Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag – Test & Review

   Cassie Mørch
Jun 16, 2023

Cassie Mørch
: 25
: Experienced
: Female
: Bisexual
: Le Wand Hoop Stainless Steel Dildo

  • are new to the concept of bondage gags
  • like the idea of open mouth play
  • love playing around with drool
  • want to try something different from a classic ball gag
  • like the idea of facial restraints
  • want to elevate your BDSM sessions

  • prefer a classic ball gag style
  • want something suitable to use with girthier penises

The Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag is high quality bondage gag with a sturdy metal O-ring covered in velvety smooth silicone to keep your teeth and gums comfortable. The strap itself is also made of 100% body-safe silicone, making it super easy to clean and comfortable to wear. The adjustable strap fastens like a regular buckle but with a kinky twist! The buckle itself is easily lockable if you have a small padlock that fits the mechanism. Keep your sub (and their open mouth) at your mercy and fulfill some dark desires with the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag!

Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag -

Oh Me, Oh My

I’ve never ever tried any kind of bondage gag before – not even a classic ball gag! Although, something about the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag spoke to me. Perhaps it was the smooth silicone coating, the wide range of adjustability, or just the exciting thought of this little device keeping one’s mouth open and willing for all sorts of play. Either way, I was impressed and impatient to put it to use as soon as I got my hands on it.

Kinky Fun For Everyone

I was unsure of whether or not an o-ring gag was the best choice for a bondage gag beginner like me, but the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag is actually very approachable for newbies! The o-ring itself only has a diameter of 1.5 inches. It fit snugly in my mouth behind my teeth without feeling like my jaw was working overtime. The smooth and flexible straps also felt really comfortable. I was afraid the material might tug on my hair or skin, but it actually felt really soft and smooth. I loved how the gag allowed my partner and I to explore a few different kinky sessions at different levels of intensity. To start out, the look and feel of simply wearing the o-ring gag while getting into things sparked a lot of excitement and arousal. It is a great way to elevate the mental aspect of BDSM without even inserting anything through the o-ring. So, for less experienced kinksters, it’s a great accessory to add to your sensation play, light impact play, or while using bondage restraints. When you’re ready to amp up the intensity, you can play around with inserting fingers, dildos, or a penis into the o-ring gag.  

I’m Absolutely Gagged!

I am beyond excited about this little device. I was super impressed with how well it performed during use. It sits comfortably in place once you’ve secured the buckle. The smooth silicone feels very nice against the inside of the mouth. I love that we have the option to lock the gag, or add other fun attachments to the o-rings on either side, for a more intense sensation of control. Keep in mind that the diameter of the main o-ring is 1.5 inches, so it may be a snug fit for penises or dildos over that measurement in girth. However, the world is your oyster with this o-ring gag. I mean, really, the sky is the limit! You can play around with inserting fingers, different substances (I’ll let you get creative for yourself on what this could be – to each its own) or just the tip of whichever phallic device you might be playing with. You can simply enjoy the extra drool, the kinky look, or appreciate how it effectively silences your sub.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag -

I'm a simple girl, I don't need all sorts of bells and whistles on my BDSM gear to enjoy it. I personally prefer a simple, dark, and elegant aesthetic to these kind of sex toys. That's why I love the design of the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag! Not only does it look cool and kinky, but the design adds some great great performance features. The two metal o-rings on the sides allow for extra attachments. The metal buckle fastening has a functional yet subtle loop for locking the gag in place. Finally, the silicone straps feel super flexible and comfortable while still maintaining that dark and sleek look.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag -

The Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag is very easy to use. The fastening mechanism is just your regular old belt buckle situation with a slight twist. Once you've mastered getting the loop through the holes (which really isn't that hard), everythings's basically a breeze from there. The o-ring simply goes in your mouth, behind your teeth and the straps are secured behind your head. Basically, I found the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag super easy to use, easy to remove, and easy to clean.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag -

I was honestly slightly apprehensive about the quality of this toy. I sometimes find that it's a hit or miss with products from Fetish Fantasy. But the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag really hit it out of the park! The overall quality is great. I was worried that the silicone would feel grippy and tug on my hair during use, but the silicone feels super smooth. This o-ring gag feels very light and the straps are flexible, but it still feel sturdy enough to withstand quite a bit of action.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag - <

The Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag is, in my humble opinion, very much worth the price. It's not the cheapest o-ring gag out there, but I would still say it's quite affordable. Considering the overall quality of the materials, the price is very good. These materials also make it easier to clean and maintain the gag, so it will last longer.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag -

When it comes to the performance of a non-electronic sex toy, there isn't much to say about performance. For the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag though, I will say it performed pretty darn well. It stayed in place pretty well. Obviously, it will be more secure if you tighten the straps sufficiently. So, it should not be sliding around if don't want it to. It does a great job at holding the mouth open. The size of the ring and the silicone coating also makes for comfortable wear throughout your session.

Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag -

Simple packaging for a simple design. There's not much to say about the packaging as the gag itself was simply wrapped in plastic bag inside this cardboard box. The box itself doesn't necessarily scream "luxury" to me. I did also get a bit worried about the overall quality of the product when I saw that box. Of course, I was only pleasantly surprised to discover the amazing product inside. Ah yes, a lesson we have to keep learning throughout life: "Don't judge a sex toy by it's packaging!"

Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag -

The 100% body-safe materials are one of the things I love most about the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag. Not only is the o-ring coated in this smooth silicone with a velvety finish, the straps themselves are silicone too. The buckle and the o-rings are all metal. These materials make the o-ring gag 100% waterproof and very easy to clean. Simply clean with a mild unscented soap and warm water, dry off completely and store away safe away from any dust or lint (and any other silicone sex toys). You can also sterilize the gag in boiling water.

Length22.5 inches
Diameter1.5 inches
MaterialsMedical grade silicone and metal
Storage Bag IncludedNo
FlexibilityStrap are flexible, o-ring is rigid
FasteningLockable buckle
AdjustableAdjustable between 14" and 20.5" in circumference

Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag -

The special feature of the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag is definitely the full-body silicone coating. Often ball gags with have straps made of leather, faux leather, or nylon. I found it really fascinating that these straps are 100% silicone. They are super flexible and very easy to clean, yet they are just as sturdy as you need them to be! I personally think they still have that dark, classy BDSM look while still being very practical.

  • Silicone coating is comfortable for the teeth and gums
  • 100% waterproof
  • Can be sterilized
  • Silicone strap is flexible and adjustable
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Lockable

  • Will not fit objects with a diameter over 1.5"

It may have been clear throughout this review, that I absolutely love this o-ring gag. I think the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag is a premium quality toy. It's also available at a pretty good price point. If you think you might be into o-ring gags and you want something affordable but made of good quality materials, this one's for you! It get's pretty high scores on all points from me. The materials make it easy to use and super easy to clean, but still has the sleek and simple look that I personally like. It is great to use as is, but can quickly be amped up with a lock or other BDSM attachments. I also love that it's so approachable for ball gag beginners!

The Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag is super simle to use. If you’re even slightly familiar with the mundane concept of a belt, you’ll have no trouble putting on this bad boy! Simply place ring in your sub’s mouth (behind the teeth) and place the straps around the head (under the ears). Secure the straps with the buckle by the back of the head. Make sure the gag is tight enough to keep the O-ring in place but loose enough for it to feel comfortable. Now, you’re ready to get down and dirty!

They are classic type of open mouth gag that are most often used for some kind of oral play. O-ring gags like the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag can enhance the sense of control a Dom can have over a sub. The gag leaves their mouth open and ready for anything the Dom has got in store for their sub. It's often used to hold the mouth open for inserting a penis, a dildo, fingers, or any miscellaneous substances.

Keep in mind that the Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag has an o-ring with an internal diameter of 1.5 inches. If your penis is girther than that measurement, you may not want to attempt oral sex through the o-ring gag. Opt for a smaller gag or simply enjoy inserting other things into your subs mouth.

O-ring can seem a bit intimidating for complete gag beginners. But the right type of o-ring gag can actually be quite accommodating! Remember, open mouth gags are also breathable, which does lower the intensity level quite a bit. The Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag has an o-ring of 1.5 inches in diameter. I found this size to be perfect for me and my jaw for the whole duration for my session. I wouldn't recommend wearing it for longer than 15-20 minutes at first.