11 Best Sex Bed Straps for Sexual Restraining

Javier Zavala   Javier Zavala
If you’re interested in bringing BDSM to your bedroom—but learning the ins and outs of rope play seems too complex—then you should consider investing in a set of sex bed straps! These bondage straps are designed with the beginner in mind, utilizing easy-to-adjust restraints and cuffs to accommodate a variety of bed sizes. Most models offer either two or four restraints, allowing you to completely subdue your partner in a matter of minutes (or seconds, if you’ve already put the straps in place!). Whether you’re looking to begin your BDSM journey on a budget or you’ve got a lot of cash that you’re just itching to spend, a quality set of sex bed straps is a great investment to make. Learn which models scored the best against the competition on our list below!
1 Test Winner

Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System

 Sportsheets Under the Bed

  • want a good set for good price
  • want a travelling set
  • want a comofortable restraining set

Sportsheets Under the Bed

  • want something a top quality set
  • want something more sturdy
  • want something to set up permantly at your place

If you have ever wanted to try some bondage or you are an experienced user and want to have sex bed straps, that are light and easy to carry whilst traveling, then the Sportsheets Under the Bed is a great choice for you. It is easy to install and can fit in any bed, it is a 4 points style restraining with a 60-inch connecting strap, it is recommended for beginners because it is easy to set up and it is comfortable, you have 4 Velcro-fastened cuffs that can be adjusted and also a 60 inch restrain strap for attaching to the bedpost, chairs or even each other, so if you want bed sex strap to go or simply to have it at your place but not permanently, then this is the way to go!

  • Easy to mount/unmount
  • Velcro-fastened cuffs for easy control
  • Quick-release clips for safety
  • 4 points restraint

  • The straps could be more sturdy
  • Should come with a carrying bag
Sportsheets Under the Bed
AdjustableYes, 4 Velcro cuffs can be adjusted 6 - 15 inches
FasteningYes, velcro
Lengthconnecting strap 60 inches / restraint straps 60 inches

For the price, these sex bed straps are a great option, this set is sturdy, easy to carry, easy to mount and unmount, it is pretty comfortable and it is recommended for beginners for these reasons, but that doesn’t mean advanced users can use it, the materials are great and the only downside that I found is that it doesn’t come with a carrying pouch, otherwise it would be a perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend a good amount of money for a good product.

2 Cheapest

Purple Reins Under Mattress Spreader Restrain

 Purple Reins Under Mattress

  • want the cheapest option
  • like the purple color
  • want something just to use from time to time

Purple Reins Under Mattress

  • want something more sturdy
  • want something with more quality
  • don't like the purple color

If you want to enjoy a full-body restraint with a sex bed straps system, but don’t want to have the restraints permanently in your bed, then the Purple Reins Under Mattress is your way to go. All sex bed straps slip on with ease for speedy use, the padded cuffs keep on their place and it is a perfect kit for persons who are just starting or that don’t want to have fun every day, just for special moments. The wrist and ankle cuffs can be adjusted between 6.5 and 10 inches and are secured via strong velcro fastenings. The main mattress strap can be adjusted between 61 and 192 inches and fits almost any bed. The connecting cuff straps can be adjusted between 0 and 28 inches to work with different mattress depths and sub heights. These sex bed straps are a fair option that you must consider.

  • Cheap
  • Decent quality
  • Purple color
  • Good materials

  • Can feel a bit cheap
  • Foam is too moveable (cuffs)
  • Recommended for ocassional use not for every day
Purple Reins Under Mattress
Length96 inches

For a very inexpensive and so far the cheapest option regarding sex bed straps, the Purple Reins Under Mattress is a kit that can give you fun from time to time. It is important to consider that for the price it is not recommended to use it every day because it is not going to give you the same results as some expensive options, the foam in the cuffs can easily get off with the movements so you have to be careful or find a way to fit it permanently there, it is sturdy but you can’t expect to be as sturdy as other options, overall the quality is decent and can work for those who are just starting or those who want just to have fun sometimes.

3 Beginners

Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit

 Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits

  • want a great product to start
  • want a good product to travel with
  • want good quality and comfortable materials

Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits

  • don't want to spend that much
  • want something less "soft"

Fifty Shades of Grey has Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit, which are sex bed straps recommended for beginners or persons that want to take fun everywhere. The design and the quality of the materials are great, made out of polyester, the feeling is soft and nice whilst the straps are strong and sturdy. Comes with 4 soft cuffs with Velcro fastenings and includes a blindfold to add more submission to the session. It fits single, double, kingsize, and super-kingsize beds.

