7 Best Open Mouth Gags for Unobstructed Pleasure

Kasia   Katarzyna Halinowska
I have picked out the best open mouth gags from a very wide selection! They are all made with high-quality, body-safe materials. Some I would recommend for experienced gag users, but any beginners will also find something less intimidating and easy to wear among my top picks! For normal ones, look at the best ball gags curated here.
1 Test Winner

Fetish Fantasty Extreme Open Mouth Gag

 Fetish Fantasty Extreme

  • are new to the concept of bondage gags
  • like the idea of open mouth play
  • love playing around with drool
  • want to try something different from a classic ball gag

Fetish Fantasty Extreme

  • want something suitable to use with girthier penises

The Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag is a high-quality bondage accessory that elevates kinky endeavors. With a sturdy metal O-ring encased in velvety smooth silicone, it prioritizes comfort while ensuring the sub’s mouth remains wide open for exciting play. The strap, also made of body-safe silicone, is adjustable and fastens securely, with an option to lock it using a small padlock. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but its ease of use and exceptional quality make it a standout, offering a safe and exhilarating way to explore dominant-submissive dynamics​.

  • Silicone coating is comfortable for the teeth and gums
  • 100% waterproof
  • Can be sterilized
  • Silicone strap is flexible and adjustable
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Lockable

  • Will not fit objects with a diameter over 1.5"
Fetish Fantasty Extreme
Length22.5 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
MaterialsMedical grade silicone and metal
Storage Bag IncludedNo
FlexibilityStrap are flexible, o-ring is rigid
FasteningLockable buckle
AdjustableAdjustable between 14" and 20.5" in circumference

The Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag captivated me with its bold design, embodying the quintessence of BDSM. Its metal O-ring, enveloped in smooth silicone, seamlessly merged comfort with the raw appeal of dominance, making every session an exhilarating experience. The lockable feature added a thrilling edge, embodying control and submission immaculately. Although it commands a moderate price, the quality and experience justify the investment, making it a prized possession for those with a penchant for darker fantasies​.

2 Runner Up

DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone O-Ring Gag

 DOMINIX Deluxe O-Ring Gag

  • are looking for a beginner open mouth-gag
  • want a silicone gag
  • need a gag that is gentle on the teeth

DOMINIX Deluxe O-Ring Gag

  • if you prefer metal/leather gags
  • need a bigger size ring

If you want to experiment with more kinky gag play, this silicone open-mouth gag is great for every beginner. The smaller size of the ring and the soft silicone make it very easy to wear and play with. The ring is gentle on the teeth and mouth, and the buckle is easy and quick to fasten and remove by both parties. This gag is perfect for spicing up your blowjob game, and there are two additional small metal rings on the sides for leads or chains, a very useful feature if you like sexy BDSM accessories.

  • Made with smooth silicone
  • Good size for beginners
  • Easy to wear
  • Gentle on the teeth and mouth

  • The ring might be too small for blowjobs
DOMINIX Deluxe O-Ring Gag
Length22.5 inches
Diameter1.5 inches

This gag is very comfortable to wear. The silky smooth silicone is easy on your hair, but still, be careful if your hair is tangled easily. The only downside about this gag is that it might be hard for bigger penises to fit in the ring. So, please check the measurements before you buy it!

3 Cheapest

S&M Silicone Lips Open Mouth Gag

 S&M Lips Open Mouth Gag

  • Like silicone gags
  • Want a cheeky and feminine look
  • Are looking for a very comfortable gag

S&M Lips Open Mouth Gag

  • Prefer more hardcore BDSM look
  • Want a gag that doesn't cover your lips and teeth

The S&M Silicone Lips Open Mouth Gag is a great toy for cheeky and naughty subs! The lip design is not only cute but also practical, the shape is more comfortable for the teeth and the lips than a regular O-ring gag. The smooth silicone will add an incredible new sensation during oral sex, and it will look great if you like softer and more feminine styles!

