Does Lovehoney Have Discreet Packaging? You Might Be Happy At What We Discovered!

Does Lovehoney Have Discreet Packaging? You Might Be Happy at What We Discovered!

I have bought sex toys from more sex shops than I can count. Lovehoney being one of them.

This is my review of how discreet I thought their packaging, shipping, and billing is.

I walk you through everything from the box the sex toys are sent in, to the senders name, all the way to credit card statements, emails, and much more!

If you are you asking yourself if Lovehoney have discreet packaging?  Then I’m here to answer that!

Here is how discreet is Lovehoney packaging is, and this link will show you if Lovehoney show up on your credit card statement.



📝 DetailsDiscreet?
📦 Packaging Appearance✅ Plain, brown box with no company branding
🏷️ Shipping Label✅ Plain label with only a return address and no company name
📃 Receipt Inside(✅) Contains Lovehoney name, items ordered, and a blurb about sexual happiness
📧 Email Correspondence(✅) Emails from Lovehoney clearly state they are from “Lovehoney”
🚚 Shipping Carrier✅ DHL handles initial shipping, but USPS delivers to private residences in the US
💳 Credit Card Statement(✅) Lovehoney name appears on the statement
📬 Promotional Emails(✅) Lovehoney will send promotional emails unless you opt out
🔒 Overall Discretion✅ Packaging is very discreet, but some aspects (like emails and credit card statements) clearly indicate Lovehoney

What Lovehoney Packaging Looks Like

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The Sex Toy Order Test I did

We, at Bedbible, are always here to answer your questions about sex and sex toys.

But along with that, we want to make sure we answer every question you may have about how private sex toy companies are when it comes to shipping your orders.

Therefore, we placed orders with both Lovehoney and Adam & Eve so we can answer the burning question, “Does Lovehoney have discreet packaging?” and here is what we discovered.

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Is Lovehoney Packaging Discreet?

Does Lovehoney have discreet packaging?

We ordered a Womanizer Starlet 2 from Lovehoney and within a week, the package was sitting on my front porch just waiting for me to dig in. But is Lovehoney packaging discreet?

The answer is a resounding yes! As a matter of fact, Lovehoney packaging is so discreet and plain that among the 4 packages on my porch that day, I had no idea which one came from Lovehoney.

See the full details in the video

How Discreet are Lovehoney Packages and Shipping Labels?

Lovehoney shipping label

As I previously mentioned, I received 4 packages that day. Of those 4, I could only identify the one with the big, black, smiling face. The other 3 packages were from Lovehoney, Sohimi and Adam & Eve who I also reviewed the packaging on and I had zero clue which package was from Lovehoney. So, I had to open them all.

Lovehoney’s package was a plain, brown box with a plain shipping label that had only a return address with no company name.

Therefore, no one, including me, knew that Lovehoney had sent me a brand-new sex toy. Plus, I was thrilled to see that they used packing paper to keep my new toy from banging around and they had sent a freebie; a lovely, Womanizer branded, canvas bedside caddy!

So, if you’re asking, what does Lovehoney packaging look like? It’s plain, boring, non-descript and very discreet!

Beware of the Receipt!

Lovehoney Discreet Packaging

Although Lovehoney does have discreet packaging, once you open the box, that all changes. Obviously, you are going to see the sex toys you ordered but the receipt has the Lovehoney name, the items you ordered and a little blurb about sexual happiness. The receipt also contains your return information so you’ll want to hang onto it in case you need to make a product return.

Are Lovehoney Emails Discreet?

Every time you order anything online, you immediately get a confirmation email.

With Lovehoney, it was no different.

Within moments of ordering from Lovehoney, I had an email sent telling me they would email tracking information as soon as my new sex toy shipped.

The downside?

The email clearly stated it was from “Lovehoney.”

So, if you are concerned about someone seeing the email correspondence, go to your email contacts and change Lovehoney to something less obvious, like Uncle John or Sandy’s Pizzeria.

Who Does Lovehoney Use for Shipping?

Speaking of tracking information, Lovehoney sent me my tracking information within 48 hours of my placing my order.

The tracking information was from DHL. Furthermore, since I live in the United States, DHL doesn’t deliver to private residences. Therefore, the USPS takes over and my mail carrier was the one who delivered my package from Lovehoney.

This may vary for you, depending on where you live.

How Does Lovehoney Show Up on My Credit Card Statement?

How Lovehoney charges show on your credit card statement

If you are concerned about digression when you place an order with Lovehoney, you might worry about how the charge will appear on your credit card or bank statement.

I ordered using my PayPal debit card, which works like a Mastercard. So, when I went to check my PayPal transactions, Lovehoney was there in black and white.

Therefore, if you’re concerned about someone seeing your credit card bill or bank statement, you’ve been forewarned that the Lovehoney name will show up.

Maybe you can say you ordered gourmet honey from a bee farm in Montana!

If I Order Something, Will Lovehoney Spam Me?

Okay, so we’ve pretty much answered the most important question; “Does Lovehoney have discreet packaging?” But another, relatively important question remains and we all worry about getting spam in our inboxes after ordering from anyone online.

Is Lovehoney any different? Will Lovehoney spam you?

Yes, they will unless you try the following tips.

When you place your order from Lovehoney, be sure and read the small print.

Specifically, look for a little box to check or uncheck that gives Lovehoney permission to send advertising to you via email. Otherwise, Lovehoney will continue to send you promotional emails about their sales and products.

But, if you already placed an order, like me, and didn’t see a check box, well, you’ll simply have to scroll to the bottom of their next email and click the unsubscribe link; easy-peasy.

The Final Conclusion: Is Lovehoney Safe to Order from?

So, does Lovehoney have discreet packaging, in my opinion?

Considering this is the second time I have placed an order from Lovehoney, I would say, with confidence that they are 100% safe to order from. First of all, from order to arrival, my product was on my front porch in one week. Secondly, not only was my Lovehoney packaging discreet, the label gave me no clue who the package was from.

Finally, and the most disappointing part, was that Lovehoney’s name does show up on your credit card or bank statement.

Overall, my experience with Lovehoney was positive and there was no way my mail carrier knew that 3 of the 4 packages she delivered that day contained sex toys! Nice job, Lovehoney!

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