  • Great materials
  • Soft and comfortable feeling
  • Easy to mount/unmount
  • Easy to travel with
  • Comes with a blindfold

  • Price, not expensive but expensier than other options
  • Might be too soft feeling from cuffs if you are into rougher action
  • More D rings would be appreciated
Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits
AdjustableTo any size of bed
LengthStrap system is 49 inches

The sex bed strap set is nice, comes with a blindfold which is useful, personally, I would have changed that blindfold for a nice carrying pouch, but someone might found the blindfold more useful. It is soft and nice, the straps feel comfortable and are very easy to set up, the price is a bit high compared to other options but is not that expensive. The package is nice and can be a good erotic gift for your partner. Perhaps a few more rings would be nice to use and a bit tighter system would be even nicer, but overall is a great sex bed straps kit

4 Kit

Scandal Under Mattress Bed Restraint Kit (3 Piece)

 Scandal Under Mattress

  • want a good looking sex bed straps kit
  • want a breatahable ball gag
  • want a double ring fastening

Scandal Under Mattress

  • don't like the colors
  • are not into gagging
  • want a different design

This sex bed straps kit is great for those who are planning to try a full submission, no matter if you are just starting or you have experience, the Scandal Under Mattress is going to give you a lot of fun (fun that you can take with you). The kit includes a restraint system to bind arms and legs, a breathable ball gag, and a blindfold. It is easy to mount and adjustable to fit up to a king-size bed, you can mount it and leave it there to keep playing some other time or just unmount it and mount it back whenever is needed. Velcro cuffs adjust up to 14.5 inches around and gag up to 25 inches around.

  • Includes ball gag and blindfold
  • Nice design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to mount

  • The design might be a bit too "nice" if you are rough user
  • A carrying bag would be nice
  • Different versions of the kit would be even better (like including more toys)
Scandal Under Mattress
LengthVelcro cuffs 14.5 inches around // gag up to 25 // Bed strap adjust up to 143 inches

So far this is the most complete, well-looking, and comfortable sex bed straps kit, it comes with a blindfold and a breathable ball gag it would be very nice that would come with a carrying pouch as well but we can’t complain because the price is good! It looks good, it looks nice, it feels even better, it is easy to mount, easy to use and you can let it be there permanently or unmount it if you need to travel and you want to take the fun with you. Overall I think it is a great option if you are starting and you want to go full in into submission or if you are experienced and want to have a nice, light, and good-looking sex bed straps traveling kit.

5 Cuffs

Quickie Cuffs

 Quickie Cuffs

  • are new to bondage
  • are looking for affordable bondage accessories
  • want easy to use and flexible handcuffs

Quickie Cuffs

  • prefer regular sex bed straps
  • like a very kinky bondage session

Looking for a fast and effortless way to spice up your bedroom antics? Try Quickie Cuffs! These handcuffs are incredibly easy to use and made from strong and smooth silicone, ensuring maximum comfort during your bondage play. Perfect for beginners or those looking for a hassle-free experience, these cuffs take the intimidation out of bondage and BDSM. And with their sleek design, they’re as attractive as they are functional. So why not add a touch of excitement to your playtime with the Quickie Cuffs? You won’t be disappointed!

  • Flexible and stretchy
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof

  • Difficult to attach to other restraints
  • Can't be locked
Quickie Cuffs
Diameter1.95 inches
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack, Red

The Quickie Cuffs are a convenient and user-friendly choice for those exploring bondage and BDSM. Made from high-quality silicone, these handcuffs provide a comfortable and painless experience, making them perfect for beginners! With their simple slip-on design and two available sizes, the Quickie Cuffs are flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of any user. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, the Quickie Cuffs are a great addition to any collection and will bring a new level of fun and adventure to your playtime.