  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced users
  • Versatile use

  • The strap is not the most durable
S&M Lips Open Mouth Gag
DiameterHole: 1.37 inches
WidthLips: 2.75 inches
LengthStrap: 25 inches
MaterialsSilicone, Vegan Leather, Nickel-Free Metal
Storage Bag IncludedNo
Colors AvailableBlack, Pink, Red

This gag is perfect for beginners and experienced gag users as well. The silicone is soft and stretchy, easier to wear, sits better around the lips, and won’t damage the teeth. Plus, this type of gag is harder for the wearer to squeeze out of the mouth. Lip gags are often used for sissy kink and other feminine types of plays, so you have many options for customization, and adding more personality to your hot BDSM sessions!

4 Heart-Shaped

Sex & Mischief Amor Open Mouth Gag

 Sex & Mischief Amor

  • Are curious about trying a gag
  • Love a more cute design
  • Prioritise silicone ball gags
  • Enjoy being submissive and want to explore it further

Sex & Mischief Amor

  • Want a heavy duty gag
  • Prefer real leather straps
  • Have a very small head

The Sex and Mischief Amor Gag is a playful and kinky addition to your BDSM collection. It sports a silicone heart with an open design, ensuring breathability while in use. This gag is perfect for beginners or those who prefer a cute, flirtatious aesthetic. With an adjustable strap and buckle fastening, it’s designed for comfortable, secure wear. The Amor Gag scores high in design and ease of use, making it a user-friendly option. Despite its high quality, it’s priced affordably, making it a commendable choice for those exploring restraint play without a hefty investment​.

  • Made of lovely soft silicone
  • Cute heart design
  • Breathable
  • Buckle fastening
  • Easy to clean

  • Straps don't seem super strong
  • Easy to escape
  • Straps might be too long for some
Sex & Mischief Amor
Width1.8 inches
Height1.5 inches
LengthTotal: 25.5 inches
MaterialsPU leather, silicone, iron
Storage Bag IncludedNo

The Sex and Mischief Amor Gag was a tender dalliance into the realm of BDSM. Its heart-shaped gag, coupled with an open design, was a poetic blend of aesthetics and function, making breathability and comfort its forte. This playful gag is a soft introduction to restraint play, ideal for beginners or those with a penchant for gentle domination. The adjustable strap ensures a snug fit, making the journey into kinky explorations a cozy venture. Despite its modest price, the Amor Gag didn’t skimp on quality, proving to be a delightful, flirtatious accessory for igniting playful restraint scenarios.

5 The Spider Gag

Stockroom The Spider Gag

 The Spider Gag

  • enjoy plentiful drooling
  • want a full access to the mouth
  • are looking for a kinky and adventurous toy
  • are into more hardcore submissive sessions

The Spider Gag

  • want an open mouth gag for oral sex
  • are looking for your first gag
  • don't use leather products

If seeing your sub restrained, unable to speak, and drooling turns you on, the spider gag should be your new favourite BDSM toy! It’s a good tool for intense punishment or humiliation sessions. The stainless steel spider’s prongs separate the wearer’s jaw, making them unable to move or flip the ring. So enjoy the hardcore BDSM fantasies with full access to their mouth to do whatever you wish!

  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Fulfils many BDSM fantasies

  • Can be hard to use for beginners
  • Not suitable for oral sex
  • Not intended for dildo or penis insertion
The Spider Gag
MaterialsLeather, Metal
Length17-22 inches
WidthGag: 4 inches
HeightGag: 2.5 inches
Diameter1.1 inches

Spider gags, in general, look intimidating and intense, but they can be very exciting if you want to achieve a total submission fantasy. They might seem scary and uncomfortable at first, but the leather strips are super soft and delicate against the skin. And this spider gag, in particular, is made with top-quality leather, which feels super luxurious, and the smell of leather will make you drool even if you don’t have a huge leather kink!

