Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints — Test & Review

   Kiki Hall
May 8, 2024

Kiki Hall
: 24
: Advanced
: Female, she/her
: Pansexual

  • Want to try restraints
  • Like to try new angles and positions
  • Enjoy using pillows for support

  • Are on a budget
  • Do not want to be restrained
  • Are not having partnered sex

The Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints is a small angled pillow designed to support your body in a number of positions to enhance both pleasure and comfort. The restraints are detachable so you can use them with or without the cushion. The material is extremely soft and velvety and the removable cover makes for really easy clean up.

Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints -

Push Up That Pelvis

For anyone that has had partnered sex, I’m sure at one point or another you’ve pulled out a pillow to help support your hips/pelvis and get those real good O’s. If not, you are really missing out. Although your average run-of-the-mill pillows are great, an actual cushion like this with an angle made specifically for your body contour realllyyyyyy makes a difference. Cushions like this one can do so much for your sex life and your orgasms. They provide general added support and comfort and can also decrease pain/discomfort, allow for deeper penetration, can make oral more comfortable for the giver and the receiver, and exposes more of your body so toys can be used more easily! With all that being said, I’m a big, big fan of a sex cushion like this and I really enjoy this one. The cover is super velvety so it’s soft and comfy against your skin. The angle of the cushion is excellent and you can flip-flop it around for all kinds of different positions.

Partnered Play + Cushion = Chefs Kiss

I love using this with my partner. Pillows have always been in my rotation, but this is a much more elevated experience than just your average bedtime pillow. When pushed under your hips, it really does perfectly angle your pelvis for all kinds of fun. I love the restraint element to this as well. The handcuffs that come with the cushion are very cute, but after long wear, they can become a little bit uncomfortable and rub into your ankles and are wayyyy too big to use as wrist cuffs. I think they are okay if you keep them a little loose and don’t tug on them too much. If the restraints aren’t to your liking, you can add most any kind of cuff to the little loops on the side for a better bondage experience. I love that the cover fully comes off and is machine washable. Since the cover isn’t fully waterproof, it is really helpful that you can just throw the whole cover in the wash.

Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints -

In terms of design, the heart-shaped cushion and cuffs are a pretty red and the hardware of the cuffs is black. The cover material is nylon, but it feels like velvet. I do think in terms of design, it looks a little valentines-esque instead of feeling elegant and upscale. It is very sturdy, the foam doesn’t collapse under weight but it also wasn’t too hard. The velvety material is really nice and doesn’t feel cheap and the stitching and everything feels sturdy and quality. The cuffs can become slightly uncomfortable and they are really big, but they aren’t awful.

Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints -

It is really easy to use a cushion like this. You can place it anywhere and any way that you think is going to make you comfortable and enhance your experience. The cuffs are simple velcro and are really easy to take on and off and adjusted. The cover also easily zips off anytime you need to clean it. You can also remove or attach handcuffs to the loops with the clips. Something like this is awesome for anyone with mobility issues or injuries because of the comfort and support it can offer.

Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints -

The quality is definitely good, but it isn’t top tier. The velvety material is nice, the zipper and clips and everything feel sturdy, and the stitching is nice. The foam inside is really comfortable and has the perfect give. It doesn’t feel cheap at all. Whenever the cover is washed, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart or anything. I do wish the cover was more waterproof instead of just being “moisture-resistant” but throwing it in the wash cleans it right up.

Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints - <

I think this is a good, solid cushion, but because of the minor flaws such as not being waterproof, lacking some in aesthetics, and the handcuffs not being the comfiest, I do think it’s just a little pricy. I think the softness of the material and the overall quality does add back to the value. Compared to other sex pillows though, it is more affordable than those other options on the market.

Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints -

The cushion functions wonderfully. It is a great size, soft to the touch, contours well to your body, and helps hold you up a lot. The restraints are the only part that disappointed me a little bit as they can become slightly uncomfortable, and they are too big to use for your wrists. I wish that they would have used a similar velvety feel on the cuffs as the velvet on the pillow is soooo soft.

Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints -

The packaging is giving classic sex toy vibes. The front cover has an image of the cushion and then all around the box are images of the cushion in use with position ideas on some sides. The back of the box features some information about the pillow, shows everything that comes in the box, and gives some more examples of positions you can try. I think the packaging does a good job of showing you exactly what the product is and how you can use it.

Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints -

The cover is made of nylon and the inside is high-density foam. The removable lining can be easily thrown in the wash and then either tumble dried on low or, air dried. Just to be extra careful, I have been air drying mine and it cleans wonderfully. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any kind of storage and it can be a little tricky to store, especially if you don’t have a lot of space. It is too obvious to just leave out as a “decorative” pillow and its too big to fit in a drawer or under the bed.

Length14.47 inches
Width18.89 inches
Height6.29 inches
Weight1.37 lbs
MaterialsHigh Density Foam, Nylon
WaterproofMoisture Proof
Colors AvailableRed

Whipsmart Love Cushion with Restraints -

  • Supports weight
  • Removable, machine washable cover
  • Enhances sex positions

  • Not fully waterproof
  • Handcuffs can become uncomfortable and are large
  • Difficult to store

The Whipsmart Love Cushion is a good option if you are looking to upgrade from just sticking a pillow underneath you during sex. It is soft, comfortable, and has a great angle making all of your favorite positions that much more pleasurable. It also comes with detachable restraints you can use with or without the pillow for extra spice!

To use the Whipsmart Love Cushion, you simply place it under your hips, butt, or stomach to enhance sex positions and comfort. Attach the cuffs to your wrists using the velcro for an added kinky experience.