Bondage Boutique Black Bound to Please Under Mattress Restraint

 Bondage Boutique Black Bound

  • want a nice and sturdy sex bed straps
  • want to choose the color of the sex bed straps
  • are a beginner and want a decent price option

Bondage Boutique Black Bound

  • want something with top quality
  • want a more sturdy option

If you want to transform your bed permanently or temporarily into a bondage training field, then Bondage Boutique Vlack Bound are sex bed straps that you need in your collection. With 4 velcro-fastening cuffs, it is easy to strap your partner easily and fast. The easy system to unclip the cuffs allows you to change positions easily and very fast so you don’t lose the mood whilst playing. Suitable for almost any size of the bed, these sex bed straps are going to unleash your darkest desires.

  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to use
  • Unclip system for easy changes in positions
  • 4 velcro fastening cuffs

  • Would be nice to include a carrying pouch
  • Extra set of cuffs would be nice with the unclip system to change roles fast
Bondage Boutique Black Bound
LengthCuff straps an extend to 50 inches // connecting straps extends to 48 inches

One of the best parts of these sex bed straps are the unclip system that allows you to change positions easily and fast, so you can get to the next step without having to wait, a recommendation would be to include another set of cuffs so the roles can be changed easily and fast, or that you buy two of these sex bed straps and keep one for traveling, the other permanent in your bed and you and your partner wear the cuffs at the same time for role swapping. In any case, it is very easy to mount and the sex bed straps feel sturdy and good, the price is decent and affordable and I think this is a great option for everyone. Another thing that would be great would be a traveling pouch but is not a must, but for all the features I think this is a great sex bed straps kit to consider.


DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set

 DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff

  • want a leather cuffs
  • want good priced sex bed straps
  • want a good quality sex bed straps

DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff

  • don't like leather
  • want a differnet system

These sex bed straps have a totally different system, two straps to mount on the bed that are placed at the bottom and top of the bed and come with bed loops to attach the handcuffs and do a perfect starfish. Made from ultra-strong Nylon and genuine leather cuffs, there is no way your partner can escape, and who doesn’t love the smell of leather? This is a simple kit with just 2 pieces, and 4 leather cuffs, making it easier to move around and with practice easy to mount. It has a seatbelt-style clasp to release each strap very easily. The easy attaching system allows you to tight the sex bed straps once and let them be there until you need to take them with you or replace your bed.

  • Easy attaching system
  • Genuine leather
  • Ultra stron nylon straps
  • Good price

  • If you are not interested in leather you can find cheaper options
  • Mount the main straps can be hard the first time
  • Theres no other colors
DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff
AllergiesContains nickel, Latex-free
Length95 inches

If you like leather, then I’m sure you are going to like these sex bed straps, the few pieces in the system make it easy to use, but, it can be a bit tricky to mount the first time, after the first time, if you unmount it is going to be easier to mount it the next time you want to use it. The straps might look a bit cheap but are sturdy and hold up very well, unfortunately, there is no other color than black, the price is very nice considering you get genuine leather cuffs. It is a very nice starting point if you are getting into this kind of play or a good addition to your collection if you are already in. Unless you dislike the leather, I’m sure you are going to enjoy this easy and good-priced sex bed straps system.




  • want a cheap sex bed straps kit
  • want a funcitonal kit
  • don't mind the materials


  • care about how it looks
  • mind about the materials
  • want something with more quality

With the Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage, you don’t need any post in your bed, this bondage playground is easy to install on your bed. You get four soft cuffs that are attached to 60-inch adjustable straps, it is totally portable which means that you can take it wherever you want, even if you make long traveling. It is made out of Polyester and plastic and even though it doesn’t look “cute” it is totally functional and resistant.

  • Good material
  • Great price
  • Totally functional
  • Sturdy

  • Doesn't look cute
  • Might be a bit too stiff
MaterialsPolyester, ABS Plastic
LengthAdjustable straps with cuffs and connector strap are 60 inches

If you don’t care that much about the esthetics of the product then the Sex & Mischief Bed Bondage is going to be great for you, especially because it is very cheap, the polyester and the plastic are a good combination and the straps feel sturdy, it is impossible you can tear them apart with your bare hands or strength, so if your only concern is about the functionality, let me tell you this works perfectly! A little bit of design would have been nice to make it look better, but the truth is that once you are on fire, the less thing you do is to check how does the straps looks, right?