6 Mouth Spreader

Ouch Hook Gag with Leather Straps O/S

 Ouch Hook Gag

  • want to get into medical fetish
  • want to have more freedom while wearing a gag
  • like to see your sub drool a lot
  • are looking for more humiliation and punishment toys

Ouch Hook Gag

  • are looking for a gag that will keep the mouth wide open
  • want a beginner gag
  • want a top-quality gag

If you want your sub to have a bit more freedom with the mouth but still want to keep them quiet and drooling, you might want to try this hook gag! It spreads the cheeks giving you full access to the mouth. It also offers a very submissive look, perfect for humiliation play or medical fetish. This gag has leather straps which are very comfortable against the skin and hair, and the stainless steel hooks are 100% body-safe and quick to clean.

  • Easy to use
  • Body-safe materials
  • Gives the wearer more comfort and freedom

  • Doesn't keep the mouth wide open
Ouch Hook Gag
MaterialsLeather, Metal

This gag might look intimidating for beginners at gags, but it can be a dream gag if you are into a medical or drooling fetish. It will restrict your speech, but it’s not as extreme as non-breathable ball gags. If you value comfort, you will not be disappointed. The materials are gentle against the skin and easy on the hair. Plus the price is very inviting!


Strict Leather Deep Throat Gag

 Deep Throat Gag

  • are experienced with gags
  • enjoy deep-thraoting
  • have your gag reflex under control
  • are a fan of hardcore BDSM sessions

Deep Throat Gag

  • are looking for your first gag
  • have a strong gag reflex
  • want a simple open-mouth gag

Now, that’s something for more hardcore BDSM lovers! This gag was made for rough blowjobs and dildo action. It’s perfect for those who love deep-throating and want to add more kinky spice to it. It features two wide metal rings, one going deep inside the mouth. You use them to insert the penis or place a dildo. With this gag, your sub’s mouth will always be wide open and ready for a rough BDSM session.

  • Great for experienced gag users
  • Perfect gag for rough blowjobs
  • Comfortable to wear

  • Might be too much for not very advanced users
Deep Throat Gag
MaterialsLeather, Stainless Steel
Length15.5-21.25 inches
DiameterInternal: 1.69 inches, External: 2.13 inches

This gag is perfect for people who get tired of regular gags and want something more exciting. It might look intimidating, but it’s actually comfortable to wear. The vegan leather straps are soft and easy to adjust around your head. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to gag newbies because the ring goes deep inside your mouth.

Mouth Gags with Nipple Clamps

Do you like 2 in 1 sex toys? Does the idea of seeing your sub with a gag and nipple clamps turn you on? Then take a look at our hot products that will add more excitement to your bedroom:

Fetish Fantasy O-Ring Gag With Nipple Clamps

Fetish Fantasy O-Ring Gag With Nipple Clamps - Mouth Gags with Nipple Clamps
This elegant and sexy toy will excite your sub for anything you dream of! It will not only make them drool and always ready for mouth action, but you will be able to tease their perky nipples whenever you please!

Scandal Open Mouth Gag with Clamps

Scandal Open Mouth Gag with Clamps - Mouth Gags with Nipple Clamps
The classic Scandal design is not only exquisite but also super soft and comfortable. The strap is double-padded and sits delicately around the head and on the face. The O-ring will keep your sub’s mouth open but quiet at the same time! You can use the nipple clams for teasing, pulling, or twisting. Great toy if your sub deserves a punishment!

Silicone Bit Gag With Nipple Clamps

Silicone Bit Gag With Nipple Clamps - Mouth Gags with Nipple Clamps
This bit gag will keep your sub quiet and allow them to bite on the silicone part while you punish or humiliate them. The nipple clamps add more options to control and tease your sub.

Open Mouth Gag Safety

Open-mouth gags are much easier to wear than ball gags because you can breathe easily without compromising the submissive fantasy! However, like with any BDSM toy, some rules are essential. Safety, consent, and boundaries are the key!


