Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Suckers — Test & Review

   Rachel Worthington
Feb 8, 2023

Rachel Worthington
: 27
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
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  • Find nipple stimulation pleasurable
  • Prefer gentle nipple stimulation over intense
  • Are on a budget
  • Aren't ready for nipple clamps yet!

  • Want nipple toys that look sensual and appealing
  • Prefer intense nipple squeezing

These Fifty Shades of Grey nipple suckers are an easy and accessible way to enjoy the wonders of nipple play! Made from soft and squishable silicone, all you need to do is squeeze the bulbs and place them over your lover's nipples to create a gentle but effective suction effect. This brings blood towards the skin of the nipples, making them incredibly sensitive and intensifying every sensation you inflict upon them.

Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers -

I, like many vulva-owners, have very sensitive nipples. I’m sorry if that’s TMI, but Spoiler Alert: I’m going to be talking about nipples quite a bit in this review. I love having such sensitive nips, as it allows for some fantastic-feeling stimulation during sex. Yet, I always crave more, and was wondering if nipple toys like these could help me get there…

Nipple Sensations to the Max

I wasn’t sure what to expect from these nipple suckers from the Fifty Shades of Grey collection. I’d heard mixed reviews, including some saying that they were disappointingly weak, but I still curious. So, as soon as I got them, I had to see for myself. I tried them on my hand first, and when you squeezed the bulbs enough, you could get a good amount of suction. Then, it was time to try them out for real! At first, my boyfriend was afraid of hurting me, and didn’t apply enough suction, so they fell off almost immediately. However, with some practice (and a dab of saliva), they stuck fast and the sensation was actually pretty intense! Nowhere near as intense as nipple clamps, I imagine, but I’m a bit of a chicken. I had them on for five minutes or so, then took them off — things were definitely pinker under there, and a whole lot more sensitive! My boyfriend could touch them very gently and it felt incredible.

But How Do They Look?

Let me tell you now, these are not the sexiest looking things in the world. I get the whole nipple clamp allure, but the Fifty Shades of Grey nipple suckers do not have the same vibe. When I had them on at first, I had the very distracting thought that they looked like weird gray clown noses on my nips. After the fact, my boyfriend had to agree with that assessment, too.

Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers -

The Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Suckers have a pretty simple design. They have a bulb on top to squeeze, and an open base for you to place over your nipple. For me, the size was great, but all nipples are different! The most eagle-eyed among you may notice that this is actually the same design as other Lovehoney Nipple Suckers, just with the Fifty Shades of Grey logo on the base.

Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers -

These nipple suckers are incredibly easy to use. I started out using them dry, but quickly realized you get better results if you moisten the base first, either with saliva or a dab of lube. Since these are made of fairly thick silicone, they have a bit of resistance when you squeeze the bulbs, but it's nothing major. The only thing that might take a bit is figuring out the level of suction that you prefer.

Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers -

I can't fault the quality of the Fifty Shades of Grey nipple suckers, but they are very simple toys. I like that they're made of silicone, so they're non-porous, easy to clean, and won't fall apart any time soon.

Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers - <

For $15, these silicone nipple suckers are quite a steal. My only complaint is that many of the other Lovehoney nipple suckers (of exactly the same design) are $2 less, which is very confusing. Did it cost them that little bit extra to put the Fifty Shades of Grey logo on them? It also would've been nice if, for that price, they could've included a small satin storage bag for them, so they don't pick up lint and dirt.

Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers -

Like I said before, I really wasn't sure what to expect from these little nipple suckers. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the results! The first time I wore them, the effect was quite weak, but we quickly learned how much to squeeze them to create a good amount of suction. It felt good, but not overwhelming, and they didn't fall off unless hit with a good amount of force.

Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers -

The packaging for the Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Clamps is a bit underwhelming. They come in a cheap-looking box, and are wrapped in a sealed plastic bag. I'm not sure why, but it's not really reusable, which is annoying. Like I mentioned before, I really would've liked if they had included a storage pouch, or at least if they'd made the box more sturdy so you could store them in that.

Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers -

These nipple suckers are made of smooth silicone, which is non-porous and body-safe. Since you'll probably have to get them wet with saliva or water-based lube (do not use silicone- or oil-based lubes as they will damage the material), I would recommend cleaning them after use. You can do this with some mild soap and water, or with a toy cleaning spray. Then, let them dry before storing away. If you have a spare storage pouch, I would recommend storing them in that to keep them lint-free between uses.

Length2 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Colors AvailableGray

Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers -

  • Affordable
  • Soft silicone
  • Easy to use
  • Beginner-friendly

  • May not be intense enough for some
  • Can fall off
  • No storage bag included
  • Don't really look the part

I really liked the Fifty Shades of Grey 'Nothing But Sensation' nipple suckers, and they did a fantastic job with increasing the sensitivity and intensity of nipple play. However, I can't help being a little disappointed with how they look. I was really hoping for a slightly sexier look when they were on, but, in the end, they're definitely more practical than decorative!

The Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Nothing But Sensation’ nipple suckers don’t come with instructions, but they’re extremely simple to use. Check out our quick guide above!

These nipple suckers can leave your nipples a bit pink or red for a short amount of time, but it fades pretty quickly as the blood leaves the surface of the skin. They can't really create a strong enough vacuum to create a lasting mark.

You can make these nipple suckers feel quite intense if you squeeze the bulbs as much as possible, but it's still not unbearably intense. As someone with very sensitive nipples, I could stand it just fine.

Everyone has varying levels of sensitivity in their nipples, but I don't believe it's possible for these nipple suckers to really hurt. They don't pinch the nipples, or actually touch them at all — just the areloas. Plus, they simply can't achieve the levels of suction necessary for a painful experience to occur.