 Bed Buckler Tether

  • want one of the best sex bed strap out there
  • want an easy system to set up
  • want a comfortable cuffs
  • are not in a budget

Bed Buckler Tether

  • mind about the price
  • want a different material

If you are looking for one of the best sex bed straps kits out there, let me tell you the Bed Buckler Restraint is a kit you are never going to regret having. Designed to go anywhere and ready to use anytime, the set is built with soft cuffs that work as a web-strap restraint and the strap slips under the mattress, box spring, or futon to be discreet. It is very easy to use and mount, with 20-inch adjustable nylon tethers that wrap around the surface of the bed, there is no chance your partner can escape, even if he/she would like to.

  • Great quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Take it everywhere
  • Comfortable to use

  • Expensive
  • The only way to adjust it once it is placed is by moving the whole matress
  • Doesn't come with assembly instructions
Bed Buckler Tether
Lengthfour tethers of 20 inches

The Bed Buckler Tether and Cuff Restraint System is good quality and it feels great, it is easy to set up but…..if you have to make adjustments once it is placed you have to remove your mattress and do the adjustments, thing that might be a turn off if you are already set on fire, the price is high, but you are paying for a great quality product and you are not going to be disappointed. You can take it everywhere and place it for use, the cuffs are actually pretty comfortable and are going to give you a lot of nice experiences, so, if the price is not a concern to you, I would say you could consider this sex bed straps as a strong option for you and your partner!




  • are vegan and doesn't support the animal cruelty
  • want to have vegan leather
  • want a decent price
  • want a heavy duty sex bed straps


  • you like genuine leather
  • want a different system

If you are concerned about animal cruelty and you want still to have the benefits of the leather, then the Boundless Vegan Leather Bed Restraint is something it might appeal to you. If you don’t have space to make your own bondage dungeon then you should get sex bed straps and stop using that excuse. With these sex bed straps you can mount it and unmount it as many times you like and take the fun with you if you have to travel, it is a total adjustable restraint system that works great with the included hooks, it slides underneath your bed and it is easy to set it up. Comes with four padded cuffs for the ankle and wrists that use velcro to secure your limbs and also with durable nylon straps and metal hardware to secure everything well. Made of polyester fabric and nickel-free, this is one of the best options for you.

  • Sturdy
  • Good materials
  • Well built
  • Very durable

  • Can be a bit tricky to set up the first times
  • The carabiners looks a bit weak
MaterialsPolyester, iron
LengthTether 63 inches
DiameterCuff (max) 4.5 inches

The Boundless Vegan Leather Bed Restraint gives an alternative for those who are concerned about animal cruelty offering vegan leather. If you are vegan or concerned about this subject, these sex bed straps are going to be your way to go! These sex bed straps are very sturdy and last for a long time, it is a bit hard to set it up for the first time but once you do it then you are going to find a way to make it easier. Something that I didn’t like that much was that the carabiners look a bit weak, but those are not, and of course, it is not genuine leather but otherwise, it is a good choice for you and your partner to have your own playground in your bedroom, easy and quick.



 Scandal 8 Points of Love Bed Restraint

  • want a good price sex bed straps
  • want a very good looking design
  • want good working strap system

Scandal 8 Points of Love Bed Restraint

  • don't like the design
  • want something with more quality
  • if you don't like carabiners

The Scandal 8 Points of Love Bed Restraint is an excellent and adjustable bondage system of sex bed straps that will turn your bedroom into a scene of a bondage fantasy. Packed with 4 tethers for wrist and ankles and a very nice looking red and black brocade. The tethers are equipped with swivel snap hook connectors that you can use to connect them to one another and get them set up for playing very fast. It is fully adjustable and can be used up to a king-sized mattress (180”).

  • Good looking design
  • Great price
  • Easy to set up

  • First times setting it up can take a while
  • Carabiners look weak
Scandal 8 Points of Love Bed Restraint
LengthStraps: 200 inches by 180 inches
LengthTeathers: 24 inches
MaterialsPolyester, Iron, Polypropylene

You can get a good-looking sex bed straps system for a reasonable price. The Scandal 8 Points of Love is an excellent option if you are on a budget or don’t want to spend much. It is an 8 point system that gets down to offer the same possibilities that a 4 point system can do. It is made of polyester, polypropylene, and iron. It looks sturdy, but the carabiners are different. Carabiners don’t look sturdy, but those really are. It is hard to mount it the first time but with practice comes easy, one thing that I would have liked to see would be a different design, perhaps different options of colors, but overall I can’t complain, if you are looking for a sex bed straps that have good quality and decent a price, then perhaps this might be your option to go.

