DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Under Mattress Restraints — Test & Review

   Britnee Wild
May 2, 2024

Britnee Wild
: 32
: moderate
: female
: pan

  • want to start exploring light bondage.
  • are interested in light BDSM but aren't ready to commit yet.
  • enjoy Dom/sub activities.
  • want to experiment with different kinks.
  • travel a lot and want a portable restraint system.
  • have a queen or double-sized bed.

  • have mobility issues.
  • get anxious with lack of control or movement.
  • lack trust with your partner.
  • don't have a queen or double-sized bed.

The DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Under Mattress Restraints are a quick and easy strap and cuff set that adjusts to any size mattress, wrist, and ankle. There are two straps with O-rings in different positions that slip under the head and foot of the mattress. Two larger, ankle straps and two smaller, wrist cuffs are easy to buckle like a belt for various proportions. Sturdy carabiners attach the cuffs to the rings on the straps. This set is completely portable and will fit nicely into a small bag or box.

DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set -

With an active and consistent sex life, things can quickly become boring and monotonous. That’s when I find switching things up and discovering new positions or places to bring back the excitement helps. That’s where we’ve been, recently, so my partner and I have been talking about and experimenting with breath-play and light bondage. We know the idea of the Dom/sub relationship isn’t for everyone, but we have been pushing the comfortable boundaries and discovering what works/doesn’t work for us (thank you, Spicy Booktok!). Hand necklaces and pinning arms above the head has been really enjoyable, so we thought we’d take the next step and order the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Under Mattress Restraints. I picked this set of bed restraints because it looked like it would be easy, portable, and versatile.

Setting Up

Taking the straps and cuffs out of the box, I saw that there were no instructions and got worried. The more I investigated, it was obvious how easy it would be to set up. (There was a note that instructions could be found online, but I didn’t need the help). The straps slid easily over the head and foot of the mattress. I had to do the adjustment and then spin the strap so that the O-rings were on top. The sleigh bed with its headboard and footboard made this awkward but not difficult. But, that was it! It was ready to go after that. I put the straps in place in less than 5 minutes. The leather cuffs are soft and flexible. There are 9 slots in the writs cuff and 13 in the ankle cuff so that the wearer can find the “just right” amount of tightness. I have very small wrists and ankles and there were plenty of slots to pick from. On the tightest position for me, there was still one more slot I could have used. Because they are made of leather, it’s possible for another hole or two to be punched if necessary, but I was able to find a comfortable position with the provided slots. Also, the flexibility of the leather made it simple for me to put the cuffs on myself. There are four O-rings per strap to choose from which I’ll call the “inside” (farthest from the edge of the mattress) and “outside” (closest to the edge of the mattress) positions. The rings are about one foot apart. The carabiner on the cuff and the O-ring on the strap snap easily into each other.

In The Moment

We started with my feet and hands clipped into the inside rings. The act of getting snapped into the strap was, in itself, foreplay. The level of trust in that moment became sensual. We decided that this first time would be without other toys (vibrators, gags, blindfolds, etc.) to get an initial idea of what we liked and didn’t like. As a result, it quickly became apparent that teasing and touch (or the removal of touch) brought the most excitement out of both of us. My partner, at one moment, unclipped and moved my cuffs to the outside rings in an easy, fluid manner that only enhanced our time together. Needless to say, O’s definitely happened


Would I use the DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Under Mattress Restraints? A resounding YES! (That might have also been screamed out during use). I absolutely loved adding this to play time, and will definitely use it again. It is portable and easy to set up, so we might even take it on our next trip. The soft leather of the cuffs were comfortable during our encounter but one ankle hit on the metal hook where the carabiner was attached and left a divot in my skin but didn’t bother me in the moment. I’m sure I can make an adjustment to keep that from happening again. Also, occasionally the strap, which runs under the head or just above it depending on your height and the position, caught on my ponytail. It was nothing dangerous or uncomfortable, but it took me out of the moment for a second. Again, a few adjustments to my hair and placement of the strap will fix that. I bruise easily, so I worried that I’d have marks or broken blood vessels the next day — I didn’t. Another reason to use these again. I also wish it came with a storage bag or box, but that’s just personal preference.

Next Time

As soon as we were done and we slipped the straps off and put them in the drawer, we started talking about what we want to try next time. We have a sleigh bed-style head/footboard, so in the future, we might place the straps along the sides of the bed to get better access from off of the bed to the mouth and feet. The rings and carabiners allow for many different positions other than just the standard face-up or face-down “starfish.” Cuffs can be clipped to the same O-ring for a “spooning” position or onto the same strap for a “balled-up” position. For the more advanced (and flexible) the ankles could be clipped to the same strap or ring as the wrists. The possibilities are only limited by our imagination.

DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set -

This restraint system is well designed. I was pleased at the positioning of the rings on the straps and how easy it was to set up and take down. The cuffs have a wide variety of holes for adjusting to the smallest or largest of wrists and ankles. The cuff leather is soft and flexible but make sure the metal is positioned so that it doesn't dig into your skin. You can pull the straps as tightly or loosely as you'd like so that you a large or small amount of movement/reach while restrained.

DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set -

I can't emphasize enough how easy this is to use. It is quick to slide over the ends of the mattress, and can be placed in accordance with the height of the person being restrained. The cuffs are adjustable enough for just about any sized wrist/ankle. Someone with joint/muscle/bone or mobility issues may need to make accommodations or use with caution.

DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set -

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product. The nylon straps are strong and durable while the leather cuffs are thick yet soft and flexible. The metal used for the O-rings, carabiners, and buckles are also very strong.

DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set - <

You definitely get your money's worth when you buy this restraint set. The leather is high quality and the metal and straps are sturdy. This set has everything you need.

DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set -

I wasn't sure what to expect from this restraint set. I was looking for something easy to use and it absolutely is. Other restraint sets/systems I looked at tied to the head/footboards which I didn't want, so having straps that secure under the mattress appealed to me.

DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set -

The straps and cuffs arrived in a large, plastic bag, much like a ziploc. While effective, it wasn't very pleasing. It would have been nice if it had come in a reusable, storage bag or box. There were no instructions or examples of how to use the product.

DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set -

There were no care instructions or storage container in the box. The cuffs are leather, so it will be important to look online for how to care for them. The nylon straps will be easier to clean.

LengthStraps: 95 inches
MaterialsLeather, Nylon, Metal
WaterproofSplashproof (but keep leather away from water)
FasteningCuffs: Buckles, Straps: Carabiner Clips
AdjustableYes, Straps and Cuffs
Colors AvailableBlack
AllergiesLatex-free, Metal Contains Nickel

DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set -

  • Easy setup
  • Adjustable straps
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Quality materials
  • Versatile use

  • Slack straps if not adjusted properly
  • Double/queen bed only
  • Straps sit above mattress sheet

If you've ever wanted to experiment with some light bondage or Dom/sub play, this is a great place to start. The DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Under Mattress Restraints are easy to assemble, versatile, and portable. Perfect for many positions and levels of restraint.

Fasten straps around the top and bottom of your mattress by lifting each end in turn. Once straps are in place, the 4 leather cuffs easily attach to the O-rings in your desired position.