Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle — Test & Review

   Isabelle Uren
Feb 4, 2024

Isabelle Uren
: 32
: Experienced
: Female
: Heterosexual
: Doxy Die Cast

  • Already have some experience with spanking
  • Want to try something more intense
  • Enjoy a stingy sensation
  • Want a spanking paddle you can sterilize

  • Are new to impact play
  • Prefer more thuddy sensations
  • Want a rigid paddle

The Tantus Thwack is a rectangular spanking paddle made completely out of body-safe silicone. Not only does this mean it's easy to clean, but it gives quite an intense slap and makes an impressive sound in the process!

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle -

I might be a little bit too obsessed with toys that can be sterilized, but I was very excited to see Tantus had released a whole range of silicone spanking paddles. I love the feeling of silicone and have been looking for a more intense spanking tool. And boy did I get it! This spanking paddle packs a punch, well more of a slap and pretty stingy one! The paddle is quite heavy and the body of the paddle is large, thick and quite flexible, which means it can take a bit of practice to find the right level of force. You will want to start out much gentler than you would with other spanking toys as it’s easy to give quite a slap. It makes quite a noise and leaves a satisfying mark, adding to the fun! Personally, I enjoyed the added sting that comes with each slap, but the sensation definitely builds up quickly, so it only tends to get used for short spanking sessions! The person on the other end quite enjoyed it but wasn’t a fan of the handle design.

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle -

The Tantus Thwack has a very simplistic design and comes in a matt black that has a satin smooth finish. The only small touch of decoration is the small raised Tantus logo. It's very simple, but I actually like it for that. The body of the paddle is 0.6 inches thick, which is pretty thick when combined with the flexibility. There's a small hole to add a wrist strap or something to hang it up in the bottom of the handle.

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle -

The main downside of the Tantus Thwack spanking paddle is the shape of the handle. It's thick, wide, and flat, so it doesn't sit comfortably in your hand. The edges also need to be softened as they can dig in, especially when you grip it tightly. isn't the most comfortable, as it's quite thick and flat with hard edges.

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle -

Tantus are known for their high-quality silicone sex toys, and the Tantus Thwack doesn't disappoint. The silicone is high-quality, hypoallergenic, and built to last so you will be able to enjoy years of spanking fun!

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle - <

The Tantus Thwack is a little more expensive than your average faux leather beginner-friendly paddle, but not too much. The price is justified in my opinion. This is not a beginner-friendly paddle, but if you already know you love spanking and are ready to invest in a more serious spanking paddle, this is a good option.

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle -

I actually wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the Tantus Thwack, as I hadn't used a silicone paddle before, but I'm really impressed by how well it performs. I love the intense sensations it delivers as well as the very satisfying sound it makes. It has a bit of a learning curve compared to standard paddle as you have to account for the flexibility. On top of that, the weightiness makes it easy to deliver quite an intense slap without using a lot of force. It's definitely better suited to those who have some experience of spanking and being spanked!

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle -

The Tantus Thwack comes packaged in a clear plastic sleeve with a small Tantus label on it. It's nothing particularly exciting but it's fine for keeping the paddle safe and clean in transit.

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle -

The Tantus Thwack is made of Tantus' 100% ultra premium silicone in a satin finish. This means you can wash the paddle with fragrance-free soap and water, and you can even sterilize it by boiling it if you want to share it with multiple people.

Length6.5 inches
Width3 inches
MaterialsPremium silicone
FlexibilityVery flexible

Tantus Thwack Spanking Paddle -

  • Made of Tantus' ultra-premium silicone
  • Large surface area
  • Stingy thwack
  • Can be completely sterilized
  • Great for more intense spanking and impact play

  • Handle is uncomfortable to hold
  • A bit of a learning curve
  • Will be too intense for many
  • Would be nice with a wrist loop

I really like the sensation of the Tantus Thwack and think it's great quality, but the handle design lets it down. It get uncomfortable to hold and makes it feel less intuitive to use. That being said, given the intense and stingy nature of this spanking paddle, you will most likely only need it for short sessions!

There’s no manual for the Tantus Thwack but take a look at the section above for my guide on how to use it.

No, the Tantus Thwack is too intense for beginners. I would recommend for intermediate to advanced level impact play.

Yes, you can boil the Tantus Thwack for a few minutes to sterilize it. This is a good idea if you are using in intimate areas or switching between multiple partners.

Yes, it is safe to put this silicone spanking paddle in the dishwasher.