Get All Tied Up

Sometimes we are not ready for a full sex bed straps kit to restrain our partner (or get restrained). Sometimes the only thing that we are looking for is to spice things up a bit and give a small turn in some new things to enhance our pleasure. Or, if you have already a sex bed strap kit that you use to restrain your partner and you are looking for an extra attachment, then take a look at the next product!

Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope Restraints

Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope Restraints - Get All Tied Up
  • The  Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage is a set of ropes that will help you to restrain (even more) your partner. This set can be attached to any furniture bars, works especially well with bondage racks, collars, and other restraints with bondage clips.
  • If you have sex bed straps, it would work wonderfully giving you a few extra options to play with.
  • The ropes can be adjusted easily using a simple slip knot feature, the ropes are silky soft and incredibly secure, so if you want something comfortable and good for your partner, the Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope Restraints are something you might want to take a look at.

If You Like Your Bondage More Kinky

Not everything is sex bed straps, maybe you are an intermediate or advanced user that is looking for something else, or perhaps sex bed straps are not appealing to you and you need something else to get adventurous. Below I’m going to show you two options that are going to blow your mind and you will be wanting to do a test drive!


Does a “to-go” bondage cross sound appealing to you? The Scandal Over The Door is a fully adjustable cross made out of sturdy straps and bar hooks to secure this over-the-door placement and fit both standard and oversized doors. You can find this Cross set comes with totally adjustable and detachable universal wrist and ankle cuffs, to play whilst using the cross or use it independently. Both wrist and ankle cuffs are soft and plushy on one side and a great designed fabric on the other.

Liberator Bondi Portable Playscape

Liberator Bondi Portable Playscape - If You Like Your Bondage More Kinky
But what if you want to take your kinky furniture anyway? If sex bed straps are just not enough for you, or you want to have something else complementary and have your “Full bondage traveling kit” then the Liberator Bondi Portable Playscape is a must in your collection.    

Are you inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey?

When Fifty Shades of Grey came to light with the first book, everyone (mostly women) were out of their minds. Fifty Shades of Grey came in a popular way to show that BDSM is not that bad after all and that we all have our kinks, especially if you are super-rich (pun intended). If you are like me, and you have read the books, or maybe not like me but you have watched the movie, or even totally different you haven’t ever watched the movie or read the books, but you know about the topic, at least for “common knowledge”. Then you must admit there are some good and bad things about it. Below I will list a few things from my perspective about the subject.

What is it about?

What is it about?  - Are you inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey?
Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel that nowadays has a movie also about a  21-year-old student called Anastasia who begins a relationship with a 27-year-old man called Christian Grey, who is a successful, powerful, rich, businessman, who later offers a non-disclosure agreement to her for a private sexual relationship where she is going to discover some of the kinks of him, mostly BDSM.

Is it actually BDSM?

Is it actually BDSM?  - Are you inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey?
Well, that depends on your conception of BDSM, for many it can be, for others it is just a joke, and many others can consider it as a vanilla BDSM, personally, I consider this last one as it is a fictional story targeting women from all ages and all cultures, so real BDSM would be a bit too much for a public audience.

Is it an interest story then?

Is it an interest story then?  - Are you inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey?
Well, I think it is, actually what I most like it is was to see the perspective from a woman since I’m a man, I think it is something we as men are always interested in, as for the sexual parts I think it was more like a “general” women dream while the character of Christian is a stereotype many men wants to be. So if you ask me if you should read the book, perhaps you should, there isn’t anything wrong as long as you keep it as fictional, but you have to keep your mind open knowing it is not true BDSM and if you move the story to a real-life can be a very scary, manipulative and sexual abuse story.

Is there anything good about it?

Is there anything good about it?  - Are you inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey?
I believe so since the story came out, it has been one of the best sellers and the movie was very welcome, but you might be wonder, what’s good on that if you are not even appealed to know about it? well, persons who read the book are starting to be more open about those subjects, which, in case you are into it, it might be good because you can find easily a partner that might want to try at least a soft BDSM. But on the other hand, if you consider the story from a real perspective it is not much than sexual abuse, harassment, and violence, which is a totally different concept from BDSM.