Consent - Open Mouth Gag Safety
Always discuss your boundaries and expectations with your partner. Communication is the key to any kinky play, so keep each other comfortable and safe, especially if you are interested in a blowjob while wearing an open-mouth gag.

Safe sign

Safe sign - Open Mouth Gag Safety
As we all know, you can’t communicate while wearing a gag, so come up with an apparent safe sign. It can be dropping an object, hand signs, or anything you can do easily, no matter your position.

Take it slow

Take it slow - Open Mouth Gag Safety
Don’t rush with the most hardcore and rough BDSM sex, even if it’s your top fantasy. Let your mind and body get used to it first! Take time to train your jaw muscles, take breaks often, and slowly adjust to how wearing a gag feels. It’s your journey, and every part of exploring is very exciting!

Be kind to the wearer’s mouth

Be kind to the wearer’s mouth - Open Mouth Gag Safety
Oral play is fascinating, but there are some things you should stay away from! Remember not to put food, liquids, or small sex toys inside the sub’s mouth to ensure your partner’s safety and comfort. Stick to fingers, penises, and dildos to be 100% safe!

How to Use Open-Mouth Gags?

Using open-mouth gags can be very easy and sooo pleasant as long as you remember a few simple rules! Here are our top recommendations to make your gag experience even better.



Take off your face’s jewelry and piercing to avoid bloody accidents! Take some time to adjust the gag properly and move around to see you are comfortable in all the positions. Also, watch out for your hair! Silicone straps like to mess up and tangle the hair quite a lot.

Right size

Right size

Big and shiny O-rings look very exciting, and I am sure these are the ones you want to try out immediately. However, remember that big rings can be hard to use for your jaw muscles and mouth. So try smaller circles first and work your way up to big and wide gags. If you want to try blowjobs with an open-mouth gag, remember to check the diameter of the ring and compare it to the size of the penis or a dildo.



Gags bring a lot of fun to your boudoir, and there are hundreds of kinks and plays where you can use them in different ways. Of course, not everything is for everyone, but trying out new things with your partner is fun and will bring you closer. Plus, you never know what you are into unless you try it!

How to Clean Open-Mouth Gags?

Cleaning open-mouth gags is easy and won’t take too much time. It’s very important that you clean them immediately after every use. You don’t want to risk your mouth coming in contact with bacteria. Gags can be made with different materials, requiring other cleaning methods. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure how to wash them properly. However, we recommend sterilizing gags after every use. You can use a steamer or a steriliser.


Open-mouth gags are a great alternative to regular gags because they have all the benefits of a gag (drooling, speech difficulty), yet they give you full access to the mouth. You can use these gags for oral sex, punishments, or humiliation session. Additionally, open-mouth gags are easier to wear for beginners because of the ability to breathe through the mouth.

Check the measurements to see the diameter of the ring and test if it could be a match. Usually, the gags that can be used for blowjobs should have a diameter of around 2 inches. You can also try lube for easier insertion or wait until the ring gets very wet.

Well, you can put many things there: fingers, a penis, dildos, and other sex toys. Please don’t put in any tiny objects or food because it may cause the wearer to choke. Use common sense and play safe!

We recommend wearing them for 10-20 minutes not to overwork the jaw muscles. But take it off as soon as you feel any pain or discomfort. If you are a beginner, try wearing it for a few minutes. The more you get experienced, the longer you will find yourself able to enjoy gags.

What Is an Open Mouth Gag?

The open-mouth gag is a familiar toy for all BDSM fans. It’s a great tool if you are into submissive fantasy. There are many types of open-mouth gags, they may vary on the materials, shape, or functionality, but the goal is the same. It keeps the mouth wide open and ready for kinky play, including oral sex or dildo action. It’s speech restrictive, and it causes very extensive drooling. These gags are easier to wear than regular ball gags because the wearer can breathe easily, so they are a perfect choice for beginners that want to explore gags. They will also be a great choice if you have a strong gag reflex or you are not comfortable with the inability to breathe through the mouth.

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