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Does PeepShow Toys Have Discreet Packaging?

Find out how discreet PeepShow Toys really is before placing an order.

Does PeepShow Toys Have discreet packaging? You’ve likely already scrolled through the massive collection of body-safe sex toys on their site.

However, you may be hesitant to order for fear of getting a package that may reveal your lust for dual density dildos and vibrating butt plugs. Well, we understand!

That is why we want you to feel comfortable when ordering from a sex toys site, especially one of our trusted partners. So, we are going to answer the question, “Does PeepShow Toys have discreet packaging?”

Does PeepShow Toys Have Discreet Packaging?

PeepShow Toys, like most other sex toys sites, claim they have discreet packaging and shipping. As a matter of fact, here’s what PeepShow Toys has to say about it on their website:

“Yes, we know that discreet shipping matters! No one will be able to tell what’s inside. We ship toys in plain brown boxes or FedEx/USPS generic packaging.

We ship and bill as ‘Hamilton Park Electronics,’ and no logos will ever appear on the outside of your package.

We do not mail any flyers or unsolicited catalogs after you purchase from us. You’ll only receive whatever product(s) you choose to order, in discreet packaging.”

So, does PeepShow Toys honor their words? We are about to show you whether or not PeepShow Toys has discreet packaging, shipping and ordering.

How We Tested PeepShow Toys for You

At BedBible, we work with dozens of affiliate sites dedicated to selling the best sex toys for men, women, non-binary folks, LGBTQIA and couples. And above all, we want you to feel comfortable shopping with all of them.

Therefore, we test our affiliates to see if they stand by their discreet packaging promises. That way, you know for sure it safe to place an order.

So, I placed an order with PeepShow Toys, using the same links you would and had the item shipped to my home. And here is what I found out about PeepShow Toys and discreet packaging.

My PeepShow Toys Order: Is the Packaging Discreet?

PeepShow Toys Discreet package

My PeepShow Toys order was for the Satisfyer Cutie Heart; an adorable, heart-shaped air pulse stimulator and vibrator. But when it arrived on my door step, was the PeepShow Toys package discreet?

Yes, it was! As a matter of fact, I received 2 test packages that day and both were so discreet, that I didn’t know who they were from, at first glance.

What PeepShow Toys Packaging Looks Like

As you can see from the photo above, my PeepShow Toys package is discreet. It came in a gray, plastic mailing bag – not my favorite type of sex toy packaging – nonetheless, it was discreet.

However, the product wasn’t damaged at all, though it lacked protection. Thank goodness, Satisfyer makes strong, impressive boxes for their products.

So, is PeepShow Toys packaging discreet? The answer to that, in my opinion, is a resounding yes!

Is PeepShow Toys Shipping Label Discreet?

PeepShow Toys Discreet Label

Sure, PeepShow Toys has discreet packaging. But that doesn’t matter a whole lot if the shipping label lists the name of the website, does it?

Well, you have no worries with this company, as PeepShow Toys has discreet shipping labels too. As a matter of fact, their discreet labels are far better than most companies that use only initials!

Just as they claim on their website, my PeepShow Toys discreet shipping label said it was from “Hamilton Park Electronics”. Therefore, my delivery person likely thought I purchased new earbuds instead of an incredible clitoral stimulator with vibration!

Inside the Order

Inside the package

The discretion didn’t stop at PeepShow Toys packaging and shipping! That’s because inside the package was nothing more than the product I ordered and the invoice.

And if you look closely, it too says it’s from “Hamilton Park Electronics”. So, aside from the obvious sex toy, even the invoice is free from any nudity or adult oriented photos.

Ordering, Shipping and Spam: Is PeepShow Toys Discreet?

Now you know that PeepShow Toys has discreet packaging and discreet shipping labels. But how discreet and safe is it to shop on the website?

To answer that question, I took my PeepShow Toys discreet evaluation just a few steps further.

How Fast Is PeepShow Toys Discreet Shipping?

Sure, being discreet is the number one concern people have when purchasing sex toys online. But one of the next concerns is usually the speed of shipping.

So, how fast is PeepShow Toys discreet shipping? The answer to that is that they are average and in line with other sex toy sites.

For instance, I placed my order on June 6th, in the afternoon. Also, I chose standard shipping, which was $5.95 and offered no delivery estimate.

Next, I received my delivery confirmation and after that, nothing else. See, I’m not sure if I missed it and they actually sent tracking information or they didn’t send one at all.

Needless to say, my PeepShow Toys delivery arrived on June 12th.

Shipping Choices

PeepShow Toys has discreet packaging and discreet shipping. Plus, they offer the following shipping options, so you get your pleasure products when you want them.

  • Free standard shipping with orders over $75
  • Standard ground shipping
  • 3-day business express
  • 2-day business express

Additionally, PeepShow Toys says that their items ship by USPS, UPS and FedEx. Therefore, you may not know which carrier you’ll have until it arrives.

How Does PeepShow Toys Show Up on Your Bank Statement?

PeepShow Toys bank statement not discreet

Knowing that PeepShow Toys packaging is discreet is important. Furthermore, a great deal of people worry about how a sex toy purchase will show up on their bank or credit card statement.

So, how does PeepShow Toys show up on your statement? It shows up exactly as they claim it will. As an example, my statement is above and you can clearly see, the charge is listed from “Hamilton Park Electronics”.

Unfortunately, since this is an online statement and PayPal, the PeepShow Toys logo is clearly visible. Now, I don’t know if it will show that way on your statement or not.

But if you’re concerned about it, be aware that the logo may show up on some statements.

What About Emails? Is PeepShow Toys Discreet?

PeepShow Toys discreet email

When you order from any sex toy website, you will, at the least, receive an order confirmation as well as possible shipping and tracking notices. So, are PeepShow Toys emails discreet?

Yes, they are! For example, my email clip is posted to show you how my PeepShow Toys confirmation email was delivered.

And it came from “Hamilton Park Electronics”. Further, the words PeepShow Toys didn’t show up at all, until I opened the email.

Will PeepShow Toys Spam Me?

The next concern you may have when ordering sex toys from PeepShow Toys, is whether or not they will spam you. And that’s a justified concern, considering most all sex toy sites from which I have ordered, have spammed me relentlessly.

But no worries with PeepShow Toys! Honestly, I have received zero unsolicited emails, promotions or advertisements from them.

Therefore, PeepShow Toys will not spam you after ordering from them!

Is it Safe to Order from PeepShow Toys?

PeepShow Toys uses the secure Shopify cart and checkout. And this is what they say about their security:

“Credit card and order data is encrypted and secure. Shopify is Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure.”

Therefore, is it safe to order from PeepShow Toys? My answer would be yes!

Overall, is PeepShow Toys Discreet?

Overall, I found that Peepshow Toys packaging is discreet. In addition, PeepShow Toys has discreet shipping labels, discreet billing and is a safe site from which to purchase your sex toys.

So, now that I have done all of the reviewing for you, you can feel safe placing an order with PeepShow Toys!

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