Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag — Test & Review

   Sarah Hamilton
Oct 4, 2023

Sarah Hamilton
: 43
: Intermediate
: Female
: Heterosexual

  • Enjoy BDSM
  • Have a small mouth
  • Like giving fellatio

  • Have a large mouth
  • Have a large penis, or a partner with one
  • Are looking for a gag that muffles you or fills your mouth

At first glance, this lips gag looks like it could be fun! In the description, it says it allows you to completely fix your mouth open. The lips allows for seamless oral sex, and for more comfort and pleasure, water-based oral lubricants can be used, though this certainly depends on the size of the objects involved! It has an adjustable strap and can be worn over your lower neck or around the back of your head.

Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag -

Homey D. Clown

Besides looking like a clown when you go down, there are several other reasons why I was not too fond of this gag. As a Sub to my Dom, I consider myself a Submissive Princess with a touch of Model Submission. I want his attention and to be worshipped and admired for dressing up in kinky gear and being sexy. In no way shape or form was he curious about those lips, and my experience did not go as planned.

A Whole Host of Issues

The first issue I encountered was figuring out where my teeth go. The fit of the lips were very uncomfortable. The strap was snug around the back of my head, that’s the only plus that I can provide about this item. The purpose of the gag is to help keep your mouth open. However, the gag was too large for my mouth and caused some pain in my jaw. When giving oral, the wetter the better, but I felt like I was drooling and could not control the spit before I even started. Since it felt so unbearable, I decided to place it on my partner’s penis so he could describe the feeling. He is very well-endowed, and unfortunately the hole was way too tight on him. Since the Silicone Lips Gag doesn’t come in different sizes, uur attempt to play with this toy bombed from start to finish. We were, unfortunately, not impressed.

Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag -

The silicone lips look like they could be an exciting addition to your toy collection but looks can be deceiving. Compared to other mouth gags, the design is average but it did not work for me. The silicone was not as soft as I thought it should be. The color is a bright rich red — red is my favorite color, so the red tone really caught my attention. The strap is also sturdy, soft, and black, with a buckle fastening.

Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag -

In my opinion, this item was difficult to use and did not meet my expectations. It was too large to fit comfortably in my mouth. Once I was able to place it on my lips, it was hard to control. It kept sliding out my mouth and it was hard to keep in place. It was stiff — a little flexible, but not as flexible as I assumed it would be. My partner also did not like the feel of it on his penis. In his opinion, the hole did not stretch large enough to be pleasurable.

Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag -

Even though I did not enjoy this product, it was not the worst and I can say it was of an okay quality. It felt cheap and not as soft as it appeared. The lips bent well, but did not stretch out well and were not as flexible as I'd hoped. We did not use lube, but maybe, if we did, it might have felt better when slippery. The strap provided enough holes to secure it in place and was of good quality, but the lips did not satisfy.

Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag - <

The price for the lips averages at $10, depending on where you look. This is a very inexpensive product, and you know the saying that you get what you pay for? This saying applies to the Silicone Red Lips Gag — you are definitely getting your money's worth. If you pay anything more than that then you might find yourself disappointed and regretting it. Paying $10 gets you only the toy, do not expect it to come with any extras. The material of the strap is really where your money goes, as it is of a nice quality.

Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag -

If you have a smaller mouth then this lips gag might hurt to use. The adjustable buckle on the strap makes it easy to secure the gag in place. The hole does not provide much room for larger penises. The description online said "Unlike other gags that are uncomfortable to bite on, this gag strap has a tunnel on the center of gag piece for resting teeth and lips inside" That statement is true, but the tunnel is not comfortable at all.

Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag -

The packaging for the toy is very simple — it is a cardboard backing with the gag secured around it. The company and the product's name are the only things on the package, and, in my opinion, there are not enough details on the package about the sex toy. The toy is secured with two zip ties and nothing else, which is a little boring, and definitely not discreet.

Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag -

The materials of the Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag are body-safe and lightweight. While the material of the lips feels quite poor, the strap is soft against the skin and is high-quality. There is no storage bag/box to store this item in. Thankfully, it is extremely easy to clean — all you need is soap and water, but make sure the soap is rinsed off well before inserting it in your mouth.

DiameterHole: 1.37 inches
WidthLips: 2.75 inches
LengthStrap: 25 inches
MaterialsSilicone, Vegan Leather, Nickel-Free Metal
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack, Pink, Red

Sex & Mischief Silicone Lips Gag -

  • Adjustable strap
  • Option to purchase different colors
  • Allows free breathing through the mouth

  • Lips are too large to insert in an average persons mouth
  • The hole is small
  • Rough silicone
  • Does not open wide

Overall I was not pleased with the results. I was not able to properly use it because it was uncomfortable for both me and my partner. I would not recommend this to anyone as a sexual addition to play time. I would however recommend it as a gag joke or party favor. If you do decide to buy this product please do not pay more than $10. You've been warned.

There is no user manual available online for the Silicone Lips Gag, but it’s quite simple to use. Check out my How To guide above for some tips.

It is designed to keep the mouth in the open position.

A gag can be used during BDSM play to limit the ability to speak.

The soft and smooth silicone is designed to have some flexibility to it, so it won't damage your teeth. Additionally, since this gag doesn't go inside the mouth like a traditional ball gag, there won't be anything to bite down on.