Restraints and BDSM

Restraints and BDSM - Are you inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey?
So most likely, if you are alone and looking for a partner in crime, you might found actually women that have read the book or seen the movie that wouldn’t think it is weird to use a set of sex bed straps to be like Anatasia and Grey or even some other BDSM toys, like these, so, the activities in the book might be a vanilla BDSM for some, but the truth is that it has open opportunities for some others to explore, and who knows, maybe your new partner could like it more than you expect!

Just please bear this in mind!

Just please bear this in mind! - Are you inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey?
The story is fictional, if you hear this story without knowing it you can be sure it is a story from a violented woman who needs help ASAP, Christian the male character, is abusive, possessive, and violent, Anastasia, on the other hand, sounds like a woman who can’t stand against a man like him. In BDSM this never happens, in order to have a relationship of this kind, you must speak with your partner, communication is everything as well as respect.

So what do we need to have a BDSM relationship?

So what do we need to have a BDSM relationship? - Are you inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey?
In order to have a proper BDSM relationship, you must know there are healthy and ethical ways to combine pain and pleasure. A BDSM relationship requires communication, self-knowledge, being emotionally stable, mature, self-awareness, trust, and independence. It’s not just about harming other ones in order to have pleasure, but to take care of your partner and both get pleasure from the same things, or would you like to get violated, harmed, or even raped just to give pleasure to others? Don’t get misled, a fictional story is going to be always fictional, learn to separate good things from bad things. What will always help you is to put yourself in the other one’s shoes with something you don’t like (or you are not sure if you like it or not).

How to be safe with Sex Bed Straps?

So let’s think that you have a partner already that likes to play with sex bed straps or that you found a person that connects with you in that way. How can you make it a safe and good experience to repeat again? I’m going to write down a list of things I consider to be things you should always do in order to have a nice, safe, and wonderful time with sex bed straps.  


Trust - How to be safe with Sex Bed Straps?
One of the most important things to have in a relationship, especially if you are using sex bed straps or you are into BDSM is trust. Basically, you are submitting yourself to your partner (or your partner to you) giving free will to do whatever you (your partner) want with the other bodies, it is not just about tying up somebody to a bed but to know the one that is not tied up is going to use the confidence to seek pleasure for both without harming or putting anyone at risk. So if your partner is confident and trusts you and you trust your partner, it means your relationship is on a different level and you are going to enjoy it more.

What do you like and what you don't

What do you like and what you don't - How to be safe with Sex Bed Straps?
It is satisfying to know the kinks of the other one, but it is good to know what your partner doesn’t like as well as you let your partner know what you don’t like. In this way, none of you are going to get a bad experience and probably an awkward moment and you are going to use your time wiser to get more pleasure, never do anything your partner doesn’t like.


Safewords - How to be safe with Sex Bed Straps?
Safewords are a topic that might be silly nowadays for many due to Fifty Shades of Gray as it turned to be a mainstream topic. But beyond that having safewords might actually improve your experience and keep you safe and happy. We know sometimes we lose control when we are enjoying and we believe often we can give more pleasure by doing something that might not be perhaps the best call, but we are so excited that our brain doesn’t work well and we do it thinking it is something good. Having safewords will control these situations if there is anything you or your partner doesn’t like, and as safewords are usually something non-sexual related, it is easy to realize you are doing something wrong (or to let your partner know there is something wrong). Levels are often suggested, one for something you might be aware of but you can keep going, something to be aware it might not be grateful, and the last one when it is totally not okay and you or your partner should stop.

Always have an emergency back up plan

Always have an emergency back up plan - How to be safe with Sex Bed Straps?
It is unusual to face a situation that turns to be dangerous but sometimes it is just enough to be prepared in case face something it is out of control. One of the accessories it is recommended to always have bondage scissors. Bondage scissors are just medical scissors made especially to ensure this experience can be safe always, especially when using ropes or lockable straps, the scissors will allow you to cut pretty much through everything without harming your partner or yourself in the intent if something goes wrong.

