The 11 Best Nipple Suckers to Amplify your Arousal

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
If you’re interested in trying out nipple play why not start things off gently with a nice set of nipple suckers? These soft-but-sexy toys are designed to mimic a part sucking on your nipples. They give providing a gentle but stimulating sensation that really adds to the mood. This is my top-list of the very best nipple suckers out there. Take the first step on your nipple toy journey with one of the nipple suckers below! I’ve also made a list of the best nipple clamps, if you’re interested.
1 Test Winner

Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Suckers

 Fifty Shades Suckers

  • Love the Fifty Shades of Grey series
  • Are new to nipple play
  • Want to experiment with new types of toys

Fifty Shades Suckers

  • Are looking for rougher or automatic suckers
  • Prefer a see through toy

Immerse yourself in the ultimate fantasy with these silky smooth Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Suckers. If this was the series that started it all for you, then you’ll adore the teasing, tantalizing, and thematic suckers that could be found in the Red Room itself. These classic silicone suckers can be made all the better with just a touch of water or lube around the rim for a fantastic seal. Simply pinch the top, place on the nipples, and revel in the sensation. It will embrace your nipples, or your lovels at once. These nipple stimulators are particularly suited for incredible foreplay sessions, as once the toys are removed the wearer is left sensitive and primed for wherever the play takes them.

  • Hands-free once applied
  • Official Fifty Shades themed toy
  • Fantastic seal and suction
  • Lovely silicone texture

  • Some prefer a clear sucker
  • Limited array of suction
Fifty Shades Suckers
Length2 inches

If this was the book that sparked your interest in toys, then let these be the suckers to start your nipple play journey. Classic design, quality material, and well-priced the Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Suckers will deliver their promise of pleasure. Fantastic for foreplay, solo play, or really any type you would like.

2 Runner Up

CalExotic Pro Nipple Suckers

 Pro Nipple Suckers

  • Are looking to try out nipple play
  • Want something simple and sturdy
  • Love hands-free stimulation

Pro Nipple Suckers

  • Don't enjoy extra nipple stimulation
  • Want to be able to see the nipples during suction

Spiral to new heights of intensity with the Pro Nipple Suckers by CalExotic! Simply place them on the nipples and pump the base to create a vacuum seal that will leave you incredibly sensitive and primed for pleasure. These nipple suckers are fantastic for anyone brand new to the world of nipple play. Start slow with one or two pumps, and remove after five to ten minutes for a whole new world of hyper-sensation. Whether your nipples are more or less sensitive, these nipple stimulators are straightforward, effective, and can elevate your experience. Once suctioned the Pro Suckers stay on by themselves allowing for exquisite hands-free stimulation for solo or partnered play.

  • Simple and easy
  • Allows for hands-free fun
  • High quality silicone material
  • Adjustable suction strengths

  • Designed only for the nipples
  • Opaque material cannot be seen through
Pro Nipple Suckers
Diameter2.25 inches
Diameter (internal).5 inches

The CalExotic Pro Nipple Suckers are our test winners with this incredibly intuitive toy. They are perfect for beginners and longtime nipple play lovers alike! Start slow with low suction and leave on for up to ten minutes. When you take them off, you’ll be erect and very sensitive for the next twenty minutes or so. Or, if you’re more experienced with nipple play and have already tested these, jump right into a dizzyingly intense suction.

3 Cheapest

CalExtoic Mini Nipple Suckers

 Mini Nipple Suckers

  • Want something cheap and simple to start out
  • Love hands-free play
  • Are a beginner to nipple suction toys

Mini Nipple Suckers

  • Need a variety of suction strengths
  • Would prefer a see-through toy for visual enjoyment

Unsure if you should take the plunge and invest in a nipple suction toy? Try out our best nipple stimulators on the budget, the CalExotic Mini’s. Tiny and bright, these deceptively strong nipple suckers will have you seeing stars at our lowest price point of the bunch. Simply pinch the top, place on the nipple, and release for incredible suction. These little suckers will stay attached hands-free and, once removed, leave your nipples at the ready and remarkably reactive.  

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Provides a constant, arousing suction
  • Stays put once in place
  • Great price point for beginners

  • Does not allow for a variety of suctions
  • Some may prefer a silicone toy
Mini Nipple Suckers
Diameter.75 inches

The CalExotic Mini Nipple Suckers are a straightforward and effective design at the test-winning cheapest price point. Easy to use and oh-so-fun, they are especially suited for anyone new to nipple suction toys. Some reviews state that they stay on best when the skin underneath is a tad wet, but that once firmly attached they provide a deceptively strong suction. Dip your toe into the world of nipple play with these fantastic little suckers!

