mouth a lot harder. The straps and panel are made of leather and the mouth piece is made of latex for those inflatable capabilities!

  • Pumping is quite silent
  • Simple and sleek design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Genuine leather panel and straps
  • Soft and flexible latex mouth piece

  • A bit expensive
  • A Little Expensive
  • Contains Latex
  • Triggers Gag Reflex
Bondage Boutique Inflatable Gag
Insertable length3 inches
WidthStrap: 16.5-22.5 inches
MaterialsLeather, Rubber
Quick-release valveYes
AllergiesContains Latex
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack

I think the Bondage Boutique Inflatable Dildo Gag is a great panel gag that’ll give any willing kinkster something extra to play around with. Our tester, Lexis, really liked the overall quality and ease of use of this little device. She found that it was a lot less initimidating than it looked because it was super easy to simply inflate the mouth piece however much she was comfortable with at the time. This way you can turn up the intensity whenever you want or keep it on the smaller side if that’s what you’re in the mood for. Of course, the quick-release valve on the pump itself is a great addition for overall safety. It’s also a good way for your partner to play around with the level of control they have over your mouth, your drooling, or your breathing. That said, Lexis also mentioned that drooling was almost unavoidable with the gag. However, that may be another pro for some people! I think it is a little pricey for a panel gag, but definitely worth the money when you consider how much extra fun is to be had with the inflatable feature!


Strict Cock Head Silicone Mouth Gag Black

 Cock Head Gag

  • enjoy a dildo gag
  • are looking for a heavy and strong look
  • are used to bigger gags

Cock Head Gag

  • want a simple gag
  • don't like dildo gags
  • want a small and discreet panel gag

If you are looking for a big and heavy panel gag with a dildo on the inside, you are in a right place! This gag is longer and wider than usual gags and covers the whole mouth and chin. The silicone dildo is 1.75” in diameter, which is a good size for more advanced BDSM fans. It’s made from PU leather and has an adjustable strap for extra comfort.

  • Comfortable padding on the inside
  • Silicone gag
  • Adjustable strap

  • The panel might be too big for smaller faces
  • Not discreet
Cock Head Gag
MaterialsSilicone, PU Leather, Metal
Length2.75 inches
Diameter1.75 inches

This product will be a great choice if you like a heavy gag that gives your sub a helpless look. I really like the strong design, and it is comfortable to wear, but it may be a bit too massive for smaller faces. The silicone dildo is bigger than usual, it will please more advanced users, but I would be extra careful if you are a beginner. The padding on the inside is smooth on the skin and very easy to clean. Overall, the look of this gag is heavy and powerful, but in reality, it’s quite comfortable for a gag this size and easy to wear and maintain.

Muzzles And Harnesses with Gags

We have prepared for you an extra section for more intense muzzles with gags. If you want your sub to be super quiet with some extra mouth occupation during BDSM sessions, you will be satisfied with our founds.

Muzzle Harness "Good Boy"

Muzzle Harness "Good Boy" - Muzzles And Harnesses with Gags
This muzzle harness is perfect if you want to feel in full control over your sub. The authentic muzzle look made from PU leather fulfils many kinky fantasies. It has a ball gag on the inside and plenty of adjustable buckles to fit the head perfectly.

K9 Muzzle with Removable Silicone Ball Gag

K9 Muzzle with Removable Silicone Ball Gag - Muzzles And Harnesses with Gags
This puppy muzzle is a great accessory for fun animal play. It has a removable ball, so you have more control over the types of play you want to have. Also, don’t worry about the comfort: the materials are top quality, the straps provide more adjustability and the muzzle comes in 2 sizes.

Pup Puppy Play Hood And Breathable Ball Gag

Pup Puppy Play Hood And Breathable Ball Gag - Muzzles And Harnesses with Gags
Are you a puppy play enthusiast? This muzzle is another great choice for animal play with your sub. It has a removable, breathable ball that provides more customization and safety! The adjustable straps will keep the fit tight and comfortable for every puppy that wants to wear it.