Aftercare, cuddles

Aftercare, cuddles - How to be safe with Sex Bed Straps?
In the end, we both are pleased, it is possible, depending on how rough the session is, to start to feel not okay about something, perhaps physical pain or even psychological remorse. It is totally normal to feel like that, but what can help you both is to understand it was just an experience and nothing that was said or done was intended to harm the other one, aftercare means to let the other understand it is okay to have fun like that but that you actually care for the other one beyond your needs and cuddling is a good way to make this process work flawlessly.

How to use sex bed straps

Sex bed straps are easy to use, perhaps, the most complicated part is to learn how to mount them on your bed, but once you figure it out, next time is going to be an easy cake. In any way, if you are finding trouble with this, I’m going to tell you how to use sex bed straps to take advantage and enjoy your experience!

Mount your sex bed straps

Mount your sex bed straps

Most of the sex bed straps come with instructions, it is not that is rocket science but when you can actually see the process it is faster, if you are one of the unlucky ones that got sex bed straps without instructions, as I said before, it is not rocket science, you can figure it out how to sort your problem but it will take more time, just ask yourself if you want to keep the sex bed straps attached to your bed for a lifetime or if you want to remove, so it is easy for you to remember how to unmount it and how to mount it again if you need to do so.

Gather everything you might need

Gather everything you might need

Having handy everything you need is useful so you don’t have to stop in the middle of the experience to try to find something, especially if you are not good at keeping your things in their place. Think about what you might need and ask your partner to be sure nothing is forgotten. Things like any kind of toys, lubricant, wet wipes, towels, paper, and any other thing that might be a tool for your experience are always nice to keep it close.

Set up rules and remember safe words

Set up rules and remember safe words

Rules are often important to make sure, no matter how excited you or your partner are, that there are some things that must not be done or certain limits that shouldn’t be trespassed. Safewords are important too and are an “on-time” sign that something it might not feel okay, is not feeling okay, or that the whole action should be stopped immediately. But what happens if you or your partner are using a ball gag? Well, you find a way to show the other you are not agreeing to do something or to keep going, snapping fingers, tapping something with your hand, even a peace and love sign can do the trick, the important part is to be safe in order to enjoy more.



Something that might add fun and enjoyment to your experience is to know who is going to be tied up and who doesn’t and if there is a chance to swap roles, which often is interesting. Speak about turns, roles, or any other idea that might add fun in order to know when it is okay to change and do totally differently.

Caring is good but showing it is even better.

Caring is good but showing it is even better.

After all the fun, caring about your partner is good in other to show there is respect and that nothing said or done was mean in any way to harm him/her. Even when your relationship could be merely to have fun or even a friendship it is very important to know the other you care about him/her in order to have a healthy and good relationship. If you are enjoying and your partner as well, it would be silly to end up your relationship just because of something small like this. Besides, who doesn’t love to have a lovely moment and be spoiled when both of you are cuddling and just post-enjoying.

How to clean sex bed straps

There is no big deal when it comes to cleaning your sex bed straps, mainly because it is unusual those get dirty, but if something messy happens, you can clean them out with warm water and regular clothing soap. You can use a small brush to brush it and let it dry. Try to avoid wetting the metallic parts of the sex bed straps; otherwise, you get the risk of getting those rusty. As usual, I will show you an infographic with a few tips on "how to clean" certain materials.


Absolutely. Most of them assure you are free of materials that commonly produce allergies, but overall al the materials are safe.

Everyone who has confidence with his/her partner. Confidence is one of the keys to using sex bed straps, so if you have confidence with your partner and both agree and are willing to try sex bed straps then everything should work well.

As long as you and your partner want. Some of the sex bed straps come with cushions and a very comfortable wrist, so it would be fair to say that it is most likely easier for you to get tired and than uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, the correct answer here is the one that you like the most. I personally like the St. Andrews Cross.

Sex bed straps are ideal for beginners since they use adjustable straps, rather than requiring the user(s) to get good at tying knots. They can also be used with any mattress, meaning your options won’t be limited by your type of bed.

What are sex bed straps?

Sex bed straps are an easy and intelligent way to turn your bed into a BDSM playground. Sex bed straps are easy to mount/unmount and can be taken anywhere if you travel a lot, making them perfect for BDSM beginners. These systems provide 2 to 4 restraint points where the wrist and ankles can be held. They are a great option if you don't have a proper space to have this kind of fun or if you are traveling a lot. Sex bed straps are a must-have for persons who love BDSM as well as those who are just getting into it.

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