4 Vibrating

Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers

 Vibrating Suck-Hers

  • Are looking for teasing vibrations
  • Want a gentler suction
  • Love hands-free stimulation

Vibrating Suck-Hers

  • Need more vibration settings
  • Are looking for a more pointed suction

Tickle and tantalize with these Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers. Let the silicone seal around your nipples while the buzzy little vibrators and inner textured ticklers drive you wild! The best nipple stimulators with vibrating feature, the Suck-Hers are waterproof, hands-free, and provide fantastically teasing vibes. You can take them into the bath for a sensational soak, wear them with a partner for intense visuals and sensitivity, or enjoy them in a one-on-one session. These suckers will provide a gentler suction than more traditional toys but will tease and tickle while on, and still leave you sensitive and ready for play when removed.    


  • Vibrating and textured
  • Waterproof Material
  • Allows for hands-free fun
  • Gentle suction with strong sensation

  • Just one vibration setting
  • Not as powerful of a suction
Vibrating Suck-Hers
Vibration modesSingle
Diameter2 inches

The Vibrating Nipple Suck-Hers are wonderful for people who want to experience nipple play, but maybe don’t want the intense suction of traditional nipple suckers. Rather, if you are looking for a gentle yet powerfully arousing sensation, this is the toy for you. The Suck-Hers still provide a nice suction, but the intensity comes from the vibrating mini-bullets and the internal texture. Enjoy with a partner, solo, as foreplay, or during the main event! These provide a dizzyingly divine sensation when on and leave you primed and sensitive when removed.

5 Pump

Swell Yeah Auto-Suction Nipple Pumps

 Swell Yeah Pumps

  • Want the next level of nipple play
  • Are looking for a powerful suction
  • Love a more technological design

Swell Yeah Pumps

  • Are new to nipple toys
  • Don't enjoy much attention to your nipples

Jump into the next level of nipple play with this automatic nipple pump. The Swell Yeah Auto-Suction Nipple Pump will leave you gasping at the intense sensation, as well as primed and ready for whatever is next. With seven different modes of pumping, the Swell Yeah imitates the rough nipple play you may find with a partner. Our test winner for nipple pumps, reviewers love the patterned pumping, sucking, and nipping sensations. Simply add a little bit of moisture around the rim of the nipple suction cup to get a perfect seal, and toe-curling pleasure is a button away.

  • Intense, patterned sucking
  • Several different modes to try out
  • Quick-release safety button
  • Sleek, techy design

  • Not for beginners
  • Some may not enjoy the "nipping" sensation
  • The tubes between the cups are short
Swell Yeah Pumps
Quick-release valveYes
MaterialsSilicone, Hard Plastic

The Swell-Yeah Auto-Suction Nipple Pump is not a beginner toy by any means. But, with a quick-release button for peace of mind and seven different intense pumping patterns, it is the perfect nipple sucker toy to take you a step up. The tubes between the nipple suction cups are short, so those with large breasts may find that the tube cannot stretch between each nipple. Reviewers also state that the seal of the cups is strong with or without added moisture to the rim. If you enjoy intense nipping and pumping sensations, the Swell Yeah is the perfect next-level nipple sucker.

6 Nipple Rings

BASICS Nipple Pump Set

 BASICS Nipple Pump Set

  • Want that classic hardware look
  • Love to see the effect of the suckers in action
  • Are looking for rings to prolong the pleasure

BASICS Nipple Pump Set

  • Want an active suction that will stay on hands-free
  • Need several different suction strengths to try out

Looking to spice up your play? Love the black-and-white hardware look for your toys? Want to be able to see the results of your nipple suckers while they’re in action? Out test winner for the nipple suckers with rings is here to deliver not just the look, but the aesthetic as well. Don’t stop at suction, the BASICS Nipple Pump Set provides rubber rings that slip on during the nipple pump that stay on after the sucker has done its job. The clear plastic tube allows you and your partner to see the suction as it’s happening and not just after removal, and the rings keep you sensitive and hard. Equipped with several sizes of rings, make sure to start big to make sure you have the very best fit.  