Gag Safety

With gags comes big responsibility. BDSM can be very fun as long as everyone keeps all the safety measures. Gags bring the risk of choking, so you have to be extra careful when choosing the right size, material, or fit. NEVER forget about choosing a safe word (in this case safe signal) and ALWAYS respect it. Never put anyone in danger just for your own pleasure. Here is a little reminder on the most important gag safety rules.


Comfort - Gag Safety
Make sure that the gag sits properly on the face. Not too loose, not too tight, just right to breathe easily and to enjoy the further play with no discomfort. Also, be careful with the size of the gag and how deep it goes, choking with a gag on is not a pleasant experience.

Safe signal

Safe signal - Gag Safety
It can be blinking, a special sound, kicking the air, or dropping a specific object from your hand. Choose anything that will be easily noticeable by your partner.


Time - Gag Safety
In general, gags are not supposed to be worn for a long time, especially for beginners. Try to set a short time limit at first to avoid any discomfort or jaw pain.

Never leave your sub alone with a gag on!

Never leave your sub alone with a gag on! - Gag Safety
This point is extra important. Gags have a high risk of choking, so never leave your sub alone with a gag on. Even if it’s just for a moment, don’t put anyone at risk, it’s better to take it off for a moment and give the mouth and jaw a little break.

How to Use Panel Gags?

Panel gags are simple to wear and maintain. You can use them in many ways, as a punishment for a submissive, wear them with other restraints to enhance submission, or wear it to stifle moans as you play with your sub. Some of the gags can have an extra ring for other attachments like leads. Experiment with panel gags as much as you want, but remember to be extra careful! It’s important that a wearer feels comfortable and there are no breathing issues. Here is a short to-do and don’t list for panel gags. Whether you are an experienced gag wearer or a beginner, it’s important to make sure you follow all the rules for maximum safety and comfort.

Safe materials

Safe materials

Make sure to always choose safe materials. Look for non-toxic and non-porous materials like silicone. No one wants to have put harmful chemicals in their mouth.

Right fit

Right fit

Make sure everything sits comfortably on your face and you can move and breathe easily. Be careful with buckles to avoid any skin irritations or tangled hair.

Safe signal

Safe signal

Don’t even start putting a gag on, if you haven’t chosen a safe signal. Safety first. Don’t put anyone at risk, always have respect for safety and react to a safe signal right away!



Clean your sex toys after every use! Bacterias spread fast in warm and moist environments, just like the mouth. We recommend sterilizing the gag each time.

How to Clean Panel Gags

Just like any other sex toy, remember to clean your gag after every use. You can use hot water and fragrance-free soap. When it comes to panels, simply follow the instructions provided by the producer because different materials require specific care. If you have a leather panel gag, remember not to clean it with soaps or detergents, rather use a clean, soft, damp cloth. Let it dry naturally, not with hot heat. Also, do not store leather in a plastic bag; we recommend using a cloth bag instead.


When starting with gags, we recommend wearing them for 10-15 min max. It’s important that you start slow and get used to the feeling and not overtire your jaw and mouth. It’s a good idea to agree on a time limit with your partner; it makes everything clear and safe.

The best material for panels is leather, faux leather, or polyester. If you want more comfort around the lips, look for additional padding or plush on the inside. When it comes to balls/dildos- silicone is always the best; ABS plastic is a bit harder but also body-safe. Avoid PVC at all costs! It’s not body-safe and can leech harmful chemicals into your body.

We do not recommend making your own gags because it is a choking hazard. There are many very cheap and safe gags you can buy everywhere. It’s way easier and safer for everyone!

The ball gag allows the wearer to see all the facial expressions and drooling, and they can still make indiscernible noises like moans and grunts. While panel gags are normal gags with a panel that covers the whole area of the mouth, making the wearer quieter and more discreet. The facial expressions and drooling are hidden.

What is a panel gag

It is the type of gag that is meant to cover the mouth. It usually features a wide panel (typically leather-like) and a rubber ball or a dildo gag on the inside. The designs of panel gags vary from more delicate mask-like to heavier and wider panels or hoods. The purpose of the panel gag is to add more speech restrictions and to mute more sounds from the sub. It adds sensual deprivation of lips and mouth that can heighten the sensual experience. The panel also covers any drooling that is typical for other gags and hides most of the facial expressions

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