  • Clear plastic for great visuals
  • Rings allow for prolonged play
  • Several sizes for a perfect fit
  • Fanstatic hardware look

  • Diameter of the sucker is small
  • The pump does not greatly increase the suction strength
  • Smaller rings can be difficult to apply
BASICS Nipple Pump Set
MaterialsSoft Plastic, Rubber
Length3.5 inches

The BASICS Nipple Pump Set is an incredible choice for anyone who loves nipple play and wants that classic hardware aesthetic for their toys. Extend your sensitivity and pleasure with a variety of rubber rings. Simply slide the ring on the end of the tube, place it on your nipple and pump the end. A fantastic suction on its own, you can then slide the ring onto the taut nipple for exquisite sensation. This toy is best for intermediate users and above. Many nipple suction toys do not recommend more than twenty minutes of applied suction at once. The included rings, once on, are to be treated similarly. Some reviews mention that both the tube and the rings have a small diameter.  


Colorplay Silicone Nipple Suckers

 Colorplay Suckers

  • Are a nipple play newbie
  • Want to try out temperature play
  • Love a hands-free toy

Colorplay Suckers

  • Need a stronger or automatic suction
  • Do not enjoy strong nipple sensations

Dive into temperature play with these reactive color-changing nipple suckers. The Colorplay Silicone Nipple Suckers go from cool purple to steamy pink as things heat up. Apply the suckers cold to shock your skin and watch the color change as the blood rushes to you or your partner’s nipples. Outside of the color-changing magic, these suckers are a great choice for beginners with their firm, hands-free suction.

  • Bold, color-changing look
  • High Quality Silicone
  • Strong, lovely suction
  • Hands-free fun

  • Suction is strong but not rough
  • Unable to see the nipples in action
Colorplay Suckers
Length2 inches

There’s nothing better than a simple, beginner-friendly toy with a fun twist. Whether you or your partner’s nipples are cold from ice cubes brought into the bedroom or already steamy from play, seeing these suckers change to fit the mood is a great little party trick. Like other silicone nipple suckers, the seal can be perfected with a little moisture around the rim. Simply place on the nipple, pump the end and see stars.  


Perfect Pair Silicone Suckers

 Perfect Pair

  • Are looking to explore nipple play
  • Want something hands-free
  • Are looking for something easy to use

Perfect Pair

  • Prefer more variety of suction
  • Are looking for a clear nipple sucker

It’s back to the classics with the Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers. Simple and high quality, they provide tantalizing sensation and sensitivity. These nipple suckers are another fantastic beginner’s choice. All you have to do is put the base around your nipple and pump. These nipple stimulators even remain hands-free once they’ve been pumped enough to form a seal. Leave suctioned on for ten minutes and remove for heightened arousal and sensation. Tease the rim with some water or lube for an even stronger seal, the Perfect Pair Silicone Suckers are sure to drive you wild!

  • Perfect for hands-free fun
  • Fantastic suction
  • Fun, bold design

  • May not have a strong suction for those used to rough play
  • Some may prefer a different aesthetic
Perfect Pair
Length2 inches

These are an ideal set of nipple suckers for anyone looking to take the plunge into nipple play. The Perfect Pair Silicone Nipple Suckers have a fun, intuitive design and a strong, variable suction. Like all nipple sucker toys, much of the sensation comes after removal when the nipples are aroused and sensitive. Try just a couple of pumps first, and leave on for no more than 10 minutes to test out this toy. If you find you’d like a more intense suction, then these suckers can definitely deliver! Some reviews do mention that the seal can be weak, so try adding water or lube around the rim of the sucker for a stronger seal.


DOMINIX Nipple and Clit Triple Sucker Set

 Triple Sucker Set

  • Want the next level of nipple play
  • Love the classic hardware aesthetic
  • Are looking for both a nipple and clit sucker
  • Prefer a see-through design

Triple Sucker Set

  • Are a beginner
  • Prefer a toy with a safety release

Hit the trifecta with the DOMINIX Triple Sucker Set. This corkscrew sucker set delivers sensationally sublime suction on not just the nipples, but the clit as well. Simply place on the skin, with some water or lube on the rim for an extra tight seal, and slowly twist the top. The localized suction can be set to your preferred strength with just the twist of the cap. Not to mention, with its see-through hardware design you and your partner can watch every second of the sucking in action. This advanced set is rather infamous for leaving hickey-like marks, so make sure to take it slow.

  • Includes nipple and clit sucker
  • Various strength suctions
  • Clear with a classic hardware design

  • Can leave a hickey-like mark
  • No quick-release option
Triple Sucker Set
Length4.5 inches
MaterialsHard Plastic
Quick-release valveNo

This set is not for the faint of heart. All three offer extremely strong suction that, while easily controlled with just a twist at the top, does not offer a quick-release option. However, if you are looking to leave your nipples and clit blushing, sensitive, and aroused then you have the right set. These corkscrew suckers do just one job, and they do it well.


CalExotic Vacuum Twist Suckers

 Vacuum Suckers

  • Want to level up in your play
  • Love a see through nipple sucker
  • Are looking for a hardware aesthetic

Vacuum Suckers

  • Are a beginner to nipple play
  • Need a toy with a quick release option
  • Want a hands-free toy

Elevate your play with the CalExotic Vacuum Twist suckers. These twisters have classic hardware aesthetic with a see-through cylinder for incredible visual arousal. Rimmed in silicone, water or lube can be added to perfect the seal. Once attached, simply twist the top for exquisite sucking sensations. These nipple suckers can be twisted to achieve your perfect suction, but just make sure to take it slow.

  • Incredibly strong and varied suctions
  • See-through for visual enjoyment
  • Simple, straightforward design

  • No quick release option
  • Not for beginners
Vacuum Suckers
MaterialsSilicone Seal, AS and ABS Plastics
Length4 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
Quick-release valveNo

The Vacuum Twist Suckers are absolutely a level-up in your nipple play. These nipple stimulators are incredibly strong, so make sure to take it slow and remove them after no more than ten minutes during the first try. A ton of sublime sensation comes after removal when the nipples are extra-reactive and sensitive.  


Seduce Me Vibrating Nipple Suckers

 Seduce Me Suckers

  • Are new to nipple play
  • Love the idea of vibrating sensation
  • Want something hands free

Seduce Me Suckers

  • Are looking for a rough suction
  • Want a textured inner chamber

Submit to incredible sensation with the Seduce Me Nipple Suckers. These suit anyone who wants to give nipple play a try but doesn’t love the idea of something rough or pinching. A light yet firm suction and lovely targeted vibration provide eye-rolling pleasure and post-removal sensitivity without the intimidation of an automatic toy or clamp. Swathed in silicone, this toy can be easily washed and the battery caps allow for the attached mini-vibes to be quickly recharged.


  • Lovely, targeted vibration
  • Allows for hands-free fun
  • Sublime suction

  • No inner texture to accompany the vibes
  • Aesthetic is not for everyone
Seduce Me Suckers
Vibration modesSingle
Length3 inches
Diameter2 inches

Let pleasure wash over you with this gentle, buzzing nipple sucker. A classic design, the Seduce Me Suckers are perfect for people who want to jump into nipple play but don’t want a pinching or rough toy. The pump at the end can increase the suction, and adding just a touch of water or lube around the rim can ensure a perfect seal for maximum pleasure. After that, vibe away!

The Ultimate Nipple and Pussy Pump

If you need it all, look no further. An automatic nipple and pussy pump, a silicone licking tongue insert to simulate being expertly eaten out, and a vibrating g-spot handle ensures that whatever you’re craving is available to you. Right now. If you have a pussy, this toy is the best investment you can make.  

Vibrating Pussy Pump and Tongue Kit

Vibrating Pussy Pump and Tongue Kit - The Ultimate Nipple and Pussy Pump
The question is not what can this kit do. It is what can’t this kit do. There are two suction cups, one sized for the nipple and one sized for the clit. These alone offer three different suction patterns and intensities. For the clit, there are seven different patterns of the licking tongue as well as an added textured sleeve. The toy is also fully waterproof for bath time play. Finally, the handle doubles as a 10-function vibrator that is perfectly curved to hit your G-spot.

Ready to Graduate to the Next Level?

Our list of the best nipple suckers is particularly suited to anyone new to nipple play or who prefers a gentler sensation. But for anyone who wants things to be a little rougher, a toy that will take you to the edge and keep you there, nipple clamps are an incredible tool. Nipple clamps are biting, pinching, and visually stimulating for all. They are definitely the next level up for those who tried and loved nipple suckers or vibrators.

Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Clamps The Pinch

Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Clamps The Pinch - Ready to Graduate to the Next Level?
Dive deeper into the clamp game with these adorable Fifty Shades of Grey Nipple Clamps. What sets them apart? They boast an adjustable design, allowing you to fine-tune the tension. Whether you want a gentle pinch or a more pronounced grip, the sliding bar has got you covered. Designed with beginners in mind, the clamps are tipped with soft silicone, ensuring both comfort and ease of use.

Entice Tiered Rose Gold Nipple Clamp

Entice Tiered Rose Gold Nipple Clamp - Ready to Graduate to the Next Level?
These clamps are also adjustable, the small screw on the end tightening the toy to your preference, and best suited for those who love multiple facets to their sensory play. The clamps, of course, provide a tight pinching feel to stimulate the nipples. However, the chain gives added weight to drive you wild. Many also love the look of the rose gold chain, as well as the cool metal feel against heated skin when worn.

Tease Me Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Tease Me Adjustable Nipple Clamps - Ready to Graduate to the Next Level?
This adjustable toy clamps on at the silicone tip and from there it depends entirely on you. However strong and pinching you desire, the slider can provide. Lovehoney’s adorable design, complete with a dangling heart pendant on each clamp, belies its torturously teasing nature.

Electro Nipple Suckers

The e-stimulation nipple sucker is a toy that promotes stimulation through electricity. It varies from a smooth tingle to a throbbing sensation and is made of durable ABS. The nipple twisters can be operated without electrostimulation.

ElectroShock E-Stimulation Nipple Suckers in Clear

ElectroShock E-Stimulation Nipple Suckers in Clear - Electro Nipple Suckers
Produce that excitement that you and your partner crave with this high-technology electroshock e-stimulation vibrating nipple sucker. You can pick from 4 modes with different powers for each. Electric nipple clamps are great for intense stimulation for the clitoris, nipple, and more!

Comparison of the Best Nipple Suckers

For those starting their journey, the Pro Nipple Suckers, Mini Nipple Suckers, Perfect Pair, and Fifty Shade of Grey Suckers are the best user-friendly options, scoring 100/100 and 95/100 in ease of use rating. They are focusing on gentle stimulation, which is a perfect choice for beginners. Meanwhile, the BASICS Nipple Pump Set and Triple Sucker Set are designed for more intense suction catering for more advanced and demanding users. For thrill-seekers, the Vibating Suck-Hers and Swell Yeah Pump merge vibration with suction, offering a unique sensory blend.

How Do Nipple Suckers Work?

Nipple suckers work by providing suction to the nipples and leaving them hyper-sensitive after removal. As opposed to clamps, which pinch to accomplish this, suckers can be a gentler way to experiment with nipple play. Similar to the feeling of a mouth sucking on your nipples, the suction provides a light tugging, swelling feeling. During suction, more blood rushes to the nipples leaving them more aroused, harder, hyper-sensitive, and slightly puffed up. It can vary by person, but, this state usually lasts around twenty minutes.

Forming a Seal

Forming a Seal - How Do Nipple Suckers Work?
A seal is what will provide a lot of the suction for the silicone suckers. Though, most suckers tend to include a seal.  Some sort of moisture, whether water, lube, or saliva, should be added to the rim of the base before placing on the skin for the strongest seal.

Pumping it Up

Pumping it Up - How Do Nipple Suckers Work?
For silicone suckers, the pump will only lightly increase the suction strength. For plastic twisters, the pump is increased by twisting the top to vacuum the nipple up the cylinder. For automatic suckers, this is simply the press of the button.

Remove and Enjoy

Remove and Enjoy - How Do Nipple Suckers Work?
Nipple suckers pump and plump the nipples. Blood rushes to the spot, hardening the nips and creating a hyper-sensitive feel that tends to last around twenty minutes. For many, this is the best part of suckers!

Vibrating Nipple Suckers vs Nipple Pumps

Vibrating nipple suckers are a beginner-friendly type of toy that uses light suction to stay in place. They don’t use any power source to apply suction, instead relying on the suction created by pushing the sucker onto the nipple. Contrarily, nipple pumps use an external pump to create a vacuum between the suckers, resulting in a slightly more intense suction. Nipple pumps can be especially helpful for people with inverted nipples, but don’t work amazingly with larger breasts. Nipple suckers are the opposite, generally working better with larger breasts than with smaller ones. However, you can get either type to work on your nipples/breasts with some practice, correct placement, and a bit of lube (to help maintain a strong suction seal). Both types of nipple toys are sure to satisfy but we’d recommend nipple pumps for those who want an intense suction effect; nipple suckers are perfect for everyone else!

Should You Opt for Vibrating Nipple Suckers or Nipple Clamps?

That depends: do you want a gentle, sucking sensation with the addition of vibrations, or are you after a bit of pinch? Nipple suckers are designed purely for pleasure, being held in place by the suction produced when the sucker is pushed onto the nipple. Nipple clamps, on the other hand, are held in place by their pinching/clamping clips, making using nipple clamps a bit more intense. Nipple clamps offer both pain and pleasure, as opposed to the pleasure-only approach of nipple suckers. Both types of nipple toys are also offered in vibrating variants so don’t base your decision on that alone. Instead, decide if you’d like pure pleasure or pain/pleasure, making your decision from that conclusion!

How to use Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers are, like clamps, an extremely versatile toy. Some can stay on after forming a seal for hands-free stimulation, but as they leave the nipple hyper-sensitive after removal these are a fantastic foreplay toy. Whether you want clamps or suckers is up to your experience level and preference, but nipple suckers are an especially great place to start.

During Masturbation

During Masturbation

Nipple suckers are amazing for adding an extra dimension to your solo play. Whether you want to apply for foreplay to leave your nips sensitive and aroused, or choose a hands-free toy to wear during the fun, suckers are a great solo toy.

BDSM/Power Play

BDSM/Power Play

Tease, tantalize, and taunt your parner with nipple suckers. These toys are fantastic to use on a partner while blindfolded for sensory play or while tied up to make them squirm. A pair of nipple suckers are a must-have for any toy box.

Couples Play

Couples Play

Nipple suckers are incredible even without a power play or bdsm dynamic. More gentle than clamps with many hands-free versions, these can be used during foreplay or right in the middle of your fun to add that extra oomph in the bedroom.

In the Bath/Shower

In the Bath/Shower

Many of the nipple suckers listed are pure silicone and, once sealed, absolutely be enjoyed in the bath or shower. Wet skin will actually increase your seal, and therefore your suction. Treat yourself to both a steaming hot bath and a sublime nipple suction.

How to Clean Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers are predominantly silicone, which can be either washed with soap and water or boiled. As a non-porous material, silicone is less inclined to bacterial growth but must still be sanitized after use. Some toys listed have added mini vibes, which need to be given extra notice. Make sure to read the instructions on if they can or should be removed and washed separately. Toys that are made of hard plastic can typically be cleaned with soap and water. But, again, make sure to read the instructions and check what to use and how to handle the electrical components.


Not at all! Nipple suckers are a much gentler nipple play toy than clamps, and anyone with already sensitive nipples should make sure to start with a beginner toy and take it slow. Choose a silicone tit sucker and start with five minutes at a light suction, just to check that the nipples aren't too sensitive after removal, and you are good to go.

Many reviews of nipple suckers by buyers with piercings state that they used them fine as long as the piercing is completely healed. Nipple piercings take a very long time to heal and, if suction is applied, pus or bleeding may appear. If you have a fully healed piercing it is still a good idea to take it slow with a gentle tit sucker.

Nipple suckers are a fun, less intimidating start to nipple play than something like a nipple clamp. If you want a tugging, swelling, arousing sensation in your nipples then a tit sucker toy should absolutely be on your list.

When choosing your nipple suckers, start with analyzing how sensitive your nipples are to stimulation in the first place. Those with extremely sensitive nipples may want to start with a gentle silicone sucker. While those who don't have a lot of sensitivity may want to start with a hard plastic twister toy.

Nipple clamps are widely considered the stronger toy. However, the sensations they provide are so different that it is hard to truly compare. Nipple clamps are aptly named because they clamp or pinch the nipples, providing pressure or even pain. Tit suckers provide different types of suction depending on the type of sucker.

Sex toys sites and reviewers recommend that nipple suckers should not be left on for over 20 minutes. If you are new to nipple suckers, you should start with 5 or 10 minutes. To safely leave a long-lasting puffiness and sensitivity to your nipples, up to 20 minutes is the maximum recommended time to leave the tit suckers on.

What is a Nipple Sucker?

A Nipple sucker is a toy that provides pleasure and sensation through some form of suction. Different versions can include an automatic sucker or pump, a silicone pump that forms a strong seal, or a plastic cylindrical pump with a seal that turns at the top to create a vacuum suction. Unlike nipple clamps, suckers do not tend to pinch or cause any sort of pain. After removal, the nipples are left sensitive and aroused.

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